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Catharine Reynolds clicked up to the Anderson mansion on Wednesday afternoon. The proud sex veteran look ravishing, wearing a tight sky blue top and short white shorts which nearly revealed her naturally massive ass. She rang the bell and her eyes danced as the nude body of her grandson-in-law answered the door.

Kyle smiled broadly. “CATHERINE!!”

They kissed fiercely, Kyle pulling her inside as their tongues meshed lewdly, her gigantic 36J tits pressed against his chest while his hands pawed her asscheeks. They had first fucked the eve of he and Emily’s wedding, Catherine knowing her granddaughter had picked just the right man.

They broke apart and Kyle panted. “What are you doing here?”

She laughed and pushed him into the living room. “Well I’m here to see my great-grandchildren. But I’m also here to sample some of that dick.”

Kyle grinned and grabbed himself at the base, shaking it toward her. “Your daughter and granddaughter can’t get enough of this.”

Catherine smiled and rubbed her massive bust. “Runs in the family I see…”

Kyle grinned and shot his arms out, ripping her top open for her tits to spill out, feeling warm and huge in his masculine hands. Her hand was now cranking his hard cock while the other massaged his nuts.

Kyle then attacked her tits, taking the large right nipple into his mouth and sucking it hungrily. He moved from one to the other, leaving a trail of saliva as he licked across her smooth, firm boobs, sucking and licking her swollen tits.

She then dropped to her knees, continuing to jack him all as her tongue licked the underside of his dick.

“Oh fuck…” Kyle moaned.

“Oh we will definitely be doing a lot of that.” Catherine laughed, slurping his cock down her throat.

“SHIT!!” Kyle yelled.

The living room was filled with the sounds of wet slurps as she squeezed his ass, looking up at him as she sucked him down. Her thin lips were stretched wide around his girth, Kyle’s nuts resting against her chin. Her deep cleavage became a soup of saliva, sweat and precum and Kyle moaned as he gripped her hair.

She kept sucking, jiggling her tits for him as Kyle drew closer and closer, finally howling out just as he felt his climax approaching. However, Catherine pulled back and smiled wickedly.

“I bet you have somewhere you’d like to see that load…”

Kyle laughed and grabbed a bottle of oil, squirting it onto her rack. She rubbed it in and took his juicy dick between her tits, working them up and down as she greased his cock.

“Oh fuck… oh yeah…” Kyle moaned.

Catherine laughed, watching his full, heavy balls shake with every movement of her huge tits.

“Oh god Cat,” he moaned, “I’m gonna…”

“Do it baby!” she cried, “I want to be covered in your seed!”

He yelled out and she felt the first rope shoot out onto her face as his cock just kept firing, shooting all over her tits, belly and neck. He kept cumming and cumming with every coaxing by her tits, Kyle groaning as he gave up his hot cum. Finally, when he ran dry, she released her tits and let them fall, revealing the huge lake of cum between them.

She rubbed a finger through her cleavage and brought it to her lips, savoring the taste of his cum. Unable to resist, he pressed his lips to her pussy, Catherine crying out as he began to eat her out.

“FUCK, yessssss!!!!” she cried, “God, you eat my cunt so good!”

She gripped his scalp, Kyle lapping deep within her. Her body shook as he reached her spot, her nails clawing at his back. He didn’t let up, her thoughts atop his shoulders as he slurped on her clit. Her juices practically poured into his mouth, Catherine crying out louder and louder until she came, squirting on his face.

She continued to pant and wheeze as Kyle just grinned and watched her, stroking his dick back to full hardness as she just laughed and shook her head. Before she even realized it, he had yanked her forward, putting her legs over his shoulders and had his head at the sweet entrance.

“Do it baby…” she whispered, “Fuck me until I can’t walk.”

Kyle needed no further encouragement. He slammed his way home, fucking her without mercy. Catherine screamed loudly, Kyle pawing her tits as his nuts thundered against her ass. She screamed and squirted with every thrust, lubing Kyle’s cock for an even more aggressive fucking.

Kyle was in total control, bracing himself on his arms as his hunk of cock fucked the mature pussy into oblivion. Catherine dug her nails into his shoulders as he kept at it, their synced moves giving her orgasm after orgasm. She interlocked her fingers around his neck and he sped up, spreading her legs and pounding hard into her pussy as she came on his crotch.

“I’m close…” he moaned.

“I know,” she replied, looking up at him. “Shoot all that hot cum inside me.”

“OH FUCKING SHIT!!!” he yelled, shooting his load deep into her cunt, Catherine screaming out. Her pussy swallowed every drop, Kyle continuing to fuck her throughout his orgasm, shooting round after round mofos porno of his thick seed into her womb.

