School of Erotica

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It all began so simply. My boss had seen this advertisement in the newspaper advertising a special school. It was called The School of Erotica. It guaranteed that anyone completing the program would be guaranteed a healthy and satisfying sex life. It sounded like a crackpot to me…someone out to fleece anyone that applied. But my boss was paying my way for me to go. I work for a prominent woman’s magazine. She felt that if this was the real thing then we should know all about it. So, here I was knocking on the door of a rather plain building. It looked like any of the other townhouses in the area.

A rather attractive woman answered the door. I explained that I was Tina and had called the previous day. She admitted me without another word and took me down the hall to another room. The inside of the building was like any other home. There weren’t any examples of erotic art or sculptures like I imagined. There, also, were not any other people that I noticed.

The next room appeared like a small office. I entered and was met by another woman. She introduced herself as Samantha and asked me to be seated. The office chairs were comfortable, but still no evidence of what this place held. Samantha said that she would like to have our interview at this time. The purpose was to determine at what level I would begin. That sounded a little screwy to me. I’ve been having sex since I was a teenager and now, at 25, I certainly didn’t need any classes. But, since I was here on a mission, I said that I was ready.

“What do you like most about your body?”

I answered that my ass was really firm and tight so I guess that is my favorite part.

“How often do you masturbate?”

I told Samantha that I did occasionally. I should have said that my fingers did the walking whenever I was between boyfriends.

“Do you ever masturbate when others are present?”

I told her there was no reason if there was a stiff cock in the vicinity.

“What is the most unusual place you have ever had sex?”

Well, I had to admit that fucking my boyfriend while he sat on the toilet was pretty risky for me. I have to admit, I really enjoy a soft mattress. How people can do it standing, or in the woods is beyond me.

“How often do you have sex?”

“Well,” I answered, “I guess whenever I have a boyfriend we probably get together 2-3 times a week.”

“How many times in a day will you have sex?”

I commented that it was usually at night after a dinner. Then we would both be tired and fall asleep.

“Do you enjoy oral sex?”

I admitted that I would go down on my guy if he wanted but I didn’t want his to shoot his wad down my throat. I thought I’d gag at the thought.

“Do you enjoy having oral sex performed on your body?”

I became flustered here. I could feel the redness coming up my neck and covering my face. I didn’t feel I was a prude but I told her that I did not encourage that activity.

“Have you ever had sex with another female?”

“No,” I answered quickly. This line of questioning was beginning to get to me.

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

I blushed again at this question. “No,” I answered simply.

“Well, I don’t think we really need to ask any more tuzla escort questions at this time,” Samantha stated simply. “I can see that you really belong in the Virgin class. There are a series of 7 classes. They are separated by one week. We feel that practice is important so that you feel more at each with the next step. Each one is designated to target a specific sexual technique or situation. We feel that a person should participate in the entire series in order to feel the most in touch with their sexuality. If you have another partner that you would like to have present that would be acceptable as well.”

I was rather embarrassed that she saw me starting at such a low level. I certainly hadn’t had my cherry for a very long time. But, again, I wasn’t paying the bill here. I was just to report on the school and write my article. And I didn’t have anyone that I wanted to accompany me for the “real” stuff.

Samantha reminded me that if I don’t start at the beginning then if I would not be able to know my body well.

Who was I to argue? I wasn’t paying for this anyway. Maybe it would be a little fun anyway. I always enjoy sex.

Samantha asked me to stand and follow her down the hall. I was taken to a simply furnished bedroom. I was told to wait. My instructor would be in soon.

Okay, now who is going to show up. I expected a male stud…someone to roll me over, fuck me and say I’m great. Boy was I wrong! The woman that had originally opened the front door came into the room. She was carrying a basket and a clipboard. She introduced herself as Belinda. She asked me to disrobe and lay back on the bed.

This was beginning to feel a little strange here but I went ahead and took off all my clothes. It certainly wasn’t a strip tease. Finally I was sitting on the bed, but no way was I laying down yet even if I didn’t have a stitch of clothes on. Belinda here is dressed in a suit of all things.

“I’ll need to get some baseline information,” she began. She was very businesslike and explained, “I would like to observe you while you masturbate.”

I asked if this was typical and she assured me that it was. I laid back on the bed, spread my legs and put my right hand on my clit. I started rubbing myself slowly at first and as I felt the juices begin to flow, faster. It was very strange having someone, especially a woman, watching me. But it did make me a little excited as well.

I took my left hand and began to squeeze my tits while my right had was working away. My hips began to raise and lower as I got closer to climax. I rubbed faster, my breathing getting heavy. Finally, as I climaxed I just held my hand over my pussy, feeling the throbbing within. After I calmed, I sat up on the bed and looked at Belinda. “Well, how was that?” I asked.

Belinda stated simply that now we would try a little different approach. She told me my efforts were very simplistic and immature. She handed me a rather conical shaped object and told me to use it. “There is a simple switch on the end that allows for a low vibration if you wish to use it,” she added.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I was clearly uneasy about doing this again.

