Sensual Massage

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You step out of the shower, your skin glistening and wet and she is standing there, towel in hand to help you dry off. She wears a short silk robe and a smile as she moves slowly towards you, her bare feet padding on the floor, mopping up small splashes of water that have escaped to jewel the wood.

She starts by drying your shoulders, arms and hands, slow strokes of the towel soft against your skin as she rubs you gently, a slight pressure on one shoulder turning you so that you face away from her, the strokes of the towel moving across your neck, your shoulder blades, down your spine, sending an erotic tingle into your core. You feel yourself start to rise then, the blood starting to slowly engorge you as she continues to dry you, moving to the small of your back, down, your waist being caressed by her hands under the towel, and then moving lower still.

The feel of her hands covered in the soft material increases your arousal as you stand there being slowly, tantalisingly, caressed and dried. She moves lower still, her hands fondling your buttocks as she dries them, sliding over their firmness and moving to your thighs. She does each leg in turn, starting at the top and working down, the towel lightly brushing your balls as she dries between your legs, each foot being dried carefully so as not to tickle.

She has crouched behind you as she has been drying your legs, and now she turns you with a gentle pressure, kneeling on the floor as you turn to face her, your fully erect prick bobbing with your movement, your balls tightening as your arousal heightens, her gaze on your hardness showing her desire for you and making you want to push her to the floor and thrust into her right then and there. She can see this going through your mind as she dries your shins, your thighs, your hips, the fluff of the towel stroking your balls again as she dries around them.

Leaning towards you as she dries you, she blows gently on your balls, setting up a delicious ripple of movement as the skin puckers at the chill of her breath on your moist flesh, your prick twitching at her closeness brushes her cheek as she leans in towards you sending shivers up your spine. She pulls away, kissing the tip of your hardness and you want her to take you in her mouth, but she moves away, continuing to dry you.

Slowly she eases herself from her kneeling position, leaning in towards you as she stands, letting you drink in the soft, sweet smell of her, the hint of muskiness indicating that she is not unmoved by the feel and sight of you as you stand there naked, erect, desirous of her body. She dries your torso, standing closer, her hot breath on the skin of your chest hardening your nipples as she caresses the towel over your near-dry skin, the heat of your lust evaporating the moisture.

When you are completely dry, she wraps another, dry towel round your waist, tucking it in with practiced fingers and leads you out of the bathroom to the bedroom she has prepared while you were in the shower.

Candles crowd on the surface of the dresser, their faint flickering light giving the room a sensual feel, more candles adding to the light floating in a bowl of rose petals sitting on the bedside table. A bottle of sweet oil catches their light as it flickers through its yellow-tinted contents. Crystals dangle on fine threads above the candles, spinning slowly and throwing prisms of light around the room in an unending dance of light and she leads you through this shrine to sensuality and lays you on the bed, covered by a soft, white fleece throw.

She bids you lie on your front, your head resting on your hands as she slides herself onto the bed, moving to kneel beside your prone body, your head facing away from her. You feel the slide of silk against your skin as she slowly leans over you to caress your skin with her hands, the feel of her flesh on yours sending an electric tingle through all your nerves. You shift your hips to ease the pressure against your hardness as it stirs kartal escort under you and feel the material of the towel you are still wrapped in brush against the swollen glans eliciting another tingle of pleasure. She notices your slight discomfort and moves to release the towel from round you, easing it out from under you, but leaving it draped over your buttocks. The fleece is softer against your skin, caressing you as you settle onto it, as she caresses your back with her soft hands.

Her hands stop their stroking and she moves to the bedside table, removing the stopper from the bottle of oil and pouring some into the cup of her hand. Replacing the bottle, she rubs her hands together, slicking them both with oil, then moves to the foot of the bed. She picks up one of your feet, massaging it gently, oiling it, then increasing the pressure of her hands to ease all the muscles. She works on both feet, changing when one is done, and repeating her ministrations on the other. She moves slowly, sliding up your calves, re-oiling her hands when they need it, pressing the flesh under her stiff fingers, moving up each leg in turn, over the calves, caressing the backs of your knees, kneading your thighs then splaying her fingers over them. She does each leg in turn, then goes back to your ankles and works one hand up each leg, in long strokes, standing behind you to give even pressure.

