Sanjna’s ‘Sweet’ Revenge

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My sister Sanjna is five years older than me. We had been very close whole our life. She had been taking care of me since her childhood. As we grew older the bond between us also grew stronger and deeper. We never had any secrets from each other. My mother and father are very conservative and orthodox people. They were very strict with us especially with my sister. She couldn’t freely move in or out of our house. If she wanted to go to market or to a friend’s house she had to ask permission and even then somebody, mostly I or my mother, will accompany her to the destination whatever or where ever it was. They were very much against any friendships or love affairs.

When she was in her last year of college my father found a boy in our own community and she got engaged to him. I had just turned eighteen at that time. At that time a love affair was just starting to bloom between her and Kamal a boy from our street. It was not even a love affair just a friendship But the engagement put an end to it. My sister sent a note to him through me telling him about the engagement. She asked him never ever to try to meet her. But her misery didn’t end with it. She wanted to finish her studies and find a job and work. She didn’t want to live the boring life of a house wife like my mother. But her ‘would be’ in laws didn’t want their daughters or daughters in law to work or job. She was heartbroken. All her dreams were shattered. She imprisoned herself in her own room which I shared with her. She became withdrawn and was no more ‘the happy go Lucky’ girl of a few days back. Her face became pale and lifeless. At night, I will hear her weeping under her comforter. I was very upset that I couldn’t help her in any way.

One day it became simply unbearable for me to sleep there next to her listening to her sobs, unable to do something for her. I got up and went to her bed to talk to her to somehow console her. I lowered the comforter from her face. Her eyes were read and tears were flowing uncontrollably. I couldn’t find any words. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started weeping openly and loudly. “Why can’t we live our own lives?” By ‘we’ most probably she meant ‘we girls’. I planted a small kiss on her forehead and wiped her tears and put a finger on her lips and gestured towards our parent’s bedroom. She nodded her head in an understanding way and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. “This is a man’s world. Don’t know when will get freedom from this male chauvinism. Promise me dear you won’t be like our father.”

“I didn’t get the full meaning of what she was talking about but I agreed to do whatever she asked me to do. ” I am on your side.” I assured her. She kept on looking at me for some time then she pulled me into her bed with her. She gave me a small peck and pat on my cheeks and clung to me even more tightly. We sat like that for a few minutes. I kept caressing her back and running mu fingers through her hairs. She fell asleep in my arms.

I slowly put her in the bed and kept caressing and feeling her for a long time before I myself fell asleep next to her. It was a strange experience for me. Our relationship found a new dimension that night. In the morning when I woke up I found her sleeping with her left arm and left leg curled around my body. Her thigh was rubbing against my hardened member. It felt very good. I caressed her thigh. To my surprise it was naked. The feel of her soft warm silky flesh sent strong currents throughout my body. I remembered that she always took off her Salwar after putting off the lights and getting under her comforter.

I had a keen urge to remove the comforter and take a look at her naked thighs. I felt much ashamed at having such feelings about my own sister. But at that time my brain was not the controlling organ. The dominant impulses were coming from somewhere else. I decided to go ahead and turned towards her. My eyes fell on her lovely face. Instinctively I bent and kissed her forehead lightly. When she didn’t move a muscle I took advantage of the situation I bent further and kissed her on the cheek. She still didn’t move. I kissed her again letting my lips linger a little near her lips. Her hot breath was making me mad. This was the first time I was kissing a girl like that. My thinking was all muddled. I decided to go one step further and kiss her lips. I will just touch my lips with her and let it go. I decided. But when I bent down she turned and whispered in my ear “lock the door first.” The words shocked me. I never in my life could have thought that she will agree to anything like that.

But it brought me back to the world of living. I looked at her. Her eyes were still closed. “It is already 5. 30” I whispered back. We both knew what it meant. Soon mom will be knocking at our door to wake us up. As I came out of her bed she pulled me back catching hold of my shirts collar and planted my lips on her own. I kissed her like a man possessed. We kissed for a long time ankara escort none of us wanting to separate.

I will never forget that moment, that kiss for whole my life. The feeling simply can’t be put into words. And it pleased me further when I saw a smile on her face after so many days. She saw me watching her and her face turned red. She quickly turned away and pulled her blanket over her face feigning sleep. I took the cue and jumped in my own bed and pulled my blanket over me.


The next day passed in a dream. Her pink smiling face kept on floating in front of my eyes. The taste of her lips kept on lingering in my mind. I came back from college early bunking the last two classes. At home at least she was in front of my eyes. Every time our eyes met she smiled and her face turned crimson. By evening I was desperate. I was following her where ever she went. When after dinner I went after her in the kitchen to help her with the dishes she literally pushed me out. “Go away. Go to your room.” She pleaded. I took the cue and went into my room. I changed and crept into my bed an. I kept on lying in my bed lay there waiting for her to come, feigning sleep and fantasizing about what may happen in the next few hours but mostly I was thinking will I be able to get a glimpse of those shapely silky thighs. Sanjna was in the kitchen helping mother.

