Show , Tell Ch. 29

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Sorry I’ve taken so long to provide the latest chapter of my ongoing saga.

Have had a health issue, which I was able to overcome, so I will now continue, for those interested, in the telling of this autobiography. I hope you will enjoy the reading.

Show & Tell

Chapter 29


Needless to say I was out of sorts as I appraised my latest “date” with Elle. The fun and frivolity aside, her complete lack of discretion when introduced to a new situation, sexual or not, was beginning to worry me.

Not that I was an innocent bystander in this onslaught of debauchery, as it had been my “suggestions” over the course of time that had led her to believe that anything and everything, short of seducing her local parish priest… could be easily justified.

Given our respective positions in polite society… that kind of thinking could easily result in ruin.

… on the other hand…

I was now in a position where I could use my imagination to conjure up any and every possible sexual scenario, short of her seducing her parish priest and anticipate… no expect… success.

Her complete lack of experience in ALL things sexual, and I mean ALL things sexual, coupled with her lack of imagination concerning ALL things sexual, her natural innocence and budding belief that ANYTHING she did, even in the most public setting, would be perceived as acceptable…,

… was it possible for her to see seducing the parish priest as somehow falling into that category?

Solum tempus narrabo.

In the meantime, I’d invited a couple of buddies to join me for a weekend of golf, a tournament to benefit a local charity with which I’d become involved. My college roommate was driving up from Pennsylvania, the other guy flying in from Vegas. With an early afternoon pick-up at the airport, I changed the appointment I had that day with my dermatologist to late morning figuring I’d stop at Passions, the Gentleman’s Club, for lunch.

I know… Passions for lunch… really?

But Passions for lunch made sense on a couple of levels. First… it was free and as I’d discovered when I took Elle there for her first foray inside a “strip club” the food was pretty good. Second… while enjoying the “pretty good” buffet, I could ogle the lovely young dancers performing on stage, while also enjoying the banter of the entertainers hanging around the bar looking for “lap dance” opportunities. And finally, the airport was a ten minute drive away.

See… made sense.

My dermatologist, whom I’d nicknamed, “Markey Mark de Sade,” had decided that my back would be a perfect place to spend some of his leisure time, excising two “basil cell carcinomas,” then cauterizing both wounds with his “Signature” branding iron. Not yet finished enjoying the moment, he grabbed his trusty bottle of nitrous oxide and proceeded to “freeze” about an acre of the remaining epidermis on my back, obliterating the actinic keratosis that had taken up residence. He did offer a small measure of sympathy, as he covered the two open wounds with an antibiotic ointment and the band-aids, adding a “Thank you” as my visit would cover the monthly loan payment on his girlfriend’s Mercedes.

His wife drove a Ford Pinto!

Now sitting at the bar at Passions, talking with Pam, one of the bartenders, as I waited for Rachel, a waitress whom Anthony, the Day Manager, had generously sent to make a plate for me at the buffet… a voice asked, “Body Rub?”

Turning, I found a cute young girl standing behind me wearing a goofy two piece costume that looked four sizes too big for her.

“I beg your pardon?”

Nice smile… as she pushed herself between me and the adjoining barstool, “I asked if you’d like a body rub?”

I gave her a nice smile back… “I’d love a body rub… but my doctor would probably have you arrested and charged with “Elderly Abuse!”

“Wow,” with a head shake, “most guys just say “No…” and once a polite one said, “No thanks,” but you’re the first to ever give me a medical excuse!”

I laughed and stood up, sliding my barstool back and then politely held it while saying, “Okay… why don’t you sit down and let me buy you a drink while I explain.”

As she sat down, I was forced to reappraise my earlier assessment of her. She wasn’t just a “… cute young girl,” but rather a, “… very cute and very young girl!”

While she explained the physics of the “Body Rub,” I explained the de Sade destruction of my back, causing her to agree, “I don’t need to see that!”

Pam noticed the two of us sitting together… and my almost empty glass. Without asking, she poured me another and then gave the girl a strange look. That triggered a, “I’ll have what he’s having,” response.

Pam gave her a bemused smile and brought her a bottle of water.

Before I could ask, Pam informed me, “She’s too young to drink what you’re drinking.”

