She’ll Do Anything to Pass

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This was the day that ended my career and changed two lives forever. It was the moment that some teachers always encounter and it’s the test of character whether they will do it or not. Looking back on it, I can’t believe that I did something so stupid, but it was one of those things that happening at the time, it didn’t seem so stupid after all. I better start from the beginning of the entire thing.

I was a teacher at a local high school. I had been working for a few years there as the kids had begun to know me and everything was finally going smoothly. I was teacher senior government classes now as finally the decided that I will would be teaching those classes for the next little while. Each student was different and I met some different ones which have brought interesting thoughts to the heads of different teachers. However this time it was totally over the line. There was this one girl in a class of mine that everyone wanted either the students or the teachers.

Her name was Heather. She was about 5’7″ with hair that reached her shoulder blades. She had hazel eyes and would almost always wear outfits that would leave little to the imagination. This always caused problems around school as she had been disciplined several times for the way she dressed and sometimes almost attacked by the horny kids in the hallways. Well it was getting to the end of the semester as grades were do soon. Heather had been having problems in the last couple weeks of class as we had moved on to how a president was elected and she was just not getting it even though I helped her through classes and some tutoring. I was sitting in class working on final grades when she walked in very slowly. I looked up and smiled before doing a double take. She was wearing almost a little schoolgirls outfit. She has the black shoes and white stockings on. I looked up and saw her wearing a black miniskirt, and a white shirt that came down just above her belly button leaving her midsection uncovered. She was showing off her new piece of jewelry in her belly button. As my eyes continued up I saw she had put her hair into two ponytails. She finally reached my desk and smiled as I smiled back and finished what I was working on.

“What can I do for you Heather.”

“Um…Mr. Davis. I was wondering if I was going to pass this class. I need to know because I need to prepare myself.”

“Well Heather, we know you have had a difficult time the last couple of weeks. You bombed the final badly. I haven’t done your grade yet but I would say it’s a 50/50 chance right now.”

I looked at her as her facial expressions changed and I thought she was going to start crying. She backed up a few steps and sat in a seat and looked at me.

“Would you mind doing my grade now? I have some time to waste and I would really want to know.”

I shrugged my shoulders as I went to her class and found her name on my roll. I started to figure out all the grades as she was getting a little antsy waiting for the grade. I just sighed and continued to figure out her grade. A few seconds later I heard something and looked in the seat she was in. She was bending over in the seat rubbing her feet as her shoes were off.

“That is better. They have been hurting my feet since last period. I don’t why I wear them but they go good with this outfit. canlı bahis You mind if I took them off?”

“No that is ok,” I said shaking my head and returning to my work.

A few more second went by before I totaled her grade and looked up at her.

“Well I tallied everything including participation and all that stuff. I hate to tell you but you are going to end up with a 58 in the class.”

Heather put her head in her hands and started sobbing a little bit. I really didn’t know what to do since I wanted to pass her but the work she had been doing lately didn’t deserve a passing grade. I was about to say something when she lifted her head and walked very slowly over to my desk. I looked up at her as she sat on my desk with her legs apart. I looked down very briefly and saw the skirt riding up just a little bit before looking at her again.

“Isn’t there anything else I can do to get a passing grade?” she said with some puppy dog eyes. “I really need to pass this class.”

“The semester is over Heather. There is nothing we can do about it. There is no work I could give you to lift it or anything. I’m sorry,” I said getting up.

It was then she pushed me backward into my set with her foot. I was surprised how strong she was but then she started moving her legs back and forth on the edge of my desk making her skirt go up a little more each time. I caught a brief glimpse before looking up at her again but this time she was smiling.

“I know you want to see what kind of panties I have under there. Its ok, how about if I let you see them, you will pass me?”

I was shocked at the suggestion and shook my head no when her foot moved over my crotch and started to go back and forth.

“You are saying no but I think I know someone else that is saying hell yes Heather.”

She smiled as she continued to rub her foot over my crotch. Every time I moved her foot, she would put the other foot and stroke back and forth a little. After the third time, she slide off my desk where the skirt showed what looked like the very bottom of her panties before quickly going back into place. She walked behind me blowing in my hair as I felt her grab my hands and put handcuffs on them. I looked around quickly when she stuffed something in my mouth.

“You see Mr. Davis, I know you want to give me that passing grade and you can’t take any of my advances. However I can do this and you can get the exact same thing.”

She walked away making her butt sway back and forth toward the door. A few seconds later, I heard the door close and she silently came back to the desk but dropping to the floor in front of me. She smiled as she unzipped my pants and reached inside. I tried moving around but she held me right there as she took my cock out of my pants and stroked it a little.

“Hmmm…nice looking snack we have here Mr. Davis. I think there are a few things we could do.”

After the statement she engulfed my cock into her mouth. The sensation was something that couldn’t be describe as I closed my eyes for a brief moment. I opened them a little seeing her bob her head up and down until she engulfed the whole thing and I felt her nose in my pubic hair. I closed my eyes again as she continued sucking me. The feeling was so wonderful that I started to loose my inhibitions about the bahis siteleri situation. I few minutes of this and I felt cum start to rise. She must have also because she stopped sucking me and just looked at me with sweet eyes as she very slowly stroked my cock.

