Seduced by Boss

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This story is based on a true narrative of a good friend and sex companion of mine. When I revealed to her that I was contributing to Literotica, she was keen that I should pen her biography, starting from her first experience, when she was seduced by her then boss. She has her own profile at sexydesilady on Literotica. She would love to hear from Literotica members about how they felt about her sexperiences.

There are some Hindi words used, but the meaning would be apparent from the context to English readers.


After graduating in Business, with a major in Human Resources, I was selected in a campus interview as HR Trainee with a major BPO company headquartered in Bangalore. The company was servicing a wide range of clientele, from the UK, USA, and Europe.

At the threshold of my career, it helped me immensely to land a job in Bangalore with a good pay packet. All of 21 years, 5ft 7 inches, and a great 34C-26-36 body, and with good grades to boot, it was easy for me to make an impression on the positions I had applied for. I looked forward to the future, which held a lot of promise. For a small-town girl from an agrarian family, this was truly a dream come true.

Early days after joining were spent in orientation, various process managers would conduct day-long sessions on how work was carried out. It was almost like college days, most of the fresh recruits were serious about their work. I, as usual, maintained my carefree and sometimes careless attitude. After training, there was a lull for a few days. My section manager, who I was to report to, asked me to come to his cabin.

I knocked and entered his cabin, a bit apprehensively. I was dressed in a sober salwar suit, with very light makeup. He was the same person, Mr. Ram SIngh, who had interviewed me in the final round. He had given me a light hug while handing over the appointment letter.

At that time I had not given it a second thought, as I was a free and flirty person all through my college days. I did recollect his hard toned muscles and his smooth charm during that occasion. He seemed to be about 50-ish, with slight greying around the temples, giving him a very distinguished look. My placement officer had told me that he was highly qualified, with degrees from IIT and IIM. He had also worked in the US for about 20 years, before joining the company a few months back, she explained.

He asked me to sit down, with a disapproving look. Anything wrong sir, I queried, nervously. Yes, he replied, you are not coming to work in our company dress code, and I notice that you are spending a lot of time in the canteen, besides coming late.

Now I was scared, Sir, maine dresses silwane ke liye di thi, lekin tailor ne late kiya.

You have to talk only in English, in the office, my dear Anjali, he rebuked.

Yes, Sir, I will take care. I had given the dresses for stitching, but the tailor had delayed.

He gave me a pleasant look, and said, I look forward to seeing you in the dress code of skirt and blouse or trousers and shirt. It’s your choice. You may leave now. With that he dismissed me.

I walked back to my desk, pink with embarrassment at having made my boss displeased within a few days of my joining.

Luckily for me, the dresses I had ordered were delivered the same evening, so I planned to give him a good surprise the next day. I had made an appointment with the local beauty parlor near my flat, and I got eyebrows and nails done there along with a light facial. I woke up early and took a nice long shower to feel fresh.

During the shower, I ran my fingers over my womanhood, today, my fingers lingered longer. I wanted them to. I did not want to leave it at that. I laid down on the bathroom floor. Cuddling one breast with one hand and pinching my love knob with a finger, then alternating the hands, all the while under a flow of water, I raised myself to the levels of high ecstasy and brought myself to an explosive orgasm. I arched my back against the wall and felt wave after wave of stimulating energy charging me for my first real big day with my boss. It felt heavenly as if I was under a waterfall. Fully refreshed, I dried myself and came out nude to dress.

The skirt was a deep blue, the company color and the blouse, a nice soft cotton one. I had taken care to select the better quality material and was pleased with the result. I selected my newest bra and panty set, deep purple in color, which I had purchased from Zivame. I dried myself and set my hair with a wet look.

I dressed carefully and with great attention to detail. The tailor was good and he had cut the blouse and skirt very well, to accentuate and show off my 34C-26-36 figure to it’s best. Putting on a light lipstick, I looked at myself in the mirror and was very pleasantly surprised, to see the final result. Let’s see your reaction today, Mr. Ram Singh, I thought to myself. Your cock will go hard today, I naughtily added to myself.