“Really…” the girl protested, “and he would have given you a big tip!”

Now giving her canlı bahis a smile, Pam retorted, “Really… and then his buddy Tony would have fired us both!”

Making a face, the girl waited for Pam to turn her back… and then downed half my new drink.

I just shook my head.

“So…,” I then asked, “how is it you’re working here… giving “Body Rubs?”

She explained that she’d accompanied a friend to an interview, where her friend was hired as a dancer. “Dawn,” as she’d then introduced herself, applied for a waitress job, both girls hired on the spot. “So, when does your friend dance next?” I asked. Dawn laughed, “She quit after her first dance… but I stayed because I need the money to pay for my education.”

While I didn’t have any significant experience in Strip Clubs, it did seem like every dancer I’d met… either needed the money to pay for “college,” or to return home to her family’s estate in some remote kingdom!

Just by the look on my face, Dawn whined, “Pam… tell him I really do go to school.”

Looking at the two of us, “Yes, the little shit goes to college and she, somehow, gets really good grades…”

Before she could finish, she was cut off by Anthony, who happened to walk past us and spotted Dawn sitting next to me. Tapping her on the shoulder, he motioned for her to follow him to an alcove just outside the dancer’s dressing room.

Using his bulk to intimidate her, he waved one of his thick fingers in her face, his low menacing voice and his expression one that I was sure had sparked fear in many a misbehaving patron.

It didn’t seem to be working on Dawn.

Much to the delight of Pam and I, Anthony’s attempt at “Managing” was quickly crumbling as Dawn glanced at us and then up at Anthony… before grabbing the finger that was in her face and starting to stroke it, pantomiming a “hand job.” As we started to laugh, she looked at us again, grabbed the offending finger again, pretending to move it in and out her mouth… while sticking her tongue into her left cheek and moving it to imitating a “blow job.”

We were howling and even Anthony gave up, turning his back and lumbering away, his head shaking… his whole demeanor saying, “Fahgetaboutit!”

When she returned to the bar, Dawn surprised me by wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a nice kiss on the lips… then she hit me with… “Tony told me that he didn’t care how cute and interesting I think you are, “You’re suppose to be working!” So give me $40… and Pammy, please have Rachel bring two of whatever it is that he’s drinking and a bottle of Moet Rose to DJ… thank you.”

With that, she looked at me with her hand open. I dropped two twenties into the open palm, where she promptly placed one of the twenties on the bar, “… for Pam,” and then held out her hand again.

I handed her another twenty.

As she headed for Anthony, I followed, not sure where I was going or what she had in mind.

Catching up with him, she put the two twenties into his hand, stuck a delicate index finger into his face, wagging it back and forth while demanding, “… and you be nice.”

Rolling his eyes, he looked at me and mouthed, “Careful!”

Dawn led me to, “DJ,” a small area adjacent to the DJ’s booth, which was also where the door to the “Platinum Room,” was located. The Platinum Room was where Elle and Mercedes had entertained each other and Harold, which eventually led to Harold and Elle having an exciting interlude. (Show & Tell – Chapter 23)

With all that was going on that night, I’d completely missed this small chamber.

There were four overstuffed armchairs spread around the floor and two benches, one on each full wall. All were covered with a brown, “pleather” material, the floor fully carpeted. Low lighting adding to the “mood.”

Dawn pushed me into one of the chairs and promptly plopped down sideways into my lap. The “plopping” accomplished two things… With her now folded in my lap, the front of her “uniform” top folded outward, completely exposing her very cute breasts. And with her ass now pressed into my lap, her squirming to, “… get comfortable,” was also leading to the inevitable growth of a certain appendage, with Dawn quickly recognized with, “Is someone getting excited?” She followed that by reaching down between her legs and starting to rub the appendage, which caused it to become even harder.

At that moment… Rachel knocked on the frame of the entrance and walked in carrying the champagne, an ice bucket and one glass. She then moved a small table next to the chair, placing the champagne and all on the table, then promised to be, “… right back.”

Dawn never moved from my lap, continuing to squirm and rub my crotch.

When Rachel returned, she was carrying my two drinks… and the plate of food Anthony had sent her to select for me, before Dawn had burst onto the scene.

I’d forgotten all about it.