Kyle pulled out, his cock well spent. He slapped it against her tits, watching her suck the rest of his cum from her nipples as the front door opened to reveal Emily and Victoria.

“Mom!” Victoria whined, “you said you would wait until we got here so we could all fuck him!”

“Whoops,” Catherine replied with a sly look.


Hours later, Catherine was on all fours, getting her ass drilled by Thomas as Simeon was beneath her sucking her tits, his cock pounding his great-grandmother’s cunt while her mouth was stretched around Ethan’s dick.

“Oh fuck Granny Cat!!!” Ethan yelled, shooting his load down her throat as his brothers followed suit not long after, stuffing her holes with their huge loads.

“Mmm…” Catherine moaned as Ethan pulled his limp and slick cock from her throat. “Now you boys can switch places.”


Down the hall, Kyle was getting sucked off by Emily in their bedroom, her hands tightly gripping his base while she slurped expertly on the remainder of his huge dick. Kyle’s hands fondled her juicy big tits while her mouth was full of his cock.

“Get up bitch,” he then ordered, standing up, his wet dick hanging before her face, “you’re about to get fucked hard.”

Emily smiled and got on the bed, watching as Kyle stood before her, his dick aching with even more vigor. He moved closer and spread her thighs, rubbing his dick against her slit. He then slid into her in one smooth motion, Emily screaming out as her husband began to fuck her without restraint.

“OH GOD!!!” Emily cried, gripping his hair as she wrapped her legs around his thrusting hips.

“Fuck yeah…” Kyle panted, slamming into her.

He wasn’t merciful in the least, fucking Emily exactly how she loved it, pushing more of his meat into her with every powerful thrusts. Emily could do little more than fuck back at him, clenching and clawing at his sweaty back as he drilled her deep.

Kyle laughed and kept at it, skewering the tight, wet pussy with his huge python.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted, holding her legs over his shoulders, “Oh fuck, yeah!”

Next, Emily moved on shaky legs onto all fours and Kyle instantly began fucking her in doggy. Kyle grunted and growled to the rhythm of his savage fucking, his huge balls hitting hard against her clit. Kyle stood firmly on his feet, driving his dick into her pussy.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Emily screamed, “YES BABY— —!”

Kyle picked up speed, bashing his cock into her with all his power. Emily howled out and Kyle squeezed her swinging tits, their bodies colliding in powerful, thunderous claps. She felt him tense and awaited his strong jets of seed shooting into her.

Kyle gripped her hair tightly and kept fucking. “Shit, I’m about to cum!”

“Oh fuck!! Shoot it in me!!” Emily cried.

Emily came as well, jerking as Kyle’s dick let loose, flooding her warm cunt with his hot jizz. Kyle managed to unleash gallons and gallons of his thick cum deep into the womb of his wife until he finally ran dry and pulled out. Emily caught her breath, a mixture of she and Kyle’s juices leaking from her pussy and down her thigh.

“Fuck…” Kyle panted, his cock hanging limp. However, his lust was still hungry. In a flash, he attacked Emily’s overflowing cunt and began to eat her out, licking up some of his own cum in the process. He delved into her deeply, licking and inhaling her sweet cunt.

“OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!!!” Emily screamed, shaking at his experienced tongue.

Kyle moved in deeper, his entire face between her quivering legs. She erupted in another orgasm, squirting into Kyle’s open mouth. He then licked up to her ass and plunged his tongue inside a few times before bringing up his again rock hard cock to her pussy.

He began fucking her again, slapping her ass as his cock moved rapidly in her slick pussy. He picked up speed, fucking her as he squeezed her bouncing tits. He pulled back and she flipped over, inhaling his cock again. She rapidly slurped the head before plunging his cock down her throat until his nuts rested against her chin.

She then leaned back, Kyle climbing above her and beginning to fuck her in missionary. He railed her hard, squeezing her tits again as he fucked her hard. Meanwhile, Catherine left the room with her great-grandsons, all of them drained and passed out.

She came to Kyle and Emily’s room to find Emily’s legs high in the air, Kyle’s tree of a cock pounding into her stretched cunt. Although Kyle was fully aware of Cat’s presence, he kept up his rhythm, Emily screaming and cumming hard on his dick.

Seeing such a hard display of fucking was of course nothing new to Cat. As soon as she turned 18, she had lost her virginity to her father, 3 brothers and 6 uncles. Following the passing of her mother, the proud slut took it upon herself to keep her all male family satisfied. Numerous puberties, birthdays and gangbangs had made her a proud and well talented slut.

Despite naughty america porno having been a visual and auditory witness to the long and brutal fuck sessions of Kyle and Emily, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by their raw, insatiable sexual energy. Kyle yelled out and came hard into her Emily’s cunt yet again, pulling his still firing cock to blast several shots onto Cat’s tits and face.

