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Minding my own business was what I was doing, just strolling along a laneway between two rows of houses. I have no idea why these laneways exist but they do and they’re useful for a shortcut between blocks. I’ve heard some people complain about them because they reckon junkies and lowlifes use them for nefarious purposes, whatever those nefarious purposes might be.

So it’s a beautiful sunny day, maybe just a touch warmer than I like, but I wasn’t complaining. I just ambled along, heading homeward, nothing in particular to do and all afternoon in which to do it.

And then I wasn’t just ambling along as I’d discovered something that I needed to do with great urgency. I heard a growling snarl behind me and throwing a glance over my shoulder I saw Lionel Jessup’s two pit-bulls charging towards me, all teeth and menace. (Blasted Jessup is also a menace. He’s been warned about keeping those mongrels locked up.)

Realizing that throwing a glance at the dogs wouldn’t slow them down and not having any bricks in my pockets I decided that discretion was called for and departed the vicinity. Departing the vicinity was another problem, but one I could solve. Running away wouldn’t help as the dogs would be on me long before I reached the end of the lane. In theory, standing absolutely still means the dogs wouldn’t attack me, but it wasn’t a theory I wanted to test when I had another option. A fast side step and a jump and I was on top of the nearest fence, safely out of the reach of the mongrels.

Squatting up there in relative safety I called the cops and reported the two dogs, recommending they address the problem with shotguns. They implied tranquilisers would be enough and I wished them luck. I also mentioned that I wasn’t staying around to be a chew toy and if they heard of a trespasser running through someone’s yard it would probably be me departing the scene.

The cops suggested I wait at the scene and I told them that if they thought I was going to sit on top of a fence until they rolled up then they were crazy. I gave them my name and address and told them I was willing to make a formal complaint and hung up.

I vaulted off the fence into the yard, ready to depart. (Okay, I climbed down carefully. Jumping off a six foot fence is just asking for a broken ankle.) Turning around it registered on me that I was in the Minot’s back yard. Even though I’d never been here before it was an easy guess as Mrs Minot was standing in the yard looking at me with a smirk on her face. That was all she casino oyna had on.

Mrs Minot was around twenty five, a few years older than my nearly nineteen. She was also a redhead with beautiful creamy skin, skin that seemed to be reluctant to take a tan as I could see no sign of one. Not even the faintest tan lines. She was slender and looked fit, with a lovely pair of breasts. A ‘C’ cup would be my guess, tipped with strawberry pink nipples and surrounds.

She had a wet sheen to her and seeing that there was a swimming pool right there I guessed she’d been swimming when I made my unscheduled appearance. I was mildly surprised that she wasn’t in the pool, using it for cover. (I only had room for mild surprise where that was concerned as I totally and completely shocked to see her standing there, smiling.)

I could hear Jessup’s voice floating over the fence as he yelled at the dogs, having finally caught up with them. I sort of indicated towards the fence and said something along the lines of, “Ah, um, urg.”

“I quite agree,” she said, nodding. “Vicious, bad tempered, animal, and his dogs are just as bad.”

“Um, yes. You can understand why I didn’t stop to argue with them.”

“It seems to me that you got quite a scare. Your face is all red. Would you like to sit for a moment?”

She moved towards me as she spoke and I could feel my face getting hotter and probably redder. I also seemed to be losing the power of speech again. When she took my hand and drew me towards the bench to one side of the pool I simply blushed even harder and went with her.

I defy any man to walk next to that woman and keep his eyes off her breasts. She had this sort of sway when she walked and her breasts were quite happy joining in the swishing movement, rocking from side to side. My eyes were dancing little glances and I was praying she wouldn’t notice. Why, I was wondering, doesn’t she at least wrap a towel around herself?

“You know, I can’t make up my mind as to whether you’re more stalwart than I thought or if you’re just shit scared,” she observed.

I blinked. “What? What do you mean?”

“Well, normally a man with something like this would be making a grab for the goodies, but you’re just sitting there, blushing. Like I said, very stalwart or shit scared.”

The ‘something like this’ that she referred to was my erection. Under the circumstances it’s not a condition that you could call unexpected. What was unexpected was her groping it through my trousers. I let out canlı casino some sort of startled sound and she giggled.

