Seven Quick Minutes

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Big Tits

I had always loved quickies.

Maybe it was the suspense of the ride, the passion of the love-making, or the threat of getting caught, but either way, they really turned me on. My wife was into them, “when the time is right” she says, but mostly likes to get off before falling sleep. Every so often though, she gets a fire in her eye that means one thing…

My wife’s younger sister had come over, as she sometimes does, to hang out and grab a slice of pizza for the big game. My friends were all out with their girlfriends, so I knew it would be a pretty uneventful evening at home.

Ashley, my sister-in-law was a fun girl to be around, pretty, and well educated, but not a sports fan to say the least. In the living room, I found them chatting about the day’s events.

Gossip and celebrity weddings seemed to be the topic for the evening. I picked up the remote and flipped through the channels, concentrating more on the football game than the conversation. I quickly decided that if I was going to get lucky tonight, it would be after Ashley had left. I sat back and prepared myself for the quiet night ahead.

Around the end of 3rd quarter, I stood up to get a soda from the refrigerator. I had grown tired of the movie scandals and needed to find some silence for a few minutes. Walking down the short hallway towards the kitchen, I flipped the light switch and cleared my throat as I pulled open the refrigerator door.

Hearing the girls giggle from the other room, I cracked open the soda can and took a long sip. I stared at the photographs on the freezer and I smiled.

My wife was the type that loved to be at home, comfy in her pajamas, surrounded by our four kittens. She always seemed to be the happiest curled up under a blanket with a chick-flick on the tube. We’d known each other for many years before we married, and enjoyed a fantastic sex life. We’d gotten frisky nearly everywhere a couple could, including some places that weren’t exactly “legal”.

It was always a random thing, a gentle touch or a kiss on the ear, that would lead to our quickie-fun. Whenever it happened, we always felt invigorated and she would have a glow about her that made me love her even more. She would be a good mother someday, and took care of me. I thought about our honeymoon, and the rumpled sheets we left behind. I laughed to myself.

Sarah was athletic looking, about 5′ 7″ with a nice set of 36 C’s and a tight, tapered waist that flared into hips that could make a blind man hard. Her butt was bigger, but firm and she accented it by wearing tight workout pants that showed off her figure, and usually, her panties.

Every so often I’d catch her without underwear, and I’d swiftly slide my hand inside the elastic waistband to lightly grab her beautiful ass. She would laugh and smack me with her hand, but not before closing her eyes and pushing back against my palm for a moment. I found her to be gracefully attractive, the curve of her breasts and the nape of her neck. Her skin was soft and warm, and seemed to radiate out a natural scent that always drove me crazy.

She would often wear low-cut sweaters that would show off her ample cleavage, although never enough to have me worry that she’d be trying to impress another guy at work or something. She was an angel, and a sexual dynamo, especially during quickies…

After glancing at the pictures on the freezer, I pulled kartal escort open the door to look for something to snack on. Finding nothing but frozen TV dinners, I leaned in and reached to the back shelf where I had hidden my Hershey’s chocolate bar. Sarah always said it was silly to freeze them; “they never taste the same after you freeze them” she would say.

Chuckling, I grabbed the candy bar and suddenly felt a hand reach around the right side of my stomach. It grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me around. I spun around quickly, candy bar in hand, and found Sarah staring at me.

“What the hell?” I asked loudly, surprised at her actions.

She shoved a finger to my lips and told me to be quiet. “We have only a few minutes…”

Sarah was wearing a tight white tank top with spaghetti straps and no bra. I knew because of the way they moved when she walked, and in the excitement, her nipples had grown hard and were pushing through the thin fabric.

She wore light blue gym shorts, nearly see-through, and I noticed a dark pink pair of panties earlier when she leaned over to feed the kittens their evening meal. My eyes shot down the hall to where Ashley was sitting and picking up my confusion.

Sarah said, “she stepped outside for a smoke, we’ve got to hurry”.

I squinted at my wife as she bit her lower lip and smiled. I noticed a twinkle in her eye and I knew that she had been planning this for a while. With her sister outside for a few minutes, I knew we could have some fun and be safe from Ashley’s prying eyes. My cock began to strain against my jeans and my endorphins raged.

Sarah glanced at the buldge pushing against my pants and said, “I was thinking maybe you could … get me a soda?”.

Smiling wide, I put my right hand around her waist and pulled her close so my belt buckle was pressing against her stomach. “Coke or Pepsi?” I said deviously as I leaned into her face and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as I felt her tongue poke at my mine.

I slipped my tongue in her mouth and slid my hands down the back of the gym shorts, underneath her panties and grabbed her ass. She moaned into my mouth as her hands wandered around my hips and scratched her nails down my back. Working quickly, I pulled my hands from her butt and raised them to her breasts. Her eyes closed and she moved her hands to the front of my pants. Fumbling for a second, she looked down as she unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down.

“Oh my god, it’s so hard, so fast…” she said as she stroked my erection through my cotton briefs. My dick made my boxers look like a tent and she stroked it through the cotton. She trailed off as my hand reached over her top and pulled out a gorgeous breast. The nipple was very hard and the areola was dark and tight. I pinched the nipple as she shuttered and I kissed her neck just behind the ear.

“I want this in me, I want your meat in me” she whispered, looking longingly into my eyes.

I leaned over and took the breast in my mouth. My wet lips opened just enough to take the nipple in my mouth and I used my hands to caress her back, lifting the shirt over my hands and pushing her backwards slowly to the sink.

Releasing the nipple from my mouth, I dove in for another kiss, and this time she released my member and grabbed my face with both hands. She was ravenous with lust and maltepe escort bayan my dick pushed hard against her tight tummy. I glanced at the clock on the microwave, which read “10:07”.

