Sea, Sand, and Sex

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My parents own a beach hut on the unspoilt Suffolk coast and I stay there for a couple of days at the end of each summer. I make any minor repairs that need doing, and paint it inside and out. Finally I board up the windows, and make it secure for the winter.

I always look forward to this time as it’s very therapeutic. The beach hut is right at the end of the row, ten minutes walk from hustle and bustle of the pier. During the day the beach is full of families enjoying the sea and sand, but by early evening everyone’s gone home, and I’m left alone with just the sound of the sea lapping against the shore. It’s so peaceful, and I have everything I need. A small camping style cooker, a bench with a foam mattress on it large enough for two to sleep on, a car battery which supplies enough current to run a low wattage bulb and a radio. Among the cooking implements the most important is the cork screw, as I always take a case of red wine with me.

I enjoy the tranquillity, and the time by myself. I’m lucky to have a loving wife and two great kids, but it’s so good to get away from it all, just for a little while.

This year I had to replace a window, and was pleased how easy the job had been. I cooked up a tin of stew and decadently ate it straight from the pan with a hunk of wholemeal bread, all washed down with a couple glasses of red wine. I was sitting just outside the beach hut on a folding chair watching the sea slowly retreat with the tide. Although the sun had long since disappeared, the full moon and stars cast enough light to see quite clearly. I lit a cigarette, poured another glass and stretched and relaxed.

I suddenly noticed a dark form on the shoreline, but couldn’t quite make out what it was. I got out of the chair, went down the three steps onto the beach and walked towards it. The sea often throws up bits of driftwood, or more usually rubbish dumped overboard from ships in The North Sea. The gentle waves were lapping around, trying to pull it into the sea, but with the tide going out, they hadn’t the power.

As I approached I realised it was a body, and I ran the last few yards dreading what I was going to find. It was a woman, and thank God she was alive, she was trying to sit upright, but the effort was too much for her, and she slumped over, head first into the waves. I put my hands under her arms and dragged her out of the water. She was cold and barely conscious. I draped my arms and legs around her hoping that my body warmth would slowly seep into her.. After a few moments her eyes opened, and she whispered “Thank you.”

I slipped my T-shirt off, put it over her shoulders and said ” Wait here, I’ll be right back,” and ran to the beach hut.

I pulled a blanket from the cupboard and went back to her and placed the blanket over her legs and body. She trembled with the cold, she was dressed only in bra and knickers. Again I held her tight. After a few minutes I helped her stand, and walked her to the beach hut. I sat tuzla escort her down on the bench. I turned on the small gas heater, and closed the doors. Using both rings of the cooker to provide more heat, I boiled some soup. I offered her the soup and some bread, which she eagerly devoured.

As she ate her food I had time to sit back and appraise her, she wasn’t slim, but wasn’t fat either. She had long dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She had a pretty face, sort of Spanish looking, and her skin was olive coloured. She finished eating, and moved her legs up so she was lying on the bench, supporting her head with her hand, and looking straight at me.

Her brown eyes were bright and sparkling.

“Thank you.” she said again, this time her voice stronger. “You’ve been so kind to me. Do you mind if I remove these?” she said pointing to her underwear.

“They are really quite damp and uncomfortable.” And without waiting for an answer she slipped them off. I should have averted my eyes, but she did this so matter of factly, I hadn’t time to think of what was right or wrong, I just stared. Her body was Rubenesque, wonderful and full, and in all the right places.

“Can I have some wine?” she asked, and I poured a glass and handed it to her as I gazed at the fascinating woman.

“What happened to you?” I asked, “Did you get shipwrecked or something?”

She giggled, “No nothing like that. I was with my partner, well…. not really my partner. We spent the whole day on the beach, getting each other sexually aroused. It was so exciting, trying to do it to each other, surrounded by so many people. Then his bloody wife phoned his mobile, and he got up and went, just like that! Bastard! So I opened the other bottle of wine, drank the lot, was so pissed that I walked into the sea, and must have blacked out. Then you found me.”

“Glad I did, you could of drowned.” I replied.

“Would you just come here and fuck me?” she said.

I was so taken by surprise. I didn’t know what to say, she just kept looking at me, and ran her fingers over her nipples until they became erect. She then licked her finger and traced it down her body towards her perfectly trimmed brown pubic hair. She circled around her clit, then gently started to stroke it.

“Take your clothes off for me.” she said in a silky voice.

I clumsily stood up, fumbled with my jeans, finally removed them and pulled my T-shirt off.

“Stop there!” she said.

And there I was standing in my pants, in front of this gorgeous woman who was playing with her self. It didn’t make sense, it was like a dream sequence.

“I need to know if you are big enough for me?” She said. “Keep your pants on, and massage your cock through them.”

I was already semi- erect, and did as I was told. She parted her cunt lips and inserted two fingers up as far as she could get them. With a soft moan she withdrew her fingers, and in the dim light I could see they were dripping wet with her juices. tuzla escort bayan She held them up towards me.