On the way to the office, I was already turning heads. I reached the office before time, and as escort bostancı I was walking towards my desk, I noticed that my boss had already come in. Our eyes met, and he gave a big smile and beckoned me into his cabin. Hi Anjali, you look fantastic today. Please sit down. Swaying my hips sexily, I walked in. He was dressed nattily as ever, in a crisp white shirt, with a casual tie, his jacket hanging on the coat rack, behind him. Thank you, sir, I replied, with more confidence. Your tie is very nice. No need for sir, you may call me Ram, he countered, and thanks for the compliment.

By the way, Anjali, he continued, I would need a special assistant to help me with my work. I had spoken to the HR Director, and she gave me the go-ahead to select you, as you are a fresher. My heart leaped, it would be a fantastic opportunity to prove my worth to my boss.

I was to work at the desk directly opposite his cabin. My work consisted largely of managing his calendar and meetings, keep files on existing and prospective clients, and I was also made to take notes during internal review meetings and prepare typed minutes for his reading. I was also to fix arrangements for his dinners with clients. These also included making stay arrangements for overseas guests at five-star hotels.

In the beginning, he was very cooperative. He gave me his personal mobile number and used to message me frequently with jokes and funny stuff.

On occasion, he would ask me to accompany him to dinner with clients. He introduced me to many new items of food from all over the world. He invited me to join him for a drink. I was unsure of my reply. I have never touched it before, I declined in a blurt. I was lying of course, because we used to party hard during college days, and beer, wine, and the occasional vodka were known well to me.

I will order a light cocktail for you, there is always a first time, he spoke with a smile. Ok, Sir, I replied with as much a straight face as I could. I was sure that he knew more about me than I knew about him, the way his eyes were on me. Ok, Ram, he whispered into my ear. I swear I felt his tongue, in my ear. I was stunned and started to blush. He smartly turned his attentions to the guests and started conversing with them about the upcoming contract renewal and details about it.

Ram used to drive a posh Mercedes, with tinted glasses. No one could see anything from outside. He would take me along to the meetings and dinners in his car. Quite a few times, while changing gears, he would let a hand slide over my thighs. I used to feel very different when he did that, there would be a flush of warmth over my body, and it was a nice feeling. At the same time, my natural shyness used to overtake me.

Sometimes my panties would get wet, and the scent of pussy juices would waft over. I could not protest his seemingly innocent actions. As the days passed, we got closer and topics of personal nature entered our conversations. I was quite pleased with his attention, and I could make out the jealous glances of my female office mates.

We would converse on general topics initially. I was the chatterbox, told him of my mofussil background, Hindi medium schooling, then Secondary School in English. One day, when I had run out of anything to talk about, I picked up the courage to ask about his family.

Curious busybody, aren’t you, dear Anju, he replied with a smile. We had just reached the destination, and the topic died there. I got my answer soon enough.

A few days later, on another commute, while waiting at a red light, he placed his hand on my right thigh and squeezing it gently, softly said, I have been divorced for 10 years now.

The jokes and cartoons, that he sent earlier, slowly turned to become more of an adult nature differing from the general variety that he had been sending earlier.

One late evening, when our floor was empty but for us two, he called me to his cabin., wanting to show me something on his computer screen. As I leaned over, he touched my boobs and tried to kiss me.

I was overcome with shame and ran out of his cabin. Picking up my handbag, I dashed out of the office quickly and went home. I collapsed on the bed, my heart pounding and confusion reigning in my mind. One half was telling me that I did right because he was a married guy, mild flirting was tolerable, but not beyond that. The other half told me that I blew a good chance to improve my career.

For the next few days, I stopped entering his cabin. He started to get irritated with my work and point out silly mistakes in my spreadsheets, which he used to correct himself earlier. One day he threw a file on my face! I was in quite a fearful state, and more so, because he was a well-respected person and no one would believe my story.

With my mental peace shattered, I started making more and more mistakes. One day, it came to pass, that if I did not do anything about it, I would certainly be losing my job. That evening I waited late, till the office emptied itself, and went to meet him.

Ram sir, I am sorry, please forgive my mistake. ümraniye escort He gave a broad smile. Sit down, won’t you, I just need to finish this email. In a few minutes, he came behind my chair, and gently squeezed my boobs, all the time, standing. I did not resist, I was ready for him.

Good girl, he murmured.

