Sexual Addiction Ch. 02

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April Miller was addicted to sex. She had started down the road of having random affairs strictly for the sexual release. So far she hadn’t been caught by her husband. He was tired most of the time and rarely asked for sex. They had an 11 yr old son and he and his father were close and they spent a lot of time together. This left April lots of time to satisfy her sexual cravings. For a woman of 33 she justified things by thinking that she could either be masturbating with a dildo or using some guys cock to do basically the same thing. She really didn’t care about any of the guys, just the cocks and their stamina.

Her body did get noticed by men on occasion but she usually had to make the first move to get them interested. She was 5’4″ and weighed about 125lbs. Her hair was light brown and even though she had colored it at one time she wasn’t now. Her body was the type though that many guys loved. Soft curves, not Playboy material but desirable none the less. Her 34 C breasts had started to sag some, but they were smooth creamy and unblemished. She had a little soft belly, nothing big just one from age and having a child. Her ass was smooth and shapely but had widened some. She had nice legs and though she didn’t shave her pussy she did keep it trimmed and not out of control.

She had fucked a few high school seniors and some of the local college guys too. She was afraid if she kept going back to that well someone would talk too much and she would be found out. She had picked up some older guys at a local gym and though nice it was a lot of work. She was looking for something simple and quick.

The city she lived in had an area known for strip joints, bars and porn shops. It was there in one of those porn shops that she found herself today. It was early afternoon on a Monday but inside the shop it was very dark. The average person really didn’t want to be recognized in a place like this. She had heard that shops like this had booths in the back to watch porn movies and some of these booths had holes cut in the walls separating them called glory holes. These holes were just big enough for a man to stick his cock through to get a blow job or a quick fuck from an anonymous person.

She walked to the back of the shop and sure enough they had booths. She chose one in the middle. She entered and closed the door behind her. Sure enough there was a three inch hole cut in the opposite walls connecting her booth to the ones on either side. There was a hard plastic bench to sit on in there and a coin operated TV screen that played the porn movies. She dropped a lot of quarters in there to let anyone nearby know her booth was ready for business. She was pretty sure the clerk at the front was going to let any guy in the store know there was a woman in one of the booths.

She was wearing a tank top with no bra and a short skirt with no panties. She sat on the bench and waited to see what happened. She watched the old porn movie but really wasn’t interested in that. After about 5 minutes she heard someone enter the booth to her right. A couple of minutes later out of the corner of her eye she saw something start to come through the hole in the wall. It was a cock. It was white, circumcised and about 6 in. long. It was semi hard and looked and smelled clean. She decided to reach out and stroke it some. As she did it got harder and she decided to give it a little taste. She licked it and sucked the head in her mouth. The guy attached to it groaned. She decided she wasn’t going to fuck this one but instead give this guy a nice blowjob.

She was able to get most of this cock in her mouth and down her throat some. She would alternate between stoking and sucking. This guy wasn’t going to last long. When she felt him start to swell some and thrust back she placed just the head in her mouth. He unloaded a fairly good volume of cum. It tasted OK so she swallowed it. After sucking him dry she let go of the cock and it was withdrawn back through the hole.

While she was finishing off that first cock she must not have heard someone enter the booth on the other side. All of a sudden another cock started to come through the glory hole in that wall. This one was circumcised, very long, and very black. She stared at it and couldn’t believe her good fortune. It was beautiful and about 10 inches long. It was a dusky black color with some prominent veins just under the skin. She reached out and started to stroke it. It got hard quickly and she was getting very wet. It smelled musky and she started licking it to get it slick. When she was satisfied with that she stood up and pulled her short skirt up over her ass exposing her pussy. It was time.

In this cramped booth it was difficult to maneuver, but she held on to the cock and backed up to it. Luckily things were at the right height to line up. She scooted back some more and felt the cock touch her pussy lips. She rubbed it back and forth some and then guiding the head to her entrance grup sex porno she pushed back on it. It stretched her but slid in about 6 inches. Now that it was in she could use both hands to steady herself as she fucked herself on that cock. The owner of the cock kept it pressed in the hole trying to get more of it in the tight hot pussy on the other side. Pumping back and forth on it she was now able to get almost all of it in her. She had used a dildo with a suction cup stuck to the shower wall much in the same way as this. To her this was no different.

After a good ten minutes of fucking the black cock started to shoot it’s load in her. It felt hot and there was a lot of it. As it softened she pulled herself off of it and sat down as it was pulled back through the hole. She had brought some tissues to clean herself up. The guys cum was dripping out of her. Just then another cock was coming through the hole on the right. Word must have spread. This one looked Hispanic and was uncut. She was fascinated by the foreskin. This was her first uncut cock. It was a good length, maybe 8 inches and kind of fat. The foreskin was tight on the glans. As she stroked it the glans would peek out some. She had to see what this felt like inside her. The cock was hard and she was still very slick from her first fucking. She positioned herself like before and place the head at her entrance. As she pushed back on it she felt the foreskin peel back and the glans was uncovered as it went inside her. It felt very hot and the thickness of the cock filled her as she scooted back.