“Mmm…” Cat moaned, rising her huge tits up to lick off Kyle’s creamy and salty jizz. “Got any more juice in that tank?”

In a matter of minutes, Catherine was on all fours in the same bed on which her granddaughter had just been fucked senseless. Kyle was fucking her brutally, his hips pounding against her firm asscheeks, his dick pounding hard against her womb.

“Oh fuck yes!” she screamed, “give it to me hard you hung bastard!”

Kyle grunted with each thrust, his hard cock still thick and erect as he fucked her deep. Catherine screamed, loving the ferocity with which Kyle fucked her. His power was nearly overwhelming, her ass cheeks rippling with every drive into her cunt.

His heavy nuts kept smacking against her clit, Cat cumming time and time again.

“YES!!!!” she screamed, cumming so hard that Kyle had to use every muscle he had to hold back his orgasm, “Feed that huge dick into my hungry pussy!!!!”

“Oh my fucking god!” Kyle groaned. She felt incredible, her juices coating every inch of his cock. They fucked each other hard, Kyle thrusting in and Cat pushing back at him at the same aggressive pace. Emily sat in the chair across the bed, rubbing her pussy to her husband railing her grandmother like there was no tomorrow.

He kept fucking her as fast and as hard as he possibly could, squeezing and slapping her ass as he did so.

“Yeah baby!” Cat screamed, “tell me how that pussy feels!”

“It’s so fucking wet!” Kyle yelled, “Oh god, it feels good!”

She laughed and pushed back at him even faster, so fast that Kyle stopped thrusting, just watching her wet cunt swallow his cock. He resumed his thrusting and fucked her frantically. The whole room was full of moans, pants and the sounds of sweaty bodies slapping against each other.

“Mmm… Kyle!” Cat screamed as she came a fucking ocean on Kyle’s dick, making him slip out seconds before he would’ve flooded her cunt.

“Fuck me missionary,” she panted, laying on her back and spreading her legs, “get that dick over here!”

Kyle moved near and kissed her, beginning to fuck her hard again, Catherine wrapping her legs around his waist. He began railing her quickly, watching her huge tits bounce as he kept picking up speed. They mashed their mouths together, their tongues fucking with the same passion that they were.

Catherine came again, squirting on the hunk of dick and she and Kyle kissed as he slowed down.

“Are you close baby?” she asked softly, rubbing Kyle’s chest.

He nodded, his dick still lodged in her pussy.

“Let me ride out your climax, Kyle,” she whispered, “I want to feel your hot cum shooting in my pussy.”

“Oh fuck yeah…” he panted, pulling out with a wet plop and sitting on the bed against the headboard. Catherine kissed him again and sat on his cock, beginning to ride him. Kyle yelled out in pleasure and his hands shot to her tits, Catherine steadily picking up speed.

“Oh yeah… fuck…” Catherine moaned, her ass clapping against his thighs.

She kept bouncing, Kyle’s huge cock slamming against her cervix. Kyle moaned, kissing her neck as pinched and pulled at her nipples. Her pussy glided down his precum and pussy juice soaked dick, Kyle’s grip on her tits getting tighter as his balls began to tingle more and more.

“Oh fuck Cat!” he yelled, “Here I cum!”

“Do it! Do it and cum in me! I’m feeling it too baby! Shoot that thick potent cum into my freshly fucked cunt and make me explode! Oh KYLE!”

He yelled again and shot round after round of his hot cum into her waiting pussy, overflowing her womb as she kept bouncing, crying as she felt her womb getting bombarded with Kyle’s tremendous output of scalding semen. She nearly passed out as his balls finally ran dry, her body shaking as she breathed heavily.

“Oh fuck that was great,” Kyle groaned as he rolled from the bed.

“Don’t get up just yet baby,” Marie said as she and Victoria entered the room, “we’re about to working that dick all night long.”

Kyle’s heart raced as they four sluts stood around him, stroking his cock back to full size. He was in heaven, surrounded by the huge tits, wet pussies and big asses.

Marie soon was on her knees, slurping on his cock as he alternated sucking the sucking of the other three. His mother pulled up and got onto the bed and Victoria took her place, sucking off Kyle. He then attacked his mother’s tits, pulling the creamy white hooters into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Marie cried, “suck me baby!”

Victoria pulled her mouth off and restored to rapidly jacking him off until he came hard onto Marie’s tits. public agent porno He hungrily lapped up his own cum and then kissed his mother, sharing his load with her. Next, she rose his face, Emily bouncing her ass on his dick, his hands groping her tits.

