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shop GirlI carry on from my last story.I slept with lots off girls, which I met them on line through girls I fucked .I always kept to this but I thought I try going to lesbians pubs and clubs .i went to a pub in town, I been told that girls hangs out .I got there about 10 and went to bar to get a drink . I walk to table sat down it was not that busy .Women I saw their I did not like.So I started playing with my phone I did not pay any mind .about 11 I saw some great looking bitches .Now I was hoping I could chat up one them .I saw great looking young blonde in her skinny jeans. after she got her drink she turn around she saw me checking her out ,I smiled she was with other older women .they all sat down on table about few yards away.She new I was interested ,so kept looking she did looked and smiled then I new for sure that she was interested.i got up and went to the loo I was hoping she would follow and illegal bahis speak to each other. I was write she did follow me to the loo . I washing my hand she came and said hi, I am sally and told her my name . I said go out drink sometime ,she said we should ,as you can she I am busy tonight .We gave each other our mobile.Me 55 year old scored young bitch.She like older women she was with 2 of them .Any way she left .I did not see her again .She and her women friend left .I had one or 2 other offer from girls but they did not turn me on.Two days later I had phone call from Sally ,we talked she told me the what happen with 2 women I saw her with .It really got me turned on .I asked if she was free ,she said that is the reason I phoned .I am not at work if she come over .I said sure .I gave my address. she was ringing my bell hour half .By this time I had my dress up in and high hill .most of boobs showing perabet .I buzzed her in .she came up I open the door and let her and we smile to to each other and we both wanted kiss each other,so we started slow and went on for about 10 minutes.She told me that she could stop thinking about me since that night we met.we started again kissing this time unzipped skirt and she got one boob out .I was not wearing any underpants I sat her down and offered my clean pussy she went with her tounge in my crack up and down until I came in her mouth she liked it up.At this point I took her to the bedroom I went top her and between her legs ,I tounge fucker faster and faster until she came with scream .I got beside started kiss again .she want play with my boobs she loves big boobs.i told her that wanted ride her she say yes I put my trap-on ,I set on the edge of bed and took doggy style she wanted me perabet giriş go faster so I did pick the speed .she came again .She laid on bed I went top her again kissing we kissed for long while .I took legs up in the air and put in strap on in her anal and started riding her few minutes later her phone rang so she stretched out and answered her phone .It was one her girl friend who she was with the other night .she was telling her you know the woman i told you about the other night I am at her place and at moment she fucking with strap on .sally put the phone on the speaker and say hi Dolly ,I said hi ,Dolly said you fucking my bitch ,I said she is very sexy ,so you are to I saw that night looking.She said we should meet up I said yes three of us know we should 4 some I know few more I send you the pictures you can choose.any way I went off to loo Sally came after she finish on the phone .we both had shower together .she dressed up and dropped her to station .Dolly wanted her ,they goin out for date with other women.Few days later me sally and dolly and jules and we had 4 some .I am 55 I am having so much fun with young girls .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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