The tightness of her cunt caused the foreskin to cover the glans when she pulled away on the out stroke and it would grip the skin and push it back off the glans on the in stroke. She hoped this guy was enjoying this, she sure was. She had some small orgasms and then the one big one as she pumped herself on this cock. Right when she was finished the cock exploded inside her. She felt the force of the first few blasts. Another big load deposited in her.

She stayed for two more hours. In all she was fucked by five different cocks and she gave three blowjobs. Even though she tried to clean herself up she felt a mixture of cum start to run down her inner thighs as she left the shop. She would definitely be back. She went home and took a long hot bath and then got dressed and was back to a normal life of mom and wife.

She went back to the shop for the next three days in a row. Her total for all four days was 23 different cocks fucked. At least she thought they were all different. Someone could have come back for seconds. This volume might have worn the average woman out, but not April. The more sex she had the more she wanted. She had to take a break on Friday because they were having a family dinner and there was a guest coming. She cooked most of the afternoon and around 6 her husband and son were there waiting to eat and there was a knock at the door.

She answered it and gave the man standing there a big hug. It was her brother Gary who was younger by two years. His wife was out of town visiting her sick mother and April knew Gary would just eat fast food if someone didn’t cook for him. The dinner was nice and casual. April and Gary had some wine and Aprils husband had a couple of beers. After dinner they moved to the den and while April and Gary laughed and talked about childhood memories her husband just sat there and smiled but she knew he was bored. At about 10 PM April’s husband said Goodnight, that he and his son needed to get to bed because they had an early soccer game in the morning. April said she and Gary were just going to talk some more and she would be in to bed later.

After they had been alone for a little while April told Gary she was going to go get more comfortable and get some more wine for them. She got up and went to the kitchen for a few minutes and when she came back she had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a tight, ribbed, mans white tank top and it was obvious she had shed her bra too. She had on a pair of grey cotton cheer type shorts that looked a few sizes too small. She handed Gary his refilled wine glass and she sat down on the couch within about a foot of him. She turned toward him and tucked her leg up underneath her which opened her legs up in a V shape. If he looked down he would see it was very clear she had no panties on under those shorts.

They continued chatting and drinking the wine. Both were a little tipsy now. The conversation got a little more risque as they loosened up. Old boyfriends and girlfriends were brought up. Finally April asked Gary who his first time was with. He laughed and said it was during his senior year in high school and was with the head cheerleader. Their romance lasted about 2 weeks. April confessed her first was with a guy she met at a summer job after high school. It happened at a party and they never really dated.

April was glad the conversation had finally latina fuck tour porno turned toward this. She was tired of her sister-in-law always bragging about how big Gary’s cock was. April had plans on finding out herself. She knew he was looking at her body in this outfit she had picked out especially for tonight. This was her brother she was trying to seduce, not some no face guy in a booth. April didn’t care. She had thought about sex with her brother since they both reached puberty. She had caught glimpses of his cock and suspected it’s size but his wife liked to brag when all the women were talking away from the men at family gatherings. April had to test the waters more to see if he would take the bait tonight.

“Gary I have something to confess to you. I know we talked about who we did it with first tonight. There was someone I always wanted to be my first, but I never had the chance.” she said.

The wine was making his head fuzzy so he said without thinking, “Who would that be?”

“Why you of course Gary. I always wanted it to be you.” she said.

She let that sink in. He reached for his wine glass and took a big gulp.

‘Me? You wanted to have sex with me? Your own brother?”

As he said this she saw him look her up and down from her tits to her crotch and back again.

“Gary since we seem to be confessing a lot tonight I used to steal looks at you when you got out of the shower or when you were getting dressed. Your bod was so hot and that cock of your made me so wet. In fact it’s making me wet right now.”

She said this as she reached down and rubbed herself making her shorts damp and exposing her inner lips to him for the briefest of glimpses. She knew she was getting to him. She could see the swelling starting in his pants. She moved closer to him and laid her hand on his shoulder.

“I hope your not mad at me for telling you the truth.” she sweetly said.

“Uh no,” he said. “I have something to confess as well. I used to see you come out of the shower sometimes and I would get a peek at your tits or your naked ass. I used to beat off to that image at night sometimes.”

She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I knew you were looking. In fact I made sure you got a good view.” she revealed.

She set her wine glass down on the table. She placed that hand directly on his swelling member. She gave it a little squeeze as she said, “Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like. Having sex with the object of desire from your youth. It’s obvious we were both thinking about the same thing. What I have in my hand here is telling me you might want to find out tonight.”

She didn’t give him a chance to answer. She turned his head towards hers and kissed him full on the mouth. Her tongue snaking it’s way into his mouth. His responding as he reached out and pulled her close. She finally broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

“Come on, let’s go find out what it’s like.” she said.

“Sis, we are in your house. Your husband’s asleep back there. We’ll get caught.” he halfheartedly said.

She knew she had him and said, “No we won’t. Come on we’ll go in the back office.”

She got up off the couch and led him by the hand through the kitchen and laundry room to a small room that had been set up as a home office. There was a computer desk in there as well as a couch. She closed the door and stripped off her tank top and shorts. He saw her fully naked for the first time and just stared.