As she was putting all of that on the same small table… Dawn bahis siteleri climbed out of my lap and held out her hand.

Having to stand up, I took a moment to rearrange the “tent” in the front of my shorts so I could tip our waitress.

Her knowing smile, while she opened the bottle of champagne and poured a glass… saying, “Thank you,” as I handed her the tip, and then as she departed, offering a, “Have fun…,” made me feel even better about my choice to…

Looking at my watch, I only had fifty minutes to get to the airport!

Seeing the change in my demeanor, Dawn asked, “What?”

“Have to pick up a friend at the airport,” I answered, “but I still have some time.”

“Great,” with another smile.

She pushed me back into the chair, but instead of “plopping” down into my lap, she climbed up onto the back of the chair, put her feet on the arms, before pressing her thighs against the sides of my head.

Reaching down, she took the glass of champagne and swallowed the contents in two gulps. Not satisfied, she poured herself a second glass

and then made herself comfortable, her warm inner thighs back to pressing against my ears. As she started to massage my neck and run her fingers through the hair on the back of my neck… which felt really nice, I asked, “So what do you study in school?”

“I’m going to major in English Lit,” she answered, “but my minor will be Journalism. I like to write and I think I’m pretty good at it.”

Not one to let that pass, I told her that I too enjoyed writing, that I’d had a writing assignment published while in college, and that I’d been writing and telling stories to 1st and 2nd graders for a number of years. That led to her asking a series of questions about how that had started, which then led to her wondering about why a teacher would have such an interest in, “… the grandfather of a former student, who’s now almost in high school …” continue to tell stories to her students?

That was when I confessed to the affair with Elle… and that I’d been writing “Erotic Stories” about that too.

She stopped massaging my neck and scalp, drank the second glass of champagne, and as she went back to rubbing my neck… quietly requested… “Tell me a story.”

Half turning, I looked up at her and said, “Charlotte’s Web?”

With a bemused look, she put both her hands and the sides of my head, turned it forward and then squeezed her thighs together again, this time so tightly I couldn’t even hear the music playing on the PA system.

When she relented, loosening the hold, she answered, “No… we’ll save that for a bedtime story… tell me about your girlfriend.”

So I told her about some of Elle’s “misadventures” at Katmandu, 2Hot4U and Seductive Nights, plus her interlude with Brendan from Eden Redux.

“Those things really happened?” she asked, with more than a little surprise in her voice.

“Absolutely,” I replied, “and that’s just the PG rated stuff.”

With that, she swung around on the chair, “plopping” back down into my lap, this time facing me and throwing her hands around the back of my neck so we were almost face to face.

Now she surprised me.

Looking at me, with that cute smile, she reached over and grabbed my full drink, took a sip and… “My name isn’t Dawn… it’s Mia. Dawn is a dumb stage name one of the girls gave me because we’re all supposed to be anonymous…

Okay… while that was interesting, the fact that she was back in my lap and still wearing the goofy costume… her top folded open again and her tits were now fully on display.

I was enjoying the view when she said, “So you and this woman are both married… but not to each other and have been fooling around for… years… and she’s doing all this crazy shit in public and in this club… how is it you’ve never been caught?”

Looking back at her face, “Hi Mia… nice to meet you. Oh… and we’ve just been lucky I guess.”

Shaking her head, a very adult look of exasperation on her face, “No, it has nothing to do with luck. You’re very careful about where you are and what you’re doing. But she’s crazy in love with you and she doesn’t give a shit. How old is she?”

My eyes having drifted south again, her question stumped me for a moment before I looked at her face and said, “She’ll be forty three in December… fourteen years younger than me.”

“Wow…,” an incredulous look on her face, “you look great for fifty seven!”

With her ass back in my lap, the offending appendage was, once again, causing an awareness in her nether regions, and while my eyes bobbing between her chest and eyes… I replied, “And you look great for any age!”

She laughed, let go of my head and while holding herself upright in my lap, and pulled off the costume top. Reaching forward, she grabbed my head in both hands, while simultaneously pulled my head down and her body up… so her chest ended up right in my face!

I was happily licking and sucking on her bahis şirketleri tits… when Rachel stuck her head into the room and whispered… “Tony!”

