Seafaring Delight Charters Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: All participants in this story are both fictional, and over 18 years of age. The Characters originate in the series Shylo Morra, which is written from Shylo’s perspective. Now I must switch to third person.


The three cabin Cat was delivered on the first of June, and Cujo set about upgrading most of the systems right away. The water maker and ice maker were two of the more important elements. Their clients wanted to feel fresh, and drink cold liquor. Little things like navionics and weather trackers were also important

They could not schedule cruises until they had a good timeline on repairs, so Java was keeping tabs on all of the new components, even using her government contacts to make sure everything cleared customs. Of course her position in the Ministry of Tourism made it critical that all import taxes be paid.

“Cujo says the motors are good and the fuel system is sufficient for now, but he will be installing a second tank, so we can motor as often as we need to, and we don’t have the electronics yet for the satellite positioning and weather information.” Java finished reading the report to Pam and Sharon.

“We have not scheduled any charters, but I’ll bet that we can inspire a few trusty clients to make a sudden trip, perhaps next week.” Java had already been thinking about who to call, that might be available.

“Let’s get out there and take some pictures, then see who wants to come out and play,” Java wickedly suggested.

The decision was made to buddy boat with the Pearl, and bring Java and Cujo to test the systems for the next three days, then they would give the boat back to our little shipyard, to complete the retrofit.

“We also have a chance to get a Trimaran,” Marny informed the girls. “It was made in the Baltic’s, and sailed halfway around the world, before it found a hidden reef near Utila Honduras.

“I think we can put an air bladder in the damaged side, and tow it to our yard, with the Flipper. They cannibalized one of the motors to repair the other, but it’s nothing that I can’t fix or replace,” Cujo insisted. “I will need Marko and two others. It’s over 260 miles, as the crow flies, so it will take us about 4 days to get there, 2 days to secure everything, and probably a week to get it home.”

“We can help,” Sharon insisted. “We are here for four weeks,” she reminded them.

“You two have clients to deal with, and you have all the talent that anyone will ask for, when it comes to meeting their needs,” Marny wisely counseled. “We have more cousins than you can count, and they are all seasoned sailors, happy to do a week’s work for a hundred dollars!”

The logic was inescapable, so the girls lowered their sites, to playing sex games and drinking sun-downers.

The damaged but fairly new vessel was purchased for one third of its original price, and they had a budget for repairs that would put them all-in at less than $140,000 American. The entire investment that Pam and Sharon brought with them was needed just for the purchase, so getting back to work was even more important.

“We can call Carol and get some more money,” Sharon suggested.

“We just need one more investor,” Pam cried.

They put in the call, only to be shocked at the answer.

“Why not get Shylo to invest, she is considering some property down there anyway,” Carol counseled her two favorite clients.

“She has that much already?” Pam wondered, “She’s a good stripper, but she ain’t that much better than us, Is she?”

“Don’t go looking for a money machine,” Carol cautioned, “Shylo inherited a lot of money when her parents died, 10 years ago, she has had control over the fortune since she turned 21, and hasn’t touched a penny of it since then.”

“She is not as good as you two for saving, cause it isn’t necessary,” Carol concluded. “I’ll let her know, and I’m sure that she will call you either way, but until then, I can free up some of your money, but you have to pay it back before the tax period ends, or it will cost you dearly ladies, it won’t be the worst thing that ever happened, but let’s try not to give the Gov any more of your hard earned money than you must.

The new addition to the fleet was ready for it’s shakedown cruise. A small ceremony was performed to rename the boat, and it was a solemn occasion to the Belize sailing community.

The dock was lined with ribbons and flowers were hung on every pilling. The women and men of the village brought out their best fish, lobster and crab dishes, while the ship owner supplied the booze. There were so many able musicians that there was never a need to hire one when free food and booze and the joy of life itself was all the payment they needed.

The local brewery donated a keg, but Pam and Sharon bought two, to help cover their costs. They were gracious enough to supply the delivery and the foreman worked as the bartender, as all of their employees came out too. A case of Russian vodka and Mexican Tequila was supplemented by some local backyard canlı bahis still, that had proven itself to not make you blind.

“How do you get the whole town to come out with only 4 hours notice Marny!?” Pam wondered, loudly.

