Shower Sex-Up

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Big Tits

Jessica Garvin had just gotten under the warm spray of the shower when the glass door slid open. Before she could protest, her son Darren got in and joined her. He reached out and fondled her large tits, grinning evilly at the 35-year old blonde mother.

“Darren! What are you doing, get out of here, don’t you dare touch me like that! I’m your mother, for God’s sakes!” Jessica screeched.

Darren’s evil look had still not left his handsome face. He was a stunning young man and very much resembled Robert Redford in his younger days. He and his twin sister had both turned 18 last month and Darren had his pick of young paramours to choose from. She had no idea why he was acting this way, so evil and so forward and Jessica intended to put a stop to it, right now!

“Darren, I don’t know what possessed you, but get out of here now or you’re in big trouble, young man!” Jessica hissed.

“Cut the shit mom, you’re in no position to make threats,” Darren said in an icy tone, turning around to look at the statuesque blonde. “None whatsoever.”

“W-what are you talking about?” Jessica began to panic.

“I saw Lindsey leave barely 5 minutes ago,” He smiled again. “I know all about it mom – I saw you.”

“Oh no, he couldn’t have,” Jessica thought to herself. “He saw little Lindsey leaving and he’s jumped to some kind of conclusion.”

Darren began speaking again. “It was really hot, mom, her dark head in between your thighs, your head was thrown back and you were wailing loud enough to wake the dead,” Darren smiled as the water grew cold around them. “She must be really good at eating pussy, huh mom?”

“Dear God, he really does know!” Jessica wailed inside. “He knows about my having a lesbian affair with that little teenaged slut, but she’s so gorgeous – that gorgeous face and body, that ass, those gumdrop titties of hers …”

“Earth to mom,” Darren said, breaking her out of her reverie. “You must have been thinking about her right then mom, you zoned right out. Now, I don’t think you’d want my straight-laced old man knowing his respectable wife eats teenaged pussy, so here’s the deal – you let me do to you what she just finished doing – and you can do to me what I hear you doing with dad – and all the stuff in between – and my mouth stays shut, we clear on this?”

For the first time in minutes, Jessica found her voice. “I have no idea why you want this Darren; you’ve always been such a good, dutiful son. Why do you want to …” Jessica’s voice dropped to a whisper even though there was no one around to hear “… fuck your mother?”

“Are you kidding mom – the way you walk around here in those tight pants and little skirts, those gauzy blouses with the killer lingerie underneath, or those tight, low-cut sweaters that hug your big tits? I know you do it to turn on the old man, but shit, I’m a guy too and I’m only human. You’re a total babe mom, the hottest MILF in town.”


“It means Mother I’d …”

“I know what it means Darren, I just didn’t know you thought of me that way,” Jessica said, slightly flattered despite the predicament she was in.

“Sure, mom. I mean, most guys my age, their moms are either letting themselves go or they’re these uptight, high-powered career women, but not you. You’re a 5’9″ tall, Amazon sex goddess with the body of a fitness model,” He praised her.

“I guess that comes with having a rich husband so I don’t have to work and having both of my children at 17,” Jessica sighed and let out a slight giggle, despite her best intentions.

“Best thing the old man ever did was getting you pregnant with me and Celia,” Darren grinned. “Come on mom, you really don’t have a choice – you’re gonna have to let me be a motherfucker.”

Jessica groaned because she knew that he had her over a barrel. Her craving for sexy teen pussy had gotten her in trouble again, as it had all those years ago. That little nugget Darren knew nothing about, nor did his father – no one ever would.

“All right baby, you can fuck me – but if your father hears a word of this from you, I’ll cut it off myself and use it as a chew toy for the dog, got that?” She said menacingly. Darren nodded. “Let’s get out of here and get into bed, there isn’t a lot of room.”

“No, not yet. I’ve dreamt of fucking you in here, backed against the wall, your gorgeous body all slippery and shiny. Turn around mom, ah, that’s it and let me ease into you – there, that’s got it!” Darren grunted.

“Oh God, Darren baby,” Jessica groaned as his turgid prick slid into her cunt. He was even bigger than her husband and he began to get a nice rhythm going as his hands soaped up her lush tits. Jessica loved fucking in the shower but her husband didn’t go for anything other than missionary or, if he was really letting her be adventurous, girl on top. Doggy was out and so was anything else beyond the norm.

