She Hates Me? Not! Pt. 05: Reprisal

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The honeymoon couple is back.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, dealing with Monica’s past, and the implications for the future. Please take the time to vote when you’re done, and as always, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


I woke up, my head fuzzy from last night’s activities, wondering who that was looking back at me.

Oh…right! That’s me! And the gorgeous woman in my arms is my wife! I almost forgot about the mirror above the bed.

I spooned behind her, nestling my morning woodie between the cheeks of her firm behind, and kissing her neck. She moaned softly, and rubbed back against me.

“Ready again? Want back in there?” she giggled.

I had been greedy last night, our wedding night. She had offered me a menu of delights, and I had chosen ‘all of the above’, finishing off deep inside her ass. I definitely wanted back in…but maybe breakfast would be a better idea first.

“I think I need to refuel,” I laughed. “We were very, very busy last night.”

“Yes, I remember. I was there,” she smiled, turning to face me. “Good morning, my husband.” She looked at the ring on her finger.

“Good morning, my wife,” I replied, and kissed her. It was a long, slow, passionate kiss, gloriously sensual. It was interrupted by a buzz from the end table. Monica’s phone. We ignored it. That’s what voicemail is for; to take a message when you’re otherwise occupied. Especially when you’re otherwise occupied. Wink, wink.

“Breakfast first?” she asked. I nodded. “Okay, well we need to shower, but if we get in there together, I have a feeling the next meal we have will be dinner. Maybe I should go first. I’ll be quick.”

“I’ll be here,” I laughed, and she rolled out of bed. I heard the shower start, and reached for the TV remote, finding a sports show to watch.

Five minutes later, she padded back in, wrapped in a towel, with another one around her head. She looked at me, and playfully began to unwrap herself.

“In the shower now,” she ordered, “or I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”

“You’re new to this married thing, aren’t you?” I joked, throwing the covers back. “You’re supposed to threaten to withhold your sexual favours, to get me to obey… not threaten to use them.” She chased me out, snapping her towel at me.

I had finished my own shower, and was drying off when Monica walked in. She had her bra and panties on, and her phone in her hand.

“It’s your other wife,” she smiled, tossing me the device.

Huh? Other wife? Oh, you mean…

“Hi Karly! What’s up?” I asked.

“Hey stud. How many times did you fuck my daughter last night?” she said, straight to the point, as usual.

“Shit, I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Five? Maybe six? Do you count her ass?”

“Uh, yeah, her ass counts. I don’t suppose it would make any difference to remind you that I’m here, at home, all alone, with only my vibrator for company. Please don’t use it all up,” she giggled. “Go eat, then take care of my little girl, but save some for me. I love you, honey.”

“I love you too, Karly.” I wasn’t just parroting her words. I did love her. I suppose if there was a definitive scale to measure love, Monica might have had the edge.

But… Not by much.


Monica and I were sitting at the table on the dining room deck, looking out over the ocean vista, and eating a hearty breakfast. I was ravenous. She was replenishing her energy as well, just in a more dignified fashion. This resort Karly had chosen for us was very nice, and all inclusive, something I hadn’t experienced before, and had clearly forgotten.

“Slow down, honey,” Monica smiled. “You can eat the whole menu if you want, just not at the same time.”

I swallowed my current mouthful, realizing she was right.

“Yes, that’s right, isn’t it?” I nodded sheepishly. “I’m sorry.”

“Partly my fault,” she waved, rolling her eyes. “I should have cut you off after four last night. Honestly, I’m surprised you have the energy to sit upright!”

We were laughing at each other when a woman approached our table. I only caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye, but I could see the recognition in Monica’s face.

“Monica?” the woman asked, surprise in her voice. “Monica Pudzianowski? Is that you?”

“Rachel Blake!” Monica gasped. “What are you doing here?”

I finally got turned in my seat, and managed to see this… Rachel Blake. It was a surprise.

A little shorter than Monica, with red hair, she was otherwise pretty similarly built. In other words… stacked, and curvy. Brown eyes, maybe a bit more rounded in the face, but pretty. I tuned in again as she answered my wife.

“I work here,” Rachel smiled. “I’m the Hospitality Manager. I hope you’re enjoying your meal,” she added, officially, tugging her blazer over her chest for effect. “You’re a guest, I gather?”