I had to surrender myself completely to Ram’s mercies. He smothered my face with tender kisses. My face was upturned and he met my lips with his and gently probed with his tongue. I opened up my mouth and our tongues licked each other. Trying to clasp each other like writhing snakes in heat. He continued smooching my lips and cheeks and forehead for another few minutes and released me with a deep sigh. It was the first time I was in the hands of an experienced 50 year young lover.

The next days went by in a familiar pattern. I showed up to work early and go late to catch a few precious extra moments with my newfound lover. On some occasions, Ram would drop me off at my flat, but it stayed at that. He never offered to come upstairs or anything.

It was on a Friday, that he suggested that we had a dinner appointment and that I make reservations at the best Chinese restaurant in town. I selected “The Pavilion”, a rooftop establishment with a great night time view. We left the office together around 7:30 pm that day. He had indicated to me that the meeting was going to be quite significant and important.

All through the evening, he was very nice to me. I kept looking out for the expected clients, but no one came. He did not seem to be disturbed by the lack of the arrival of clients.

We ordered drinks and appetizers, and when he started to order the main course, I could not contain myself and asked him, Ram, should we not wait for our clients? There are no clients today, he smiled, I never mentioned that clients would be expected. I merely said this meeting was important, and that means important for you and me.

My heart went into a hypersonic mode. My cunt was leaking fluids freely. I quickly excused myself and went to the ladies’ room and put on the pad I carried, to prevent the juices from staining my skirt or the cloth upholstery of the upscale restaurant.

I calmed myself and realized that this was going to be a big day. Or more correctly, a big night. I fixed my makeup and adjusted my dress to make up for the wear and tear of the day. Joining him at the table, I found that the main course was being served. We ate in silence, as I could bring myself to speak anything.

As the restaurant was a rooftop one, we had to take the elevator all the way down to the lobby after dinner. The elevator door opened onto a floor with deluxe rooms and he stepped out. Ram, I called out, this is not the lobby. He turned back, winked and said, I know. Come on.

Opening the room door with the card key, he stepped in and held the door open for me. Oh god, I thought to myself, the CCTV cams must have spotted us. As I stepped in, he closed the door, and took me in his arms, and started stroking my bums through the dress. I was motionless, heart beating rapidly, and breaths coming deep and fast. A couple of minutes later, as I started to calm down, he held me away with my shoulders in his firm grasp. You are really beautiful, Anju, he spoke softly. Taking me by my elbow, he led me into a spacious suite with a balcony running outside.

There was a small package on the dressing table, and putting it in my hands, he pointed to the bathroom and asked me to go and change. I went inside and opened it, thinking that there would be some dress inside. What was inside was no dress but a sexy lingerie set, with stockings to match!

I was shocked to see the gift and understood that I was going to be screwed that night. I was in the bathroom for a bit of time, thinking about what would be my fate in the morning.

Izzat lutne wali hai, Anjali!

I was realizing that having come this far, I had no options. If I lost my job within a couple of months, I would be on the roads, searching for jobs. I wanted to stay in Bangalore, and it would be expensive to maintain even a month without a regular salary. To top it all, I was also drunk with 2-3 pegs of vodka.

Suddenly, an impatient knocking on the door broke my thoughts. There were some robes in the washroom, so I quickly wore one over my dress and came out.

Seeing me in the robe, Ram grinned and asked what was there to be shy about. We are here to have fun. Take the robe off, Anju baby! Coming closer to me, he tugged at the belt firmly, so much so that it fell off.

You seem to need more convincing, darling, I will make it easy for you, he said, holding me firmly, and kissing me.

He once again kissed me hard and squeezed my ass and this time I responded. Slowly I started kissing him back until we were both kissing each other and feeling each other’s bodies with our hands in a sexual frenzy that almost threatened to explode the very room. Our tongues were intertwined and licking each other vigorously as Ram pushed my skirt and panty down my legs and kartal escort bayan let them drop. His hands moved down to my bare ass as he began squeezing my butt cheeks hard and spreading them. Without any warning, he gave me two tight slaps on my bum. It stung and tears flowed. I kept quiet. The slaps were followed by gentle caressing, as he whispered into my ear, it will feel good, relax. It truly did, and my love nectar started to ooze below, under his tender ministrations.