“Quite right,” she said. “It probably is a little cramped in there.”

With that she unzipped me and manoeuvred my erection out into the daylight, much to my horror. I mean, this just was not happening.

Then she leaned forward and took me into her mouth and her head started slowly bobbing up and down. Okay, so it was happening. It didn’t mean that I believed it. My cock certainly believed it. It seemed to be swelling even more, feeling bigger than it had any right to grow. Her tongue and her teeth were playing havoc with my nerves, and we all know where a man’s nerves are concentrated.

I was yay close to blowing my load when she lifted her head away.

“Wow, tough audience,” she said.

Showing great presence of mind I said, “Waah?”

“You still haven’t made a grab for any of the goodies,” she pointed out.

I said, “Aah?” as quite frankly it just hadn’t occurred to me to grab the salient points.

“I mean these, Doofus,” she said, taking my hand and placing it on her breasts. “And here,” she added, taking my other hand and pressing it against her pussy.

Fair enough. I could take a hint. I started massaging, my hands wandering all over her, while wishing that she would go back to the blowjob. Instead of doing that she simply started stroking me lightly after letting me die down a little from the near explosive point I’d reached.

Now that I’d started I couldn’t touch that lovely body of hers enough, my hands freely wandering. For her part she put up no resistance, parting her legs to give me easy access. Her breathing deepening slightly was the only sign she gave when my fingers slipped inside her, rubbing and familiarising myself.

She suddenly shook off my hands, rising to her feet. I, breathing hard, was about to do the same but she grabbed my legs and pulled them to one side. I obligingly turned the way she indicated and found myself sitting on the end of the bench. She took hold of my trousers and yanked them down (admittedly with me lifting my behind so she could do so).

So there I was sitting on the end of the bench, my erection reaching for the sky, and she was standing naked in front of me. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. That puts you one up on me because I had no idea what was about to happen. Remember I was only eighteen. Being nearly nineteen just means that I was still eighteen. I was also a virgin, not kaçak casino having persuaded any young ladies out of her panties at that stage.

Mrs Minot calmly straddled me and settled down onto me, deftly steering my cock into position. My eyes were open wide and my entire concentration was on the feeling of my cock sliding up into her. (Okay, her lowering herself onto my cock. Same difference.) She just settled right down and my cock was all the way up, just as far as it could go.

She just sat there for a moment, her smirk back on her face.

“You look a little surprised,” she said with a giggle.

I again managed one of my more intellectual moments and said something like, “Gaah.”

“Quite true,” she said “I’ll start off. You just move with me.”

With that she started sliding slowly up and down my pole and I wanted to scream and go berserk. The sensations of her passage wrapped around me and rubbing against me were indescribable. I wanted more, and I wanted it right now. I started trying to push firmly up into her when she dropped down and she stopped me.

“Not like that. Take it nice and slow. Galloping off like a runaway horse will just waste the effort you’ve already put in. Just settle in to the pace I set. I’ll let you know when it’s time to move a little faster.”

So I took it nice and slow, letting her do all the running. I was sweating as she bounced on me, my hands running over her breasts, enjoying them. I wanted to go faster. I wanted to lay her flat on her back and just pound into her as hot and heavy as I could manage, but I didn’t do that. I moved with her, sweated, and moved with her some more.

After what seemed like a lifetime of exquisite torture she started bouncing faster.

“What are you waiting for?” she gasped. “A written invitation? Show me what you can do.”

Nothing loath my hand took hold of her hips and I started bucking under her, driving up into her with everything I had. She stood it for about a minute and then she climaxed, her clamping down on me assisting me to do the same. Assist hell. It forced me to do the same, not that I was complaining.

“You seem a little more relaxed now,” she told me as she stood up. “Off you go.”

I pulled up my trousers, watching her as I did so.

“Just so you know,” I said softly, “I intend to catch you alone again sometime and then I and going to be in control and I will fuck you ragged.”

She laughed and patted my cheek.

“It’s good for a growing lad to have ambitions,” she said. “They may not be achievable, but it’s good to have them.”

I left, and if my legs were a little wobbly as I walked it was because I was still shocked by being jumped by two pit-bulls. That’s all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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