Sexy Sisters Ch. 06

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When the strap-on was done cumming, Caitlyn rubbed and spread it all over Jessica’s sexy body. Jessica couldn’t help but moan at the touch of Caitlyn’s hands on her body. After Caitlyn was done spreading the cum, Jessica grabbed the strap-on and licked off all the cum. Caitlyn was just about to turn around and take off the strap-on when Jessica held onto her wrist.

“You’re not done fucking me yet! You still haven’t fucked my ass!” Jessica laughed

“My mistake babe. Now, get on all fours and show me that nice little butt of yours.”

Jessica done as she was told and got on all her fours. Caitlyn put the strap-on in Jessica’s small ass hole and fucked her hard.

Jessica squelched with amazement as she felt the big, hard dildo inside her anus. She got rubbed her pussy with her three middle fingers and she got anally fucked.

“Oh! Ohh! Ooh! Yeah…” he moaned in pleasure and delight

Caitlyn held Jessica’s tiny waist to gain more control of her precious body. Caitlyn fucked Jessica harder and banged her towards her own waist. Soon, both sisters were moaning and screaming in excitement. Jessica felt her pussy widen as she came her hands. She gave her hands for Caitlyn to lick and that’s exactly what she did. She slowed down a bit and licked Jessica’s cum clean.

“You dirty, little whore, cumming on your hands!” Jessica’s said, slapping Jessica’s butt hard

“Uh! Yeah, I’m a slut!”

Caitlyn resumed the fast pace of her fucking and slapped Jessica’s butt really hard.

“You’re a dirty, little, nasty slut girl and I’m gonna discipline you and show you what’s right!” Caitlyn shouted

She fucked and slapped, fucked and slapped. It was golden!

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah, fuck me.”


“Ohh, yes!”




As reality kings porno Caitlyn slid the wet dildo out of Jessica’s butt and as Jessica came all over the bed, they knew that even now, they were not done toying with each other.

After a few minutes of cuddling, touching and making out, Jessica got up off the bed and picked up a vibrator wand and a Pyrex glass dildo. Caitlyn lay down on the floor and opened her legs wide. Jessica bent down to lick her clit and pussy and then penetrated the cold glass dildo into Caitlyn’s hot pussy. She started off slowly, rubbing the bottom of Caitlyn’s pussy as she did so. She picked up pace and curved it inside Caitlyn — hoping to reach the g-spot. Jessica turned on the vibrating wand and put it over Caitlyn’s clit. Caitlyn squealed as both pain and sensation ran up from her clit nerves and through her body. Jessica pushed the dildo in deeper and turned the wand on a higher level. Caitlyn was screaming with sensation and Jessica was moaning with pleasure. Anyone standing nearby would definitely be masturbating just watching these two bombshells. As the dildo went deeper into her pussy, and the vibrating stick vibrated more on her extremely sensitive clit, Caitlyn knew that she was going to cum. She felt all her juices run down into her pussy opening. She opened her legs wide, grabbed the dildo and threw it on the bed. Caitlyn shoved four of her fingers up her pussy and fingered like she had never fingered before.


As she pulled her fingers out of her pussy she let out a big stream of clear liquid.

Jessica quickly put her face in front of Caitlyn’s pussy, opened her mouth and drank and got soaked in her sister’s squirt. Jessica threw sexmex porno her damp her back behind her shoulder and bent down lower to lick Caitlyn’s pussy. Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue brushed against Caitlyn’s pussy. Caitlyn picked up a long, turquoise, double-sided dildo. She put one side in her mouth and the other in Jessica’s. They deep throated each other and barely left the middle of the dildo showing until they took it out of their mouths and spluttered and coughed.

Jessica and Caitlyn sat down on the floor and put the double-sided dildo in both their crotches. They leaned on their arms and thrust their waists into each other.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” They both moaned in unison

The sisters thrust their slim waists closer as the dildo went into their pussies deeper.

Caitlyn rubbed Jessica’s clit and Jessica rubbed Caitlyn clit. Caitlyn lay down and Jessica sat on top of her, riding her. The double dildo was still wedge between them in their pussies but, Jessica just found it fun riding her sister. Caitlyn rested her hand on Jessica’s butt and slapped it. She rubbed her hand through Jessica’s pussy and licked her hand. Jessica felt her pussy widen and she became hornier. She pushed the dildo deeper into herself. She jumped harder and harder on Caitlyn and circled her waist. Caitlyn held Jessica’s waist, sat up and licked her boobs. The sisters took the dildo out of their pussies, got on all fours (facing away from each other) and squeezed the dildo into their butts. Their butts banged against each other as they both pushed their butts behind them.

“Uh! Ohh! Mm…” They both moaned

Both Jessica and Caitlyn rubbed their own pussies as their anuses got filled in deeper. They both took the dildo out of their butts and sat on the bed, wrapped sindrive porno around each other giggling and laughing

“God! I can’t believe I spent so long fantasizing about you when I could’ve fucked you ages ago!” Caitlyn said

“Yeah, why wait so long?” Jessica laughed

“We so need a bath!” Caitlyn laughed “I’m all sticky!”

So, the sexy sisters dropped all their toys and went into Caitlyn’s ensuite bathroom to have a lustful bath in the big bathtub.

In the bath, Caitlyn and Jessica put a lot of soap (to make a lot of suds) and bath petals to add that extra touch. They washed each other off, not being able to resist touching each others tits, butts and crotches and soon they were off again. Nymphos! Soon, they were both fingering each other and Caitlyn sat on the edge of the bath so Jessica could eat out her pussy — and that’s exactly what she did. She spread out Caitlyn wet pussy with her fingers so that her clit came into a clearer view and licked it. Jessica circled her tongue around Caitlyn’s clit and fingered it with two of her fingers. She sucked, licked and fucked it as Caitlyn grabbed her boobs, squeezed and moaned. Jessica took a handful of soapy water and splashed it all over her Caitlyn’s pussy. She put her two fingers back in there and twisted and turned it around in Caitlyn’s pussy. Caitlyn felt her pussy open and knew she was going to cum right at the moment. And she did! Caitlyn came all over Jessica’s hand and she put it up to Caitlyn’s face so she could have a taste of her own delicious cum. Caitlyn turned over so her butt was in Jessica’s face. Jessica spat on Caitlyn’s butt hole and rimmed all around it, while rubbing Caitlyn pussy with her thumb. She opened Caitlyn’s butt wide and stuck her tongue in it to give Caitlyn an anal tongue fuck. Jessica spat in Caitlyn’s pussy as Caitlyn squealed loudly as she felt the spit run deep into her anus.

When the girls got out of the bath and dried themselves off, they went to lie on the bed. They cuddled up closely together and sighed with release. Lesbian incest sure was fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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