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Big Tits

Hell of a place to have a flat tire, and only a donut spare to boot. Middle of nowhere 200 miles from our destination and 300 miles from home. The puny little spare would take my wife Janey and I maybe 50 miles at 50 mph.

We pulled over in the next small town. It was about a mile off of the main highway. A sign said that they had a service station. Even if they did have a tire our size, we would probably have to take out a loan to pay their outlandish price for it.

We pulled up to the station and a young man came out. He was about 28-30 years old, short and stocky, like a farm boy might look. He didn’t look like an inbred, and I didn’t hear any dueling banjos in the background, so we might be in luck. I saw Janey checking him out as he walked in front of the car, so he must have been somewhat attractive to the opposite sex. He was clean cut and pretty muscular. All of his teeth seemed to be in place, and they were bright white in fact.

“I’m Chet. What can I do you for?” he asked through the window of our Toyota RAV4.

“We’ve thrown a shoe!” I said, trying to be pleasant.

Chet immediately looked at the space saver spare on the back of the SUV and replied, “Yeah, I wouldn’t try going too far on that piece of shit tire. They are nothing but dangerous. Worst idea ever!”

“You have any used tires in our size, Chet?” I asked, hoping for the best.

“No, afraid not. But I tell you what. You go over and have lunch at the diner over there. Best food between here and Vegas. I’ll get you fixed up with a new tire for $125 out the door. How’s that sound to you?”

“That sounds great, Chet. See you in about an hour,” I answered somewhat astounded. I expected to spend at least twice that for a new tire in this Podunk town.

I went around the car to open the door for my lovely wife. She was still looking at Chet’s tanned guns and small ass. She had a grin on her face.

“Let’s go before your panties get too wet to walk in, Dear,” I said with a grin of my own.

Janey got out and we headed over to the diner. Chet nodded in our direction as if to say, ‘Leave it to me. Everything’s just fine.’

When we walked into the diner it was pretty much empty, except for a family with five brats that was getting ready to leave. Thank goodness. They looked like a nightmare.

We waited for a hostess to take us to a seat. After about 30 seconds a beautiful girl, mid to late 20’s, came out of the kitchen. She had long, strawberry blonde hair and freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. She wore very little makeup and had a natural beauty that some redheads are just born with. She was about 5’2″ and was built like a school boy’s wet dream. She had on a tight white top with a plunging V-neck. The material of her top was thin enough that I could see her lacy white bra under it. That pretty little bra was just packed full of the nicest and firmest set of B-cups I’d seen in a long time. They stood out proud from her otherwise small chest. She wore a tiny pair of red shorts that looked like they’d been sprayed on over her cute little bubble-butt. Her legs were thin, but muscular and very tanned. This girl was stacked!

“Just the two of you?” she asked, panting a little.

Janey nudged me in the side because I was slow to answer.

“Yes! Yes, just the two of us,” I babbled, sounding a little like Rain Man.

“Over here, then. This booth is clean. Sorry, but we just finished with the lunch rush and I haven’t had time to clean up much. My help called in sick, so it’s just me today.”

“This will be fine,” Janey replied.

I didn’t bother to speak because I couldn’t think of anything besides the gorgeous ass wiggling back and forth in front of us, all packed into those little red shorts. My wife elbowed me in the side again.

“Yes, this will be just fine,” I managed to get out. “What did you say your name was?”

“My name is Amy. I’ll be right back with some water for y’all,” she answered.

“I’m Janey and this is my husband, Rob. We’re the Bakers and we’re pleased to meet you, Amy,” My wife chimed in.

Amy then left to get our water.

“Cat got your tongue? Or maybe I should say, pussy got your tongue?” Janey said in a snarky, but playful tone.

“I guess I’m just a little amazed. I was expecting small-town ugly when we pulled in.” I replied.

“Yeah, that Chet wasn’t too hard on the eyes either,” Janey said matter-of-factly as she opened up a menu.

Janey and I have always had an open relationship. We have been married for over 20 years. Neither of us has ever been unfaithful, but we have an understanding. It’s OK to look, but neither of us is allowed to touch. It’s worked out well for us over the years. It keeps our libidos up- knowing that we are faithful, but playful with each other. We have a very active sex life which quite often features role-playing scenarios. This way we are free to play out or fantasies without being unfaithful to each other.