“Shit mom, you’re fucking tight,” Darren fake cop porno grunted. “Doesn’t dad fuck you enough?”

“I never get enough, baby,” Jessica groaned, her moans reverberating off the tile. “Damn baby, who knew my little man had such a nice, thick cock. Come on baby, let’s get out of here – the water’s getting cold. We’ll go into my bedroom and we can fuck however you want.”

No longer fighting his incestuous desire for her, Jessica let herself be swept away on the tide of familial lust. She turned to look back at him as he followed her. Darren was fucking handsome, a regular young Adonis. She got into her bed and stretched out on the sheets, platinum-blonde hair spilling out behind her, tits riding high. Jessica kept herself in good shape and was sensible about her looks. She had 36C natural tits, no need for a boob job. She liked to tan, but limited it and tanned when no one was around so that she could get an all-over tan. Her hair was a naturally light shade of blonde, but she kept her pussy shaved so that she could change her look on occasion. She had gone auburn for a short while and liked that and last year, ebony black. Her husband had hated it, but she thought it made her look sexy and sinister. The kids told her it looked bitchin’, but she had caved to her husband’s pressure and let it go back to blonde. Jessica’s body was without flaw or blemish because she had the money to keep it that way and also because she worked to keep it that way.

“Man, I can’t believe I’m going to nail my MILF mother, this is sweet,” Darren sighed. “Okay Mom, I’m not a virgin, so let me eat you out and get you hot and bothered and then you can wrap those long legs around me and fuck me back.”

“Anything my young man wants, anything baby,” Jessica sighed with mounting lust. It had been a long time since she’d had a good pounding and if the fuck they had started in the shower was any indication, Darren could give her one. She loved sex with the petite Lindsey and the yummy way the sexy teen made her cum, but now all she could think about was sweet young cock.

He began to eat her pussy with such skill, she wondered just who her son had been with to get so good at this. He licked pussy like a champ and didn’t miss an inch of her needy box. Around and around, up and down, every inch of her muff was tasted and sampled by the young stud. Just when Jessica thought she couldn’t stand it anymore, he removed his face from her box.

“Amazing,” She panted. “You’re so, so much better than your father at that, he does enough to get me wet and then we fuck and it’s over.”

“You won’t have that problem with me, mom,” Darren bragged. “My – well, the girl that I’ve been with says I’m a stallion. I wouldn’t go that far, but I can go for more than one round. Why don’t you suck my cock, okay mom? I’d love to see you be a cocksucker.”

“Mmm, anything for my strong, handsome baby,” Jessica grinned. She wasn’t fighting this, he was strong and virile and she needed this. A part of him still thought of him as her baby, but he was no baby, he was a man in every way that mattered. It no longer made any difference how this had started, she was now as into the fucking as he was. Jessica’s lips sucked and slurped his shaft until it was a steel bar of flesh, ready to fuck deep into her needy cunt.

“Do it baby, be a motherfucker, you little prick,” She hissed through clenched teeth as he spread her legs and moved in between them. In reality, he was about as far from a “little” prick as she could imagine, he was hung like a fucking ox. Once he nudged into her pussy, Jessica felt as if she was being fucked by a baseball bat. Fortunately, the young stud had the skill to back up his fucking and didn’t slam her too hard at first. Only when she indicated how much she could take did Darren pick up the pace. It was a great fuck, just what she needed and she had an orgasm before she even knew what hit her.

“Jessica, I had to come back, I …” Sexy little Lindsey was standing in the doorway, watching Darren’s cock go in and out of his mother’s pussy. She couldn’t believe it, it should have repulsed her, but it looked hot! She certainly couldn’t cast any stones after what she and Jessica had been doing for the past several months. Now she was glad she’d forgotten her shoes and come back, she had a ringside seat for the sexiest show on earth.

“Hey Lindsey, you were lucky to get with this,” Darren grinned as his cock continued to saw in and out of his mom’s cunt. “She’s a real nice piece of ass, real juicy and man, does she love the cock. Of course, she loves your tongue too – want to get in on this?” He asked the sexy, 19-year old university student.

Lindsey hesitated at first, Darren seemed a bit smug and he was a whole year younger than her, but damn, he was hot and hung! Her current boyfriend couldn’t get her off and she could only be with Jessica when her husband fake hospital porno wasn’t around. Her favorite lover and her equally nasty son, this would be the nastiest thing Lindsey had ever done. She stripped off her halter and shorts and jumped in the bed with them.

