Schoolgirl Lust Ch. 02

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Max was on the first day of a two day break. He had intended to just have a quiet couple of days by the coast. By the afternoon he had become involved with two sixth form schoolgirls. The two precocious cousins had wasted no time in reeling him in and enjoying a session of rampant sex. Max was 38 years old and had only ever dated girls his own age, within a few years, at any rate. Laura and Becky were eighteen and attended the local All Girls’ School. Now they were coming back, later in the evening to carry on where they had left off.

Max was feeling horny again, just contemplating it. He needed to take his mind off things, because he could feel himself getting worked up. He put on a clean shirt and went out into the warm evening air. He opted to take a different route from the afternoon and turned right along the road and followed it until he reached some allotments, where there was a little path into the dunes. There was a lot of over grown vegetation and he had to dodge stinging nettles and bramble bushes. The path eventually turned into a concrete track leading to a small life boat jetty. As he sat on the wall, three girls walked by. Two of them were wearing short, summery skirts and the other was clad in tight, red hot-pants. He guessed they were the same age as Laura and Becky. They might have even gone to the same school. The one in the hot-pants smiled as she passed. She was really pretty.

Max sat and reflected on his feelings. He guessed all normal guys must watch girls her age, but when he had seen the girls earlier in their uniforms, coming out of school he had felt pangs of guilt. Now it seemed just a bit naughty. He couldn’t quite reconcile why that was. He considered it for a minute. It was the uniform; it did something to them. His mind boggled by such dark thoughts, he continued on his walk, which after half a mile brought him to a long sea wall. At the far end he could see a pub by a small park. It wasn’t one of the quiet country pubs he had wanted to drink in, but it would do. He bought a pint of beer and sat down. It was quiet inside. The music on the juke box was playing seventies music. It was a little cheesy. He looked around and realised that it was quite a run down place. The décor was tired and slightly grubby from years of smoke. Even though smoking was banned in pubs now, it had left its mark. The carpet was stained in places from many spilt drinks. He drained his glass and left. Maybe he would find a nice place in the morning. In spite of the rather unexpected twist in his mini holiday, he did at least want to keep some semblance of his agenda, while accommodating his two new friends.

The sun was hanging lazily above the horizon as he meandered though the quiet streets. He now felt hungry. He made his way into the town and found a small bistro, where he ordered tortilla czech super models porno/ chips with the usual dips. It wasn’t like the proper ones he had eaten in Arizona the previous year, but they were OK. He didn’t really have a huge appetite when on holiday but needed to keep his strength up for the girls. It wouldn’t be right to embark on an evening of passion on an empty stomach. After a palate cleansing glass of water, Max paid his bill and had a steady walk back to his hotel. It was almost nine o’clock, so he switched on the TV to check the news and stripped down to his boxers. There was a bit of noise in the hotel, as people were either coming back in from a day out or were off for an evening in the clubs. The hotel wasn’t full, but it was surprising how much noise a few people could make, banging doors and so on.

Max caught up with the day’s events on the TV. The news reader was a charming woman in her late thirties. He had a thing about news readers. They were kind of sophisticated and they seemed quite prim and proper, which he thought meant they were probably wild in bed. Max was like a cat on hot coals now. He kept looking at his watch, wondering if they would come – hoping they would still come. He was already aroused, his thoughts and memories of the afternoon fuelling his libido. The earlier encounter had been good – the best sex he could remember. Now he wanted more. He wondered how far he could let them take his desires. He fantasised of all the things he could get them to do. He had a pretty vivid imagination and with two willing schoolgirls he could see almost no limit to the pleasures that were available to him.

It was just after ten and there was a quiet knock on his door. His heart missed a beat as he jumped off his bed and turned the handle. There they were, in two short, clingy night shirts. The blonde, blue-eyed Laura had a little pink pig on the front, while hazel-eyed Becky had one with a big picture of Winnie the pooh. He let them in and gazed at their pert, shapely butts through the night shirts, each like a pair of duck eggs in a hanky. They had pert, up tilted tits. Their nipples were visible, poking against the thin cotton garments. Max’s cock was almost fully up and was making a bid for freedom through the gap in his boxers. Becky stepped forward and with a cheeky smile, pulled them to one side, so his dick popped through and sprung to attention. Both girls giggled and stood close, Laura placing an arm around Becky’s shoulder.

‘Are you ready for some real fun then Mr Max?’ Asked Laura sexily.

‘Yeah you know it!’

‘I bet you’ve been thinking about us all day haven’t you?’ Laura enquired.

‘It’s been hard not to.’

‘OK, well now we’re here, what do you want to do with us, we’re all yours.’

Max czech tax porno put an arm around each girl and kissed them in turn, feeling the warmth of their bodies, steaming with hot teenage lust. Then he stood behind them and fondled the girls through their night shirts, caressing their breasts; squeezing their bottoms and stroking their sexy mounds of love, which nestled closely under the fine cotton of their nightwear.

