Secret Lives

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Stacy slumped in the corner of the back seat, staring aimlessly at the people walking in and out of the convenience store. She could care less who they were, or what they did, or why they were there. Her life was in shambles and they certainly didn’t care about her.

She glanced up at her father, Todd, who seemed lost in his own thoughts as he sat behind the steering wheel. He looked older to her for some reason. She had only heard bits and pieces of his conversations with her Mom about the uncertainty of his job. Stacy wasn’t used to being told ‘No’ when she asked for something. In the past year, she’d heard it a lot.

Nancy, her Mom, finally reappeared from inside the store. Stacy’s first thought was, ‘Wow, she looks heavy.’ Nancy was a fitness fanatic, but having to cancel her gym membership caused her to pay far less attention to her body. At forty two, she was still attractive. But not like what Stacy remembered.

The family was on its way to a short vacation at a nearby lake resort. The cabin they reserved certainly was not what they were used to: Caribbean cruises and European skiing vacations. For an eighteen year old girl, the cabin might as well have been a prison.

They drove the last hour mostly in silence. Stacy turned up her iPod to drown out the hum of the tires…and fell asleep.

She awoke when the car turned into the gravel driveway and hit the first pothole. Her parents were getting out while Stacy gathered her stuff and jammed it into her backpack. She hadn’t brought much, assuming she’d be outside most of the time.

Looking out at the less-than-elegant cabin convinced her she was right. It was a one story cottage with a porch along the entire front side, paint that was partially peeling off, and roof shingles covered with pine needles and twigs. At one time it must have been cute, she reasoned.

Stacy lagged behind after picking up her suitcase. Todd found the key in the mailbox and let the family in.

From where she stood behind her parents, the darkness of the cottage struck her as extraordinarily fitting. Even after Nancy flicked on the light, the dark wood interior and furnishings seemed intent on casting a gloom over everything.

“Well, it’s not Innsbruck, but it’s ours for a week,” Todd said with a tone of resignation.

The women didn’t respond, at least not verbally. Stacy quickly sought out the hallway leading to the bedrooms. She walked past the first bedroom, looking in just long enough to judge the size of it. When she got to the second bedroom and realized they were basically identical, she threw her suitcase on the bed. This room was closer to the bathroom. It would be hers.

Todd and Nancy remained in the living area of the cabin. The bulk of the space was taken up by the living room. A couple of couches, chairs, a large TV and fireplace made it a decent area. Attached to that, and up two steps, was a small kitchen and eating area. Nancy looked out the kitchen window to find a deck running along the back of the house. Beyond the small yard lie more cottages.

“This is fine,” Nancy finally said, opening cabinets as she spoke. “No bugs that I can find, yet. But no food, either. I’ll go into the town and get something.”

“Take your time,” Todd said. “We’re in no hurry. We’re on vacation, remember?”

Stacy was the only one in a hurry—cluttering up her room so she felt somewhat comfortable. Clothes were strewn on the bed waiting to be put into the small dresser. But it was mostly bathroom supplies that led to the untidiness. A blow dryer, brushes, and makeup were only the beginning of the pile. She hadn’t even unzipped her backpack yet.

Even in the perceived wasteland of a lake resort, Stacy would not disregard what she considered her greatest attribute: her beauty. Anybody who saw her flowing blonde hair, gorgeous face, firm breasts, tiny waist and long legs instantly fell in love. She oozed sex and she knew it. Stacy was selective in who she flirted with. But when she did, the poor guy never had a chance.

For the next week, it appeared, she would have to search far and wide for a ‘victim’. She resigned herself to the fact it probably wouldn’t happen.

Her parents had worked their way back to the other bedroom and Stacy could hear their voices as they put clothes away. Stacy was in the bathroom when she heard her Mom say, “I’m going for food. Back in a bit.”

Todd acknowledged her and Stacy walked back into her bedroom. She pulled off her jeans, intent on changing into shorts as the weather had turned unseasonably warm. She kept her t-shirt on and rummaged through clothes.

Stacy looked up to see her Dad at the bedroom door.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll come back,” he said when he saw Stacy.

“No. It’s OK. What do you need?” she said.

She stood with her t-shirt hanging to her midriff. Tiny, light blue panties barely covered her pussy.

“Just wanted to see how you were doing.”

Stacy saw his eyes scan her entire body before coming back up.