Four minutes had passed, and I knew we’d have to hurry.

Sarah was standing next to the sink, which was waist high. I knew I needed some relief and dropped my boxers to the floor, along with my jeans and belt. There were no windows in the small kitchen, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing me in my naked state. My cock was very large and red, and it jumped to attention- aiming right at my wife’s snatch.

I put my hands on her hips, and in one motion lifted her up onto the countertop. She giggled and winked at me, kissing me hard on the lips again. Sarah had too looked at the clock and removed her tank top on one motion, throwing it to the floor. Her skirt was hiked up against her creamy thighs as she spread her legs with her hands. I could smell her fragrance and I grew intoxicated with her. Every inch of her begged to be touched, licked, kissed, fondled.

I moved closer to her, seeing her panties growing dark with wetness. She pulled open her legs with her hands and her skirt slid up to her hips.

Her underwear was very tight and I could see the outline of her lips, and the moisture seeping around the cloth. She pulled me tight to her by my shirt and begged me to taste her. I inhaled a deep breath and began to kiss her neck, her shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, collarbone, chest, breasts, tummy, and as she moved her legs open, her inner thigh.

She jumped at the sensation and whispered “Hey! That tickles! Quickly, Fuck me deep!”.

I pulled the soaked underwear to the side using my fingers and slipped a finger in. She was tight and wet, yet she sucked my finger in to the knuckle by contracting her tight muscles.

She moaned loudly as I slipped another finger in, this time picking up speed as I watched her head roll back and her eyes closed. My fingers pistoned in and out, my breath cooling her hot pussy, and she grabbed my hair as her whole body tightened. She contracted around my fingers, and pulsed as her cum covered my hand and leaked down her thighs. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her breaths quickened.

With one hand on my hair, she shoved my face into her snatch, with my nose slipping into her dripping cunt. I inhaled her smell and instantly became as hard as I could be. Her cum covered my face as I lapped up the folds and flickered my tongue on her clit. It had become engorged and stood out like a pinhead.

My tongue flickered over her button and I sucked hard on her clit which sent her over the edge. She buckled wildly and dug her nails into my neck as I smiled and continued licking her wet slit.

She massaged my shoulders and ran her hands through my hair as I reached up with my hands and fondled her warm breasts. Her nipples had become even harder and I pinched them as I gently bit down on her clit.

She gasped and hissed at me, “10:10, hurry, HURRY!”

I knew time was running out and if I was going to get off, it would have to be now. Realizing that our time together would soon come to an end, Sarah pushed herself to the edge of the countertop as I stood up. I smeared her cummy slit with my palm and rubbed it on my shaft. She grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled me close to her face. “I want escort pendik that thing in me, I want to feel your steamy spunk fill me up, I want it to leak out all over the floor, I want you to fuck me, I’m your little WHORE!”

Her eyes had grown wild and my cock was engorged with lust. I wanted her just as much as she wanted me.

My cock ached with passion and was as big as ever. With that, I slammed all 8 inches into her tight pussy and was met with a gasp and a yelp. My head slid in and out, running the full length, each time her legs tightened behind my wait and she growled with desire.

Beads of sweat formed on our skin as we bumped against each other. I knew she was getting close and began to slow down my hips. Her gasps got louder as she struggled to breathe. I held her close to me with my left hand and with my right, reached between our legs and pushed on her enormous clit with my thumb. She thrashed around on the counter, her hips driving into mine as she shook into my chest.

I muffled her screams with my hand as I rocketed in and out, feeling her walls expand and her cum sliding around me. My thighs slapped against hers with a sticky-sounding slap and she rocked back and forth, one hand on my shirt and the other on my shoulder. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper. I pushed, hard, hard, hard until I felt the end of her cervix press against me. In the excitement, I knew I’d release soon.

“I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna” I managed to say.

She bit my earlobe hard and growled “Fill up my wet pussy with your hot cum, I want it, – I need it!”

Her words sent me over the edge. Ropes of cum shot into her waiting snatch at the same time her second orgasm rolled through her. Her pussy pulsed around my cock, sending me higher and higher into a state of ecstasy.

Her own juices gushed around my dick and out of her, puddling on the countertop below us. I gasped for air, and took her exposed breasts in my mouth and hands. She ran her fingertips through my hair and moaned as we came down off of our highs. My cock slowly shrank inside of her, and I knew we were out of time.

I slowly pulled out of her as she released her legs from around my waist. As my cock slid out of her with a loud “pop!”, white cords of cum slid out too onto the floor. Our juices had mixed together and there was an aroma that filled the air. I knew we couldn’t hide it from Ashley, but something about that turned me on more…

Sarah smiled and caught her breathing. She ran her hands over her thighs and slipped a finger into her messy cooch. She dipped it in the puddle left on the counter and brought it to her lips. She giggled and said it tastes like me. I leaned in to kiss her and she shoved her cum-covered tongue into mine. I tasted myself on my tongue and knew that next time, I would lick mine from her folds.

We heard the screen door open and slam shut, and the sound of Ashley on the phone. She sat down on the couch and turned the TV up, chatting away with an unknown guy. Sarah picked up her top and slid into it, adjusting her boobs and trying to fix her messy hair as best that she could.

She pulled her skirt down and pressed the folds flat, then reaching down, she stepped out of her underwear. Sarah took the panties and balled them up, and after hooking her finger around my belt loop, pulled me close to her. She put them in my front pocket and patted my cock through my jeans.

She reached around my chest and picked up the can of soda. “Thanks for the Coke” she said with that twinkle in her eye. It’d been only seven minutes but I knew it would be an fun-filled evening after all…

– Goldie97

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