School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 03

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‘So where now Mr White?’ Diamond asked her interviewer.

‘As I mentioned, we’re going to see Mr Woodcock-Spatterwell.’

‘And what does he teach?’

‘Physics. Open that door, would you?’

Diamond and Ian were now in such a symbiotic state that the busty teen blonde pornqueen intuited just what Ian were asking her to do, and she took great pleasure in sliding her hand all the way down his engorged length from tip to balls, enjoying the feeling of the hard, bulging veins that studded the pre-cum slathered length it as she did so, and succeeded in eliciting a thumping discharge of gluey translucent precum that shot from Ian’s bell-end and smacked dead centre into the oak door in front of them, throwing it open and very likely embedding it into the wall that it crashed into, the sound reverberating down the corridor.

The door opened into an oak panelled office with a large walnut desk behind which sat a handsome, though slender, bespectacled man of about thirty. The man’s hands were holding a magazine, and Diamond recognised it as a new edition of an important anthropological publication called ‘PORNSLUTS’ that featured several pictures of herself on the cover in photographs taken from different films she had been involved in. In letters that looked to be made of a dripping gluey substance, the large teaser caption read ‘THE MANY FACIALS OF DIAMOND GAZONGAS’ and showed her gorgeous face adjacent to a variety of hugely erect cocks, most of which were either caught in the instant of projecting spunk into her face or having just done it, with the residue clinging to her in a number of decorous ways. All in all there were about a dozen different pictures of the big-titted porno minx on the cover, and in each of them she had been liberally blasted with cum. A large photograph in the centre saw her in a black vinyl ponygirl hood, four cockends pressed together all vying for being balanced on her tongue.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell jumped to his feet at the entrance of the two visitors, and in doing so the enormous walnut desk in front of him was instantly overturned onto its side, papers, books and a laptop computer crashing onto the floor. It was as if he had gripped it with his hands and flung it over onto its side, but Diamond, through shocked at the sudden commotion, still registered that he had both his hands in the air, clasped around the magazine. In an instant, while the huge desk rocked to a standstill in front of her, she recognised the cause of the disruption, and immediately clocked the vast-tent pole that was protruding from the strained material of Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s trousers.

‘Good Lord! Do excuse me,’ expostulated Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, the teacher attired in a corduroy jacket with elbow patches, his glasses misted up, burbling other apologetic epithets.

‘This is Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell,’ said Ian, ‘Charles, this is Diamond Gazongas.’

‘Pleased to meet you,’ said Diamond, purposefully accentuating the teenage twang in her American drawl, pleased to be having such an effect on what was already to her evidently a quintessential Brit.

‘As I you, Diamond,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘I was most excited to hear that you were considering coming to our August institution I must say. I trust Mr White has been showing you the ropes?’

‘He’s been plastering me with ropes of cum, if that’s what you mean,’ said Diamond, the end of the sentence being punctuated with the very recognisable sound of stitches tearing in the fabric of the physics teacher’s trousers. A plume of precum ejected from the tip of Ian’s monstercock and splattered against the ceiling as if to prove her point, the sticky stuff dangling down like a gluey stactite.

‘Not quite what I meant, Diamond, but point taken,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, clearly aware of the disruption that was becoming increasingly relevant to his groin area in the trousers department, and pacing the opened-out magazine over the area in a vain attempt to camouflage the protrusion.

‘Yeah, I’ve taken a few points today, Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell,’ Diamond continued, now practically fisting Ian’s rod in her left hand, ‘and one big fucking point in particular.’ She leaned over and opened her plump lips to place a slutty, slurpy kiss against the round tip of Ian’s bell, end, strands of precum connecting her mouth to the rod when she drew away that hung downwards.

‘Splendid,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘well we’d be delighted to have you on board. I was just saying to Laura, Mr White, just saying to her only half an hour ago that we could now afford to increase our entrance grades, and she agreed with me.’

‘What did she say, Charles?’

‘Well between you and me Ian she wants the inches quotient for our male intake to come up to fourteen inches but I told her assured I didn’t think it was going to possible. You see I don’t think she appreciates that…’

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell was about to waffle on when Diamond decided to release her grip on Ian’s monster schlong, put her hands behind her neck bostancı escort bayan and untied the black dress. The strips of cloth fell down and exposed her massive breasts. The two huge orbs jutted from her bronze-tanned chest like a pair of footballs, capped by dainty little-eraser tip nipples. She put her hand on her hips and thrust her boobs even further out.