“I’m fine. I think this place will be OK, for a week,” Stacy said, grabbing latina fuck tour porno something off the bed and giving Todd a glance at the ass cheeks creeping out from under the back of her panties.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t go on a normal vacation, hon. But things are tough right now and your Mom and I can’t spend a whole lot of money until things settle down,” Todd said. “This isn’t what we wanted to do, either. But it’s better than nothing.”

“I know, Dad. There’s nothing you can do about the stupid economy,” Stacy said. “We’ll survive somehow.”

Todd smiled to himself at his daughter making it sound as if they were stranded in the Arctic or something. Then he realized he was staring at her as she moved around the room. He was staring at the nipples pressing against her shirt, and the space between her legs, and her tight ass.

“Let me know if you need anything,” he said, turning to leave.

“I will, Dad. Thanks.”

Stacy appreciated her Dad’s honesty and she felt a rare emotion for her—sympathy. What she had no way of knowing, however, was the change in her parents’ relationship due to the strain of the past year. Todd and Nancy had far more to worry about than each other and the tension caused their normal routine to be altered.

The lack of intimacy wore harder on Todd. A man with an unusually strong sex drive, he was beginning to feel the effect of prolonged abstinence. He hoped this week might invigorate Nancy. Only time would tell.

By the time Nancy arrived back with the food, it was nearly time to eat. Stacy had made preliminary investigations of the ‘neighborhood’, with more investigation to occur the next day as darkness settled in. The family ate and settled into the living room for the rest of the evening.

Stacy had to resort to playing on her cell phone in the absence of her computer, Wii, and PlayStation. It was going to be a long week, she decided.

Eventually, she made her way to her bedroom and laid on the bed in darkness, texting friends back in civilization. The sound of her parents heading for their bedroom barely caught her attention. But, a small stream of light coming from the wall adjoining the two rooms made her look up. It hadn’t been there before, she was convinced.

Stacy rolled out of bed and silently approached the source of the light. In the murkiness, she was able to determine that a hole or slit of some type allowed light from the other bedroom to pass through. With some hesitancy, she put her face near the wall. Her eyes focused.

Stacy saw her parents. Immediately she came to the conclusion that somebody had created the hole; although, she also considered the fact that maybe she watched too many movies and faulty construction was the explanation. In any case, she could plainly see her Mom pulling off her shirt.

Guilt was superseded by curiosity as Stacy watched her parents strip. Her Dad was in his boxers. Nancy wore a bra and panties. Stacy fought the urge to move away. But then Todd walked up behind Nancy and put his arms around her from behind.

They were talking, but Stacy couldn’t understand the words. Todd’s hands were moving up, onto Nancy’s breasts. He pulled her body back against his. Nancy put her hands around his wrists in apparent protest, but it didn’t prevent Todd from pulling the straps of the bra down her arms.

That was when Stacy saw it—the unmistakable bulge in the front of her father’s shorts. The erection was visible for only a second when Nancy tried to pull away from him. But Todd succeeded in pushing it against her ass one more time.

Stacy felt her pussy begin to react. Todd was kissing Nancy on the side of the neck, but she turned her head and struggled to free herself. Todd provided little resistance. Nancy faced him, a single hand holding her bra in place as they talked louder. The agonized looks on their faces was something Stacy was not used to. Still, she rubbed her clit as she stared at her father’s boxers.

There was no further physical contact between her parents; only words. Stacy walked back to her bed, stunned, and more than a little stimulated by what she saw.


Todd stood in front of the bathroom mirror shaving. A towel was wrapped around his waist. Abruptly, the door opened and Stacy began to walk in.

“Oops. Sorry,” she said, but didn’t turn to leave.

Todd looked at Stacy in her short robe. “I’ll only be a minute.”

She entered the bathroom and closed the door. “I guess we’re even now.”

“I guess so,” Todd said as Stacy moved behind him.

“Where’d Mom go?” Stacy asked.

“For a walk.”

Stacy slid open the opaque glass door to the shower and turned on the water. Todd watched her in the mirror as she reached to adjust the water temperature. When it was to her liking, she stood up with her back to him. Without saying a word, and much to her Dad’s surprise, Stacy loosened the belt around her robe. Todd couldn’t take his eyes off her image in the mirror as she slowly let the robe fall to the floor. At the same time, lezbiyen porno Stacy stepped into the shower and closed the door.