“Come here and lick them.”

I moved towards her fingers and inserted one into my mouth, and then the other, and sucked the juices off them. It was that hot horny honey taste, mixed with a slight flavour of the sea. She pulled the fingers out of my mouth, shoved four of them in to her cunt, and then they were all over my face, soaking me with her wetness.

“Go back to the corner.” she commanded, “And keep playing with your cock.”

I was fully erect now, and was bulging out of my pants, it was getting quite uncomfortable so I asked if I could take them off, with a slight nod of her head she agreed.

“Not bad.” She said, “It’s big, and fat too, looks like it could satisfy me. I want you to stand there and wank yourself slowly, but you are not to come.”

She fiddled around in the storage cupboard and brought out a banana. She sat up with her back to the wall and lifted her feet onto the bench and spread her legs. Once again she put her fingers in herself , then wiped the juice all over the banana. Grasping it with two hands she plunged it into her cunt and started thrusting in and out. I stopped myself just in time from coming, and watched fascinated as the thrusts got quicker and more urgent. Her eyes were closed now and she was groaning louder and louder. With a scream she orgasmed, but didn’t stop, and very shortly came again. Her body glistened with a light covering of perspiration. She shuddered, put her feet back down and returned her gaze to me, well my cock really.

“Is that pre-cum I see on the end of your superb cock?” she asked, “Bring it over to me.” and I walked towards her.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed, then very tightly moved her fingers up and down my shaft forcing more pre-cum to the top. She then bent down and rubbed the top of my cock over one nipple, then the other one, and then sat back. I could see my wetness on her nipples.

“Get on your knees and suck it off me.” she said.

I crouched down and tasted that familiar taste that all men know, but never admit to. As I licked off the last of my pre-cum from her nipples she stood up and parted her legs slightly, so her pubic hair was in line with my mouth. She pulled my head into her pussy, and I eagerly pushed my tongue into her wet slit. She held me there for a couple of minutes and started to shake as I put two fingers into her. As she came again she pushed my head down between her thighs, straddling my neck, and I could feel the juices splashing over the back of my head, until I was sopping wet.

She sat down on the bench, and slowly peeled the banana. She held her pussy lips open with one hand, and inserted the fruit until just the last bit showed.

“Eat!” she commanded, and I bent forward and started to eat.

Using her virginal muscles she pushed the banana out inch by inch until I’d devoured the lot.

She stood up escort tuzla and gestured for me to lie on the bench. She wriggled between my legs and started stroking my balls and throbbing cock. She used the palms of both her hands firmly up and down my shaft. Every now and again she moistened her hands from her still dripping pussy. Her beautiful breasts gently caressed my inner thighs. Each time I felt I couldn’t hold back any longer she would suddenly encircle the base of my cock and squeeze hard preventing me from shooting my load. My balls were aching with the build-up.

“Now it’s big enough for me!” she said.

I had to admit I’d never known it to be so hard and engorged. She turned around and straddled me, lowering her pussy to my mouth, and her lips to my cock. She took me in her mouth as I began to eat her cunt. I could feel her tongue stimulating my cock, and she gave me the slowest blow job ever. I could feel the eruption beginning to start and I tensed my legs and whole body longing for the release. She didn’t speed up, just inserted my cock further into her throat. I tried to warn her that I was coming, but she couldn’t hear me as she was grinding her pussy into my face. As I pumped spurt after spurt deep into her throat she moved faster, and once again my face was soaked with her ejaculations.

She turned round and sat up, looked at me and smiled as she wiped some cum off her lips, her hand held my still twitching cock.

“Now we fuck!” she said.

Breathlessly I said “I won’t be able to just yet, you have to give me some time to recover.” Although her hand was still massaging my cock, it was now flaccid.

“No problem.” she said, and she stood up and went to the storage cupboard again.

She came back and sat between my legs grasping my tube of toothpaste in her hands. She unscrewed the cap and sucked toothpaste into her mouth. She went down on me again. Wow! The toothpaste caused a warm and very sensual warm tingling sensation, nearly burning. Within a few seconds I was stiff again.

She turned so her back was towards me and lowered her self on to my rigid cock. Using her hands for support, she pistoned hard up and down.

“This time we will come together!” she said.

As I felt that I was about to come I shouted “Now! Fucking come now!”

She moved faster and faster, and screamed as she came. I could feel her juices cascading over my balls and thighs, and I ejaculated hard deep inside her. She moaned and laid back, I was still inside her, and we cuddled up spoon like. I stroked her hair, and her back, and in that position we fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours later as dawn was beginning to break. That was some dream I thought to myself. I went to put the gas ring on and stood on something on the floor, it was my toothpaste. As I bent to pick it up I noticed a bra and knickers by the door. As the previous nights memories flooded back I realised it was not a dream. I opened the door and looked up and down the deserted beach. She was gone, that fantastic mysterious sex goddess had disappeared, I didn’t even know her name. But she left me with an experience I will never forget.

(c) Tim Parker 11th September 2005

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