“Yeah, I saw you drooling over canlı bahis him. I hope your panties aren’t too wet. I’d be embarrassed if you left a big wet spot there on the seat,” I said, winking at Janey.

“I think I just got a great idea for the next time we role-play,” Janey said with a wink. No further explanation was needed.

“Yeah, I think I did too,” I said under my breath as Amy approached, carrying our waters. She must have gone into the freezer to get them because her nipples were hard and visible, even under her lacy bra and white top.

I stared straight at Amy’s chest as my wife spoke up. “Do you have any specials?”

“Well, it just so happens that I have some terrific prime rib in the back. You see, I also have a catering business and have a few leftover from my delivery this morning. They are still fresh and juicy!”

“I bet they are……” I let slip out of my mouth before my brain engaged. Janey kicked my shin under the table, “the steaks, I meant!”

Amy laughed, obviously embarrassed, and said, “Can I bring you both one?”

“Sure. That’ll be great,” Janey replied, giving me the stink-eye as Amy hurried off to the kitchen.

“Keep your tongue in your mouth and your dick in your pants, Cowboy!” Janey said, laughing.

“I’m sorry, but she just reminds me so much of you a few years back, Baby. Her face, her hair, her body are just like yours! The resemblance and her sexiness are uncanny!”

“Thank you….. I think,” Janey said, unsure if I was complimenting her or not.

“You are still so sexy, Babe, and I love you so much! But neither of us are spring chickens anymore. Looking at Amy just took me back to the hot times we’d spend at the beach. I can still see you in your skimpy bikini, with your dark tan and white tan lines under it. Looking at her makes me so hot for you, Babe. Not for her. I promise!”

“Uh-huh…. That’s your story and you’re sticking to it?” Janey said with a chuckle.

“It’s the truth. Looking at Amy just took me back to those great times. You’re my one and only, Babe,” I said truthfully.

“Well, that just might get you a piece of ass later tonight. And I don’t care if you picture Amy while you’re putting that big cock up my hole. Just make sure you don’t shoot it off too soon. I want you to bang me long and hard when we get to the hotel in Vegas.”

“And you can call me Chet if you want,” I said with a wink.

“Maybe I’ll just do that, y’all!” Janey said, winking back.

Just then Amy came running with our prime rib lunches. I don’t know which smelled better, the meat or Amy’s sweet perfume as she leaned over to set my plate in front of me. When she did so, I got a great view down her top. I could see clear to her belly button! I saw the tops of her snow-white tits under her bra. What impressive tan lines she had! I quickly glanced up to see if Janey was watching my wandering eyes. Of course she was, but I couldn’t help taking a last look before Amy left the table and hurried back to the kitchen.

“Get an eye full?” Janey quipped with a smile.

“Sure did. She’s you a dozen years ago, Babe. I’m telling you, she could be your clone. Oh, what I’d give to cum all over those tan lines of yours again!” I said wishfully.

“Hey, I’ve got tan lines! You insist on me having them all year around, remember?”

“Oh, I know you do and I love them, Babe. It’s just…” I trailed off.

“Just what? These aren’t good enough for you anymore?”

Just then, Janey grabbed a handful of her shirt and sports bra and brought them up to her chin, exposing her own gorgeous tan-lined tits. After all these years they were still the greatest pair of tits I’d ever seen. They were B-cups, like Amy’s, and they were still as pert as when I first sucked on them when she was only 18 years old.

“My gawd! Put those away! You want to get us kicked out of here? Who knows what jail is like in this little town!” I said fearfully.

“Oh, relax! We’re the only ones here and the way Amy has been rushing back and forth, she doesn’t have time to be staring at us.”

“I guess you’re right. Can I see them again?” I said playfully.

“Tonight they’re all yours…. I mean, they’re all Chet’s,” Janey said, winking again.

The prime rib was delicious, as was the mashed potatoes, carrots, and homemade pie. Amy rushed out about every 10 minutes or so to see if we needed anything. Each time I made it a point to purposely stare at her beautiful tits as she poured more water and then at her tremendous ass as she hurried back to the kitchen. Janey was jealous, but took it like a good sport.

We finished eating and headed for the cash register. Just as we approached, Chet came in through the door. His wife-beater t-shirt was now soaked with sweat, which made it virtually see-through. His 6-pack abs were obvious to both of us. Janey shoved me aside so that she could get a better view of the situation.

