Sean MacAlpine

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There once was an old man named Sean McAlpine who was very a lonely man. He lived by himself down in a bog at the base of McAlpine’s Mountain, literally in the middle of nowhere. The house itself was nearly inaccessible except to the most adventurous and then only if you knew the way to get to it, but that was how the old man liked it. He may have been lonely, but he defended his solitude with an almost religious fervor.

Sean’s one passion in life was playing the great Highland bagpipes. He had once lived amongst people who had no concept of what the pipes meant to Sean and who harassed him from his home. His family rejected him whenever they heard the skirl of the pipes. He even had soundproofed his special room to no avail. His wife, Susanna, and their twin daughters, Dawn and Eve, professed to all and sundry their immense hatred of the sounds of “Blue Bonnets,” “Cock o’ the North,” “The Black Bear,” “The Three Ravens,” or “Flowers of the Forest,” amongst many other tunes played on his bagpipes. Susanna and the twins, who were twelve years old at the time, eventually left Sean with a huge empty house and a myriad of neighbors who complained even louder than before whenever he played a note.

Sean gave it all up after about three months of the complaints and moved himself and his rather sizeable fortune to the base of the mountain that bore his grandfather’s, and his, name. Here he could play the pipes from dawn until sunset and never bother a soul. Here he could find peace and pursue his passion. That peace lasted for six years and it all ended one morning in the early spring of the seventh year of his self-imposed exile.

On that morning, Sean, dressed in his kilts had just started walking around his house playing “The Black Bear” when he saw two young girls walking and wading through the mist-covered bog that protected his house. As they got closer, Sean could have sworn the two young ladies looked familiar to him, but he just couldn’t quite place where he had seen them before. He did note that they were lithesome young ladies who appeared to be twins and felt a long-forgotten stirring in his groin as his cock started to stiffen. Their clothes were wet and plastered to their bodies.

He played on as they neared the dry land surrounding his house. As they finally reached dry land, he finished his tune and allowed the air to escape through the drones. Silence fell over his little island.

“And what do you want in my swamp?”

“Daddy, don’t you know your own daughters?”

“Dawn? Eve?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“How did you get here?”

“Well, we waded through some mighty cold water. Eve forgot to bring boots so we are a little blue around the toes.”

“You’re wet through and through.”

“Yeah, we fell a couple of times, but Dawn managed to get us going again.”

“Now, why are you here?”

“We came to see our father.”

“And what did Susanna say about all this?”

“Not a word. Daddy, she died six months ago.”

“Well, I am sorry to hear that. Now look at the two of you shivering in the cool breeze. Come inside and we’ll see about getting you some dry clothes to put on while your’s get dried in front of the fire.”

Sean allowed his two daughters to enter the house before him just as the heavens opened up and a heavy summer rain began to fall. His eyes followed their swaying hips as they crossed the front porch. “Stop thinking like that! They’re your daughters!” But Sean had been without female companionship for a long time and he felt the beginnings of an uprising between his legs.

The girls were amazed at the simplicity of the house which consisted of one big room with a fireplace on one wall and an unmade bed in the opposite corner. In unison, the girls wrinkled their noses at the masculine odors and their eyes rolled back in disbelief that their father would live in such conditions.

“You live here alone?”

“Yes, Eve, I live here alone. I don’t bother anybody with my pipes and they don’t complain about the tunes that I play whenever the mood strikes me…morning, noon, or midnight.”

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Anyplace I feel like out there in the swamp. I do have a favorite place, but it’s beginning to smell a bit too much and I’m going to have to find another one.”

“How did you get electricity. We didn’t see any electric poles or anything and where do you get your water from?” Dawn asked noticing the electric lights around the room and the sink with a leaky faucet.

“Ach, Dawn, the electric lines are buried in the swamp or underwater. Same with the pipes from my well. Now that cost a pretty penny.”


“Why? Because the well is a good mile away from here. Do you know how expensive pipe is these days?”

“OK, where do we change and what do we change into?”

“Well, all I have are some oversized shirts that should cover you fairly well and I’ll step outside while you’re changing.”

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there! You can’t go out in this weather.”

“Well, there’s no fake hospital porno place else for me to go.”

“Just turn your back if you think you have to keep from seeing our lovely young bodies. We’ll hurry and you won’t have to get wet.”

