Sex on the Beach

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Summer vacation is an exciting time for my family. Aside from the moping around the house we do before the heat kicks in, we got together with our family friends, the Morrison family, for a month of fun, surf, and sand.

The perks of being family friends with the Morrisons was that we could stay at their beach house over the summer with them, and the promise of spending a month by the warm sand and crashing waves was far too much to pass up. My parents, sister and I arrived at the beach house, bags stacked up in our van, and were immediately greeted by Renee Morrison, the matriarch of the family. Her honey blonde hair fell down her shoulders in waves, and she had a moderate tan across her body. She was already dressed for the beach in her white bikini, but didn’t seem to mind as she went across hugging us all. My dad, Trent, laughed as Renee hugged him, and it figured. My dad’s about 6 foot, and to him, everyone shorter than him is hilarious as hell. My mom, Beth, gave Renee a major hug, and it makes sense- they’ve been best friends since grade school, and they’ve done everything together. When Renee got to my sister Lucy and I, she gave us both hugs and me a head pat. I know I’m only about 5 foot 1, but it’s still a bit embarrassing when everyone still treats me like a kid. I mean, I turned 18 last month! Lucy’s about 20, and is about 5 foot 6. She’s well filled out and everything, so it feels a bit awkward when we’re together as I still have yet to develop the same D cups she has. We both have the same long white blonde hair though, so it’s not too hard to tell we’re sisters.

As we got all our bags inside, we saw the members of the Morrison family around the sitting room adjacent to the kitchen, separated only by a narrow door. Jax, the Morrison dad, was sitting in the armchair with a magazine about cars, and he barely fit into it. He was 6 foot 4, and he and my dad got on really well. He had brown hair that already looked windswept, and was wearing his usual green khaki shorts. A true fashion icon, Jax is.

On the three seater was Thomas, the eldest of the Morrison kids at 22, and he looked the spitting image of his dad. He was 5 foot 10, and played lacrosse on his college team. He nearly went for football, but realised he’d, in his words, “have a better shot at getting scholarships if he played lacrosse.” In the off-season, he did track, but aside from that he mostly just focused on completing his health sciences degree.

Amy, the middle child, looked almost just like her mother, with the personality to boot. She had the same hair, just tied up in a ponytail, and spent her free time clubbing when she wasn’t working on her college degree. She did an engineering degree, not that you’d know it from looking at her, but she liked to have fun when the workload wasn’t crazy busy. At 20 years old, she was young, lithe, and constantly wearing her swimsuit, as 20 years olds are prone to doing. She was looking out the window on the end of the three seater, and screamed when we got in. She assaulted us with hugs, and then gave Lucy a big hug. Those two were really close, although how they were was a mystery to me, as Lucy was a responsible classics major and not a party animal.

And finally, Keegan was on the floor with a book. He looked up as we came in, and raised his eyebrows tiredly. He was my age, but quite shy. He’d already started his degree a year early (an English and Film major) and often was reading or watching something. We did get along, but since puberty hit he was nervous to spend time around me. It might’ve coincided with the time I started budding- might’ve not. He had the limber body of his mom, and the brown hair of his dad but it was kind of long and a bit unkempt. Maybe it was just me, but I thought it suited him well.

“Eeeeeeeee! Lucy!” Amy was bouncing up and down, and Lucy matched in kind. “Oh my god it’s been tooooo long!”

“It has, oh my gosh!” Lucy replied bouncily, which made me laugh. Amy and Lucy were always so bubbly together, which was kind of funny when my sister merely tolerated my family’s presence all year long.

“And while they’re screaming, Trent, want me to take your bags?” offered Thomas. “You and Beth are on the bottom floor next to mom and dad, and we’re all on the top floor.”

“Thanks bud,” Dad said to Thomas with a slap on the back. “How’s the season been?”

“Good! We got into state championships, but not much further than that.”

“Good man, good man.” Dad laughed, and before I could react Amy took my bags.

“Okay Emma! So we’re going upstairs, and we’re all sharing a room this year!”

“All… of us?”

“Oh, just us girls. Not those guys!” She pointed at Keegan and poked her tongue out. “Dork.”

“Loser.” Keegan rolled his eyes and got back into his book.

“Soooo! I’ll lead the way, even though you both know where our room is!”

We often had the bottom floor rooms, with Jax taking one of the three upstairs rooms for his study, but this year was already different.

“What’s the reason?” I asked Amy as we bounded up the stairs.

“Weeeell… I think the parents are czech sharking porno a bit sick of us sneaking out at night…”

“They’re only sick of it because you got shit-faced last time and vomited all over the patio,” Lucy said playfully.

“Ssh! You did too!”

“Shut up!!”

