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Her eyes were closed but she was there, very there, feeling all the sensations of the moment. She lay on the quilt she had spread on the living room floor in front of the stereo. Music drifted over her and around her, around them. Her glass of wine sat untouched on the coffee table amongst the candles burning there. The stick of incense sent shivering smoke into the room, casting its almost magic smell. Smells. Sounds. And his touch. All the sensations.

He sat astride her as she lay on her stomach. His hands were covered with oil and working on her shoulders. A hint of eucalyptus came from his hands, mixing well with everything else. She was naked; so was he. The feel of his cock on her lower back and ass fed the moment with an erotic electricity, but it didn’t dominate, it complimented the feel of his hands and all the other elements of the moment.

And she felt them all, each element, experienced them all, every one of them.

His hands casino oyna moved with strength and confidence, finding the right spots, working on the right muscles, the right connections. He worked from her shoulders down each arm to her hands, between her fingers, over her palms, and back up to her neck before moving on. He used his palms to work on the groove of her spine, moving himself down her body first, sitting lower, now almost astride her upper thighs, his cock touching her almost teasingly between her legs, near but not quite to her pussy. His hands worked together, moving, pressing, rubbing.

He moved further down, spreading her legs so he could kneel between her knees, working on the backs of each leg, down to her calves, down to her feet. His thumbs pressed into the balls of her feet, her arches, between her toes, never stopping, never dwelling in one spot, always finding new places to touch, to work, to please her.

She was exposed to canlı casino him, she knew, her legs spread, her pussy open to his view. And he was watching her, she also knew. She could feel his eyes, taking her in, all of her. The thought of him looking appealed to her, it excited her to give herself to him that way, letting him see her without any hesitation or question.

Finally his hands began to work back up her legs, one hand on each leg, moving upward, still working but moving to the last place to be taken care of, her ass, the last stop on all of his massages. His hands took her ass and began to work, pressing, massaging, working in circles before pressing again, working the muscles there but also teasing her in a special way. Her pussy was opening and closing as he worked her ass. His hands spread her and opened her and let her close. She could feel the wet partings of her pussy, the lingering releases that came with each pull of his hands. Again, kaçak casino she knew he was watching, knew he was enjoying the look of her swollen, slick lips, knew he was excited by the yawning pucker of her ass as it changed it shape and moved with his hands.

His hands drew away from her and she waited, knowing. First one hand touched her, pulling back one cheek, then she felt it, the blunt tapered tip of the butt plug, their new toy. The slick tip pressed against her ass gently, serving notice almost before beginning its slide inside her. The butt plug was small, but large enough, its slick surface was warmed by his hands and the oil. It slide inside her easily, smoothly, until she felt the ring of her ass fall over the crest, her muscle ring coming to rest on the smaller hilt of the plug. The flat end of the plug was pressed against her ass cheeks. She had it all. And it would stay in place as long as she wanted.

She felt him lean back to look at her. The feel of his eyes on her was almost as strong as his hands.

“Oh, God,” she murmured before thinking.

He reached for his wineglass and took a sip, but she didn’t see. Her eyes were still closed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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