Sexomnia Ch. 02

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Aunt Sylvie’s sexual somnambulism continued. One night I awoke to find her standing by my bed in the darkness, naked except for a black collar. In her hand she held a whip.

I thought she must be awake, but when I spoke to her she was in a deep sleep. The whip and collar may have been souvenirs from her life with Uncle Jack. It seemed that in her sexomniac states Aunt Sylvie acted out fantasies that kept her relationship with Uncle Jack alive, at least in her dreams. I got out of bed and whispered in Aunt Sylvie’s ear:

“Hand me the whip!”

Aunt Sylvie stretched out her hand obediently and I took the whip from her. There was some climbing rope in my closet. I grabbed it,

“Come with me!” I commanded Aunt Sylvie.

I led her down to the basement where there was a steel hook in the ceiling. I threaded the rope through the hook and tied the ends to her wrists. Now Aunt Sylvie stood helpless and unconscious in the middle of the basement, her arms tied above her head and her big breasts, juicy white ass and pale shaved mound presented temptingly. I whispered in her ear:

“You have been a bad girl Sylvie.”

Sylvie dropped her face to the floor submissively.

“You behaved shamelessly with your nephew. You teased him with your body and let him use you like a slut. You tempted him to commit incest.”

I slid my hand between her thighs and fingered her damp, swollen slit. She was aroused by my litany of her sins, and probably by the anticipation of her punishment. I decided to begin with a light spanking. Too much pain too soon might wake her.

I spanked her cheeks until the blood came to the surface and my hand left red palm prints. At each slap, Aunt Sylvie flinched a little but she stayed asleep. It was time to try the whip. I whispered in her ear,

“Now I am going to punish you properly.”

I took a step back and lightly cut the whip across her buttocks. When she didn’t wake up, I whipped her harder by degrees until there were red welts on Aunt Sylvie’s fine white cheeks. Now and then the whip slipped lower and bruised her thighs.

Aunt Sylvie’s full breasts were bouncing temptingly as she jerked and twisted under the whip. I turned her body towards me and whipped her tits, lightly at first, until I left a criss-cross pattern of pink welts.

Then I improvised a spreader with a broom stick and some rope. I spread her legs wide and tied them so she couldn’t close them. As I whipped her clit and pussy lips, Aunt Sylvie began to moan. I paused and fondled her clit; it was very swollen and aroused. She moaned and I slid my finger inside her; she was open and dripping wet. I slid the whip handle inside her and she pushed down on it and female fake taxi porno rode it like a dildo. I let her do this until she was on the verge and then I whipped her erect clit to a massive, shuddering orgasm.

When her spasms abated I untied her and led her back to bed. I laid her on the bed and looked at her bruised, submissive body. I was so aroused that I couldn’t resist fucking her. I pulled her thighs apart and entered her. I fucked her hard, sucking on her stiff nipples. The feeling of fucking this bruised, sleeping woman was indescribably hot. I almost came in her, but at the last minute I pulled out and shot my load on her thighs. Without cleaning her off, I pulled the sheet up and left her soaked in cum. I wanted her to wake up and see that she had been well used and abused in her sleep.

The next day Aunt Sylvie said nothing about the preceding night, but as she served me dinner that night, she winced slightly as she bent over the table.

“Are you ok Aunt Sylvie?” I asked innocently.

“I have some pain in my lower back,” she said, “Let me show you.”

Aunt Sylvie unzipped her form fitting dress right down the back. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and in one movement she slipped it off and stood naked before me. The effect was dramatic; her ass and thighs were covered in purple bruises and when she turned, her tits were marked in the same way.

“You see?” she said, “Someone left their mark on me.”

“You have really taken a beating Aunt Sylvie,” I observed coolly. “But you can pleasure me in spite of your bruises. Go and get a jar of Vaseline.”

Aunt Sylvie walked upstairs to the bathroom, wearing only her heels. When she returned, she handed me the Vaseline.

“Good,” I said, “Now bend over the table.”

I spanked her bruised ass until she was panting and wet. Then I pulled her cheeks apart and vaselined her tight, puckered asshole. I pulled out my cock and lubricated it too. She groaned in pain as her tight asshole opened for my thrusting cock. The ride was tight and slick. I flooded Aunt Sylvie’s ass and pulled out roughly, leaving cum dribbling from her asshole down her thighs.

Later, I lay on the sofa and Aunt Sylvie knelt on the floor. She was describing a cottage in the woods that she and Uncle Jack had purchased.

“It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway,” she told me, “You can use it any time, even if I don’t come. You could bring your friends up there for a wild weekend.”

This suggestion seemed to have something more behind it.

“Aunt Sylvie,” I said, “Are you hinting at something?”

“Well, you can even invite a friend here,” she said, “I’d be happy genel porno for you to have guests and you know I would make your friends welcome.”