“Come on silly you too.” she said with hands on hips.

They were both married and over 30 and they were acting like a couple of kids trying not to get caught by their parents. He stripped off his polo shirt and shorts, then came his briefs revealing his cock. Her sister-in-law wasn’t kidding. It was the biggest cock she had seen in awhile. She was proud of herself for getting to this moment. April knelt down in front of her brother to worship his cock. She needed two hands to stroke it and got as much of it in her mouth as she could. Gary just closed his eyes and let his sister got to work on him. His wife rarely did this for him and his sister knew exactly what she was doing. She got him to full erection and because of the chance of being caught she knew there couldn’t be a lot of foreplay. She’d rather just fuck her brothers big cock anyway.

She was still pretty wet so she sat down on the couch and spread her legs. He knelt down in front of her and gave her pussy a few licks with his tongue. She loved that feeling but pulled him up to her and said.

“I have to know right now Gary. I have to know what my brothers big cock feels like inside me.”

He straightened up and lined the big head up with her entrance. He had dreamed of doing this for so many nights. He pushed forward and started to split her open. She leaned her head back and gritted her teeth. She had lezbiyen porno fucked some big cocks over the last few months but none like this one. After what seemed like forever she opened up enough to let the head in. He gave her a minute to adjust the pushed more and more of his shaft in her. She was breathing hard, trying to allow herself to stretch enough to be able to take this monster. When he was halfway in he pulled it back out almost all the way then pushed in back in gaining more depth. When he finally hit bottom he looked down and was amazed. His sister was able to take his whole length. His wife couldn’t even do that. The brother and sister were a perfect fit.

He looked at her and she said to him, “You got it all the way in, now fuck me with it.”

He started his in and out motion and though she was tight it started to become easier. He would bottom out with each stroke smashing her cervix because he loved the feeling of being all the way inside her. This was his sister and he loved her very much. Now that they had crossed this bridge he knew there was no turning back and that they would keep doing this as long and as many times as they could. Of course he had no idea of the hidden life she led.

She couldn’t believe how big his cock was and how good it felt. This could ruin her for all other cocks. She didn’t want this to end, having dreamed of this moment for years. Her own brother was fucking her. She loved him and she knew he loved her and this would only be the start of this.

“Oh God your cock is so big Gary. I never want you to stop. Please promise me we can keep doing this.” she pleaded to him.

“Oh April, your pussy feels so good. You are the only one I can get all the way in. I love you and I want to do this forever.” he responded.

The wine was making him last longer then normal. She had lost count of the number of time she had cum. They had been fucking for almost 30 minutes. She urged him on to his climax. He felt it building deep within. He was going to orgasm inside his sister. He didn’t remember if she said she was on the pill, but surely she was. His pumping became more forceful. Slamming into her causing her tits to ungulate like waves on the ocean. Then it was upon him. He stopped deep within her has his glans swelled and a great fountain of cum erupted from it. He pushed forward driving his semen deep within her womb. He had never cum like this before. It was never ending. He kept pushing more and more of it deeper within her.

She felt his cock erupt in her. Nothing had felt like this before. Maybe it was because this was incest with her brother but she never wanted his orgasm to end. He kept pumping more and more into her. She could give up everything for this.

Finally he slowed to a stop and collapsed on top of her. He was still firmly implanted in her while she held him. They were both sweaty and worn out. They didn’t want to let go of each other but finally they knew their time tonight was up. He straightened up and slowly withdrew his cock from his sister. When it was all the way out she felt strangely empty and he missed being inside her already. Though tired sore and worn out they got dressed and made sure the room was in order and left it.

Walking back into the den the house was quiet and April knew everyone was still asleep. She walked her brother to the door wishing it was him she could crawl into bed with tonight. He kissed her without saying a word and left. She cleaned up in the bathroom and went to bed having had the night turn out like she wanted but ending with way different feelings then she expected.

The next morning she had a lot to think about while her husband and son were at the soccer game. She couldn’t believe she had sex with 23 different guys in less then a week. Having sex with her brother changed everything. She found she no longer had the need or desire for anyone else. She only wanted him. For the next couple of weeks she tried to get back into a simple routine. She avoided the internet and seeing anyone in the neighborhood. By the end of the month she noticed something. She hadn’t started her period yet. She went back and checked the calendar and to her horror she saw that the week she had all those partners including her brother was her most fertile time of the month. The sexual fog she had been in made her not care that she wasn’t on birth control. She went to the drug store and bought some tests and they all confirmed it. She was pregnant, but who was the father?

She made sure that night that she and her husband had sex. He said he was tired but she basically forced him to do it. That way she could say it was his baby. She thought back to all the guys she had fucked. A few were Black and some were Hispanic. The others who were white she had no idea what they looked like. What would happen if she had a mixed race baby? Her marriage and life would be over. There was a chance the baby was actually her brothers. She held out hope that was the case. She desperately wanted to have have his baby. In fact at the family gathering where she announced her pregnancy she took her brother aside and told him she was pretty sure the baby was his. He hugged her and told her how happy he was. His wife didn’t want kids.

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