“Yes,” Monica replied, taking my hand theatrically. “We’re here on our honeymoon. canlı bahis It’s Monica McRea now! Rachel… meet my husband David.”

I stood to shake Rachel’s hand, but she just stepped past it, and hugged me. Yup, nice big tits, just like my wife. The hug lasted longer than a first greeting should have, then she pulled away to hug Monica too, who had stood as well.

“Congratulations to both of you!” she smiled. “I’ll leave the two of you alone, then. If you need anything… anything at all… just call me.”

I watched her walk away, then took my seat again. Monica sat as well.

“Imagine that?” I asked, incredulously. “Where do you know her from?”

Monica just sat silently, staring out the window.

“Honey?” I said, touching her arm.

“I’ve had enough to eat, and I’m not feeling well. Do you mind if I go back to the room?” she responded softly.

I’m a guy, but I’m not an idiot. I could see she was upset, and it had nothing to do with the food.

“I’m coming with you,” I nodded.


We were barely inside the door, when Monica exploded.

“SONOFAFUCKINGBITCH!” she screamed, her hands balled into fists of rage. “WHY HERE?! WHY NOW?!” Her shoulders slumped, and she fell forward onto the bed in tears.

Hmmm. I’m guessing they’re not best friends, then. Okay. I can pry it out of her, or let her come to me.

I patted her shoulder, and went out to sit on the balcony. She knew where I was if she needed me for comfort. If she wished to talk, or remain silent, it was her choice.

Ten minutes. She knew I wanted to know what had upset her, without my asking. The glass door slid open behind me, and her hand touched my shoulder. When I turned my head, I found her naked, holding two towels.

“Join me, and I’ll tell you everything,” she smiled weakly.

I held her hand, steadying her as she stepped into the tub. She pressed the button, and the steamy surface of the water erupted into life, bubbling wildly. I didn’t even step inside to disrobe, tossing my clothes through the open door, then slipping in beside her. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and waited.

She rested her head against my chest for several minutes, before exhaling slowly. The story was about to begin.

“You may have guessed that Rachel and I have a history,” she sniffed.

“Yes. I gather you’re not on each other’s Christmas card lists, despite the civil tone in the dining room,” I replied.

“You gather correctly,” she confirmed. “I, um… I guess… I’ll try to explain it, but it’s going to be hard. It’s not a part of my past I’m proud of.”

“We all have those, don’t we?” I smiled, rubbing her shoulders. “I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I once accidentally grabbed a girl’s boob, while playing football on the beach. It happened in high school.”

“Hmmm, I seem to recall hearing that,” she smiled, turning to kiss me. “I hope that the Rachel situation can be resolved as easily and happily. It depends on how much she holds a grudge.”

“Alright, out with it. Why would she hold a grudge?” I asked.

Monica winced, and wrung her hands, before volunteering any more information.

“Well, it was after the Mom and Mike incident, when I discovered how much fun sex was, and I, um… I kind of… well… I…”

“Spit it out, honey,” I urged.

“I fucked her boyfriend!” she gasped, hanging her head shamefully. “I fucked her boyfriend, while he was still her boyfriend,” she repeated, softly.

“Mon, from what you’ve told me, you fucked everyone’s boyfriend,” I laughed.

“Hey!” she giggled. “Is that any way to talk to your blushing bride, and mother of your child?” She smacked my chest. “Besides, you’re confusing me with my Mom. I said she fucked all MY boyfriends… not that I fucked all boyfriends, in general.”

“My mistake. There has to be more, though,” I nodded. “You’re awfully concerned over a high school indiscretion.”

“Yeah, well, I kind of fucked her brother, too,” she grumbled. “I was a bad girl.”

“Honey, you still are a bad girl,” I smiled, “but I like you that way. Any other family members of hers you, um, sampled? Her father? Mother? Sister?”

“No, but she didn’t take it well. She swore she’d get even. It wasn’t pretty,” Monica said quietly. “I guess I don’t blame her, but why we had to run into her now?…It’s just cruel.”

“So, what? You think she’s going to make a fuss?” I suggested. “She seemed pretty calm. Maybe she’s forgotten, or forgiven you.”

“Baby, you’re such a guy. Take my word for it; teenage girls don’t ever forget finding out their boyfriend is getting it on with another girl,… and they NEVER forgive. She may seem calm, but I’m sure my presence has brought revenge back into her mind. I know she’ll try something. Hell hath no fury…”

We sat silently for a few minutes, letting the warm water soothe the tension, and the idyllic view put things into perspective.

