Sapphira’s Sin

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Vacation time again, Sapphira thought, as she packed her small suitcase in the trunk of her car for her annual stay at her parent’s cabin in Colorado. Another lonely vacation out in the middle of nowhere by herself.

Humming along with the radio, Sapphira drove the four hour trip thinking of how her life was passing her by and how she had yet to have a meaningful relationship or mind blowing sex.

Arriving at the cottage, Sapphira realized she was hungry. She spent a few minutes checking the cabinets, surprised to find they were well stocked. She remembered something about her parents hiring a caretaker for the cabin, but she couldn’t quite remember precisely what had been said. The caretaker came twice a week and cleaned and aired the place out. Apparently he was some neighbor they had met a few months back. Sapphira didn’t see how that could be as the nearest cabin was two miles away, but the place seemed to be well taken care of. Sapphira heated up a can of soup and then sat in front of the fire mulling over her life.

After staring into the flames for a while, Sapphira decided it was time to do something about her dissatisfaction, even if she had to do it for herself. She took off her slacks and blouse and lay down on the rug in front of the fireplace.

She began bursa escort to caress her breasts and stroke her thigh. Finding the sensations pleasurable, Sapphira made a gradual path from her thigh to her pussy, circling her clit with alternating squeezes and strokes of her pussy lips. Her breath quickened and she closed her eyes as the pleasure took over. She began panting and moaning at her own ministrations and was on the edge of climaxing when she heard a sound.

Sapphira opened her eyes, looking in the direction the noise had come from, but not removing or stopping her hands from their set tasks.

She looked up into a pair of dark eyes glazed with desire. His desire excited her and she began to stroke herself faster and her breath became shallower.

The man began to walk towards Sapphira and upon reaching her; he leaned down and ripped the panties from around her legs. He then removed the bra from her, all the while watching her pleasure herself. “Cum for me,” he demanded. And she did. Hard and fast; the orgasm went on and on with Sapphira crying out her pleasure.

As Sapphira started to recede from her emotive high, she began to realize the peril she was undoubtedly in. She was naked with a man she did not know and if his growing hardness was anything to go bursa escort bayan by she was in danger of being taken, against her will if she resisted. Dumbfounded by the situation she found herself in, Sapphira asked the first question that came to mind, “Who are you?”

He gave a knowing smirk, and answered, “Sin. So you’ll know what name to scream the next time you come.” Having said that, Sin grasped her thighs and leaned in between her legs and began to lick her with ferocious swift strokes, his tongue wreaking havoc on her already sensitized nerves.

Sapphira gave a token protest and tried to twist away. Sin grabbed both her wrists and held them while he continued his decadent tasting. He thrust his tongue into her and licked her up and down until he came to her delicious clit and began to suck on that again.

Over and over he repeated the process until she was crazy with need and desire. “Please,” Sapphira begged.

“Please what,” Sin asked, continuing his task, sucking her clit furiously causing Sapphira to cry out in wild abandonment.

“Please let me cum. Please make me come,” she screamed.

Sin smiled, “You only had to ask.”

Sin released her wrists and thrust two fingers into her at the same time flicking his tongue swiftly across her clit escort bursa causing her to cum harder than before, calling out his name in the midst of her pleasure. Sin continued to lick her gently until she began to come down from her orgasm.

Sin quickly shed his clothes and returned to the carpet. He hauled Sapphira up and turned her over onto her stomach. Sin wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her so that her ass was high in the air. Before Sapphira could even fathom what he was about, he thrust into her hot dripping cunt, causing her to begin her moaning and thrashing all over again.

Sin continued pounding furiously at her cunt causing Sapphira to cum with another screaming orgasm. Still Sin did not stop pounding into her. Again and again he thrust deeply and withdrew, his thrusts becoming faster and faster, harder and harder. Sapphira continued to cry his name and gasp and plead for mercy as she crested onto yet another plane of pleasure.

Sin felt his own pleasure mounting and as he began to cum he withdrew out of Sapphira and came all over her beautiful ass and backside.

They collapsed onto each other as they struggled to catch their breath.

Sin recovered faster than Sapphira and began to massage his cum into her back and her breasts and in between her legs foundling her in the process. He bent down and kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear, “Wear my perfume and think of me.” Having said that, Sin dressed as swiftly as he had undressed and left without another word.

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