Saving My Almost Fizzled Marriage

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It was a hot day in Georgia and I had been digging in my flowerbed. I looked at my watch, it was almost time for Will to come home so I got up and went in the house to clean up. I went upstairs to the bathroom and started the shower. I was thinking of our romantic night I had planned while I undressed. I stepped in the shower, still with the thoughts of the soon to be romantic evening in my head. I lather myself up with the soap and start to rub my legs and then up my thighs I wash my pussy and as I am lathering it up I feel an excitement rush through me. I take the showerhead off the hook and rinse my body with it.

When it comes to rinsing my pussy I hold it there longer then necessary. It feels so good, the pressure of the water on my hot pussy; it hits my clit just right. I moan in pleasure. I can feel an orgasm building deep within me, so I insert 1st one finger then a second. I start fingering my pussy with one hand as I am holding the showerhead with the other I am so close, finally I cum with such force that me knees buckle. I stumble a little in the shower and I feel hard strong hands support me from falling. It was Will, he had joined me in the shower while I was entertaining myself and I didn’t even know it. By the looks of it he had seen most of the show.

I kiss him hello and travel my kisses down his neck to his chest on down to his hot waiting cock, I kneel in front of him and suck the head of his cock in my mouth as I engulf the rest of his cock with my mouth. I take my hands and squeeze his balls as I am sucking his shaft. He moans with pleasure and reaches his hands down and puts his hands in my wet hair. He starts pushing his cock deeper in my throat. We are both moaning with pleasure. bostancı escort I can feel his shaft start to twitch and know he is about to cum so I suck a little harder and his hot seed comes shooting down my throat. I take all his juice, until there is no juice left. I stand up and he kisses me hot and with such passion.

Passion I thought was on the verge of being dead, He says to me “Wow that’s almost like when we 1st got together.” I have to agree. We get out of the shower and go downstairs both of us naked. He asks what’s for dinner and I tell him to sit down I’d bring him his 1st entree. I come out with 2 dinner salads and a bottle of Chablis with 2 glasses. We sit down and start the meal.

I pour each of us a glass and we start talking about how much we enjoyed the shower. I then put my foot up on the middle of his chair and rub his limp cock with my toes a little. I can feel it instantly come to life. He smiles at me across the table. He then does the same to me. We finish our salad and I get up and take the plates into the kitchen. I then bring out his favorite, steak, a baked potato and broccoli with cheese. He looks down at his plates and smiles big.

It’s a smile I haven’t seen in awhile. I sit down and we continue on with dinner. The meal is excellent as is the flirty conversation. We finish the meal and I tell him that he has to go into the den for desert. He goes into the den and is shocked to find candles lit throughout the room. I bend over in front of him to light the fireplace. I tell him to lie down on the blanket I have prepared for our evening. He lies down and I go to the fridge and bring out the long stemmed strawberries and I retrieve our bottle of whine ümraniye escort bayan and glasses from the kitchen.

He looks at me in amazement as I kneel next to him. I take a sip of my whine and then a bit of the juicy strawberry. Then I kiss him with such passion. He gets heated up instantly. We are in such a state of passion I push him down onto the blanket. I start kissing his neck his ears his chest. I make my way down to his waiting cock, this time he rolls me over and pushes me onto the blanket and says its my turn for pleasure. He then starts kissing his way down my neck on towards my huge breasts.

He lifts one up in his hands and starts to suck on my nipple he bites it with just the force he knows I like. He then takes one hand and as he is sucking one nipple he is pulling and rolling the other between his finger and thumb. I moan with such desire. I can feel the juice start to flow out of my wet pussy.

He then kisses his way to my waiting pussy. He flicks his tongue across my clit, as it is as hard as a button he then takes his finger and inserts it into my pussy as he licks and sucks on my clit. I moan with such desire. He then takes his pinky and inserts it into my ass while he is fingering my pussy with his 1st finger. All the while he continues to flick and suck my clit. I can feel my orgasm building. With one final suck I start to buck my hips with such and awesome orgasm. I hold his hands in place so he can’t remove his fingers and I ride out the orgasm.

He then smiles up at me. He kisses his way back up to my waiting face and he kisses me all over. Each eyelid my cheek my chin my neck. He then positions himself above me and guides his hot hard cock to the kartal escort entrance of my hot wet pussy, he takes the head of his cock and rubs it against my ultra sensitive clit. I beg him to enter me at once. He pulls back and thrusts into me hard and fast. I am already so close to an orgasm but I know it will probably take him awhile to achieve his.

I wrap my legs around his hips and when he thrusts into me I hold him there in place with my legs until my orgasm subsides. He smiles down at me and says another one? I answer with a big smile. I then as him if he’d like to fuck my ass. He looks at me with that sparkle in his eye, for this has been a fantasy of his for as long as we have been married. He asks me are you sure?

I reply oh yes as horny as you have me oh hell yeah. I tell him the baby oil is on the mantle waiting for you. He grabs the warm oil and squirts it all over my ass. He rubs it in over my ass and I am getting so turned on just from the feel of his hands on my ass. He then positions me on my knees with a pillow under my stomached with my ass raised in the air. He guides his head to the entrance of my ass.

He asks again if I am sure and I again say yes. He enters me a little at a time so that my whole can get use to stretching like that. Finally I tell him how good it feels to please just fuck me. So he starts pounding his meat into my ass. It feels so good, had I known it felt this good I would of tried it long ago.

He starts pumping into my ass and I am meeting every thrust with his. I can feel yet another orgasm building and I yell out FUCK ME, Oh yeah I am cumming, Just as I say that he bucks with the hardest orgasm he has ever had, I feel his cum running out of my ass as mine is running out of my pussy. We both fall to the blanket in a heap. He kisses me gently and says, “This is just want we needed to put the spark back into our marriage.” I smile knowing he is so true and vowing to never go back to the boring sex life we had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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