“So let her,” I said softly.

“Huh? Let her?” Monica bahis siteleri replied, her eyes unfocused, deep in thought.

“You said you were sure she’d try something, so I say ‘let her try’. I assume by ‘try something’, you mean something to get between us, or steal me away, right?” I asked. She nodded. “Well, I’d like to see her try. I’m not going anywhere, baby. She has no idea who she’s up against. She thinks she can drive a wedge between the two of us, but she’s really doing battle with five… You, me, your mother and the babies. She could have a pussy that dispensed $100 bills, and I still wouldn’t be interested. Let her try her best. It might be entertaining, and in three more days, she’s a memory, three hours away.”

Monica rested her head against my shoulder. I could feel the anger, fear and tension melting away as she digested what I had suggested. It took a while before she answered.

“You see… That’s why I love you. You always make me feel better, even if it’s not your fault. Okay. Let her try. You’re right… We can have fun with it, just to see how far she’ll go. I trust you, completely, so you can play her like a trout. If all else fails, we can always sick my mother on her,” she giggled.

“Now, now… Let’s keep the weapons of mass destruction to ourselves,” I laughed. Karly might have even liked the designation.


After we had finished soaking our cares away, we had towelled off, and retired to the bedroom. I would say we were currently testing the bed springs for durability, but there were none, as the mattress was a top of the line memory foam model.

I was spooned behind Monica, fucking her pussy gently. She had twisted her upper body slightly, flattening her shoulders. She was looking into my eyes… or at least, the reflection of my eyes.

The mirror above us had our attention. Monica’s breasts were swinging across her chest as I shafted her from behind. I had one of those soft globes corralled in my right hand, squeezing it firmly.

“Easy, honey,” she hissed, “They’re a bit sore. I guess the changes have begun.”

I know I shouldn’t, but I felt a surge of excitement. Soon, her already substantial breasts would get even bigger, and not long after that, there would be delicious fluids for my consumption. I was being selfish, of course. Her opinion of the extra weight, swollen, tender breasts, and general discomfort would probably be different than mine.

I released my grip, and she strained to kiss me. Reaching down between her legs, she started to stimulate her clit while I watched in the mirror. Then she reached back with the other hand, and gripped my shaft, directing it to her other entrance.

“Oh yes,” she smiled, as we both watched her ass open up and admit my cock. “All the way in,” she directed. “Fuck my ass.”

I watched her watching me in the mirror, smiling back at me. She had always been quite the voyeur, eager to observe her mother and me during the act. I suppose this would be the ultimate in voyeurism, watching herself get fucked. All we needed was a camera, which was sounding like a great idea for the future.

I gave it to her the way she wanted it, easing her fears further as I showed her how much I cared. That, the exertion of sex, and a few rollicking orgasms, had us taking a late morning nap in each other’s arms soon afterwards.

We would deal with Rachel later.


“Don’t look now,” I whispered. “We’re being watched. Ten o’clock, third floor.”

The sun was warm, and we were laying on the poolside deck in very comfortable lounges. After our post breakfast session, we decided to soak up a few rays before lunch. Monica was wearing her black one piece, and looking very delicious. I had my surf shorts on, and my sunglasses had let me search for Rachel’s observation point without being obvious.

Monica rolled her head in my direction… away from the spy… and smiled.

“Okay, so she’s watching. What do we do?” she asked.

That’s a good question.

“Hmmm. Well, I guess that depends on whether you want to repel the fish, or catch the fish.

“A few hours ago, I would have said repel,” she said quietly, trying not to look like we were actively conversing. “Now, I’m thinking catch. This might be fun.”

“Okay, then we’d better bait the hook. You trust me, right?” I asked.

“Without question,” she nodded. “What did you have in mind?”

“Simple. The next girl that walks past us, I’ll check her out. You…” I began.

“… Make a scene? Then leave in a huff?” she giggled. I nodded. “I think I like this game. Okay. I’ll go back to the room. When you get back, I want a full report.”

“Of course. No secrets,” I replied. “Here comes someone. You ready?”

“Yup. I’ll try not to hurt you,” she whispered.

The cute little brunette, who had no idea she was part of our sting, wiggled past us. I tipped my sunglasses down, and followed her… she actually did have a pretty nice ass… turning my head, bahis şirketleri and making no attempt to be subtle. I came face to face with Monica, who was looking angry.