We got to our room, and I noticed that the double bed had been replaced by three singles. We had a window onlooking the seaside town behind us, and the opposite room was where Thomas was staying, according to Amy.

I put my bags down in the bed nearest to the door, and I looked in the mirror surrounded by seashells and had a proper look at myself. My hair was its usual straight self, but my lips seemed slightly fuller than usual. Maybe all the water I was drinking? Anyway, I glanced over myself. Blue eyes, slightly rosy cheeks, with my tank top covering things modestly. I’d break out the skimpier clothing later, once we were more settled in, but for now I’d play it safe. It’s hard to stay comfortable when you’re covered in clothing when it’s 100 degrees outside, easily…

I was wearing a pink skirt, and as I was bending over to open my bags Amy giggled.

“Oh Emma, I knew you were kind of childish, but really?”

I looked up. Lucy was already telling Amy off, but she looked at me deviously.

“What’s… up?”

“I can’t believe you’re actually wearing panties on vacation!” I blushed, and she grinned wider. “You’re like, an adult now! You can wear whatever you want!”


“Ssh Amy, let her grow up at her own pace,” Lucy said tiredly. “Like… yes, she should live a little, but she’s surrounded by your stupid hor-“

“How about truth or dare?” Amy interrupted. “I think that’d be fun!”

“Amy…!” Lucy sighed playfully. “I’m in, are you, Emma?”

I thought. I was already embarrassed at my accidental panties faux-pas, so I figured I’d have to be cool somehow… “I’m in.”

“Yay!!” Amy grinned and clapped her hands. “Get in a circle, ladies!” I sat on the bed across from her, and Lucy stayed put next to her. She made a mock thinking face, and said, “okay Emma, truth? Or dare?”

I knew what my answer would be, if I wanted to be cool. “Dare.”

“Take off your panties, and don’t even THINK about putting any back on!”

I felt embarrassed, but reached under my skirt and took hold of the cotton edges of my underwear. I pulled them down, and Amy smiled. “There! Now you’re one of us!”

I kicked it over to my bag, as Amy looked at me expectantly. “Uh… truth, or dare? Lucy?”


Great. I suddenly had to think of something. “Umm… go and scare Thomas in his room?”

“What if he’s not in there?”

“Scare him when he comes in?” Lucy laughed, and I grinned half-heartedly. She gave Amy a wink and bounced out of the room. Once the door shut, Amy looked at me.

“So, little Emma. I know you’re terribly innocent and all, but don’t worry about the panties thing.”

“Umm… yeah. I’ll try not to?” She got up and moved beside me, and I leaned on her shoulder, like I used to do when we were kids.

“You’re such a good girl, Emma, but I intend to break you out of your shell. Tonight, I’ll organise a game of truth or dare, and I won’t make it too raunchy! I’ll just make sure that you get a little taste of adulthood.”

“A-aren’t… do you mind me um… your brothers?”

“Oh! My brothers are terrible,” she said with a laugh, “but they won’t hurt you. It’s just a bit of fun! It’ll be more fun anyway, with Keegan and you in the game.”

“You actually think Keegan would play?”

“With me asking? Hell yeah!” She laughed, and I joined in. “I know he seems shy, but once he finds out that truth or dare’s kind of fun, it’ll be fine!”

“Baaack!” Lucy grinned, coming in. “Guess who’s a pussy!”

“I’m not a pussy! You just scared me!” yelled Thomas from the other room.

“Anyway!” She sat back down, and faced me. “So, hate to put the spotlight on you again Emma, but truth or dare?”

“Uh… truth?”

“Oooo! Okay, so have you ever kissed a guy?”

“Oh… no?”

Amy and Lucy looked at me curiously. “Not even Evan Simons?”


“Barney Kirk?”


“… Gretchen Harley?”

“Not even?”

“Oh. My. God.” Amy giggled. “You’re so precious!!”

“I would’ve expected you to have kissed someone, Emma!”

“Well…” I cringed inwardly. “I just haven’t had much time for dating or partying, really…”

“What do you even do?!” Amy screeched.

“Uh… theatre? Badminton? Studying?”

“Oh my god we need to change this,” Amy said with a smile. A knock on the door stopped us, and Keegan poked his head in. “Dork!”

“Loser. Anyway, mom wants you all downstairs, we’re going to the beach?”

“Weeeeee!!” Amy yelled, while Lucy cheered.

“Uh, I’ll get changed?” I offered.

“Noooo! We’re going down right now!” Amy took my hand, and pulled me to the door. “Coming through!!” We pushed past Keegan and went down the stairs, not stopping until we got out. Our dads laughed czech streets porno as we tumbled onto the beach, and fell into the surf, all giggles and smiles.

