Sex , Candy Ch. 04

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He returned us to the bed, sitting on the side while he maneuvered me to the center of the bed, gently pushing my pajama top off my shoulders. I shivered under the force of his gaze, then trembled when he bent to take a nipple into his mouth again, alternating between soft licks and hard sucks.

My pussy erupted and I squeezed my legs together, knowing that there was a huge wet spot on my pajama bottoms. Just the feeling of his hands on my body was enough to make my cunt twitch and his mouth sent me spiraling skyward. He pushed me back and kissed across my ribs and stomach, then licked a parallel line just above the waistband of my pants. He sat back on his haunches and slid the bottoms down over my hips, pausing to sniff the crotch before tossing them to the floor.

“Jesus, baby, you’re so wet already.”

“I can’t help it, Daddy.” The breath left my lungs when he started slowly kissing every inch of my pud, licking in between the kisses. “Oh, Daddy.” His mouth inched lower and he pressed my legs open, taking his sweet time in approaching my weeping slit and driving me crazy with need. His lips sucked my pussy lips into his mouth and ran his tongue in between. czech couples porno I came, silent and trembling, gasping when he pushed into me, curling his tongue inside my creamy walls and coaxing more cum down.

When I came the second time, he moaned this time, eagerly slurping my juices up and moving up and over me. “Take my pants off.”

“Lay down. I want to taste you, too.”

“Later.” His voice was harsh and I realized that he was trying to hold himself back. He was too excited for a slow fuck and I gasped when I saw the size of his thick cock. It bobbed lazily, smacking his stomach as I released it from his pajamas, the head fat and leaking silvery strands of pre-cum. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned forward and worked my lips around the head and let my tongue trace the edges of the cap and slip into the dribbling slit.

Daddy groaned, his entire body shaking. He tried to push me away but he was too weak. “Lay back, Daddy. Let me take the edge off.” Under my persuasive palms, he sank into the mattress, hissing with playful anger when I bit one of his nipples. “Like that, Daddy?”


“You want me to czech estrogenolit porno suck your nipples, Daddy?”

“Oh, yes, baby girl.”

I climbed over him, settling his rod between my thighs and pumping my wet pussy lips against him as I suckled his nipple. He twitched and moaned, his hands on my hips as he tried to press into me. I coyly rotated my hips away, sucking and licking until he was quivering. Then I was sure that he was ready. “Whose cock is this?”

“It’s yours, baby girl.”

“Tell me where you want it.”

“Inside your pussy.” His answer reminded me of a string strung too tightly. I reached back and grabbed his hands, pulling my ass cheeks apart and sinking his steel rod into my aching pussy. “Yes, baby girl!”

In my best child-like voice, I whispered, “Fuck me, Daddy.”

He took my mouth again and I broke away, sitting upright on his cock and bobbing up and down. His moonlit face was a mixture of pure passion and unbridled lust, his eyelids fluttering each time I rose and fell upon his rod. His hands caressed my breasts, pinching the nipples and making me cum even harder. I collapsed czech experiment porno on top of him and he gently rolled me over, kissing me even more deeply than before, holding me as I trembled against him.

Slowly, very slowly, he started moving again and a quiver began deep inside me. I could feel every bit of his flesh as he moved inside me, touching a spot that made me scream each time he scraped against it. His eyes were so beautiful, so liquid and filled with love, love that I felt in every inch of my body. I wrapped my legs around his middle and slid my hands along his arms and shoulders, pulling him down to kiss me again.

“My baby girl.” My pussy answered his call, creaming and coating his cock as he rammed into me, sending me closer and closer to the edge until I fell over, sucking my father’s tongue into my mouth as I came. He groaned deeply, shuddering as his throbbing cock exploded inside me, painting my pussy walls with thick, white semen. His arms came around me and we cuddled together, mouths touching softly.

We made love three more times before Daddy left the bed, tucking the covers in around me and pressing a kiss to my forehead. I felt so wonderful that I just wanted to keep floating on this perfect cloud. “Get some sleep, honey.”

“My flight leaves at eight. Will I see you in the morning?”

“Of course.” He smiled, touching my hair. “I love you, Loryn.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.”

Another kiss on the forehead and I was sound asleep.

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