Spreading my legs, he started probing my gaand and choot. He slipped a finger in between my ass cheeks and into my pussy. I was dripping wet and My cunt felt tight as he stuck about an inch into me and began rubbing the inside of my wet lower lips with his thumb. He then removed my finger and his hands moved up to my blouse and began opening it as the passionate kissing continued. I moved my hands to unbutton his shirt and feel his naked chest. He threw my shirt to the ground and undid my bra and let the straps slide off my shoulders and began grabbing my breasts like a possessed beast as I removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt and trousers to the floor. His mouth left mine and he began biting my breasts softly as he guided my hand down to his boxers and made me feel his engorged lowda.

Hey Bhagwan, it is so big!, thought I.

I kept moaning as his mouth moved to my left nipple and began sucking and nibbling on it as his other hand grabbed and pressed my right breast. I began squeezing his hard cock and moaning slightly as his mouth shifted its attention to the other nipple which he sucked hard and let his mouth glide outward while sucking my tit and letting it go with a gentle bite.

“Oh lord,” I whispered, “I could never imagine such pleasures existed …”. All variations of masturbation that I had tried, paled into nothing compared to doing it with a lover.

“You’ve never felt a dick before have you?” he asked as he continued groping my breast with one hand and ass with the other. He looked into my eyes and I was biting my lip. I shook my head, my eyes closed, enjoying the sensations that Ram was unfolding upon me.

“Take off my boxers and get on your knees on the floor,” he abruptly ordered. I complied as I slowly opened my eyes and looking at him all the while until I was in the position he demanded. The tears had given way to a look of lust in my eyes, which was the biggest turn on for Ram than any of the preceding events because it showed him that now I wanted him as badly as he wanted me.

“Now hold my cock in both your hands, slightly squeezing it with your left hand towards the tip and the right hand at the base and stroke it back and forth.” I did as I was commanded.

“Good. Now remove your left hand from the tip and cup my marbles with it and continue stroking my dick with the right,” I obeyed as Ram sat himself down on a chair with my face in the middle of his legs.

“Now open up wide and push my cock into your mouth down till your throat, until you feel your grip on your lips.” I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wide and lowered my neck until half of my boss’s cock was in my mouth.

“Now go up and down on it with both your mouth and hand and suck on it hard and gently squeeze my nuts with the other hand as you do this,” I followed his orders and began giving him the best head of his life. I looked up at him and lust was oozing out of my gaze as I sucked my boss up and down. I removed his dick from my mouth, licked the entire shaft side to side and back to front and then on his swollen cockhead which was throbbing and leaking pre-cum juices. I lapped them up and began deep throating his cock doing amazingly well to suppress my gag reaction for a first-timer. A few tears welled up in my eyes as I kept gagging on my boss’s dick but I didn’t let up, increasing my speed as I kept squeezing his nuts.

Ram felt his loins shudder as his throbbing member got ready to burst a dam of his semen deep in my gagging throat which was grasping the head of his penis in the back of my throat every time I gagged on it. Ram let go as a huge wave of euphoria swept through him and he emptied his nuts into my throat. I was surprised by the jolts of cum spurting down my throat and tried to back off but Ram grabbed my head and kept fucking my throat until his orgasm subsided and the last drops of his juices were emptied in my throat. I immediately pulled up, gasping for air, but didn’t have time as Ram lifted me by my shoulders and sat me down bare arsed on the work desk in the hotel room.

He pushed my back and climbed on top of my, kissing, nibbling and licking my neck, going down my collarbone and sucked each succulent nipple until it was a shade of blood-red. His mouth continued down south as his right hand groped my boobs and he drew little circles of saliva down my chest and onto my navel. Using the other hand he spread my pussy, exposing my throbbing and enlarged clit using his index and middle fingers as his thumb began pushing into my vaginal opening, rubbing the roof of it, right under the clit. His mouth moved further down onto my thighs, caressing, nibbling and sucking my creamy flesh as his other hand came down and he inserted a finger into my waiting, dripping choot. He tried to push in but couldn’t as he felt my hymen in the way as I gasped in a little bit of pain from the pressure applied by him on my virginity.

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