“There are about ten things you can say in Belize that will be automatic grounds for a party,” she began, “Marriage, Baby, Christening, Birthday, Anniversary, New Home or Business, New Boat,… I think you get the picture. They love to party, and they are good at it!”

They named the new boat the Opal, as a nod to the Pearl, which was the boat that started it all.

The bottle was smashed, though they did not lose any champagne or spread glass shards everywhere, even in Belize it was done ‘virtually’ now.

Music filled the air, and dancing broke out everywhere you looked. Sharon and Pam got to dance and party with each other, instead of dancing for someone else. Soon they snuck off to their cabin, but the noise was not going to be an issue. They wanted privacy, but the outside noise helped to cover the inside noise that they made!

The two sleek Cat’s sailed with the morning tide… Well, that was a fantasy! They actually took all day to get their passengers and crews.

First off, one drunken cousin was too drunk to drive. His wife had to pick up the passengers, and her English was so spotty that no one knew if they were being delivered for ransom, or sailing, but they didn’t have far to go, so all ended well.

The big surprise was Shylo, and her companion Ken Miser. Ken was Shylo’s favorite used car salesman. She called him that, although he owned 6 dealerships in the State of New Jersey, and Shylo didn’t own a car!

“Epic!” Ken cried. “This business is worth it’s weight in gold!” he proclaimed. “If they start to advertise this at the Gingerbread House or their other clubs, you won’t be able to get a spot, I sincerely must insist that you raise your prices, so I can keep this place a personal secret,” he moaned.

“Wouldn’t this be a lovely bonus for you to offer to your salesperson of the month, Ken? Maybe you should grab a dozen spots before you leave, I bet they will give you a volume discount,” Shylo suggested.

“Well, you have me for four days ladies, convince me!” Ken was creeping up on 40, and he only had one ex wife to support, but Shylo really liked him. He was good with people, and he was actually well respected for the one thing he insisted that all of his people exhibited, honesty. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounded, Ken refused to push garbage onto people, so he gave his cars a full year of warranty, and no one was ever disappointed. As a result, his business was thriving. He had hundreds of people that would shop no where else, and that list grew every day.

“All hands to the fore deck for inspection,” Java announced in a Captainly tone.

Shylo, Ken, Sharon, Pam and Cujo gathered around the trampoline pads in the front of the cat, and waited for further instructions.

“Strip for inspection and sunscreen application!” Java commanded.

“She is bossier than my ex,” Ken whined, but the bouncy boobs soon calmed his soul.

“My god man, you had better keep that away from Shylo,” Ken gasped as he saw Cujo’s swelling cock for the first time.

“I only share my husband’s cock with women that I love Ken, so don’t worry,” Java explained.

The three ladies applied lube with no regard to conservatism. In ten minutes, Ken and Cujo were so oiled up, you could fry them in a pan.

Of course, the application process always results in extra touching and kissing, but the oil was edible, so there were no complaints.

Ken kept himself in reasonable shape by being on the move 16 to 20 hours a day. Even when he would take his best salespeople to the Gingerbread House, he would be dancing with the ladies the whole time. He didn’t waste time on smoking either, claiming it just wastes too much time!

The one vice he did have, was sex. He liked to enjoy the ladies, and that could be expensive.

“Are you ladies sure that you are willing participants?” Ken asked, “You know I refuse to pay for sex, Shylo,” Ken insisted.

“You paid for dinner last night Ken, and didn’t you have a splendid evening,” she asked, with an exaggerated lick of her lips.

“And didn’t you pay for my flight to Belize? Isn’t that ‘paying for it’, Ken?”

“Oh, no, the difference is, that you would have paid your own way, but I’m a Gentleman, and so I paid. But the point is, that I didn’t ‘have’ to pay!” Ken proudly maintained his position.

“You make me so fucking hot when you talk that way,” Shylo said, as she dropped to her knees and pulled Ken’s 6 inches into her hungry mouth.

“Fucking strippers!” Java cried, “can you wait ’till we clear the channel Shylo!”

Short of using a fire hose on them, there was little anyone could do, but a couple of guys on the Pearl caught sight of them, so the audience grew on the starboard side of the sister vessel.

As the last person crossed the center-line bahis siteleri of the boat, the change became enough to shift the sail to Jibe. Marny was forced to steer into the Opal, briefly, as she released the mainsail.