After a long swim, we made our way back to the house, dripping wet. Our parents still wanted us to help make dinner, so my job was to move meat packs from the freezer in the garage to the barbeque on the patio. Keegan and Jax were cooking patties, while Renee and Lucy were in the kitchen making salads. Renee was still in her bikini, and I could see Jax checking her out from time to time. Ahh, true love.

Once I’d moved a few packs, Keegan came over to me.

“Hey, so uh… sorry for bursting in on whatever you guys were doing back there…”

“Oh! It’s fine, don’t worry!” I grinned widely, and he grinned back a little bit less widely.

“Anyway… uh… I just kind of noticed that we need to open the packs, so is it okay if you could grab a knife from the kitchen and open some please? We’re just flipping the patties we had from last night, so uh…”

“Oh, that’s fine.” I found myself mirroring his reserved nature, and it was a nice change to the madcap antics of Amy and Lucy. I hopped through the sliding door, and got into the cutlery drawer.

“Hey dork,” Lucy said to me as I rifled through.

“Nope. Nope. Don’t even think about it.”

“What’s that about?” Renee said with a lilt in her voice. “Amy calls Keegs that all the time.”

“Nope nope nope.”

“Emma doesn’t want to be like Keegan,” Lucy said with a laugh.

“I never said that!” I looked up grumpily at her, holding the steak knife I was looking for.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She grinned as I left the kitchen, and I went out on the patio.

“A knife! Huzzah!” Jax boomed, as Keegan cringed.

“Please don’t, Dad.”

“I’ll open these!” I bent over, and as I started to work on opening them I felt a cool breeze waft across my privates. It felt exciting, but then I realised- there were two guys directly behind me. I tried to cut the packs open as fast as I could, but I could almost hear someone inhaling sharply, and then whispering “oh sorry Dad, just saw some seagulls.” It made me feel oddly tingly, but before I could dwell on it I could almost feel another pair of eyes feasting over my snatch. With the first pack done, I stood back up, and felt oddly disappointed. I picked up the pack, turned around, and passed it to Keegan who was next to the grill. Jax was looking back in the kitchen again, but this time it felt less appreciative of his wife’s breasts and more like he wanted to rip her bikini off. It made me feel oddly, and I quickly got the other two packs open. Once I was done, Keegan sent me off to see if Amy was helping my parents stocktake.

The garage was burning hot, despite the cool appearance of it, and I could see my mom slaving away in the heat.

“Oh! Darling, don’t worry about helping, I’m almost done.”

“Okay, but where’s Amy and Dad?”

“Outside! Just helping with the barbeque!”

I immediately smelled a rat. I thanked mom, and then went outside. No sooner did I leave out the side door of the garage when I heard an odd sucking noise.

“Yes… keep it up, baby…”

My face flushed, I tiptoed through the grass and behind the shed next to the garage, and peeked around the corner.

I was shocked. I saw my dad, leaning against the wall, with Amy on her knees sucking his… penis?

“Mmmm… make daddy feel good…”

I flushed. I called him daddy! My thoughts were then interrupted by a choking sound, as Amy took it all into her mouth.

“Oh, you dirty little cocksucker, you dirty little slut…”

Cock… sucker? Images of roosters came to mind, but I shoved them away. I was innocent, but this… this made no sense!

“Suck it baby…” Amy came off his penis, and I could see it, in all its hairy glory. It wasn’t incredibly large or anything, but it looked rather intimidating. It was red… and Amy’s tongue was lapping all over it. “That’s my girl, that’s my girl… suck my cock, baby…”

Right, so a cock was a penis. Interesting.

“Mmmmmmm… Daddy…”

I flushed again, and decided it was time to leave. I turned around the corner, and made my way back into the sitting room.

“You okay hun?” Renee asked.

“Yeah, just got nothing to do.”

“That’s all good, you can go and unpack!”

“Okay!” I raced up the stairs, mind reeling from what I just saw. Dad’s penis… Amy’s mouth… was this what Amy meant? Surely not with my dad… I thought about my dad, in his polo shirt and swim shorts round his ankles, and felt an odd sense of disgust and interest overcome me. Suuurely not.

Dinner was uneventful, but when Amy called all of us into our room we knew it was going to be interesting.

“Okay guys! We’re playing truth or dare!” Keegan near immediately got up, but Thomas pulled him down again. “As it’s the first game of the summer, the unspoken rules apply!”

“Can… someone tell me what these rules are?” I asked nervously.

“Save the big dares czech super models porno for the next games.”


“That’s it!” Amy smiled. “So… I’ll start.”

“What if we don’t want to play?” Keegan asked.

“It’ll be fun, promise!” Amy grinned, and Keegan frowned, but stayed there. “Ooookay… Thomas! Truth or dare?”