“You are going to work gradually through a series of steps tuzla escort bayan to attain you sexual maturity. Masturbation is the first step but you should be able to enjoy yourself for more the 3 minutes. That is how long it took you the first time.” Belinda added, “You need to nurture your body, understand all of its little quirks and erogenous areas. And this time I want you to imagine that your lover is sitting beside you, watching.”

Wow! I was getting wet again just listening to her. I took the little vibrator and placed it on my clit and started rubbing it around. It felt good and I could tell it wouldn’t take long for me to cum again. But Belinda stopped me saying, “Don’t touch your clitoris yet. Rub the vibrator on your inner thighs, across your stomach, over your breasts. Find all your sensitive points.”

I started again. This time I did as she said. I was picturing my current boyfriend watching me. I could hear him offering encouraging remarks, telling me where to rub myself with the vibrator. Juices were flowing over my labia, down the sides of my legs and into my ass crack.

Finally, when I was nearly hyperventilating I was so excited, Belinda said, “You are now allowed to touch your clitoris if you wish.”

If I wish? Of course I wanted to touch it. My hand with the vibrator barely touch the tip before I was cumming all over the bed. My back was arching and my hips were lifting off the bed. I couldn’t stop climaxing. It seemed like it went on and on. Finally, my breathing resumed a halfway normal rate and I turned my head over to where Belinda sat. I still couldn’t really talk. I just looked at her in a questioning way.

“That was much better. You lasted 10 minutes that time,” Belinda commented.

I had been really impressed with my performance. Okay, 10 minutes isn’t a marathon, but get real. I had really had a whopping good orgasm there. It should count for something.

“Let’s try once more. This time we will be moving to the next room.” Belinda had me follow her into an adjoining room. It was about the same size but there the similarities ended. The room was surrounded by mirrors. There were chairs around the perimeter that allowed the person sitting on them to lounge comfortably. Belinda chose one of the chairs. She directed me to sit on the other one across the room.

I walked over to the chair and sat down, noticing as I did that there were a variety of dildos, vibrators and lotions on the small table next to the chair. When I looked around, with the mirrors on each wall, it was almost as if there were people all around the room watching me. And if I looked upward, the ceiling was covered as well.

“This time I want you to masturbate while looking at yourself. Imagine there are others observing you. You are being an exhibitionist. You realize that having others watch you will make you more excited. The longer you can last, the more explosive your climax will be.” Belinda added, “You are free to use any of the supplies that you wish.”

I looked over at the various items. The life-like dildo looked the more promising. It was about 2 inches around and a good 8 inches long. It was more than the guys I date and looked pretty good to me. By this time escort tuzla a cock was really what I wanted.

Then I noticed the long slender item. It had what looked like feathers at one end and a handle at the other. It was so slender that it bent easily. As I picked it up I noticed that there was a battery attachment. When I turned it on the feather began moving. With adjustments, it could go faster or slower.

I laid back on the lounge chair. As I looked at myself and imagined all the other images were persons watching. I was putting on a show. It was quite a turn-on. I tood the vibrating feather and ran it slowly down my arms and across my neck. My head fell back and I touched across the tops of my breasts, avoiding the nipples. I ran it down to my abdomen and down my thighs. It tickled somewhat but was more of just an increase in sensitivity. No matter, I was getting wetter.

I touched my nipples. The sensation hit like a minor electrical shock. It made the nipples peak and I arched my back in response. It felt like an electric current ran from my breasts to my clit. It was amazing. But I held off touching my clit. I looked around the room and saw the look on “their” faces. They were smiling. I could see why. This was fantastic.

I reclined more fully on the lounge chair and spread my legs. I felt like such a slut with everyone watching me. But I had to do this. I was in control and they were enjoying my performance. Finally, I ran the feather around the hairs surrounding my pussy. It tickled slightly but was very stimulating. The closer I got to my clit the more my hips elevated. I took a pillow from the floor and placed it under my hips. Then, as I touched the feather to my clit I could help but sigh. If possible, my head rolled back more as I kept the feather isolated on my clit.

I took my other hand and placed one finger, and then two into my pussy. Then I remembered the dildos on the side table. I selected the one I had admired. As I slowly admitted it to my pussy, the sides stretched to admit it. It filled me so completely that I had to stop to accommodate the size and get used to it. Then, as it felt more comfortable, I began to slowly move it in and out of my wetness, keeping the feather on my clit. The increasing pressure was causing my breathing rate to increase. The sighs had become moans. But it felt so good that I actually didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted the feeling to continue as long as possible.

After what seemed like an eternity, I applied slightly more pressure to my clit and allowed myself to climax. The pulsations and throbbing continued on and on, even after I removed the feather. The dildo deep inside my pussy was held still by the contractions. I couldn’t move. I stayed that way for a few moments and then realized where I was and why.

As I looked toward Belinda she commented, “That was much better. You were able to enjoy the feelings of anticipation, not just the climactic experience. That will be all for today. Your next lesson will be next week. Your homework is to masturbate at least daily for a period of 30 minutes. If possible have someone present to watch and comment. Someone will be in shortly to show you the way out. With that parting comment, Belinda left the room.

As I dressed and left the building I could help looking forward to my homework and next week’s class. I wonder if I should start my homework this evening?

To be continued…

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