‘Someone’s feeling frisky.’ Said Becky.

‘Hey Mr, we have two really hot little assholes, which are just aching to be licked, if that appeals.’ Offered Laura.

Max licked his lips. The girls turned round and knelt on the bed. They slowly hitched up their night shirts, and revealed bit by bit, their pink, peachy butts. Max looked on with pleasure, drinking in the amazing sight of pert, sixth form ass. He knelt on the floor behind Becky and pushed his face between her cheeks. Her arse was wonderfully smooth and warm. He could smell the scent from her pussy as he rolled his tongue over her perineum and around her shapely bum. He began to breath heavily as he ate her ass, rolling the tip of his tongue over her tight little hole. Becky squirmed with the ticklish pleasure she was receiving. Max lifted her slightly by the hips and probed his tongue in to her now slightly puffy labia. She was already really wet, and Max greedily lapped up her juice, which was gradually oozing into his mouth as he went to work on her. When he had got his fill of Becky, he moved behind Laura and started on her sweet ass. As he did so, Becky sat on the floor with her back to the bed and took him into her mouth.

He now had his face buried in Laura’s ass, alternately licking her pussy and sucking inside her rosy-cheeked butt. Becky used her tongue to perfection around his glans and sucked him softly, prolonging his pleasure. When he came up for air he stood up and sat on the bed next to Laura. He stroked her long, golden locks, twisting the strands between his fingers. Laura winked at him and joined Becky between his legs and hungrily shared his dick with her. Becky licked his shaft and balls as Laura gently licked the tip of his cock, before taking him deeply. She could feel the throbbing of his pulse in her mouth, his erection full on to bursting point. He groaned with a tingling thrill of sensations as the schoolgirls took their fill of his swollen manhood, playing with him They would feel him get harder, close to orgasm and then they would ease off. Then they would build him up again and then hold back. At last they relented and each sat either side of him.

Max kissed them both for a while, taking a breather from the intense sex fest.

‘What do you want us to do now Max?’ Asked Laura.

‘Hmmmm…come on Max.’ Added Becky.

‘Are you two really cousins?’

‘Sure defloration porno we are! Auntie Susie is Laura’s Mum.’ Confirmed Becky.

‘Would you kiss each other, right in front of me here?’

‘Hmmmmm, we love to kiss… that’s no problem.’ Said Laura.

The girls leant towards each other and just an inch from Max’s face, gave each other a deep French kiss. Their lips and tongues sucked on each other’s mouths with passion. Max’s cock, just seemed to find an extra half inch from somewhere and was the hardest it had ever been. As the girls kissed he put his hands up Becky’s night shirt and fondled her pert titties. He pinched her nipples slightly, which felt stiff to touch. He turned slightly and did the same with Laura’s. Her breasts were a little fuller, but her nipples were also firm and erect. The girls parted and looked at Max, before each planting a soft wet kiss on his lips.

They stood up and removed their shirts. This was the first time he had seen them naked. They stood together, Becky’s arm around Laura’s waist.

‘You want to fuck Laura now then Max? You’ve had me this afto, so only fair…’

Max stood up and turned Laura round, pushing her onto the bed. She got on all fours and within a couple of seconds, he was inside her. She was just as tight as her cousin. He held her hips and began to pound her quim, and knew he would have to cum all too soon. He was just so turned on; his dick aching with arousal and it would be a big one.

‘Oh Laura, oh fuck – I’m gonna cum.’

‘OK, well you can cum in my mouth, if you like!’

Max pulled out and Laura spun round. She sat on the edge of the bed as Max growled with orgasmic fulfilment. Shortly, load after load of spunk shot into her mouth. There were three, huge spurts of cum and it began to ooze out of the corners of her mouth as she closed her lips and swallowed every drop. Max was still coming and a few more watery drops fell on to her chin before he was done. Laura stood up and kissed him, sharing a little of his juice with him, which was on her lips. Max had never tasted his own jizz before. It was salty and slightly bitter. After he had cum, both girls sucked him dry and watched as his penis slowly dwindled to it’s usual size.

‘I bet you’ll sleep well tonight Max!’ Said Becky.

‘I will, I’m drained.’

‘Would you like us to come back for some more games tomorrow? Asked Laura.

‘That would be great, yes!’

‘Mum’s got no new guests tomorrow, so she’s going to a friends house till about five. If you like, we can come straight from school and you can have us in our uniforms.’

‘Oh Laura really – in your uniforms?!’

‘If you like!’

‘I can’t think of anything better.’

‘You can think up a scenario or something.’ Said Becky. ‘Pretend, we’ve been naughty and this is a special detention or something.’

‘Hmm you’re twisted!’ Joked Max.

‘Fun though, isn’t it?!’ Remarked Laura.

‘Absolutely it is yes!’

The two girls gave Max a good night kiss and returned quietly to their rooms. Max fell on to his bed and drifted off to sleep, utterly sated.

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