Shared with Sperm: Amanda used? Part 2

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Chapter 5“Shared with Sperm”

Amanda smiled across at me and carefully took Matt’s three-quarters erect cock in her hand and began to slowly but firmly stroke it up and down its length. Looking up at Matt, she extended her tongue and gently licked over the tip once before sliding his huge glans into her mouth once again. She placed her hands on his hips and started him off, slowly fucking her mouth with his cock. Not wanting to be left out, I climbed onto the bed behind her and started to pinch and tease her nipples with my right hand while my left sought out her pussy. As I suspected, her pubic hair was damp with sweat and her labia surrendered wetly to my probing fingers. Amanda’s clitoris was a hard little bullet that I squeezed and stroked causing her to squirm and, allowing Matt’s cock to slip momentarily from her mouth, she turned and kissed me.
“I want him inside me baby, you don’t mind do you?” she whispered hoarsely in my ear.
“You know I don’t Mandy honey, I’ve always said you can do what you please. Just don’t hide anything from me.” I was still feeling a little jealous, but I realized how hypocritical it was.
Amanda kissed me again and pushed my hand harder against her sopping wet cunt before returning with renewed passion to sucking Matt’s cock. Up close, I realized that it was really quite big, not just longer than mine, but significantly thicker girthed. The head was plum-like in size and shape and Amanda’s mouth was pressed to accommodate it as it ploughed in and out. After a few minutes Matt was ready to go. He gently pushed Amanda’s head off his stiffened cock and knelt down between her already parted legs. Pulling her towards him so that her ass was off the bed, Matt began to trace lines up the inside of her thighs with his tongue. I eased her head down into my lap and watched as Matt started to feast on her sweet pussy. Amanda smiled up at me as I fondled and pinched her breasts, teasing her nipples to pert hardness. The sperm had already caked on her neck and torso but the close heat of our bodies and the hot night was making Amanda glow with perspiration and the scent of semen and passion filled the air. Amanda’s attention was now completely on Matt who was really making a meal of her beautiful wet cunt. Soon her back arched off the bed and she grabbed the top of Matt’s head, grinding his face deep into her pussy as he brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Amanda looked up at me, her pupils dilated and her breath still coming in shorts gasps. She looked totally abandoned to lust.
“Please, ask him to fuck me.”

Matt needed no asking. Rising up from kneeling at the edge of the bed, Matt moved up between Amanda’s trembling thighs, his large cock pointing directly at her hot, wet pussy. As I watched from on the bed, he took hold of his cock, nestled its swollen head between her parted lips and dragged it slowly up and down her wet slit. Amanda moaned and wriggled herself towards it, trying to engulf him, but Matt shifted back and up so that the whole length of his rigid pole slid over her pubic mound and poked out across her tummy. He reached forward and grabbed Amanda’s right breast with one hand, roughly squeezing it and pinching the nipple between his fingers. Amanda responded by lifting her hips and desperately rubbing herself up and down the underside of Matt’s long shaft, her ankles resting on his buttocks. I got off the bed and stood aside for a better view. Drawing him down to her, Amanda’s mouth clamped onto Matt’s and I knew her wickedly expert tongue would now be working overtime in his mouth. Matt lifted his hips slightly; repositioning his cock so that with her next movement, its broad shiny head slipped down between her dampened labia and plunged unhindered straight into her hungry wet cunt!

Amanda let out a cry, muffled by their joined mouths, and I watched spellbound as Matt’s cock began to piston up and down inside her glistening pussy, her juices squeezing out from around his cock and trickling down past her asshole. Gradually he began increasing the tempo of his thrusting, and Amanda spread her legs wider allowing him deeper access into her cunt. After only a few minutes he checked his pace, pulling his cock almost completely out of Amanda then plunging it back in, but he must have left it too late, as he only managed a couple of these moves when, raising his body off her, he began pounding his cock furiously into Amanda. She lifted her pelvis up to fully receive his attack and dug her nails into his sides. As I watched from barely a metre away, Matt grunted and tensed his buttocks, pushing his cock as deep as he could into Amanda. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and I watched him unloading himself completely into her willing cunt. Matt and Amanda continued to grind against each other with a quiet intensity until finally Matt collapsed sideways, breathing hard and still buried deep inside Amanda’s pussy.