‘Ah…ah… ah-a-a-a-a–h-h-h-h-h-h-…’

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell looked like he might well explode. He gaped at Diamond’s perfect, huge tits.

Suddenly there was another ripping sound, this one more distinct and prolonged, and it didn’t take a genius, considering from where the sound was emanating from that the physics teacher’s trousers were coming apart at the groin area. There was a final wrenching sound as the material gave, and the trousers came apart completely, limp fabric hanging off the teachers legs, some exploding away upwards to hang off the lightshade.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell hadn’t moved the magazine from where he had had it clutched in front of his groin, and then, suddenly, Diamond squealed in surprise as a monster-sized, purple, throbbing, heart-shaped, heart-sized cockend tore through the pages of the periodical, appearing just in the centre of the largest photograph of Diamond’s face and in fact protruding up through her open mouth so that for a second the physics teacher’s cock looked almost as if it was emerging from there.

Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell dropped the magazine but it remained impaled on his enormous protruding meatstick, and the magazine slowly slid down his shaft towards his groin. Speechlessly, Diamond observed the progress of the magazine down the cock with open mouthed abandon comparable to the way her mouth was wide open on the front of the magazine, as the glossy pages sank further and further downwards, more of Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s schlong was revealed.

And there was a lot of it. Most noticeable was an immense dorsal vein on top of the teacher’s swollen penis that was easily the thickness of a finger, and which lay all the way down the shaft. It branched off into multiple veins as it approached the enormous, smooth, bulbous head. The whole length was comparable to Mr White’s cock in both length and girth, and it throbbed angrily as it projected horizontally out from the teacher’s groin. Could it be eighteen inches? It certainly wasn’t far off.

Suddenly a thick blob of extremely viscous precum appeared at the widened tip of Mr Woodcock Splatterwell’s cumslit which was projected forwards in a beam. It flew through the air and ended up smacking against the centre of Diamond’s chest, sending a spatter of really thick prejizz between her knockers, much pasted onto the inner shapes of her jugs.

Diamond noticed, once the magazine had slid all the way down to the physics teacher’s balls, that there was a black band around Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s heaving member, the black band pulsing with each prodigious swell of the muscular organ.

‘What’s that?’ asked Diamond, puzzled.

Mr Woodock-Splatterwell carefully swept up the piece of jewellery that was clasped around his cock. He took it in his hands, and proffered it to Diamond.

‘It’s a choker, Diamond. It’s for around your neck.’

‘It’s very nice,’ said Diamond, observing the black band. She took it and fitted it around her slender neck. A small electric light was in the centre of it. ‘Thank you.’

‘I designed it,’ said Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell, ‘especially for you Diamond. You see in a way it’s a measuring device.’

‘Measuring what?’ Diamond asked.

‘Well there’s a sensor attached to it, you see,’ the physics teacher explained, ‘which is now positioned at the bottom of your throat, just above your clavicle. And that little sensor will sound a little beep when… ah…’

‘When what?’ Diamond said.

‘When a cock gets all the way down your throat,’ Ian said.

It’s not strictly my department, electronics and whatnot,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell began, and seemed set to ramble on for quite some time, “but it was quite an intriguing challenge of design and functionality, to make it dependable and durable without having it become cumbersome and unsightly…”

“Well I wish I could have been there to help you test it!” Diamond’s enthusiastic outburst shut the Physics teacher up, and her gorgeous face remained twisted into a lustful snarl as she stared down the length of his mammoth cock whilst using one hand to lovingly stroke Mr White’s equally elephantine equipment.

“Mr White,” Without missing a beat, Diamond turned her head towards Ian, the topless teen bombshell’s snarl transforming into a slutty smile and her thumb rubbing against his widened cumslit, “could you stand next to Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell?”