“You’re all set!” he chirped, seemingly proud of how quickly he’d finished. bahis siteleri “You can just pay Amy if you like.”

“I can pay Amy for the tire?” I asked, confused.

“Sure. It all goes in the same pot,” Chet replied.

I looked at him, not having grasped the fact that they were man and wife.

“We own both places,” Chet chimed in. “My wife Amy runs the restaurant and her catering business and I run the service station. There’s not a whole lot else going on in this small town, so we do what we have to do to make it work. We also do some side work on the internet to raise a little capital. It all works out.”

“I see. Well, we better get going,” I said, wishing my sweet wife would stop staring at this young stud. Now I was the one who was jealous.

Just then Amy came flying in the room from the kitchen.

“Will that be it, y’all?” she asked so sweetly.

“Well, what else y’all got?” I asked, wishing I’d thought before I spoke. Janey elbowed me again.

“Pretty much anything you need, friend. I’m sure by now Chet’s told you that we own both places and I have a catering business. We also have an internet business we do at night.”

I was intrigued by their ‘internet business’, being an IT guy myself, but didn’t want to pry.

Just then Janey said, “Do you have a card? I put on quite a few parties during the year. If you don’t mind traveling a few miles, I might be able to use you from time to time. Heaven knows your food is better than the last three caterers I’ve used.”

“I sure do. Here you go,” Amy said as she handed Janey a card. “Say, are y’all in a big hurry to get back on the road? Maybe I could show y’all around the kitchen.”

“Not really. We’re staying in Vegas tonight, but have no plans until tomorrow night.” I said.

“How long have you been on the road?” Chet asked.

“About six hours so far today. Got about three more to go. We’re beat, to be honest with you.” Janey answered, still staring at Chet’s midsection.

“Well, y’all are welcome to take a nap in the back here. We have a full apartment that’s not being used at the moment. It’s clean and cool and free if you’d like.”

“What do you think, Hun?” I asked Janey.

She still wasn’t able to pry her eyes off of Chet. “Sure, Babe. You’re the one driving.”

“Maybe we’ll take you up on that. A couple of hours of shut-eye might just be the ticket after that great meal.” I said as I handed Amy two $100 bills. “Keep the change.”

Janey and I were led to a small, but clean and cool apartment in back of the restaurant.

“We’ll be doing some work on the internet while you’re sleeping, but we won’t be making any noise. Sleep as long as you like. We’ll be out here when you wake up,” Amy said sweetly.

Janey and I were led into a large room that had the largest bed I’d ever seen in it. It was only about two feet off the ground and was larger than two queen beds side by side. We drew the shades and lay down on it. In two minutes we were both sound asleep.

Janey awoke before I did. She didn’t want to wake me, so she quietly got off the bed and started toward the door. She quietly opened it just a couple of inches. As her eyes adjusted to the light in the next room, she could see Amy and Chet lying together on the couch. Chet had his shirt off and was wearing only cut-off blue jean shorts. Amy was sitting beside him in her lacy white bra and her red sprayed-on shorts. Janey didn’t want to creep on them, but just couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She immediately felt a tingle between her legs. Chet was certainly hot to look at, but she also found Amy very delightful to look at as well. Janey was not bisexual, but sometimes found that beautiful, smaller women turned her on in a different way than men did.

Janey turned to look at me, making sure she wasn’t waking me. Then she turned her eyes and attention back to this hot young couple. They were talking to someone as they kissed and touched each other’s hair, face and shoulders. Janey strained to see who they were talking to, but no one else was visible. The couple didn’t do anything sexual, much to Janey’s chagrin, but it was still so sexy to watch them.

Janey’s panties were soaked by now. She reached down the front of her shorts and lightly flicked her clit with her middle finger. She almost gasped out loud, not realizing how much she had been turned on until that moment. She left her clit alone and began caressing her labia instead. She could feel and now smell her own juices flowing out of her vagina. She knew that after the lusting she’d been doing all afternoon- she would be cumming very soon. She decided to go ahead and make it happen. She pulled her shorts and panties down to her thighs and began using one hand on her clit and inserted two fingers from her other hand into her gaping pussy. As soon as she touched her clit, she went off. She had a 30 second orgasm that she tried to control for fear of waking me or letting Chet and Amy know of her voyeurism.