“That was fun but I don’t want to be the only one having fun here,” she said getting up.

“I know all the boys wanted to fuck me but I also know some teachers want to. I have seen how you have been staring at me today and I want to say I have the same feeling. So relax and I will do all the work,” she said as she kissed the top of my ear.

She got on me slipping her legs through the two arms of the car. She reached under her with her hands and I watched as she reached one under her skirt and reached for my cock with the other. She slowly sat down as I felt my cock go into her pussy which was so tight but she wasn’t a virgin. Once she had all of my cock in her, she stopped for minute with her eyes closed before talking.

“hmmmm…you cock is so much bigger than anything I have ever had in me. This is going to…that feels good. Oh yeah that feels good. God yes that feels good,” she kept saying as she ground herself into me.

Finally she started to hump like there was no tomorrow. I looked around in terror looking to see if someone was watching us as the chair started to creak every time she came down. She started going faster and faster until she was almost literally jumping on and off of me. I closed my eyes for a minute just enjoying the sensation when all of a sudden everything stopped. I opened my eyes and saw her getting off and I looked at her as my cock was now stiff as a board. She smiled as she walked back to her backpack and reached in for something before walking back. I saw she had a condom and something else. She tore open the condom wrapper quickly putting the condom in her mouth. She knelt down in front of me and engulfed my cock once again. She quickly got up showing the condom on my cock now as she got on the chair again doing the same thing she did just a few minutes ago.

Once again she sat still for a little while before starting to fuck me again. This time I looked at her and saw she had put something into her mouth and smiled at me with her fucking me like no tomorrow. I started to feel cum starting to rise once again when she got off and looked at me. She went behind me and undid the handcuffs and taking the rag out of my mouth.

“I trust you won’t do anything that you don’t want to do but I want to enjoy this more than I am. Do with me what you want,” she said laying back on my desk.

I sat there for a little while and finally sat up. She looked up at me with those pretty eyes when I tossed her over to her stomach. She looked back at me with a smile as I lifted her skirt revealing her thong ass. I slapped her ass making her squeal a little before moving her thong aside and thrusting my cock into her. I smiled as her pussy clenched around me and I reached forward for her ponytails. I grabbed them and pulled her toward me as I went all the way in her. I withdrew and using her ponytails pulled myself back into her. We continued to do that for a little while before I released her hair and just held her ass fucking her. She put that object back in her mouth but I could still hear some moaning bahis şirketleri coming from her mouth. I fucked her faster and faster as the desk was almost jumping with us. A few more minutes of this I started to feel the cum rise again when her pussy tighten its grip on my cock and I knew she was cumming as her eyes seemed like they were going back into her head. A few seconds later, I started shooting and shooting into the condom.

We were both breathing hard when I heard a door slam and looked over at the classroom door which was closed. I started looking around and started to panic on who could have seen us. I withdrew from Heather and sat down on my chair as Heather got off my desk and sat on my lap. She slid down taking the condom off my cock and then sucking my cock for a little while before tying up the condom and tossing it into a paper bag. She then put the bag in my garbage can as she fixed her thong. I fixed my pants and sat at the desk as she went back to her seat taking out a towel wiping her legs down.

“That was fun Mr. Davis. I knew you would get into it once it all started. No man could say no to this,” she said as she pointed her fingers at her body. “I think what happened here is worth that extra two points. Have a nice summer Mr. Davis and thanks for the birthday present,” she said putting on her shoes.

This was the first time that I started to think about that I just had sex with a minor.


“You should now. My 18th birthday was just a week ago. It was a little late but still worth the wait. Have a nice summer Mr. Davis,” Heather said as she walked out the door.

I just sat there shaking my head as I put the finishing touches on the grades before leaving the school.


The next morning I was cleaning up my room and putting the final grades into the computer when the principal walked in and sat down in a desk.

“Mr. Davis we have to talk.”

“Yes Mr. Romanjovich,” I said sitting down.

“We got a complaint yesterday from an unnamed individual about you having improper relations with a student in your classroom yesterday. I have to know if its true or not.”

I just sat there in silence wondering who told. Was it Heather, a friend of hers, her parents or someone else which I didn’t know about. I looked over at Mr. Romanjovich who was already shaking his head.

“You don’t need to answer Mike. I already know the answer. Who was it?”

“Heather Tomison.”

“Oh her. She has been causing problems around here. This is an interesting situation because technically she isn’t a student here anymore but still we can’t have something like this happening. You have put me into a situation.”

“I have been thinking of a career change so perhaps this is a good time to do it?”

“I think that will be a good idea Mike. Turn your grades in and then please leave. You understand if I tell you, you probably won’t be able to get another job for a while because I have to tell people if they ask me.”

“Yeah I know Mr. Romanjovich.”

He left as I sat down and thought about how I had gotten into this mess.

Things have gotten better since then. I went into a second career as a business man and have been very successful. I have had some regrets but other times I think it was a good thing to happen. Heather is happy as she passed her class and now is working in Washington D.C. She will be coming home next month for a much needed vacation. We have decided to go to Jamaica for a while. It should be fun.

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