Secrets in the Night Pt. 01

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My name is Beryl and I am a happily married 50 year old sales lady. My husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life which recently became very spicy thanks to our 20 year old son David.

2 weeks ago my husband and I had just finished making love. As I made my way to the bathroom to clean up a rather large load of semen that had just been pumped inside me I came across something that would change my life and my son’s forever.

I could hear a faint moaning sound coming from his bedroom which is next to ours. The door was slightly open and being the curious mother that I am, I decided to have a peek. What I saw shocked me. My son was laying on his bed wearing my pink sheer baby doll, my beige lace top stockings and my white patent 5 inch pumps. His shaved cock was fully erect which he stroked with the black satin panties I had worn that very day. I froze on the spot, unable to comprehend what I was seeing. His eyes were closed as he massaged his glistening helmet with the gusset of my soiled knickers. I had to cover my mouth to hide my gasps as he began muttering softly. “Oh mummy, mummy I love you,” he groaned his voice trembling. “I want to lick you, I want to taste daddies hot cum from your wet pussy.” I was horrified at what I was witnessing yet I couldn’t move. His body began to convulse and spasm as his stroking became faster and faster. He reached for something on the bed and popped it into olgun porno his mouth. It was my butt plug. I nearly had a heart attack as he sucked on something that has regularly been inside my bottom. His moans were now muffled but I could tell he was enjoying the taste of my anus.

Suddenly he began to cum. The bed shook as did I as his semen soaked my panties. I was watching my own son orgasm yet still I couldn’t move. When he finally came down from what looked to be a powerful climax he slowly rubbed my cum soaked panties over his face. I couldn’t take any more and hurried to the shower.

Naturally I couldn’t sleep that night, or for several nights. My husband knew something was bothering me but I couldn’t tell him, how could I. I tried to go on like normal but simply couldn’t. I became isolated and distant from my husband and son and I didn’t know what to do about what I had seen and heard.

As the weeks went by I noticed the same baby doll, stockings and heels were regularly missing from my wardrobe. I also noticed that I seemed less troubled by what my son was up to. Maybe I was in denial I wasn’t sure but my sex drive was beginning to return which pleased my hubby. I thought I had dealt with things, wow was I wrong.

One night after we had made love I was laying in bed thinking. Hubby was fast asleep but I was wide awake and with good reason. For the playboy porno first time in our 27 years of marriage I had faked an orgasm and when hubby wanted to go a second time I found I could only cum when it was my son I imagined who was fucking me. Sex with hubby now seemed boring and the idea of having a taboo affair with my own son excited me. I know how wrong that is but I couldn’t escape what I know I wanted. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself how kinky it would be.

The next few days made me feel 20 years younger. My skirts became shorter, my heels higher and the top button of my blouse undone and all to get my son’s attention. I could feel his eyes undressing me as I went about my daily activities but it was the beige stockings and white pumps that made him blush the most. Standing at the kitchen sink I could feel his eyes on me from the next room. With my heart pounding I hitched up my skirt pretending to check my stocking tops. With no panties on, my round plump bottom was on full display for him. Hearing a small bump from the next room I grinned knowing what a treat he was getting. Swallowing hard and with my pussy beginning to tingle I turned toward him and walked over to the table. My freshly shaved pussy lips glistened as I picked up a pair of scissors pretending to snip off a thread from my stocking top. My hands were visibly shaking pornhub porno in excitement. Placing one leg up onto a chair I opened my thighs fully exposing my honey pot as I trimmed the imaginary thread. Next thing I know, my son is hurrying to his room. I wanted to follow him but resisted as I had other plans for him. Gently touching my slit I almost exploded on the spot. Tonight couldn’t come fast enough.

I looked over at the clock. It was 11 30. My heart raced furiously. Never before had I felt so nervous. Hubby was fast asleep, exhausted at having pumped an almighty load of cum inside me. He always cums the most when I dress up for him. Tonight I had put on the pink baby doll that my son often wears and had left on the beige stockings and white stilettos that I had teased him with earlier that day. I hadn’t seen him since this morning’s little show. I figured he had been in his room all day masturbating over me and I made sure to be a little more noisy than usual during sex so he could hear me.

Now I had to act and act fast before his father’s cum dribbled out of me. I gently stood up off the bed. My feet were tired and sore from being in 5 inch high heels all day and night but I knew it would be well worth it. Bending over, I gently inserted the butt plug into my rectum and tottered towards my son’s room. I swear the whole house could hear my heart beating. Approaching his room I could see the door slightly ajar. Peeking in, my son was under the covers but I could easily make out his hand pumping up and down. Squeezing my slippery thighs together I knew I was about to commit incest with my only son while his father slept just a few feet away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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