“Smart choice, Lindsey,” A confident Darren said. “I can’t stop fucking mom right yet, that would be rude, but hey, here’s an idea. I only got to see you eating her pussy. That was hot, but I bet watching her eat you would be sexy as hell. What do you say mom, want to eat some dark, teenaged twat?”

A slave to her desires, all Jessica could do was moan a response. “Mmm baby, yes, you’ll love to watch that. She’s very sexy baby and she gets so wet, come here Lindsey, let’s show Darren how we get it on.”

Lindsey was already hot, Jessica could see it in the girl’s eyes and how hard her dark little nipples were. She also knew that when the sexy teen got turned on, her nipples grew rounder, like little chocolate pieces. The teen’s sweet box lowered to her face and she began to lick her eagerly – perhaps with even more desire than ever, knowing that she had an audience.

Darren couldn’t believe how fast his mother had fallen in line, but he wasn’t about to question his good fortune. His preparations to bed his mother had served him well, he knew when it was time to fuck Lindsey, she’d get off. His current lover said Darren was the best fuck she’d ever had and if he could satisfy that little slut, he knew that he could satisfy any woman.

Shit, it was sexy watching his blonde goddess of a mom eat a teen cunt. She was clutching the girl’s ass and really pulling her down close, really digging in there. He thought that Lindsey was a shark when it came to eating cunt, but she was an amateur compared to Jessica!

“Oh Jessica, oh baby, I’m so glad you came after me, you know just what a girl likes,” The black teen groaned. Her honey was flowing into generous amounts on Jessica’s licking tongue.

There was a revelation to Darren that rocked him for a second. He had assumed that it was his mother who had been pursued by Lindsey, but it was the other way around. Jessica was even kinkier than he had originally thought, what a rush.

He saw his mother tremble and buck, dislodging Lindsey. He had made her cum, he had made this hot, older bitch climax. He felt a sense of satisfaction as Lindsey approached him and kissed his lips.

“Thanks man, I’m glad you invited me to join the party. I used to think you were a young kid, but you’re cool and the fuck you gave your mom, wow baby, she’s never licked me like that. So cool,” She purred. “I want you to fuck me like that, only do it from behind so I can eat Jessica again, dig?”

Darren nodded and watched the petite black angel get into position. Jessica had a kind of dazed look on her face but as Darren eased his dick into the tight, wine-lipped pussy and began screwing her too. She was tighter than his mom and she moved in a different way, almost serpentine. Darren had always had a little thing for Lindsey, despite her being older. He wondered that if he gave her a really good fucking, could he perhaps convince her to go out on a date with him? He knew it was a backwards approach, but as she groaned and eased back on his cock, he bet it would probably work. Her words were muffled by his mother’s pussy, but he was pretty sure they were lewd as well as complimentary.

Lindsey lifted her head from Jessica’s shaven cunt and grinned. “You lucky, lucky bitch, you can fuck him every day and no one will suspect a thing,” She chuckled.

Jessica hadn’t realized that until now, she had a perfect, at-home stud. She grinned and said to Lindsey “You could, too. You could start dating him and fuck him here, if you wanted. I know he’s always had a thing for you.”

“I’m going to keep him dangling for a while,” Lindsey whispered. “He’s a cocky little bugger, it might be a good idea to take him down a notch or two, dig?”

“You’re such a sassy, smart little thing, Lindsey baby,” Jessica giggled. “You’re a naughty little playmate but you have a good head on your shoulders. I hope you do date Darren, you can keep him from getting a swelled head.”

“He is a good fuck though, isn’t he?” Lindsey sighed as Darren’s massive club moved in and out of her pussy. He hadn’t missed a stroke and she was finding it hard to concentrate on sexing Jessica with a screwing this great.

“Yes, he sure is,” Jessica moaned as Lindsey’s tongue sought out her throbbing clit. “I wonder who taught him all of these naughty little tricks, he’s very adept at pleasuring a woman. Wait until he eats your pussy.”

“Oh, yeah?” Lindsey said, lifting her head again. “He’s that good?”

“He’s almost as good as you and a lot better than my husband,” Jessica grunted as Lindsey’s tongue stabbed at her clit. “Fuck, I really don’t care who taught him fake taxi porno so much about sex, but whoever she is, I’d like to throw the little bitch a party!”