I decided to invite a friend over that weekend and see what Aunt Sylvie had in mind. I called a college buddy who had no contact with my family. Whatever was going to happen, I didn’t want it to get around. Nick was a cool guy who knew how to keep his mouth shut. I figured he would be the perfect person to experience Aunt Sylvie, if that was what she had in mind.

That Friday, Nick arrived and I entertained him in the kitchen with beer and pizza. Aunt Sylvie was out shopping and she returned quite late. I introduced her to Nick and she told us to make ourselves at home, she was very tired and ready for bed. Nick and I sat up until about 1.30 finishing off a twelve pack and then I showed him to his room.

I went to my bedroom and turned off the light but I didn’t go to bed. I kept my door cracked and sat on my sofa watching the hall to see if Aunt Sylvie would do any sleepwalking. I watched for an hour, but nothing happened and eventually I felt so sleepy that I went to bed.

The next day was uneventful; we fooled around most of the day and then went to a movie and ate a late dinner with Aunt Sylvie. Nick was tired so we all turned in at 11.00. I wondered if it was worth keeping a vigil. I didn’t think anything was going to happen, but I decided to sit and watch the hallway for an hour and then turn in. Again, nothing happened and it was after midnight when I slipped into bed.

At 2.20 Aunt Sylvie slid between my sheets. She was nude and I could feel her big tits brushing my arm. She smelled of fresh sex. After lying quietly beside me for a few minutes, she took my hand and guided my fingers to her slit. Her lips were open and dripping wet as they often were, but this time it was not just her arousal, she was coated in thick slippery cum.

“I fucked your friend,” she said. “I pulled down his sheet while he was sleeping and sucked his big hard cock. When he woke up he pulled me down on the bed and stuck it in me. He manhandled my tits and fucked my pussy. He made me cum and he came in me. Do you like touching me after another man has fucked me Jack?”

As she spoke in her low sleepy voice, the scent of cum and sex on her was driving me crazy. I pulled her thighs apart and held her down as I slid into her lubricated slit. Nick’s cum coated my cock. The hot smell of sex on her made me so horny that when my orgasm welled up, I just let it go in her. It felt too good to pull out.

The next day Nick rose early and told me that he needed to get back. He didn’t mention Aunt Sylvie, probably thinking it was better glory hole secrets porno that I didn’t know about her antics. All he said was, “Tell your Aunt thanks for her hospitality.” He managed to say this with a straight face and then he drove away.

That night, Aunt Sylvie brought up the cottage again.

“What do you think about having some of your friends up there for a weekend? I could come and cook for you all.”

“Oh yes Aunt Sylvie,” I said, “It wouldn’t be any fun without you.”

“Good,” she smiled, “I’m glad you feel that way. So why don’t you call some friends then and invite them. I’m getting all excited just thinking about it. We can hike in the woods and grill out and if it rains we can find something to do indoors. Perhaps Nick would like to come? I don’t know. You decide who you think would be best.”

She turned her face away and I saw tears on her cheek.

“What’s wrong Aunt Sylvie?” I asked.

“Oh it’s just that I haven’t been back to the cottage since Jack died. This will be the first time.”

“What did you and Uncle Jack used to do up there?” I asked, hoping to distract her from her grief.

Aunt Sylvie smiled and blushed.

“I don’t know if I should tell you,” she said.

“Oh please I want to know. We don’t have secrets Aunt Sylvie.”

“Well,” she looked at me coquettishly, “Your Uncle Jack and I had an interesting marriage you know. Jack liked to involve his friends sometimes and the cottage was our favorite place for those… adventures.”

“This sounds exciting,” I said, “tell me more!”

“Oh I shouldn’t tell you this, but I have opened up about everything else to you. Jack liked to watch me with other men sometimes. He had a group of close friends that he shared me with.”

“How did you feel about that?” I asked her. Aunt Sylvie smiled.

“It excited me to be the only woman among a group of guys and be their plaything.”

“What would they do?” I asked, my excitement growing.

“I dressed provocatively and teased them. Then the men would want to punish me. The first time, they stripped off my clothes and spanked me. Then they made me stay nude for the rest of the day. Of course with six guys and a naked woman, one thing led to another pretty fast. Someone would be taking me upstairs every hour or two to get relief. Then at night they’d gang bang me. That was Jack’s favorite part. He liked to watch them line up and use me and then he’d take me back to our room when they were done.”

“Wow!” I said. “A party at the cabin sounds good. Let me call some of my friends and see who is available.”

“Yes, why don’t you,” Aunt Sylvie smiled. “I have wanted to go back so badly, but it would be too sad to go there alone. I want to make this a party that Jack would enjoy. I’m doing it for both of us, but in his honor so to speak. I know wherever he is he’ll be watching.”

She looked out the window at the stars.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll make sure you enjoy the show.”

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