Marie let out a high pitched squeal as she came, Kyle howling into his mother’s cunt as his dick shot wads of cum into Emily’s ass. Once she dismounted, Catherine began to eat his cum from her tight hole. Marie dismounted to kiss Kyle passionately until he felt a mouth on his dick, seeing Victoria again sucking him off as Catherine licked up his shaft.

“Oh fuck!” Kyle moaned, sucking his mother’s tits. They all kept at it for a few moments before he was positioned before Victoria in a missionary position and began to fuck her.

“Yes! GIVE IT TO ME YOU HUNG SON-OF-A-BITCH!!” she yelled.

Catherine and Emily looked on as they nursed on Marie’s tits, Kyle’s hips pounding into Victoria’s, his hard dick slamming into her wet pussy. Emily then began to finger Marie and she howled out in pleasure, Kyle increasing the speed of his fucking, making Victoria moan and whimper. Cat then moved over to her granddaughter and began to lick at her pussy.

Emily reached forward to grip Marie’s massive tits, squeezing firmly as her lips and tongue sunk between her engorged lips. Emily’s eyes rolled back as she moaned deeply then rocked her hips to grind her cunt into Catherine’s eager mouth and tongue.

The scene was too much and Kyle picked up speed fucking Victoria and she arched her back and came hard. Kyle yelled at the sensation of her pussy gripping his cock and came deep into her. He pulled out and Marie suddenly grabbed his slick shaft.

She pushed him onto the bed and fucked him like there was no tomorrow. Kyle yelled out again and gripped her tits as she rode him furiously, her ass crashing into his thighs as she came numerous times on his dick. He shot forward and sank his teeth into her left nipple, making her scream loudly as she had a mind blowing orgasm and fell off of his cock,

Emily then took her place and rode him in reverse cowgirl. Kyle watched her ass bounce, holding her tits while she fucked his cock with her pussy. After she came also, Kyle moved to Marie and began driving his cock into her smooth, sweaty cleavage.

Catherine and Victoria held her huge tits together as Kyle fucked them, Marie watching his massive cock loom over her face, giving occasional licks to the swollen head.

“Give it to me, baby,” Marie moaned, “Give me a fat, sticky load!”

“FUCK!!!” Kyle yelled, shooting several thick ropes of cum all over her tits and face, the three sluts before swallowing as much as they could before licking each other clean.

Emily then took his flaccid dick into her mouth and took him up her ass while she ate Catherine. Meanwhile, Marie was getting her ass fisted by Victoria. Kyle then sucked Marie’s tits while he drilled Catherine doggystyle. Even after having cum several times, Kyle could feel it beginning to boil.

He kept fucking Catherine, feeling her pussy drool on his pounding cock, Marie’s rich sweet milk oozing down his throat, making his cock even harder as he squeezed Catherine’s swinging knockers.

“Yeah boy,” she moaned, “Fuck, that’s it!”

He finally managed to force her to explode in a massive orgasm, her pussy popping from his throbbing cock. Emily sucked him clean, swallowing Catherine’s pussy juice. He was soon after again fucking Marie in missionary, stuffing her cunt with cock.

“OH FUCK!!!!” she screamed, Kyle plowing her roughly.

Catherine meanwhile was eating out Victoria while Emily sucked her mother’s tits.

“Oh Mom!” Victoria cried, “I forgot how well you knew how to pleasure my pussy!”

She shook as she came hard into Catherine’s mouth and the trio kissed, beginning to finger one another. Soon after, Catherine was riding Kyle in reverse cowgirl, bouncing and impaling herself on his hard, strong dick.

“Yes! YES!!!” she cried.

He fucked Marie again in missionary, then Emily in cowgirl, Victoria in doggy and Cat again up her ass in which he finally burst another load, Marie sucking him off as Victoria and Emily sucked his cum from Catherine’s tight ass.

The bed was soon full of incest, Catherine being fucked in her pussy by Victoria’s huge strapon as Emily rode her grandmother’s face. On the other side, Kyle and Marie were going at it, moaning as their bodies squished against each other.

“Oh god, honey…” Marie moaned, looking at he three across from them, “It’s so beautiful isn’t it?”

“Definitely,” Kyle responded, watching Emily and Catherine came at the same time.

Kyle and Marie kissed passionately, his cock ramming her pussy so hard that their hips were bright red from the power of their fucking. They didn’t slow down however, Kyle squeezing her tits as Marie felt his cock throb inside her.

“Oh fuck, this is it!” he grunted.

“Do it baby,” she moaned, “cum deep in Mommy’s cunt!”

“FUCK!!!!” he yelled in pleasure, shooting his wad of seed into her womb. Marie shook and screamed as he kept firing his cum into her, pulling out and coating all four bitches with his seed. He kept jacking off and cumming, thick stripes of cum shooting from his cock and blasting all over them until he finally ran dry.

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