Sara and Her Family Ch. 01

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Sara, now 19 and a freshman at the local college, woke up, apparently from a noise.

As Sara opened her door and stepped into the hallway, she saw her mother Irene going quietly into her brother Richard’s bedroom. This was somewhat of a surprise as her mom was on her way to work since she worked nights at the hospital.

Curious, Sara went to the partially open door of her brother’s room and peeked inside. Richard, her brother, was 18 and starting his senior year in high school.

She saw her mom bending over her brother and giving him a goodbye kiss on his forehead. He was asleep and didn’t notice. Then what Sara saw surprised her!

Her mother slowly pulled aside the covers, revealing her brother’s naked body! His cock was nice, she thought. Her mother looked at her son’s cock for a moment, then bent down and lightly kissed the head of his dick! Her son’s cock twitched but he didn’t waken.

She looked at his face, then back to his cock. Sara saw her mother lick her brother’s cock which caused it to move a bit. It was starting to get hard!

Then she saw her mother take the head of her brother’s dick into her mouth and then all the way down to his ball sack! She stayed that way for a moment, then slowly came back up, revealing Sara’s brother’s now hard dick! It had to have gotten hard in her mother’s throat as it was at least seven inches long!

Then Sara saw her mother gently put back the covers over her brother. Sara quietly slipped down the hall and back to her room. She was amazed at what she had seen! And she was horny, too. She had just shaved her pussy that morning and it had been tingling all day, keeping her clit moist and excited.

When Sara heard her mother leave, she got back out of bed and into the hall. Both her parent’s room door and her brother’s were still slightly open. She ankara escort went to her parent’s door, peeked in and saw her dad sleeping soundly. She thought about what she had just seen her mom do, and thought about doing the same to her dad, but decided to do that another day. It was a bit unfair for her mom to leave her brother’s dick hard like that. She knew guys didn’t really like that and called it “blue balls”. So, she went back to her brother’s room and crept inside.

Sara could tell her brother’s cock was still hard and she had never seen it up close. She had boyfriends at college as she was a pretty freshman, and had spent a couple of nights in a fraternity house after a party, so she had had plenty of cock to compare with. She pulled aside the covers and revealed her brother’s cock. It was still hard, and had some pre-cum on the tip. Quickly, she shed her pajama top, putting it on the floor and got on her knees next to her brother’s bed. Looking at his face, she licked his cock and tasted his pre-cum for the first time. Richard smiled a bit so she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off! She had never really thought about her brother sexually, but seeing her mother licking and then swallowing his cock had gotten her really horny, thinking about all the “sexual rules” about incest. She grabbed her brother’s balls and slowly deep throated his cock. At the same time, she started rubbing her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples. She could feel her pussy leaking her own cum too.

Sara started bobbing up and down on her brother’s cock faster, all the time watching his face for signs of wakening. Suddenly Richard reached out and grabbed her head, pulling her hard onto his cock and she could feel his cock expand as he shot ropes of cum down her throat!

Richard opened his eyes and said “Oh fuck! Yes, escort ankara yes, yes! as he held onto her head. He then realized he was holding onto his sister’s head and his eyes went wide.

“Sara! What the fuck are you doing! You’re my sister! Why are you in my room? And you’re naked!”

Sara lifted her head, smiling and licking her lips as she finished her brother’s orgasm. “Oh Richard, Let me explain. I woke up horny and was going to the bathroom when I saw mom come into your room. I watched as she kissed you on your forehead and then saw her pull off the covers, revealing your fantastic cock! But then she kissed it and swallowed you whole! She stayed like that until you got hard in her throat and then left you like that! I went back to my room and waited for her to leave for work. I was so horny from watching her do that, I couldn’t let her leave you like that so I finished you off! Please don’t be mad!”

“I’m not mad sis, Just surprised. I never thought I’ld be getting a blow job from my sister! And I don’t get that many, either! That was great! I can’t believe you did that but I understand. I have been waking up lately with my balls hurting. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird though, or mom doing that?”

Still holding her brother’s cock, she looked at it and saw some after cum. So Sara smiled and licked her brother’s cock as he watched, taking it briefly in her mouth again before saying “Yeah, it seemed weird at first, but it really made me horny. And thanks! Your cum tastes great, but you would get more blow jobs if you shave your public hair, like I do.”

“I think I will try to catch our mom doing that, if she does it again. And I hadn’t really thought about shaving down there. You really shave your pubes, sis?”

“Yes! wanna see?” Richard nodded and with that, Sara got up and pulled off her pajama ankara escort bayan bottoms, revealing her freshly shaved cunt to her brother for the first time!

‘Wow, sis! You look so sweet and sexy! Can I taste it?”

“I was hoping you would ask, brother!” replied Sara. She got up on the bed and straddled her brother, sliding her pussy over her brother’s cock as she made her way up his chest to his mouth. “Eat me, brother!” she said, as she lowered her cunt onto her brother lips, also for the very first time!

Richard reached up and started fondling his sister’s breasts as he licked her bald pussy.

“Oh god, yes!” cried Sara as she grabbed her brother’s head and pulled him into her cunt. “Shove your tongue into me and pinch my nipples, brother!”

Richard did as his sister asked and started tongue fucking Sara as hard as he could. He pulled hard on her nipples and squeezed them, trying to make them longer. Sara humped her brother’s face harder and discovered she liked the rough treatment her brother was giving her tits. Tits, she now thought. Not breasts.

“Yes, Richard! Pull hard on my tits! Fuck my cunt!” she cried out louder than before, not caring if anyone else in the house heard or even thought about it.

Richard thought his sister was about to cum so he bit down on her clit as he shoved his tongue in as far as possible. Suddenly, Sara clamped down on her brother’s head with her thighs and came violently, even peeing a little!

Richard lapped up his sister’s cum and pee, loving every bit of it! He relaxed his grip on her nipples as Sara calmed down, releasing the head lock her thighs had given her brother.

“Damn! I haven’t cum that hard, ever!”

“That was great, sis!” replied Richard.

“I think I peed a little” said Sara.

“That’s okay, sis! But we better get back to sleep now. We have school in the morning.”

“Yes, dear brother. But we’ll talk some more about this tomorrow” Replied Sara. She put her pajamas back on and went to her bedroom, not noticing her parent’s door was now closed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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