The girls sat down and removed their wet shoes and socks. Sean turned his face away from the two girls as they began to unbutton their blouses. Without planning it, he ended up facing a half broken mirror which allowed him to see the girls as they undressed. First came the blouses and each reached behind the other to unclasp the bras holding their tits in bondage. Sean almost moaned aloud as four perfect breasts burst into view. The tips were a darker pink surrounded by an island of white on their tanned bodies.

His cock began to rise and he cursed himself for looking, closing his eyes tight. That lasted for about two seconds and he opened his eyes as the long jeans found their way to the floor. The girls stood up dressed only in skimpy thong panties that left little to the imagination.

Eve leaned towards Dawn and a series of giggles erupted from the two girls as they pulled their panties off to stand in all their naked glory in the middle of the room. Sean noticed that neither girl had shaved her pussy, that the flaming red pussy hair matched that on their heads. As they reached for the shirts, Sean could have sworn that Dawn’s eyes had met his in the mirror for just a second–or had they?

Sean lost his fight with his cock which had grown even harder as he eyed his two lovely daughters in their impromptu strip-tease.

“Ok, Daddy. You can turn around now. There is so much we need to talk about.”

“I know, the last time I saw the two of you, you were twelve years old and now look at you.” Sean still hadn’t turned to face the girls afraid they would see his hard cock tenting his kilt. Then he realized that his sporran should at least partially solve that problem and turned to face them.

“How did your mother die?” The girls were sitting on his bed with their legs slightly splayed. With a little effort, he could see the red hairs on their pussies. His cock responded by stiffening even more, to the point that it was getting painful and the sporran was now losing the battle with his cock. He sat down in the only chair and positioned himself so his cock wasn’t all that obvious. He chided himself agasin for having feelings such as he was towards his own flesh and blood.

“Some drunk hit her car head-on. He lived and she died for his mistake. The bastard goes to court next week to face manslaughter charges. The most he’ll get is life in prison, if that. He could still get paroled and never serve the full sentence.”

“Well, I’m sorry she’s dead. The only reason we ever fought was because of my playing bagpipe tunes in the house. Nobody seemed to like them.”

“We did Daddy?”

“You did? You never showed that you liked them.”

“We had to live with mother and went along with her feelings, but we secretly love the sound of the pipes and the way you played them. Will you play us a tune now?”

“No, I think I had better get us some breakfast, maybe I’ll play for you later. Have you eaten?”

“Yes, we had something before we started out this morning. I know I’d like some coffee though. How about you Eve.” Dawn stood up and moved towards the stove.

“Yeah, coffee would be nice. Do you have something to put some punch in it, Daddy?”

“Well, I have a bottle or two of good single malt Scotch around here somewhere.”

“Make mine a Scottish coffee then, Dawn.”

“Aye, aye, Eve.” As Dawn raised her hand in a mock salute to her sister, it pulled the bottom of her shirt above the juncture of her legs, exposing her red bush to view. Sean’s eyes were drawn to the revelation and his gaze was not missed by Eve as she saw where his gaze was directed. Eve saluted her sister back and her shirt also was raised above her flaming pubic hair. This time it was Dawn who caught the direction of Sean’s eyes.

“So girls, how did you find me? I mean I haven’t been hiding but this morass of mine isn’t exactly on the beaten path.”

“Well, Daddy, we sort of had an idea where you were,” Dawn was splashing Scotch and coffee into three mugs, “and once we got in the neighborhood, we just followed our ears until we tripped through your swamp to find you. God! It’s hot in here, Daddy. Do you mind if I just take this shirt off?”

“Well, you know you really shouldn’t…” Sean’s eyes were drawn to Dawn’s magnificent cleavage as the shirt was just dropped beside the chair and she sat down. Dawn’s breasts were like two morning doves settled on her chest with the pink nipples marking the center of two very pink circles. By this time Eve had also taken her shirt off and both girls were sitting stark naked in front of their father who was struggling to maintain his composure. His cock was definitely rising to the occasion and he took a good healthy slug of his Scottish coffee tasting more Scotch than coffee, fake taxi porno or so it seemed.