“Certainly, Diamond,” Ian smiled as he took a step forwards, then stopped and had his smile widen as Diamond stepped alongside him, her hand still holding onto his cock. Without saying anything further, Ian walked up next to Charles with Diamond matching the pace ümraniye escort of his steps perfectly and her fingers caressing the muscular trunk of his fuckpiece as they went along, until she could finally swing round in front of him and drop down in front of him, finally letting go of his member as she sunk herself onto her haunches with both his and Charles’ cumtubes pointing straight at her face. This meant that her dress, which had managed to stay on during the course of her short little stroll, had its top draped across the floor in front of her, hanging down between her spread thighs, while its flimsy bottom hung onto her wide hips and full, juicy booty.

“Fuck…” Diamond groaned at the two monstrous slabs of hard, glistening cockmeat bursting out towards her, and as she looked beyond them to make sure that the two teachers were standing hip to hip, she burst out giggling at the ridiculousness of the torn-up porno rag that was still dangling from the base of Charles’ cock.

“I think she wants you to get rid of that, Charles,” Ian said, nodding towards the magazine.

“Oh, right. Sorry!” Charles responded, and made Diamond’s giggling die an abrupt death and her eyes go wide by manipulating the muscles in his groin, the sound of her mirth being replaced by that of glossy paper tearing as Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell’s foot and a half worth’s of brawny cock heaved itself upwards, pulsing dramatically from the exertion as it tore its way through the magazine until it finally fell to the floor.

Snatching up the magazine, Diamond held it up in front of her and gawked at the state that Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell had left it in, her eyes remaining wide-open as she surveyed how the entire bottom half of it, from the front cover to the back, had been torn apart in a straight line running down from the round hole through which his cockhead had come bursting not that long ago. That hole came into play again when Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell suddenly let out a low, barely audible groan and dished out a thick, lengthy spurt of precum, parts of which shot through the hole and ended up smacking into a stunned Diamond’s face. The rest of the burst of clear, sticky prejizz smashed against the back of the magazine, ripping it from Diamond’s gasp and sending it flying forwards, with her jolting upwards from the shock of having her face doused with precum ensuring that the now sodden piece of publishing ended up impacting against her chest, where it stayed, glued in place.

“I must say that’s an interesting choice for a top, Diamond,” Ian wryly remarked as he observed the previously stiff magazine curving its way round her huge, bulging boobs, “Unconventional, but interesting.”

“Oh, that reminds me…” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell rejoined the conversation, and it was with a polite cough that he slipped out of his jacket, carefully throwing it onto the overturned desk before proceeding to undo the buttons of his shirt, “Nothing sillier than a man in a corduroy jacket sporting an erection.”

“Some erection…” Diamond mumbled, the blonde babe having resumed being completely awe-struck by the two monstercocks protruding out towards her, drooling precum that dropped onto her tits and further soaked the magazine, the pages of which had long since begun to dissolve themselves into a unified, pulpy mass.

“Congratulations, Charles, I think she likes you,” Ian gave his colleague a friendly smile as he in turn finished removing his shoulder, which he folded carefully before taking a look at Diamond, who looked back at him, and tossing it over his shoulder.

“Seriously,” Diamond began, her American becoming especially accentuated once more as she interrupted Charles to bring the conversation back to what was, in her mind, the most important topic, “both you guys are fucking huge.”

“Thank you, Miss Gazongas,” Charles replied, wiggling out of his ruined trousers and making his cock sway up and down in the air, Diamond’s head mimicking every last single movement of his dick as her gaze remained fixed on it the whole time.

“If you were to take a sharp turn to the right, Charles, you’d probably make Diamond snap her neck,” Ian joked.

Diamond chuckled at Ian’s comment, as well as Charles’ insistence that he certainly didn’t want that to happen, but otherwise remained silent and completely absorbed in staring at the two massive pillars of hard, veiny cockmeat pointing towards her, licking her lips again and again until she finally could resist the temptation no longer and so brought her right hand in underneath the hemline of her dress and proceeded to start playing with her pussy, her juices gushing out onto her fingers as soon as she brought them into contact with her brightly pink and severely overflowing honeypot.

While Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell finished getting out his clothes, Ian was standing perfectly still and so easily spotted what Diamond was up to. Grinning at the feverishly masturbating teen, Ian wrapped one hand round his cock and made her unleash a lusty whimper as he began to jerk escort kartal himself off, soon reaching the point where he was regularly blasting out long jets of precum which smacked onto her tits, until the two mountainous, toffee-tanned orbs of titflesh started to look as though they’d been lovingly and lavishly coated with oil.