Chapter 6 “Cumslut Awakened”

Amanda lay on her back, flushed and shiny with perspiration. I climbed onto the bed and kneeling next to her, laid the head of my painfully stiff cock against her parted lips. She gladly accepted it into her mouth and began to lick and tease the head, coaxing out big drops of translucent pre-cum from the tip. Rolling towards me, Amanda looked up at me, smiled, and my cock disappeared completely down her throat.
“Was that good honey?” I asked.
“Mm hmmm.” was all she could manage to say from around the mouthful.
“How about you get up on your knees and let me fuck you while you bring Matt back to life?”
Amanda pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled up at me.
“OK, but you haven’t let me drink you yet!”
I couldn’t argue with that, so I surrendered to her superior oral skills. Having just witnessed her fucked almost senseless and her cunt filled to the brim with another man’s sperm right before my eyes, I was carrying a pretty unstable load anyway! Amanda knew I needed relief and began to work on me with lips, throat and tongue.
“Come on honey,” she purred between mouthfuls of my cock, “I want you to cum in my mouth….I want to drink every drop of you…please, let me have your cum…I want to taste it!”
Moments later my head nearly blew off as I squirted jets of sperm into her nasty mouth. Patiently waiting for the spasms to end, Amanda finally removed my spent cock from her lips and opened wide so I could just make out the puddle of white fluid swilling around at the back of her throat. With a quick motion she swallowed and it was gone, leaving her licking her lips. I laughed and kissed her, my tongue probing her slimy mouth and tasting traces of my own rich, starchy semen. Amanda rested back on the bed on her elbows and turned to Matt, who had been lying watching us, his cock still buried inside her.

Reaching down between her legs Amanda gently drew Matt out of her causing a big dribble of thick fluid to slide down his shaft and gather in the pubes on his scrotum. Amanda quickly moved on to her knees and, holding his cock up against his stomach, wasted no time in gathering up the large pearl-like droplet from Matt’s balls with her agile tongue. Having savored his sperm again she drew a slow line up the underside of Matt’s prick, through the mix of his semen and her pussy juices. When she reached the plum perched at the top, her tongue flicked wickedly across the sensitive eye, coaxing out more pre-cum as Matt laid back alternately groaning and flinching, his body slightly twisted over to his right allowing him to fondle her firm breasts. I watched Amanda sucking for a minute or so then made my way around behind her. So far I had jerked off onto her and blown in her mouth so I was more than ready to put my cock into her. I was also curious what it would feel like to fuck her pussy when it was already filled to the brim with another man’s semen! This had become a favorite fantasy between Amanda and I and I was already hardening again at the thought of it actually coming true.

Amanda shifted her knees farther apart and lowered the angle of her back to present me with a perfect view of her cunt and ass. Taking my cock in one hand I lent forward for a closer view of her well-fucked pussy. It was wet, swollen and a little opened up, but what turned me on most was the smell of the horny mix of Amanda’s juices and sweat and the rich, unfamiliar odour of Matt’s gaziemir escort cum. I reached forward and gently pussy with my thumb and forefinger. Matt’s semen was thickly pooled inside Amanda’s cunt and a little dribbled out as I gazed at the swollen red pouch that was my girlfriend’s cunt. Placing the head of my stiff cock against the wet opening I pushed forward. Not surprisingly, my cock slid easily into Amanda. I felt it become engulfed in a warm, slimy wetness which began sliding around my cock as I started slowly pumping back and forth inside her. Watching Amanda sucking Matt’s cock while I fucked her sperm-filled cunt from behind was a dream come true, but now I was here I wanted to take it a step further. After a minute of sliding in and out of Amanda I collected some of Matt’s semen that was oozing out around my cock and rubbed it onto Amanda’s asshole. I then slowly burrowed my left forefinger into her sweet ass. Gathering more of Matt’s semen I gradually worked Amanda’s ass up to accepting two fingers. The fact I was pushing Matt’s semen into Amanda’s ass was quite a turn-on and I had to slow my thrusts into her cunt just to stop from cumming too quickly! Leaning forward I asked Amanda,
“Is he ready yet?”

Chapter 7“Double The Pleasure”