Her hands grip your legs, a gentle grip as she works over your thighs, her thumbs touching as she runs them up your thighs, right to the top, under the towel, thumbs following the crease between your legs and your buttocks, sliding into the gap you create as you part your legs. The tips brush against your balls, a light touch that is swiftly removed as she slides her thumbs back along the crease. She drags her hands smoothly all the way back down to your ankles, then moves onto the bed, crawling up the length of your legs, hers on either side of yours, her silk robe dragging delicious coolness over your skin.

She puts more oil on her hands as she moves to sit astride you, sitting astride your hips, her thighs squeezing you as she leans to rub her hands over you in long strokes, oiling your whole back and neck before her hands start pressing into your flesh, kneading at your muscles, working down your spine and sending shivers through you. Her movement as she rubs the oil into you makes you move against your hardness as it lies against your belly, trapped by your weight and hers, the core of it moving under the skin, teasing you. She works slowly, sensuously, massaging you, teasing you until she has finished with your back and neck.

Slowly, she moves her weight off you, and motions you to turn over, holding the towel over you as you turn, placing it gently back over your hardness as she moves to sit astride you again, your hardness pressing into her through the towel. Her movements continue as slowly and sensuously as before, although you can see her nipples stiffen through the thin film of her robe as she feels your prick pushing against her. She slicks your chest with oil, her movement rocking her hips on top of you and you want the material not to be there so you could push yourself inside her.

Her hands move across your chest, massaging, the movement of her hips teasing, and you watch her as she moves, the front of her robe open to her navel covering her breasts but allowing your eyes to hungrily move over the flesh between them. She knows where you are looking and moves her hands to flick gently at your nipples with her thumbs, sending a tingling deep inside you. You move your hands to her thighs, sliding them over the silk, pushing it aside to put your hot hands on her skin. The silk falls away from her skin, sliding easily, widening the gap at the front and leaving her only covered by the silk tie, hanging in front and obscuring her slit from view. She sits upright, her weight grinding you into her, the towel preventing you from feeling her skin against yours.

She maltepe escort bayan drags her hands back down to your stomach as she sits up, the pressure lessening as she lifts her hands so only her fingers trail over you, round your belly button and sending a fluttering through your stomach at her touch. You grip her thighs tighter, but not too tight as her fingers stray down to the edge of the towel and you move your thumbs in towards the centre. She moves her thumbs under the edge of the towel, sliding them down into the rough hair, down either side of your swollen prick, easing her weight off you to allow her hands passage. Her thumbs press into your skin, tangling in your hair as the fingers tease along the edge of it, neither hand touching your hardness, teasing you with their closeness.

With her weight off you, she moves further down, easing herself back to sit on the tops of your thighs, the slight pressure of her felt through the towel by your balls as they rest against her. Your hands continue to stroke at her thighs, thumbs going closer to her core as she eases the towel off you, lifting her weight once more to slide it all the way off, your hardness revealed to her. She moves back into position on you, your balls now resting on the sash of her robe as it hangs between her legs and you move it out of the way, feeling her wetness kiss against you. You can see her nipples harden more, pressing against the prison of silk they are held behind, and you reach to the sash of her robe once more, untying it and opening her up to full view.

She moves her hands once more, sliding them through your rough hair till they meet around your swollen prick, wrapping around it, sliding over the soft skin, exploring the feeling of moving the skin over your hard core of lust. Your thumbs move in once more, unhindered by the silk, your fingers straying over the soft skin of her thighs as you slide your thumbs in towards her. She leans back slightly, and you see her wetness, slick and shiny, her desire for you evident. She slides herself back up your legs till her thighs rest on your hips once more, her hot core pushing against the base of your hardness, her hands pressing you against her as she uses the flat of her hands to stroke you against her, moving her hips to rub herself on you, her clit sliding over you and feeling like a hot bud against you. You press your thumbs past your hardness, past her smooth skin to feel the wetness that is slicking your balls as she moves against them.