Java saw the potential disaster, and she was forced to drop sail as she turned to starboard herself.

The Opal slowly floated past the Pearl, as Ken moaned in orgasm, the eight members of the Pearl whistled and applauded all along the starboard rail, while Shylo finished the job.

Java contained herself. As the Captain, she should have been angry, but she knew that Shylo had probably just guaranteed their suck-sess!

Ken Miser was prepared to pay big time, to be assured of 12 weeks over the next year, and that was just what they needed to keep their business moving into this big expansion. In the back of her mind, she was thinking about how many other businesses would give them a ‘retainer’ to reserve their spots, as rewards for job performance.

They arrived at their first anchorage before the sun set. This was the closest spot that they ever used, so there was never any firewood for a good shore party, but a lot of water-play was usually a big part of the first day.

After Shylo’s performance, the Pearl had a lot of cabin action, as the nurses got to know their customers a little better.

When everything was all set, Marny jumped in her dinghy and paddled it over to the Opal.

“They may be a while, so let’s get some food started,” Marny ordered. “You know the rules ladies!”

“The customer cums first,” they squealed!

Even Ken helped with the prep. With all the ladies in the galley, that is where he wanted to be too. He tried to be useful, by standing behind Shylo as he reached around and swirled her nipples with his moistened index fingers.

“Shylo, should we excuse you two for a bit?” Marny asked, when some moans started to escape Shylo’s lips.

“If Ken needs to go to his cabin, I will accompany him. What do you say Ken?” Shylo asked, with only a slight quiver to her words.

Java was getting pretty worked up herself, just watching those fingers slowly circle those gorgeous nipples!

“I’m fine for now, just ignore me,” Ken proposed, but his fingers never stopped, as he shifted to explore Pam’s mam’s. His stiff cock was now tapping against Pam’s pussy as he lightly twerked her nibs Pam was still wearing her trunks, but the tapping still had a noticeable effect on her.

“This is like a dream come true Java, I’ve been paying a lot of money over the last two years just to look at these beautiful girls, and now I get to touch them!” Ken was in his glory.

Sharon was stationed at the BBQ when his roaming hands and free dick started helping her out, from behind.

“Oh, we are going to fuck you up after dinner, mister,” Sharon shouted, as she dripped down her leg.

“Are those Nurses going to be working on their Patients much longer? I’m famished!” Ken whaled.

Marny had to paddle back to the Pearl to get any movement. They would be just as hungry, maybe more-so after their stiff cocks softened, and there was extra blood to rush to their guts, looking for energy.

Two stragglers were forced to swim, but it was no more than 50 yards, and they could make use of the paddle boards if they wanted.

The slabs of Mahi Mahi had a special marinade that the flesh soaked in for 24 hours before cooking, but they boiled over in the tinfoil on the BBQ and the odor was inescapable, such that the stomachs forced everyone to forget their sex drive for an hour, and get fuel.

Dinner flowed right into drinks, and Cujo pulled out his guitar to add entertainment. The Nurses paired up with the clients that they shared a cabin with, and enjoyed whispers, or cuddles, until they would get shuttled back to their cabins to get more physical comfort before a great night of sleep.

Ken was trans-like, as he lay next to Shylo, but that was quickly brought to a halt, when Sharon and Pam descended on him.

“We are going to punish you for teasing us this afternoon, mister,” Sharon’s face was stern, and her hands on her hips suggested that this was going to be torturous.

“Give it your best shot Girlfriend,” Ken challenged, but he was surprised by the attack.

Shylo rolled onto one arm, while Pam grabbed the other and Sharon pushed herself onto his modest pecker.

“Oh dear, please don’t hurt me,” Ken mock shouted, as Java, Marny and Cujo gathered around to watch.

Sharon did not have to jump for long, but she milked him with her talented pussy, then she removed the condom and went down on him with passion.

“Oh, Not that!” Ken pleaded, but not too loudly.

Sharon worked her magic, and five minutes later she had some wood and she traded places with Pam.

Pam used her mouth and hand, to make sure that Ken was ready, then she pushed her own puss onto Ken’s happy pecker.

“Please, I don’t think I can take any more,” Ken cried, then winked for Cujo.

This time he lasted bahis şirketleri twelve minutes.

Shylo was third, and it took Pam fifteen minutes of gentle persuasion before she could hand her a re-stiffened cock.