As bahis şirketleri soon as Janey caught her breath, she pulled her panties and shorts back up, but continued watching Amy and Chet. They continued talking quietly while caressing each other and giving each other back rubs.

Soon Janey found herself very horny again. The feeling overtook her when Chet began caressing Amy’s breasts over her lacy white bra. Janey could imagine his strong hands roughly grabbing her own small breasts, and flicking her bare, hardened nipples before he took them into his mouth. She imagined that Chet had a really fat cock. Maybe not as long as her husband’s, but fatter, which she found very stimulating. She fantasized that Chet had taken out his fat cock and was rubbing it between her small, but perky breasts, which he held together with just one of his strong hands. Janey imagined herself cupping his balls as he titty-fucked her small, firm breasts.

Janey reached down and began fingering her clit again. She switched off between her clit and her tender labia, occasionally plunging one of her fingers into her cunt. She was desperately trying to get herself off one more time before she woke me, but was having a little trouble with all the distractions. Just then she heard the mystery person say something to them both. Amy then reached down and grabbed Chet’s cock through his jean shorts and held it in her hand. Janey was in a great position to see Chet’s cock. It was exactly like she’d imagined. Not very long but fat! Little Amy could hardly hold it all in her tiny hand. Janey immediately began to cum for the second time that afternoon. This time it was long and hard. She was panting out loud and gasping for air.

That’s about the time I awoke. The room was dark except for the light coming through the door. I could see my wife standing in the door, bent over with her hand in her shorts.

“See anything you like, Dear?” I said, softly.

Janey quickly pulled her hand from her pants before she turned around. Her face was already red from her orgasm, but flushed even more at being caught masturbating to these two hotties.

“You scared me!” she said sheepishly.

“What are you looking at out there?” I asked.

“Take a look for yourself,” Janey said, still out of breath. She came away from the door and lay down on the large bed.

I made my way over to the door and peeked out. I watched the couple intently for about five minutes as they continued their heavy petting. Amy fondled Chet’s chest and his cock through his shorts. He fondled her breasts over her bra. All the while they continued talking to someone who I could not see. Their petting action was so sexy to watch, but wasn’t giving me a woody until what happened next. I heard the mystery voice say something and then Chet stood up and removed Amy’s lacy bra from her chest. What a beautiful, erotic sight it was to see! Her pert little breasts stood straight out from her small chest. They were snow white, surrounded by the rest of her chest that was dark brown; just like Janey’s looked 20 years ago! My cock hardened immediately, though I didn’t touch it.

Then I heard a familiar ‘ding’ sound come from where the mystery voice had been coming from. They were webcamming for money! I had watched videos of cam-girls before. When someone made a payment, for action they appreciated or to see some action, there was a ‘ding’ sound that let the performers know they’d been paid.

I continued to watch for a few more minutes as my cock grew harder. Chet fondled and sucked on Amy’s delicious little titties, all the while I kept hearing ‘ding’ after ‘ding’. They were really racking up the bucks in a hurry! I knew I’d definitely pay to see those luscious little titties get sucked and fondled!

Eventually I knew that I’d have to take care of my rock hard cock before we got back on the road. I slowly closed the door, but it still made a loud noise when the latch closed. I turned quietly and went to Janey. She already had removed her clothes and was lying on the oversized bed naked. She was caressing her pussy lightly, running her long fingernails over her clit, then her labia, then sliding a finger into her hole, then back to her clit.

I stood over her, watching her sexiness- that still turned me on after all of these years together. She was still my one and only. I watched her continue her cycle of masturbation as I held my cock in my hand, gently stroking it above her. She put her fingers into her mouth and then returned them to her pussy. She licked her lips seductively and stared into my eyes lustfully.

Just then the door flew open and the light went on. Our eyes were slow to adjust to the bright light, so we both froze, both naked to the world.

“Oh, sorry! We thought we heard you in here!” Chet said loudly.

“They are busy, Chet! Can’t you see that, you asshole!” Amy exclaimed. “We’ll be back in a minute.”

They quickly exited and closed the door. I stood there with my dick in my hand and Janey lay on the bed, her fingers still knuckle deep into her pussy.

“What the fuck?” Janey said quietly to me. I had no words.

Just then Chet and Amy opened the door and entered the room again.

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