Sean was bewildered by his two daughters. He hadn’t seen them for over six years and here they were showing, almost flaunting, their bodies to him. As he hadn’t had female companionship for quite a while, he was reacting as any horny man might to two beautiful naked females: his cock was rising to the occasion and not even the sporran could keep it from tenting the front of his kilt. Sean’s only wish was that the girls would not notice, but notice they did.

“Daddy, are we causing that?” Eve asked in a sultry voice.

“Hmmm, Eve, I think Daddy is liking what he can see of us. Damn, but that looks to be a nice cock he’s hiding under his kilt.”

“Now just what would you two know about cocks? And why are you sitting in front of me in your first birthday suits?”

“Daddy, Dawn and I are over eighteen and we’ve had sex before. We know what a man has hanging between his legs. We know some guys at college that talk a big cock but who are really small when it comes down to the real cock. Our only question is how big is your cock?”

“I don’t think that’s a question that deserves an answer.”

“Why not? Eve and I are going to find out one way or another. You may as well tell us now and get it over with. Daddy, we’ve been having sexy dreams about you since before mom took us out of your house, when we were too young to be able to do anything about them. We’ve decided that this spring break we are going to really get laid–by you! In case we haven’t made ourselves understood, we both love you very much and we want to be here with you instead of being out with some jerks.”

Sean gawked for a moment and then while groaning averted his eyes. His cock stiffened just a bit more and he could feel the dampness of his leaking pre-cum on the inside of his kilt.

“Girls. You’re torturing me. This isn’t right. I’m your father. I’m not supposed to even think about sex with you, never mind touching you. For God’s sake get some clothes on. Make yourselves decent for this old man.”

Dawn got up and walked over in front of her father. He could see the wisps of red pussy hair at the juncture of her legs. As she got closer to where he was sitting Sean could smell her sex, her need. Eve got up on the other side of her father and between the two of them, they quickly flipped his kilt over his waist exposing his fully erect cock to their view for the first time.

“My God! Dawn, it’s big! I-I-I’ve never seen a cock that looked so good. I wonder how it tastes?” With that Eve dropped to her knees in front of her father and without preamble sucked his cock into her hot mouth causing Sean to gasp at the sudden sensation.

Dawn reached her hand down beneath Eve’s sucking mouth and gently played with Sean’s balls. Sean threw his head back and his eyes rolled back in their sockets.

Dawn then took his hands and placed them on her young, firm 34-C breasts. Sean groaned when he felt the nipples burn into the skin on his hands. He reflexively squeezed and pulled on Dawn’s luscious orbs. Removing one of her father’s hands from her breasts, she placed it between her legs where her pussy was leaking juices at an alarming rate.

“My God, girls, be kind to me and don’t stop. Eve, if you keep that up, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Eve redoubled her efforts to suck the life giving sperm through his fleshy straw. Dawn increased her efforts with Sean’s nut sack and then sneaked a finger down to the rosebud pucker of his ass. That was all it took to cause Sean to lose control and with a loud moan he started shooting thick streams of hot sperm down Eve’s throat. Eve swallowed the first three loads and Dawn pushed her aside for a taste of her father’s seed sucking his cock until it fell limp from her mouth.

As Sean watched in disbelief, the two girls turned to each other and started kissing, exchanging his sperm with their tongues. He moaned and just laid back in his chair, his cock still exposed to the open air.

Soon he roused himself and looked over at the two girls who had moved to his unmade bed and were fondling each other’s bodies. His cock which hadn’t had sex for so long was once again rising to the occasion. Sean got to his feet and let the kilt drop on the floor as he kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. Within a flash, he was just as naked as his two sexy daughters, his cock leading the way to the bed on which they were laying. As he advanced, they shifted into a sixty-nine position and Sean could tell that this was not the first time they had made love to each other. The sight and sounds of their lovemaking had a very stiffening effect on his manhood. He knew what he had just done was wrong by every societal taboo, but right now, his cock was doing the thinking for him.

Eve was on top of her sister and displayed a lovely cunt fringed in wild, curly red hair. Sean could see Dawn’s tongue working in and out of her sister’s gushing cunt and family stroke porno occasionally Dawn gave Eve’s rather large clit a sucking kiss, the tongue never stopping its efforts.

Sean walked up behind Eve and started inserting his eight inch cock into her tender folds. Dawn’s eyes opened in surprise, but she soon started licking both her sister’s cunt and her father’s cock. Sean moaned but not as loudly as Eve did as she felt her father’s fleshy spear penetrate into the most private part of her body.