Mia did a full backwards roll out of my lap and was standing with the top securely fastened before Rachel’s head had disappeared!

Anthony was polite… only knocking and calling out, “Time’s up kids.”

We could hear him chucking as he walked away.

I got up, most of one drink and much of the champagne left, as Mia stood waiting.

So I handed her my drink and it was gone in two swallows.

She smiled and then stood up on her toes and gave me a kiss.

It was a nice kiss.

She carried the champagne bottle with her as we walked out of the room.

Anthony… now Tony, was standing at the bar as we approached, his “You should know better,” as he snatched the bottle away from her won him a faux sneer from her.

Turning to me, she asked, “When will I see you again?”

“Whenever Tony lets me back in again,” I replied.

Now with a faux sneer of his own, he asked, “Was she her usual

smartass self?”

Reaching into my pocket, I took out a $100 and handed it to her. Turning to Tony I said, “She is the most polite and charming young lady I’ve ever met. If you’ll let me return, I promised her I’d get that Body Rub wherever she’d like to give it to me.”

Smiling and then mouthing “Thank You,” Mia told me, “Don’t worry about him. If he doesn’t let you come back… I’ll give you that Rub anywhere you’d like!”

Neither of us missed her double entendre.

As I turned to leave, she grabbed my arm and held up a finger. “Pam, could I borrow your pen?”

She wrote something on a napkin and handed it to me. Back on her toes, she gave me another kiss… and then turned back to the bar and asked the man sitting behind her, “Body Rub?”

Tony walked me to the door.

“How old is she?” I asked.

“Nineteen,” he answered.

Just by his tone, I knew he wanted to say something more.


Putting a hand on my shoulder, he gave me a serious look, “I know these girls and that one is smart… really smart. Be careful because she could be the best… or worst thing that could happen to you.”

With that, we shook hands and I was at the airport and waiting in luggage when my buddy arrived.

Mia had written her email address on the napkin.

I emailed her later that night, my message simple, “Just checking to see if this address is really yours?”

Her reply was timestamped 3:19 AM, “Why wouldn’t it be? How many guys do I meet during any week that I find cute, interesting and generous? I’m working tonight.”

With my two friends in town and tournament functions to attend, that wouldn’t work.

Decided to wait a week.

Couldn’t and emailed her on the following Tuesday. “What days are you working this week?”

She responded immediately, her message a terse, “Thought you lost my address!”

Ten seconds later… “Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday nights. Come see me on Thursday… please.”

I showed up at noon, Tony surprised to see me alone. “What, have you given up on Elle?”

Giving him a smirk, “What do you think?”

Before he could respond, Mia came out of nowhere… and standing unseen behind both of us asked, “Body Rub?”

Giving her a serious look, “Only if that offer to give it to me, “… somewhere else,” still applies?”

“Always,” with a big smile… before giving me a kiss, this one with a hint of her tongue.

Tony, shaking his head, “I’m outta here,” a real smirk thrown my way as he wandered away.

Mia went to the bar, ordered another bottle of the same champagne and two of my favorite drinks… and disappeared for a few moments. As I waited for her to return, I found Tony, paying for a “double session” with Mia, returned to the bar, paid for the drinks and tipped both Pam and Rachel, now only needing Mia to return so we could spent the next half hour uninterrupted.

When she reappeared, she was carrying a plate of food, a lunch that we would share.

Five minutes later we were eating off the same plate, Mia with a glass of champagne. She was sitting on the back of the same chair, her left hand massaging my neck, her fingers alternating between that and running through the hair on the back of my head.

The Body Rub?

“Your back is still too raw for me to take a chance.”

So I had her telling me about herself…

It was an interesting story.

She had an “unusual” family. The youngest of three children, with two older brothers, she also had three adopted siblings, two boys and a girl… along with two foster sisters, soon to be adopted.

Her mom and dad love kids.

“My brothers are very protective,” she told me, “and they’d lock me in my room if they knew I worked here. My dad would have a fit too… but my mom would tell them all to “chill” and think this was a “,,, way cool” place to work.”

By now she’d finished one of my drinks, along with a glass of champagne, so she decided to get more comfortable. Sliding off the back of the chair, she ended up sideways in my lap again, this time taking off the costume top before she settled.

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