Darren finally came, letting his load go over the gorgeous dark cheeks of Lindsey’s ass. His mother made a lewd spectacle of licking the girl’s ass clean and then sharing it with her. Then they began to really kiss and almost as if he wasn’t there, tumbled together on the bed, much like they had been earlier. The two women moved into a hot sixty-nine that was partly for their own desires and partly for Darren’s voyeuristic pleasures. Both women wanted him to go another round, knowing that Jessica’s husband would be home in a few hours and the fun would be over for the day. Neither woman had ever participated in a threesome before, they didn’t want the thrills to end quite this early.

“Let’s suck him off together,” Lindsey suggested. “He won’t be able to resist a two-girl BJ, not with sluts as hot as us!”

“Oh, yessss!!” Jessica sighed. “We are sluts, naughty, evil sluts.”

“Damned right!” Darren laughed, thrilled that this had all gone so well. He’d had a scheme to get Lindsey into bed next but was glad it had proved unnecessary. She was one wild little bitch but she also seemed genuinely nice and friendly. He liked her firecracker personality too, he’d have to stay on his toes around this one!

The twosome went to work on their shared lover, covering his cock with licks and slurps until she shivered. He wondered if they were playing a game with him, trying to get him back for the blackmail. No, he decided, they were earnest in their desires and just not aware of how close he was. He backed off and saw the disappointed pouts on both lovely faces.

“If we want one more hot fuck before Dad gets home, I can’t cum again,” He told them. “Lindsey, why don’t you mount my cock and mom, you can have my face. You two kiss and make out, I’ll watch as best I can – go on babes, inspire me!”

The lovely teen and the mature blonde took his instructions to heart and began the final leg of their three-way. Lindsey knew she wasn’t going to keep Darren waiting too long to date her, she didn’t want someone who could fuck this well and had such endurance getting away, plus he had a mom that would let them fuck in the house, plus she would join in.

Darren felt the cum churning in his balls and boiling to the surface. He shot his load deep into Lindsey, filling her cunt with his spunk and then panicking as he realized they had not used protection. His perverted-but-sensible mother was one step ahead of them, snaking her tongue into the girl’s pussy and extracting all of the cum she could find. They all tumbled in a heap to the bed before Darren got up.

“I think I need a shower to wash the scent of sex off me,” He smiled at the two women who were sprawled on the bed. “Would anyone care to join me?”

“It will be a tight fit,” Jessica giggled.

“I’ll crouch down, we’ll manage,” Lindsey giggled too, knowing where that would place her face.

A half-hour before his father was to arrive home, Darren gave his mother a big hug. Both knew they’d be fucking again, it had been too hot not to. “Well mom, I guess that was the kinkiest thing you ever got up to, huh?”

“Don’t be too sure of that, young man,” Jessica said with an odd smile that confused him. “Haven’t you ever noticed you don’t look much like your father? Perhaps the next time your Uncle Angus visits, you should ask him why he gives you and Celia so much money for your birthday every year.” Jessica walked out of the room and into the kitchen, leaving Darren without a thing to say for the first time that day.

“No kidding, you really fucked mom?” Celia said to her brother, her face registering her shock.

“Awesome, mom’s mature, but so sexy, she really knows how to move her body and she’s so sleek and smooth and once she wraps those legs around you, oh, mannnn …” Darren’s voice trailed off.

“Hey, no fair making me jealous, little brother,” Celia said to her 15-minutes younger twin. Her lips slid down to the base of his cock again and then whirled around until coming back to the crown. “Just don’t forget who taught you all of your moves and whose tight young pussy you fucked first.”

“Never sis, I’ll never stop wanting you too, but mom, she can get under your skin, you know?” Darren sighed.

“I’m only teasing, little brother,” Celia smiled, stroking her brother-lover’s cock gently. “It’s so cool that mom has been making it with Lindsey – I agree with you, that black cutie is a doll. Mmm, I think we should try to set up a threesome of our own with Lindsey, wouldn’t you dig two young cunts to fuck?”

“Shit, yeah!”

“The more I think about it, the more you’ve convinced me I also want to try some mature, talented pussy – lucky Darren, you’ll have two hot cunts under the same roof to fuck,” Celia grinned as she slid down on Darren’s hard dick.

All Darren could do was think about it, that – and one other thing he had not shared with his sister as yet. The fact that their mother was no stranger to incest and had previously fucked her own uncle – an uncle that could possibly be their real father!

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