In that brief instant, Todd saw her beautiful, bare ass. And then he stared at the distorted view of her naked body under the water. He was done shaving and concerned about the throbbing he felt in his cock. Todd quickly washed off the excess shaving cream, took one last look in the mirror, and then left the room before his erection was obvious.

Once inside his bedroom and with the door closed, Todd put his hand around his cock, using the towel as a buffer. He stroked himself several times while thinking about Stacy walking into the shower, and the fuzzy outline of her body behind the glass. He was rock hard almost instantly and sexual frustration rose in him like a fever.

Todd threw the towel aside and angrily pulled out a pair of boxers. ‘Damn, I’m horny,’ he said to himself as he dressed.

Meanwhile, Stacy smiled as she finished washing her hair.

It was warm enough for the family to go swimming in the afternoon. Nancy wore a stylish one piece bathing suit that would have looked much better on her two or three years ago, Stacy thought. As usual, the teenager showed off her plentiful attributes with a white bikini. If any guys her age were at the lake, she was determined to attract their attention.

It did not surprise her, however, when the beach and surrounding area were totally void of anybody between the ages of twelve and forty. She settled in for an afternoon of napping, texting, and snacking.

At one point, with her mother in the lake and her father sitting next to her, Stacy said casually, “So, how are you and Mom doing?”

Todd looked at her with surprise. “How do you mean?”

“I mean, are you fighting or anything. It just seems like you guys aren’t having as much fun as you used to.”

Stacy knew exactly what she was saying, and had an image of the previous night in the bedroom clearly in her mind.

Todd stared out at the water. “We’re OK. Don’t worry about us. By next year everything should be good again.”

“I wish there was more I could do,” Stacy said, putting her chin in her hand as she lay on her side. Her breasts threatened to fall out of her bikini top, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by her father.

“Oh, this is not your problem, Stacy.”

She lightly ran her fingers down the side of her leg, just under the thin strap of her bikini bottom. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you in the shower this morning.”

“I don’t think embarrass is the right word. Surprise, maybe,” Todd said.

“You used to let me watch you shave and stuff. That was fun,” Stacy said.

“You were in grade school.”

“Do you let Mom watch?” Stacy asked with a distinctively playful voice. “Do you let her watch you when you’re not wearing a towel?”

He glared at her.

“Did you have sex last night?”

“Stacy!” he nearly shouted. Much more quietly he said, “Your Mom is under a lot of stress right now. She is…she’s not much in the mood lately.”

Momentary silence followed. Then Stacy said, “I’m sorry. I mean, I’m sorry she feels that way. It must be hard on you, Dad. It’s not fair, really. You shouldn’t be punished for something that’s not under your control.”

“I think you should worry about other stuff, hon. Like who you’re going to party with this week,” Todd told her.

“Oh, but I am, Dad.”


As soon as they got back to the cottage, Nancy said she was going back to an outlet mall she passed the day before. Stacy gracefully declined an invitation to tag along. Todd was more than happy to be able to sit on the deck and drink beer without interruption.

Except for the fact Stacy never changed out of her bikini, and had every intention of interrupting his afternoon.

Todd was stretched out on a lounge chair in a pair of shorts and a tank top. The back door slammed shut behind him and he looked back to see Stacy walking up.

“Hey, hon. Are you heading back to the lake?”

“Nope,” she said. “Staying with you.”

She leisurely strode over to his side, leaned down on the chair to support herself, and swung her leg over so that she sat on the top of his legs.

“What…,” he started to say.

“You’re on vacation, Dad. It’s time you relax a little. Have some fun.”

Before he could answer, Stacy was sliding a hand up the inside of his shorts. She wasn’t sure at first, but it felt like he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Stacy, I don’t think, uh, your hand should be there.”

It was too late. The tips of her fingers made contact with his balls. Not long after that, she felt the edge of his cock.

“No,” Todd said more firmly, squirming in the chair, but unable to get away.

“Shhhh,” Stacy said. “Somebody will hear you.”

Her hand had completed the trip and was in the process of straightening out his cock. Soon, she had her fingers around it and could feel the blood rushing through it.

“Ahh, that’s better,” she sighed. “I wanted to liseli porno touch you this morning, Dad, but I thought you’d be mad. Now we’re alone and I know you need me. Just let me take care of you for a while.”

Todd didn’t know what to say.