“Well…” Amy grinned mischeviously, “get us a bottle and some glasses of something strong!”

“Can I ask my next question before I go?” Thomas asked.

“Oh-eff-cee!” Amy chirped.

“Keegs! Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he said rather nonchalantly.

“Have you ever gotten drunk?”

“Yes…? I’m at college.” He sighed, and Thomas chortled.

The game continued, and Thomas came back with “some strong stuff.” We got a bit tipsy as we did silly things like send stupid selfies to our friends and ask each other about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, but it wasn’t until Lucy asked me a pointed question did it feel odd.

“Have you ever gone out with anyone?” she asked me, slightly slurring and giggling all the while.

“Nooo…” I replied, feeling a bit buzzed.

“No kissing?”


“No sex?”


“You’re so boooring!”

“Emma’s not boring!” Amy shouted, which made Lucy cover her mouth. “She isn’t wearin-“

“She isn’t,” Keegan interrupted, flashing a small smile in my direction.

“Thanks,” I whispered kind of loudly.

“Are you druuunk?” Lucy asked.

“You are,” Thomas responded, going over to her. “Bitch.”

“Diiiickhead,” Lucy responded. “How dare you…”

“I’m going to bed,” Keegan said suddenly, getting up.

“Niiiight dork,” Amy said to him playfully, and Keegan gave her the middle finger in response. “Be like that,” she grumbled as the door shut.

“Sooo…” Thomas grinned. “Truth or dare, Emma?”

“It’s my turn?” I replied, confused.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m asking.”

“Uh… dare?”

“Well!” Thomas grinned, and Amy interjected.

“First game rules!”

“Okay…” He came up close to me. “Kiss me.”


“It’s a dare, you gotta!”

His lips were fuzzy in my vision, but I leaned in and kissed him. It was only a peck, but I felt myself growing a bit warm. His hand snaked around my head and into my hair, and I kissed him harder. I didn’t know we had parted until Amy giggled and said, “honey, you’re drunk!”

“Let her be drunk,” Thomas said with a grin. “She’s cute when she’s dazed.”

“Men,” Lucy said jokingly.

“Ugh… I’m tired,” I said sleepily, realising I was in fact, quite dazed. “Can I… sleep?”

“One more dare!” Amy moved over to Thomas and grinned.

“Just go to bed, we won’t be too loud,” Thomas said with a smile.

“Truth or dare, Tommy-boy?”


“Let me sit on your lap.”


As I slipped under my covers to change (I know, weird to do with a boy in the room), I noticed Thomas sighing as Amy got onto his lap. She wiggled a bit, and he looked rather heavy lidded.

“Like that?”

“Baby sis…” He leaned into her ear and while I couldn’t hear what was being said I could see Lucy and Amy bursting out laughing. Putting my nightie on, I leaned onto the pillow and hoped that they wouldn’t be as loud as that. Despite the occasional burst of noise from them, I fell asleep rather quickly.

A few days after that crazy arrival while everyone was already on the beach, I was changing into my blue bikini in the girls room, and once I was done I went to check on mine and Lucy’s laundry. I noticed Keegan’s door was ajar, a sure sign he was in. His room was down the very end of the hallway, opposite the laundry, so he got peace and quiet like he usually wanted. When I got to the door of the laundry I stopped, as I noticed what was coming from inside his door. The door was open a crack, and I could hear panting inside. I knew intrinsically what he was doing- what most teenage boys are prone to doing- but I peeked through the crack anyway.

I was greeted to the sight of him in front of his laptop, board shorts next to his ankles, pumping himself vigorously. My first thought was to panic, but I could see his penis, no, cock was slick with lubricant. I couldn’t see what he was looking at, but I could see his bulbous head turning redder and redder. I tried to estimate how big it was, but it seemed thick but not majorly long. His hand snaked up and down, and he seethed with pleasure as he reacted to whatever was on his screen. My swim bottoms immediately dampened, and I shifted them self-consciously. My breasts began to feel heavy, and his body which before, I found merely a presence, seemed to be quaking with sexual energy.

I’d never touched myself previously, but at that point I felt the urge to slip my fingers under my bottoms and stroke my wetness. Reaching my hand down, I felt my lips soaking my swimwear and a tingly part of my privates ache. I rubbed it, and bit my lip suddenly to conceal the sigh that threatened to reveal my presence. I rubbed it, and felt my body grow warm. Keegan was absorbed in whatever he was looking at, and I drew little circles on the spot which tingled so much. My knees began to flood with warmth, and I leaned against the doorframe, hoping he couldn’t see me. His cock was burning red, and he began to thrust it into his hand as he twisted it up and down himself.

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