A slight moan escapes her lips as she writhes on you, moving herself to allow you access to her desire, and you accept the invitation, pressing into her, sliding in, your thumb feeling the heat of her, the muscles clamping round you as her hands grip you in response, pulling you away from her clit and into the embrace of her hands. She strokes your hardness, her hands travelling along your whole length, fingers rubbing over the rim, sliding on your pre-cum over the head, then easing down again, trailing your moistness down with her fingers. You move your other hand from where it is resting to cup one of her breasts, the feel of your hand on her there making her arch her back, pushing herself against your hand and you tease her hard nipple between your finger and thumb, as you slide your other thumb out of her wetness, then back in.

She sits upright again, straightening her back and looking you in the eye as she starts to bend forward. You have to remove your thumb from inside her and you move to cup her other breast, but she catches your hand as it moves, her fingers wrapping round your wrist and guiding your thumb to her mouth, her lips parting to take your thumb between them, her tongue snaking out to lick at her juices on it, then sliding your thumb between her lips, your fingers caressing her cheeks as she sucks your thumb, licking at it inside her mouth while her other hand strokes you.

Releasing your thumb, she bends further towards you, easing escort pendik herself up so her wetness slicks the base of your prick and she bends to kiss you. Your tongues meet and you taste the sweetness of her wetness on hers as they twine round each other in a dance of lust. Your hands move to ease the silk from her shoulders and she releases your hardness from her fingers to slide her arms out, moving her wetness to take their place, folding the petals of those soft, sweet lips around you, kissing your prick, sliding over it as your mouths sate their hunger for one another. Her hands go to your chest, teasing your nipples and you return the favour, taking the swollen tips between your fingers, squeezing gently.

She slides herself further up your length, trailing her wetness across your hardness till you feel the head of your prick brush past her hot little clit and in towards her wet, waiting desire. She holds you there, right at the entrance to her core, savouring the feeling of your hot flesh pressed against her own, pulsing and twitching as your arousal deepens, almost alive. You want to be in her right then, that instant, but she teases you by rubbing against you, sliding you over the entrance and not letting you push into her.

Almost suddenly, in one fluid movement, she moves her hips, sliding herself over you, around you and you feel yourself enter her, muscles tightening round you as she slides herself onto the full length of you, only stopping when you feel your head reach her limits and she is fully against you, her clit buried in the hair at the base of your prick. You want to stay there for a moment, savouring the feeling of being inside her, but she slides herself up your length again till you nearly come out, pausing before sliding you in to the hilt again. She breaks the kiss and sits upright on you once more, rocking against you, rubbing her clit on the root of your desire, flicking the head with the other small nub of flesh deep within her core.

The sensation is delicious and you want more and so does she as she continues to grind herself against you, her passions rising. You can feel her want to orgasm, the tightening of her round you gripping you, squeezing your hardness, but she stops grinding and starts to slide up and down you, the change of movement making her imminent orgasm abate until she is ready for it. She slides to your tip, then engulfs you again, muscles tugging on the flesh as you are driven deep into her, your hips rising to meet her, thrusting yourself inside her. Your deep thrusting into her awakens a depth of lust you never thought possible, the sensuous massage heightening all your senses towards this point, making you desire her, want her, need her and your need is translated into your thrusts, your hands moving to her hips to pull her onto you with every thrust, relaxing as she slides off only to pull her onto you once more.

You feel yourself become harder inside her, lengthening, thickening as your orgasm approaches. She feels it too and starts grinding against you once more, rubbing her clit against you outside, rubbing that other nub of flesh on the head of your swollen prick inside her. You feel her rapidly approaching orgasm as she begins to grind faster, gripping your thickness tighter inside her as you feel yourself want to come, the hot juices rising through the core of your prick almost tantalisingly slowly, then faster as you feel your nerves all start to tingle, exploding deep within her with one final thrust, her orgasm coming moments later as she feels your desire pour into her, your prick twitching as it releases its cargo of lust deep within her pulsating core.

As your orgasms subside, she sinks slowly to your chest, your lips meeting in a satisfied kiss, soft, with no urgency about it now, just a mute way of telling her how good you feel, how much she has sated your lusts, quelled the fires deep within you. For now you just want to lie there with her wrapped around you, the candles still bathing you both in that sensuous glow, glistening off your slicked skins, both of you knowing that this is just the start, there is more to come, and you will satisfy each other till after the last candle has guttered out, your passion needing no light to kindle it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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