Shopping Trip

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Shopping Trip
It was a boring, slow day. Trawling through the town centre shops with my (then) girlfriend. She hadn’t so much as wanked me off in over a month, and my balls felt heavy and unloved.

We walked into yet another clothes shop. I paused to step out of the way of a lady coming toward me, noticing the tight black vest straining under the pressure of her large, round breasts. I switched my gaze up quickly, to see her smile and raise an eyebrow. I grinned back a little sheepishly, but turned to watch her nice, round bottom sway away under it’s tight grey skirt. The lack of VPL had me wondering. And horny. And starting to bulge the front of my trousers.

I looked back to my girlfriend, Casey. Her bottom large and round, filling the jeans that she always wore. Nice, but not something I’d had my hands on recently. We’d been arguing a lot at that time, and I’m pretty sure she was fucking one of her office-mates too.

I rounded another aisle, and almost bumped right into the tight-vested, big titted lady from before. I apologised, looking her up and down candidly. Then noticed the guy next to her, his arm on hers. I stepped aside again, and watched her sashaying bottom, again. And my cock got a little harder.

My girlfriend, finally, selected an outfit and headed to the changing rooms, and I dutifully followed. güvenilir bahis Once there she pulled me in. I protested, but she assured me that no-one else was there and that no-one would mind. So I stood just outside her cubicle looking around aimlessly as she stripped to her underwear and started trying on dresses and tops.

I heard a muffled sound from the next cubicle, and the curtain moved a little. Then opened a little. The woman from the shop was there, on her knees, vest top around her waist, sucking the nicely trimmed cock of her friend. She looked straight at me, and pulled the cock out of her mouth. She smiled. Then darted her tongue out and licked the bright purple head of the thick, hard cock.

She rolled the foreskin all the way back, licking the underside up and down. She got to the root of his erect cock and sucked one ball into her mouth, while her hand squeezed the tip, bending it slightly and rotating a little. His cock was slick with her saliva, and, when she got back to the top, she spat on his helmet, rubbing it around.

My cock was tenting my trousers now, as I stared at this dark haired hotty sucking cock with her big, round tits swaying in front of her. Without taking the cock from her mouth, she beckoned to me. Inviting me closer. I assumed she liked being watched and moved in, but tipobet giriş she had other ideas. Her hand reached out and started to caress the bulge in my trousers even as she sucked noisily on her man’s cock.

She pulled the zipper down, reaching in, her hand warm on my already hard penis. She pulled it free, and it stood pointing straight at her out of my trousers.

Her man looked down “Naughty, N****” he grinned, as she moved her head from his cock to mine. I felt the hot, wet caress of her mouth enclosing my engorged helmet. My heavy balls felt the light touch of her hand, as her other hand continued to stroke her man, D****’s, cock.

She let go of both cocks, and hitched up the short, grey skirt. No panties. Just the smoothly shaved skin above her puffy pussy lips. She stood up, grasping a cock in each hand and guided us back into the cubicle. Then she sat back on the bench, opened her legs and pulled D**** towards her. His cock sank into her juicy pussy and she gasped as her vagina was stretched. He started to move in and out, quite quickly, and as he did, she leaned toward me, taking my cock into her mouth.

We stood, shuffling and grunting for what seemed an eternity, then D****’s hips started to jerk erratically and he groaned loudly. As he pulled his cock out trails of cum clung to perabet N****’s pussy as though they were reluctant to leave.

She fingered her sopping cunt as she continued to suck hard and fast. One of my hands had made it’s way to her gorgeous tit. Squeezing and feeling the nipple hard in the palm of my hand. My balls felt like they were going to burst, and I started to moan loudly. N**** popped my cock out of her mouth and wanked it hard until a stream of sticky white cum ejected onto her hot tits. Then another, and another, as my balls unloaded a month’s supply of semen in spurt after spurt.

She sat back, legs still spread and started rubbing her swollen clit, she dived two fingers from the other hand into her loose pussy, rubbing faster and faster, until a spurt of hot, clear liquid ejected from her cunt.

I stood transfixed, as we all caught our breath.

“Can I help you?” N**** said, looking past me.

I turned, there, naked but for a pair of white cotton briefs, was my girlfriend. The nipples of her modest tits stood out firmly and there was a blush of red across the top of her chest. As my eyes fell past the round bulge of her belly to the black pubes peeping out of her briefs, I saw that her crotch was soaked. I raised a quizzical eyebrow, then noticed the thick, white, creamy globs on her fingers.

N**** and D**** straightened up. N*** kissed me on the cheek and said “I take it you two know each other.” and she and D**** left, grinning.

Casey just looked at me. I took her hand, pulled it to my face and licked of the globs of pussy cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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