The moistness on the inside of her cunt made penetration easy for Sean and he was soon balls deep in his own daughter’s sopping pussy with her juices dripping off his cock every time he withdrew until just the head was encased in her moist velvet. The smell of sex permeated the air and the sounds his cock made driving in and out of Eve’s love hole just added to Sean’s enjoyment. He hadn’t been fucked in so long that he just knew that he wasn’t going to last as long as he wanted. Sean only hoped that he could make his little girl scream for joy before filling her with his hot egg-seeking sperm.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me harder and faster and deeper. I want to feel your cum inside me. I want you inside me every day from now on. Oh, damn, but you feel so good and hard. Dawn, his cock is worth dying for–I love you, Daddy!”

“Well, save some for me, will you? I want some of that hot cream too. And I want some of his hot cum inside my cunt. And I intend to get some of him every day, too.”

“Don’t worry girls, I’ll give you both as much as you can handle, but I may have to rest between rounds. God, Eve, but you are such a hot, tight fuck. I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Give it to me big guy! Give it all to me. Aaaaiiiieeee.” Sean could feel her cunt walls trembling with her orgasm and it sent him over the edge to shoot his life-giving sperm deep into his own daughters hot, horny cunt.

As his spasms slowly ended and the stream of hot sperm turned to a trickle from the piss slit at the end of his cock, he fell on Eve’s back and felt Dawn’s mouth sucking any of his cum that dripped out of her sister’s snatch. With a slow plop his cock finally pulled away from one daughter only to find its way into the mouth of the other one.

Sean thought about what a change had come into his life in the past hour or so of the morning.

“Daddy play something on your bagpipes for us, OK?”

“What would you two like to hear?”

“Anything as long as you are playing it.”

Sean picked up his pipes and inflating the bag launched into “Ode to Joy” over and over again until he ran out of breath. Then he let the air out and sat down facing his two girls.

“So how long are you going to stay?”

“As long as you will have Eve and me.”

“What about college?”

“Oh we’ll go, but we will come back to you every weekend and every holiday.”

“Well, we do seem to have a small problem.”

“Oh, what’s the problem, Daddy?”

“Two actually. First if you are both so darn sure you are going to fuck me silly, I think you had better start calling me Sean instead of daddy.”

“Ok. That’s easy enough. What’s the other problem?”

“Well, as you can see there is only one bed and no couch.”

“So we sleep with you, what’s the problem?”

“None of us may get much sleep with those arrangements.”

“We’ll have you so tired every night that you will sleep like a baby.”

“A baby often does not sleep the entire night through. You two never did.”

“We know, don’t we Dawn?”

“Yep, but we have a total of four pacifiers for you.”


“Yep. You know them as tits or breasts or some other mundane male chauvinistic thing, but they are going to be your pacifiers every time you wake up in the middle of the night.”

“Ach! Really now?” Sean could feel the stirrings of his up to now deflated cock as it rose to a semi-erected state at just the thought of suckling those four gorgeous breasts whenever he wanted.

Dawn looked at her father’s growing cock and reached out to touch it. She started a gentle rhythm with one hand while pinching her own left nipple until it stood up proud and erect as an oversized pencil eraser. Eve watched and reached out to both her father and her sister, pinching nipples and squeezing breasts. Both Dawn and Sean moaned as Eve’s fingers began to increase their excitement even more. Soon their breaths were coming in short pants and gasps and Sean’s cock was harder than he could ever remember it being.

“Looks like Sean is ready for you, Dawn.”

“Mmmmmhmmmm. And I plan on making this one hell of a good fuck.”

“I’ll clean the two of you up afterwards.”

“OK by me. How about you Sean?”

Sean could do no more than nod his head in agreement since his breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps as his cock amazingly got even harder.

“Eve, I think this cock is hard enough for me to ride for a good long time.” Dawn swung her leg across Sean’s hips and lowered her sopping cunt onto his rigid spear, moaning as he penetrated her outer and then inner lips. With a magnificent sigh, she sank down until her pussy lips kissed his hardened cock. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that Sean’s eyes were staring at her two firm C-cup breasts. “Touch them, Sean. They don’t break.”

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