Amanda looked up from the work she was doing and I saw Matt’s dick had regained its full stature and was obviously ready for some more action. She went back to licking and sucking as I spoke to Matt.
“While you’re here Matt,” I said addressing him across Amanda’s shoulder while still plugging her pussy with long slow strokes, “There’s something I’ve been preparing this little slut to do.”
Amanda just laid her head down and seemed to ignore everything but my cock in her cunt and Matt’s in her mouth.
“It might take a little organizing, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort.” I pulled out of Amanda and pushed her further up Matt’s body. Amanda disengaged her mouth from Matt’s cock and turned to me as she squatted feet flat on the bed and thighs astride Matt’s pelvis. Poking her tongue out at me in mock displeasure she took hold of Matt’s cock and guided him to her waiting pussy. Having placed the fat tip at the dripping entrance she slowly sunk down his shaft, closing her eyes and letting out a groan as his full length disappeared into her. She turned back to face Matt, placed her hands on his chest, and began sliding herself up and down on his long pole using her well toned legs to maintain a steady rhythm.
“Does that feel good?” she asked him, a slutty seductive tone to her voice .
“Like heaven! Amanda, you are too good at this!” Matt exclaimed and raised his head to her right nipple to suck on it. Climbing off the bed I stood there at the foot watching Amanda gradually pump herself up to orgasm using Matt’s cock as an impaling tool. With him sucking on her breasts and his long fat cock poking deep into her, Amanda was beginning to breathe heavier and get that unfocussed look in her eyes as her pupils again dilated with lust. Stepping up closer I grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, pulling her face up to look into my eyes.
“You dirty little slut, look at you!” I scolded her.
Amanda just looked back at me with a glazed expression of pleasure on her face. I pushed her head down and fed my cock into her mouth. I was roughly fucking her throat as she started to shudder with the first tremors of what was a massive orgasm. Matt and I both quickened our pace, pounding into her pussy and mouth, Matt trying to keep sucking on her right breast. Amanda arched her back and dug her nails into Matt’s chest. She ground her sopping pussy hard down onto his thrusting cock as I held her face firmly against my stomach, my cock deep down her throat. She suddenly stiffened and I felt the first convulsion of pleasure jerk through Amanda. She let out a loud cry as I pulled out of her mouth and she twitched with a second spasm, finally falling forward onto Matt’s shoulder and shivering again as a final orgasm racked her body. Amanda was glowing with heat and sweat, her arms and back pricked out with goose bumps as she lay weakly astride Matt, who had ceased his relentless pounding and was just quietly working in and out of Amanda’s soaking wet pussy.
“Oh my god, that was huge!” Amanda exclaimed eventually.
“Good! So now you’re ready to be fucked in the ass, I hope.” I climbed back on the bed and dropping to my knees, moved up close to her exposed asshole. Matt’s cock was half buried in Amanda and I wondered if she would be able to take us both without tearing apart.
Matt slipped out of Amanda, and lay stroking his cock and kissing Amanda’s breasts. Amanda meanwhile looked back over her shoulder. Once more I slid 2 of my fingers into her sopping, stretched pussy and swirled them around in the sticky mix of Matt’s semen and Amanda’s cum juices. After a few moments I pulled them out of her pussy and pushed them slowly into her anus. Amanda moaned just a little and pushed herself back against my hand. With her caught this way, I shifted closer and poked my hard cock into her sloppy cunt once more. After a few pumps I withdrew, and found my cock dripping with Matt’s semen, the perfect lubricant! Placing the head of my cock against the little stretched donut of her sphincter, I spread my fingers wide apart in her anus and gently pushed my cock between them and into her ass. I always loved the feeling of entering Amanda’s tight little backdoor. Even though I had fucked her ass regularly for 5 years, she always felt tight and hot and Amanda always squirmed with pleasure and slowly pushed back against me each time I eased inside her. Fortunately for her I am not that huge in the cock department so her ass had remained fairly intact! Once inside Amanda I started to slowly plunge in and out, enjoying the tightness and heat of her anus as well as the dirty pleasure of anally fucking this gorgeous “Princess”!
I stopped moving and waited as Matt found the entrance to Amanda’s pussy (not difficult at this point) and eased the swollen head of his prick back into her. It was strange feeling the hard but spongy shaft of Matt’s swollen cock push up against the underside of my cock. I found myself instinctively starting to thrust again as I felt Matt renew his assault on Amanda’s stretched pussy. I leant forward and kissed Amanda’s left ear and worked my way down her neck on that side to her shoulder.
“Do you like being fucked in both holes at once baby?”
“Uh-huh!” she replied jerkily as we fucked her.
“Please, just keep going!”
She leant back and kissed me, a long deep kiss with lots of hot tongue, and I could see the lust building in her again as Matt and I ploughed both her holes. Amanda then lent forward and started kissing and talking to Matt in a low voice. I don’t know what she said but I felt Matt increase the pace of his thrusts and begin down the road to cumming. I was ready to blow myself but I held off as long as I could. I could feel Matt’s cock getting harder and moving faster, the big “plum” head ploughing back and forth in her cunt and along the underside of my cock. I began pumping harder into Amanda and she responded by turning to me,
“I want you both to fill me up with your sperm. I want to feel full of you!” She started to moan with pleasure and then abandoned any pretence of a ladylike demeanor.
“Fuck me, just fuck me, stick that cock deep in my ass…do it harder!”
Amanda leant down again and whispered something in Matt’s ear. He look at her and nodded then started kissing her mouth. He grabbed her thighs and started pumping hard and fast into her cunt, nearly dislodging me from her ass. I held fast as once again Matt’s thrusts reached fever-pitch and I felt his cock pulsing as he dumped another huge load of semen deep into my girlfriend. As he finished I began my own trip down the home straight. Holding Amanda by the hips I pounded hard into her ass. Amanda rose up from kissing Matt and twisted back to look at me.
“Fill my ass, baby, I want to feel your hot cum right up in my tummy.”
Her moans became staccato grunts as I increased my tempo, and she cried out as she came; one short violent shudder before pushing back against me as I pumped hard into her asshole. A tide of pleasure swept over me and I emptied my sperm deep into her bowels.

End of Part 2

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