“David!” she gasped sharply. “Really? You can’t even make it through our honeymoon without ogling other women? You bastard!”

I didn’t see the slap coming, but I sure felt it. Who knew she was a method actress?

“I’ll be waiting for my apology in the room!” she yelled, gathering her belongings, while I rubbed my jaw and saw stars.

I watched her storm off, until she was under cover, and out of sight for Rachel. She turned, and gestured, asking if I was okay. I nodded very subtly, and she smiled. A wave, and she was gone.

A quick glance up to the third floor told me Rachel had seen the show. She had vanished. Time to put the bait in the water. I jumped in the pool, and swam a few laps, peeking over the edge of the pool at each turn. On my second to last lap, I saw Rachel walking on the pool deck, so I knew what was coming. I reached the end of the pool, letting my eyes wander up her legs, over her chest, and stopping at her face.

“Well, hello,” Rachel smiled. “Out here alone? Where is your new bride?”

“Back in the room,” I replied, acting annoyed. I swept the wet hair out of my eyes.

“Oh my,” she gasped, “I do hope she’s not feeling ill?”

No, she’s not, but you know that, don’t you? You were watching. That’s why you knew to appear, right now.

“No, she’s just pissed at me, and pouting like a child,” I said angrily.

“Oh… Trouble in paradise, already?” she asked, barely able to conceal her glee. She deftly undid the button on her blazer, letting me see her better.

“Yeah, well… You knew Monica in high school, right?” I asked, baiting her response. “You know what she’s like sometimes. She can be a spoiled bitch.”

Not really, but I need you to think you have an opportunity to get your revenge. Step into my parlour…

“Yes I do know her,” she smiled, shaking her head. “I could tell you stories.”

I let the unspoken question hang in the air for a while. She had to ask it, to start things. Even as part of the plan, I wouldn’t initiate a supposed affair. What I could do is undress her with my eyes, and I did.

“Can I buy you a drink?” she asked softly, peering down around her round breasts. “If you’re done in the pool, that is?”

“Sure. Just because she’s acting like a brat, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.” I pulled myself out of the water, feeling her eyes on me, and towelled off. I put my shirt back on, and gestured to her. “Lead the way.”

Following her, I could see that she had a nice ass to go with those tits. It paled beside those of both Monica and Karly, but it was still quite nice. She wiggled it in an obvious attempt to entice me. I let her think it was working, not even trying to hide my gaze.

When she reached an isolated table in the lounge, she turned to look back at me. I had been watching her ass, but now let my eyes wander slowly up her body, lingering on her breasts for several seconds, before reaching her face. I smiled as she gestured for me to sit.

She paused for a second, then removed her uniform blazer, hanging it on the coat hook behind her seat. It was barely lunchtime, but she ordered us a couple of drinks, and sat back, looking me over.

This is where my time with Karly paid dividends. Rachel may have thought she was subtly enticing me with her feminine wiles, but I had been tutored by the queen of flirting. I could see the signs before she even began. Her first move… taking off her blazer… had been meant to draw attention to her full breasts. She had been sure to arch her back as she peeled the jacket away, showing me the way her blouse was struggling to contain those big boobs. In that it had been effective, but both my wives had her beat in that department, and would soon be even bigger.

She sat back, and folded her hands in front of her, giving a little squeeze with her arms. Another tempting view of her breasts, this time showing a hint of cleavage.

“So, David,” she said softly, “how did you and Monica meet, anyway? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“Not at all,” I replied. “Well, we actually met twice. The first time wasn’t really a fairy tale…” I began, going back to the beach party football game, and how I ‘introduced’ myself by grabbing her breast. Rachel found it pretty funny, laughing behind her hand. She had leaned forward, and now had her tits resting on the edge of the table. It caused quite a swell of cleavage to populate the neckline of her blouse. She had let another button come open, and was giving me a nice show.

“The second time didn’t start any better,” I laughed. “I went to a party in the summer, about two years after the beach party incident. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Monica’s house. She was not a happy camper.” I continued, filling in the blanks… my apology, her attitude softening, the football game, and our burgeoning relationship. I left out the fact that Karly was a part of it.

“So, here we are, on our honeymoon,” I finished. The drinks had arrived during the telling of the tale, and we each had a glass in hand now.

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