Finally, with both studly teachers now completely naked, Diamond ran her eyes up their bodies, noting with some surprise that the seemingly bookish Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell’s thinner frame resembled that of a long-distance runner, before her gaze wandered lower again and resumed its fixation on their stiff monstercocks.

“Mr White, I think you’re a little bigger,” Diamond finally decided, addressing his cockend while she spoke and simultaneously being in danger of becoming cross-eyed due to her efforts to ogle the crown of Charles’ cock at the same time.

“That’s what the board says,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell said, not sounding too disappointed at not being the biggest.

“I can’t fucking believe that you have a board with pictures of the male teachers’ cocks in the fucking teacher’s lounge,” Diamond barely paused for breath before pressing on, “I also can’t believe that I’m looking at three full feet of hard, thick cock.”

“Give or take a couple of inches,” Charles insisted, humbly.

“Usually, when that happens I’m the only girl in a fivesome,” Diamond had stopped fingering herself, but kept her thumb against her clit.

“Charles…” Ian suddenly began to look quite mischievous.


“Remember what we did to Miss Forbes last Tuesday?”

“Ah…” Charles nodded, and as one, the two men manipulated the muscles in their groins, causing their eighteen-inch schlongs to start rising further up into the air, reaching higher and higher until there were two dense thuds in quick succession as their cockhead slapped against their sternums.

Spellbound by the matching pair of bull balls and two veiny, brawny undercarriages of cock that she was seeing, Diamond started inching her way forwards on her haunches, and was caught completely unawares when both studs let their cocks fall forwards, a girlish shriek of surprise and lust clearing her throat, mixing with the swoosh of the two cast-iron hard pussy-pleasers cutting through the air and heading towards her upturned face until it was all drowned out by the resonant smack that came when two bulbous, fist-sized cockheads impacted against her forehead. That was smack was instead followed by the pitter-patter of streaks of girlcum scattering themselves across the floor as Diamond squirted in response to having her face cock-slapped by the two biggest, hardest and fattest dicks that she’d ever laid eyes upon.

“Ian, I think it’s time to let Diamond pick which one of us should test the choker,” Charles suggested, and was met by a drowned-out noise coming from in front.

“Sorry Diamond, what was that?” Charles asked, as Diamond’s attempt to cut into the conversation and give them her choice fell on the fact that her voice was muffled by the two monstercocks pressing down on her lips, which were also drooling out precum that spilled across her face, into her hair and even poured into her mouth and down her throat.

“I said…” Diamond stopped to take a long breath of air as Charles and Ian lifted their cocks off her face, “that I want to taste my own ass the first time I take your cock in my mouth, Mr. Cocksplatter-Woodwell.”

“Woodcock-Splatterwell,” Ian corrected Diamond, again with a friendly smile.

“An easy mistake to make. That’s why most of the girls call me Charles, Diamond,” Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell rushed to interject, he too being a paragon of benevolent authority as he smiled down at the boobed teen pornslut and pressed on with no discernible hint of irony, “My last name can be a bit of a mouthful.”

“And speaking of mouthfuls,” While talking, Ian began to move, stepping away from in front of Diamond and circling in behind her, “Diamond, get on your feet.”

Doing as instructed, Diamond turned round whilst getting up, presenting Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell with an unrestricted view of her barely clad booty and directing her undivided attention back towards Mr White’s drooling, rhythmically throbbing fuckpiece, which he raised into the air until its crown was pointing straight at her face.

Diamond could think of nothing witty or slutty to say as she tottered towards Mr White on her heels, her mind instead completely fixated on the fact that she was about to worship Ian’s monstercock yet again, her pussy frothing out juices that streamed down her toned thighs while her hands connected with the trunk of his cock, her slender fingers spreading themselves out over its vein-corded, muscular shape while the flow of juices from her honeypot increased at the sudden reminder that Mr White’s schlong was far, far too thick for her to ever catch in her grasp.

Mr White didn’t say anything either, only letting out a throaty groan that intermingled with Diamond’s heavy breathing, the latter coming to an abrupt halt as she placed her soft, luscious lips against his cockend and kissed it, her hands caressing the length of his cock all the way down to his balls, which she proceeded to fondle while the tip of her tongue danced against his pisshole.

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