But Stacy did. “Did you like watching me get in the shower? Did you enjoy looking at my ass, Dad? I saw you looking at me last night. I think you like my body.”

Todd’s cock grew with every word she said. It now stretched down his leg and Stacy kept pulling on it.

“You could see me through the shower door, couldn’t you? Maybe sometime this week you can take a shower with me. That would be fun,” she said.

He was now fully erect and Stacy’s heart was pounding from the thought of getting to see it.

“You’re SO hard, Dad. How would you like me to lick it and suck on it?”

She withdrew her hand and opened his shorts.

“Don’t, Stacy. Somebody might…your Mom…”

Stacy was already pulling down the shorts. Todd’s cock sprung up and pointed at her as she began to bend over. He expected her mouth to go there first, but instead Stacy put her breasts next to the stiff shaft.

“What do you want to do, Dad. Would you rather cum all over my tits or do you want to cum in my mouth?”

Todd watched as she rubbed his cock the portion of her tits not covered by her bikini. She let the cock settle in her cleavage, and then used her hands to compress her tits around it.

Todd could only watch and benefit from his daughter’s skillful use of her chest on his erection.

“Well?” she asked.

Her father couldn’t believe he was actually considering giving her an answer. But as he gazed at her tits rolling over his cock, the nipples sticking out from inside the tiny bikini, he had to reply.

“Your mouth, Stacy.”

She was surprised, but smiled just the same. Stacy absolutely loved giving blowjobs and had her Dad in mind since seeing his erection against her Mom’s ass in the bedroom. She would give him the best blowjob he ever had.

“Oooooh, yes,” she sighed. “Gladly.”

Stacy slid her ass down Todd’s legs just enough to allow her to reach his cock with her mouth. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears and lightly kissed the tip of his cock. She put her hand behind one side and ran her tongue up the underside.

Todd moaned out loud and Stacy licked him again. She lingered around the bright pink tip, feeling him stiffen the more she licked. He was bigger than she imagined, and thought about him inside her cunt the whole time she prepared to take him between her lips.

Finally, she opened her mouth, lowered her head, and took him in. She didn’t stop until she felt her lips brush against the dark hair surrounding his balls. Stacy slowly pulled back, and then sucked him in once more.

Todd was beyond protesting and he certainly didn’t want Stacy to stop now. It had been so long since he had sex that any female doing anything to his cock was OK. It didn’t hurt that a gorgeous, young blonde was wrapping her lips tightly around his throbbing organ. He would worry later about the fact it was his daughter.

Stacy treated the cock as though it was precious, at least in the beginning. She caressed it with her lips and tongue. She licked it as if trying not to break it. But as Todd’s moans grew in volume and her own excitement level rose, Stacy became a little more forceful in her approach.

She was pumping him with her hand and sucking the upper half of his cock when she tasted the first couple drops of precum. That’s when she deep throated him with each nod of her head. When she thought it was time for him to cum, she’d pick up the pace even more.

She didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh God! Stacy! Yes. Yes!”

Stacy moved up and down his shaft as fast and as hard as she could. She gripped the base of his cock with her hand and waited for the taste of his cum.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Todd cried out.

Within seconds, Stacy’s mouth began to fill with her father’s cum. Despite every effort to swallow, a stream of white cum dripped down onto her chin. Todd shot load after load. Stacy kept sucking and swallowing. Todd’s cock was covered with a thick layer of cum combined with his daughter’s saliva, which she finally began to clean off when his orgasm slowed down.

Even as Stacy licked him, tiny shots of cum landed on her lips and chin. It was the longest orgasm she’d ever caused, but all of the previous ones were guys her own age. If this was what a man was capable of doing, she would have to reconsider who she dated. Or only fuck her father.

Stacy smiled at Todd, and used his t-shirt to clean her face.

“Like it?” she asked.

“We need to talk, Stacy. And yes, I liked it.”

“Good,” she said. “Then we need to talk about when we can fuck for real.”

Todd appeared to be a little exasperated.


Todd justified what happened by telling himself it was the culmination of a year’s worth of tension and uncertainty. And it was all Nancy’s fault, he determined. If she paid more attention to him….

Only a small segment of Todd’s mind gave credit to the fact that Stacy was a sexy young woman now, who looked fabulous in a bikini. The bedroom on the first day; the shower incident; at the beach; the bikini. They were all in his memory and capable of causing a reaction in his cock.

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