Show Me Your Smile

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Note: This fic contains pee play. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. And all the other, have fun reading it 🙂


I’m standing in front of the bed and have just hooked my bra when two arms are wrapping around my waist from behind.

“How was your night,” she whispers into my ear, nibbling my earlobe.

I turn around and look at Penny, who is over twenty years older than me, but still has the agility and kinky passion of a young woman. “Well, my night was rather exhausting and not very long.”

“Really? I can’t imagine why,” she says with smirk, closing the gap between us and plants a gentle kiss on my lips. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“Me, neither.” My fingers run through her uncombed hair and my gaze falls on the clock on the nightstand, the strap- on from last night’s love making still lying there. “But I have another two hours till I have to be at the airport.” I grin and we kiss deep and long.

Penny breaks the kiss and looks mischievously at me. “Mmmmm, I think I know how we can kill the time.” She unhooks my bra and lets it fall on the floor. She licks her lips when she sees my big breasts. Penny looks at me when she leans forward and lets the tip of her tongue swirl around my already hard nipple. Her other hand grabs my other breast and plays with my nipple.

“Uh, I like this kind of amusement,” I moan. She leaves my breast and starts kissing her up to my mouth. Again our tongues duel each other. I open the laces of her bathrobe and slide it over her shoulders, covering them with kisses now. She moans but antalya escort then she pushes me away.

Before I could protest she says,” Turn around and close your eyes.” I do as I was told.

She kneels down behind me and her cold hands grab the cuff of my panty. Penny pulls them over my buttocks and plants kisses on each of them. I can’t help myself and start to moan when she gently bites me in the soft flesh. My hands find my aroused breasts and I slowly begin to knead them.

“Do you like that,” comes the rhetorical question from behind me before she pulls my panty down over my knees. One of her hands is reaching between my legs and move very slowly upwards until it’s reaching my folds. My eyes are still closed, my hands still massage my breasts and her middle finger begins to run along my pussy. Slowly and shy at first. I spread my legs as far as my panty around my knees allows me to and her finger immediately finds my inner lips. She is teasing my clit a bit, flicking over it, swirling it around. I gasp and put my hand on hers. Forcing her to slide inside me. She begins to slide in and out and stands up, never losing the rhythm. Penny showers my shoulder with kisses when she adds another finger. Again I cup her hand and beg for more.

“You want more,” she whispers in my ear. I can feel her hot breath tickle my ear. I’m not able to answer because she is increasing her movements. Wiggling her fingers inside me, touching my inner walls. I can feel a little pressure on my bladder. My legs begin to tremble a bit and I lean back against her. Her serik escort hard nipples press against my back, her trimmed mound brushing against my bum. Penny’s other hand is touching my belly, slender fingers are running upwards, leaving a trail of goose bumps. I press my bum against her pelvis and we begin to move in the same rhythm. The pressure on my bladder is slowly increasing. Her fingers move in and out in a steady rhythm, my pussy is so wet that I can hear her smacking. I arch against her body when her hand finds my breast and grabs it hard. One of her fingers find my clit at the same time. The pressure on my bladder is nearly unbearable and with every thrust I think I’m going to lose control.

“Stop, Penny, ” I says completely out of breath,” I… I… can’t hold it… anymore… I…I have to…pee.”

“I hope you are not going to waste it,” she says and is loosening her grip around my belly and slides out of me. “Kneel on the bed and show my your beautiful smile.”

“Your wish is my command.” Although I’m not into pee drinking, do I certainly don’t mind to serve my lady a drink. I get out of my panty and climb on the bed. The cool air hits my wet and swollen pussy when I spread my legs as far as possible. Penny kneels behind me and is teasing my clit with her tongue. I try to relax my bladder, which isn’t easy because Penny is nibbling my labia now. Sucking and biting it. But soon the first drops are running down my lips and are immediately licked up by Penny.

“Do you want more?” I tease her?

“You side escort bet and I hope it’s going to be a long and hard stream.” She spreads my pussy for me and I can’t hold it any longer. The first shy stream runs down my thighs but then I bow down a bit further, press harder and I can feel that my pee comes out in a nice bow. She moans and I can hear how my juice fills her mouth. I press even harder and the hissing gets louder. My nipple are so hard now that they hurt when they brush against the mattress. My stream is still hard and her mouth is full by now. I yelp when she is spitting my piss against my pussy and I stop pissing, although there is plenty left.

“I want to piss on your tits,” I say and she lays down on the floor. I can hardly hold my pee when I get up and step over her. Drops are running down my thigh. I’m standing right over her tits. She looks at me with pure lust and she licks her lips when I squat down.

“Piss hard,” she commands and immediately a hard and full stream nearly bursts out of my pussy, splashing against her tits. Penny grabs her tit and arches against my pussy. My juice is splashing everywhere. I try to imagine how my pee runs down over the belly, through her trimmed bush, over her clit and disappears between her folds. Her other hands finds my pussy. I close my eyes and pee as hard as I can and shiver when she enters my again with her long fingers. She slips in and out while I still pee.

“Give me everything of your juice,” she says breathlessly. I nod and start to squeeze the last drops out of my pussy. My stream get smaller and smaller with every pump of her fingers. I pump my pussy as hard as I can, squeezing her fingers, keeping them inside of me till the last drop is out. Penny pulls her fingers out and sucks them dry.

Needless to say, that I’ve missed my flight that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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