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Fbailey story number 158


Remember all of those Saturday night baths that you used to take when you were a kid. Once a week, whether you needed it or not. Basically it was so that you would be clean enough to go to church on Sunday morning. Again whether or not you needed it.

Has your mother ever told you any of those embarrassing stories about when you and your sister were younger and used to take baths together? Well my sister and I still do. Mom even comes in and washes our crotches for us too. Just to make sure that we are clean of course.

However, I am now fourteen years old and my sister Beth is sixteen years old. She was named Elisabeth with an ‘S’ after the actress Elisabeth Shue. She was pretty popular about the time my sister was born. Beth likes spelling her name with an ‘S’ instead of with a ‘Z’ like all of the other girls do. I just call her Beth unless she pisses me off, then I call her Lizzy or even Lizard. She really hates being called Lizard.

Anyway we have been taking our baths together ever since I can remember. Every Saturday we get naked, go into the bathroom, and fill the tub with water. When Beth started growing her tits I was only about nine years old but now she has pretty nice tits and a nice bush on her pussy too. I get hard every time I see her naked.

Our Saturday evenings don’t change very much any more. Over the years we have settled into a pretty standard routine. The evening always starts out about five o’clock. We all help get dinner ready, then we eat, and we even wash the dishes afterwards. Once things are taken care of in the kitchen we go to the laundry room and get completely undressed. Mom insists that we remove every article of clothing and put them in the washing machine. Then and only then could we go around the house together all naked and make sure that the front and back doors were locked and that all of the windows had their drapes closed. Of course mom had them all of the drapes wide open just so that we might get caught closing them. It was Beth’s job to stand before the window, reach out both arms, and pull the drapes together. Mom really got off on watching Beth expose herself in front of the window like that. Mom would do one of the front windows herself. Once things were all set downstairs we then went upstairs for the rest of the evening.

Soft music is playing in the hallway, the candles are lit in the bathroom, and the bath water is started. I am always the first to stand before the white porcelain toilet and pee. Then it is Beth’s turn to sit down and pee while we stand there and watch her. Finally mom sits on the toilet and goes too before she flushes it. Mom says that it is to save water. That is why we all go to the bathroom together and my sister and I take our baths together too. At least that is mom’s story and she is sticking to it. I think that it is purely sexual and Beth thinks the same thing. The best part is that Beth enjoys taking a bath with me just as much as I do. We are pretty sure that mom enjoys it even more.

Beth and I take turns lathering each other up with the soap and washing the other’s body. We used to use washcloths but it is a lot more fun if you don’t. I spend a good five minutes washing Beth’s tits before she gets up on her knees in the tub so that I can wash her pussy. Now that takes me a good ten minutes or so. I do an excellent job of lathering her up and poking my fingers into her pussy. I reach back between her legs and poke my slick fingers up into her rectum too. I can get three or four of my fingers pretty far up into her pussy but Beth only allows me put two of my fingers up in her asshole. Then of course I have to masturbate Beth to at least three orgasms while I play with her soapy nipples. I can get her clit so swollen and sensitive that that last orgasm usually turns into a multiple orgasm for her. She simply loves that.

Then it is Beth turn to wash me. She quickly goes over karşıyaka escort my chest, my back, and my legs but then I get to kneel for her. She washes my cock and my balls for a very long time trying to get even with the time that I spend on her good parts. She will be stroking my cock while at the same time finger fucking my asshole with her other hand. She doesn’t even stop when I cum.

Mom is sitting on the toilet playing with herself the whole time that she is watching us in the tub. Beth says that we are mom’s sexual out let, like watching a dirty movie or reading a dirty story. We are well aware that mom has several orgasms while keeping a close eye on us.

After about an hour mom inspects the job that we have just done. Actually she is feeling us up. Mom has us get on our knees and face the wall so that she can put her fingers in our butts at the same time. I know that she puts three fingers in Beth’s ass because I see her cringe every time. I cringe too but I’m pretty sure that I only get two fingers. Then Beth and I have to turn around and kneel facing her. Mom dries off Beth’s breasts with a dry washcloth. This is to make sure that it hurts more when mom pinches and twists Beth’s nipples. Mom will stare at Beth’s face the whole time that she is torturing my poor sister’s nipples. When a sufficient amount of tears have streaked down her face mom will stop the abuse then it is my job to suck my sister’s nipples to sooth them. That also gets me excited so that mom can then inspect my cock and squeeze my sensitive balls until I too cry. Meanwhile mom is shoving as many fingers as she can up into Beth’s pussy as hard as she can. When my balls are sore and mom has stopped torturing me Beth has to suck my cock like I did her breasts until the pain goes away. Well of course that just leads to another erection which Beth gets punished for.

However this time Beth has to bend over the end of the tub while I fuck her in the ass. Mom says that Beth is to remain a virgin but that she has to be punished for making me hard. So I get to butt fuck my sister until I cum. Since Beth and mom have both jerked me off already it is never a quickie.

This has become the ‘Grande Finally’ to our Saturday night baths together. Beth is on her knees holding onto the end of the bathtub while I hold onto her hips and thrust my cock into her asshole as mom plays with Beth’s swinging nipples some more. Beth says that the combination of pleasure from my cock in her ass and the pain from mom pinching her nipples is more than she can take and that she has a series of multiple orgasms that just send her mind into a whirl. She never wants it to stop.

Even though I can hear Beth crying I know that it is not from me inflicting pain on her. She loves it but we don’t dare tell mom that, neither one of us. I love fucking my sister and doing it right in front of mom is a big turn-on for us both, not to mention for mom too. As to getting her nipples pinched, Beth loves that too. It takes so long now for her to cry only because it is getting harder and harder for Beth to produce tears while she is cumming buckets. Mom’s three fingers in her ass really do cause tears but Beth also knows that it will make the anal sex to come with me just that much more enjoyable too. So after several minutes of fucking into her soapy slick rectum I finally fill her with my cum and we both shout out our pleasure.

Mom does the final wash on Beth’s butt. It includes the three fingers again but this time they don’t hurt Beth at all. Then we dry off and go to bed, supposedly to sleep. Not only do we bathe together but we sleep together too.

As to Beth being a virgin…that’s a lie. We have been fucking every night and every morning since I was nine and she was eleven. We just recently celebrated our four thousandth fuck together.

If you’re wondering if my father knows about this, he hasn’t been around since soon after I was born.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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