Shylo pushed another condom in place and easily slid it into her highly aroused vagina. Her labia was swollen and dripping with her own juices.

She brought her torso to her full upright position, perched on Ken’s hips, then she started to raise and lower herself, masturbating Ken’s penis using her clenched pussy.

She stared into his eyes as he was forced to cum a third time in the last hour. This time his eyes narrowed, with a bit of discomfort, as he climaxed into his dream woman.

Shylo kept working and had her own orgasm on Ken’s softening cock, as she ground into it with her pelvis.

She slowly pulled Ken’s condom off, then cleaned him up with her beautiful, talented mouth. When he was clean she kept going, and when he was hard again, she still kept going.

Cujo did not think that he could watch for another minute, but his wife insisted that they stay. He could feel his cock twitching in unfulfilled lust as he watched these beautiful strippers fuck this one lucky bastard. He was sure that his wife would choose one of them to play with at some point, but he was so horny now, that it was his own little torture, to sit there, and yearn for the thing that was right in front of him!

After Shylo had Ken fully erect again, Sharon took over.

“Round two begins,” Shylo announced, “You two better relieve yourselves, but come on back, we will be doing this all night,” Shylo proclaimed.

When Java and Cujo came back up on deck, Pam was rocking it on Ken’s stiffy. The renewed audience might have helped her to have another orgasm, and Sharon wasn’t sure that she could hold in there for another round, while watching her wife cum on someone else!

Pam was working on the poor little worm, when Java called a halt to the process.

“That’s enough ladies,” I think he has been punished enough. We will see if he’s learned his lesson or not tomorrow.”

The next morning poor Ken looked like crap as he slumped forward drinking his coffee.

“I may have to take the day off ladies! I think you broke my dick!”

“I’ve never been punished like that before Ken, but I bet you’ll be back in the saddle before the next full moon,” Cujo encouraged.

The ladies on the Pearl were doing some water skiing while the boys watched. Two of them from Detroit were cousins of each other, and the other two worked with them at Henry Ford Hospital. They were all easy on the eyes, and they were highly sexed.

“We have just started paying for their flights completely,” Marny reported, as she too watched her crew as they enjoyed their ‘fuckation’ as they called it. They come out every nine weeks, for a week of free fun in the sun.

“They are modest drinkers, but they do enjoy the weed and it’s legal in Michigan but they can’t bring it with them.” Marny continued, with her casual business talk. I make sure there’s an ounce on board, and a grinder and papers. It is becoming more and more normalized, but it doesn’t travel well.

“How well are they tipped, Sharon wondered, knowing that they drew a thousand from their patrons when they crewed the Pearl.

“It averages more than their airfare, so we might think about talking to them about using a Belize Lawyer to find a way to keep that money in Central America, protected from their tax man. With them coming down every nine weeks, it will start to add up,” Java suggested.

“Let’s go check up on the Pearl,” Sharon whined. “There’s no action here,”

“Leave us the dinghy please ladies,” Java instructed.

The one splash was followed by another, then the giggles of the two young ladies echoed off the shores of the little cove.

Pam decided to race, but neither one played fair, as the lead swimmer was constantly pulled back, making it hard for either to fight the tide.

By the time Sharon got to the sugar scoops of the Pearl, she was holding her bikini bottom in her teeth, so as not to lose it. As she stood on the bottom stair of the fold down ladder, a hand snaked out of the water, and up into her crotch, throwing her off balance, as Pam sent her floundering back into the drink.

Pam had her swim trunks on, before Sharon crawled up on the deck, and she teased Sharon, while she tried to pull her bottoms up her legs.

“So you two are married,” Peter asked, “…but you like men too?”

“Cock is nice,” Sharon answered, “but never for breakfast.” They both laughed at their inside joke, but Peter was not put off.

“So you like it after lunch?” he asked, with a puzzled look.

“It’s not that complex Peter,” Sharon explained. “I love eating pizza too, but I don’t trust it with my bank password,” she teased.

“You don’t trust me with your password!” Pam returned.

“Well, it was a bad analogy, but I do like pizza…” Sharon played the part of the dumb blonde like she was a thin Jessica Simpson.

The water skiing came to an abrupt halt, when the crew realized that intruders were on their boat. They raced back to the Pearl, to make sure the interlopers knew their places.

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