At last she tip-toed into the room, put off the lights and got into her bed. I could easily envision her unfolding the comforter getting into it and lowering her salwar and putting it on the chair next to her bed.

I was dying to get a glimpse of her naked thigh. My cock was so hard it was difficult to keep it inside my boxers. I listened carefully for some time but she was not weeping today. The initial plan was to get up as soon as she starts sobbing and go to comfort her and slip into her bed. But I knew that that was not going to happening. I was glad about that. I didn’t want her to weep any more, not ever in whole her future life. So I decided to wait till she falls asleep and then sneak near her bed and lift the comforter a little to see her legs and thighs. May be I will get a glimpse further up. I didn’t know whether she was wearing any panties or not. But she was nowhere near sleep. I abandoned the whole plan. It wasn’t important if I get to see her thighs or not. The important thing was that she was not behaving like the day before. During the day I had seen her smile many times. I felt ashamed of myself scheming to watch my elder sister naked, especially taking advantage of her predicament. I decided to try to get some sleep and do away with my incestuous thoughts.

“Vivek” She whispered my name softly. I couldn’t believe my ears. I must be dreaming. I thought. “Are you asleep?” She asked this time a little louder.

“No” I was quick to respond.

“Keep your voice down.” She said. I didn’t want any more invitation. I got up and went to her and sat down beside her and ran my fingers through her hair. “Come into the bed.” She whispered. And how could I not obey my elder sister. All the time her eyes were closed. I bent down and kissed her forehead and cheeks. She moved away a bit to make space for me. As soon as I slid alongside her she took me in her arms and kicked the comforter away with her feet. I planted my lips on hers and we stayed like that for a long time. Slowly kissing, licking and biting each other’s lips. When we separated she pushed me down and mounted me. “Don’t keep following me the whole day. You know we are going to meet at night, every night.” She said looking into my eyes. I nodded silently.

She bent down kissed my forehead and started showering kisses all over like mad. A flood of passion and emotion was churning inside me too. I hugged her tightly. Her young solid bosom was tightly press against my chest and her crotch was tightly fixed over my abdomen. I pushed her back until I could feel her delicate silky softness with my hard and erect cock. I pressed my cock against her soft labia. She lifted her body a little. I could see her breasts heaving in front of my eyes. With my one hand I started feeling caressing and teasing her solid boobs over her Kameez. When I gave a light squeeze to one of them, she let out a small sigh of pleasure. The sound did things to my brain. I pushed her away a little and she opened her eyes. We keep on looking into each other’s eyes for a long time without moving or saying anything. Then I lifted myself and again took her into a tight hug.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear.

“Love me. Vivek love me. Take me. Make me your own”. She placed a pillow under me. “If they want to do what pleases them I am also going to do what suits me.”

I lifted myself further and sat down. Now she was in my lap. My prick pressed against her pussy and crotch. I moved my one hand down slowly caressing her back until I reached her ample bottom. She was wearing cotton bloomers. I gave a little squeeze escort ankara to one of her ass cheeks. She moaned again and pressed her soft lips on the side of my neck. As I gave an upward heave to her butt her soft vulva slid over the length of my cock. She dug her teeth into my neck to stop herself from screaming out loud. I too was mad with pleasure. And seeing her enjoy made me crazy I let her slid back and it produced another way of pleasure inside me.

I moved my hand up and inside her Kameez. The velvety touch of her back was too much for me. I started lifting her Kameez up but she stopped me midway and took both my hands in hers. “You will be my only love till the end of time. Don’t betray me ever. I have no one except you.”

“I promise sis. I love you.”

No ‘sis’ you fool. At night time it is ‘Love’ ‘Sweetheart’ ‘darling’. Come on now say it properly.”

“Love you sweetest.” I said. It sounded awkward. I liked sis better.

“That’s good.”

She let go of my hands and in one swift move lifted her Kameez and came out of it. The sight of her shapely shoulders and clavicle and hard firm breasts with pink areola and hard pink nipples sent me a trance. I slowly ran my hands over her naked body until they reached her panties. She lifted herself a bit so that I could move my hand between her thighs. Her panties were moist and love lips soft. I removed my hand and brought it closer to my nose. Her sex smelled wonderful.

“I am yours I won’t refuse you anything. You are my man till the time does as apart.” She said and curled around me again. Her crotch again stuck tightly to my dick. It was difficult to stay still. I heaved my hips up and down rubbing my cock against her vulva. Each movement sent a new wave of pleasure. “Remove your panties” I pleaded. “Your job mister. Do it yourself.” She giggled softly. I could see that she was enjoying everything fully. It made me even more aroused.

She separated from me and stood up. Her red bloomers were in front of my face. I slowly peeled of her bloomers enjoying every moment, taking in all her beauty with my hungry eyes, her dark curly hair on that mound of love and the ravine below and her well-formed love lips and the sleek slit between them and the strong thighs and the shapely legs. I started caressing and kissing her. While my hands played with her hips caressing and teasing them and massaging her ass hole in between, my lips played with her love lips and the clitoris. Her sighs and sobs grew louder. Her legs got wobbly and she slumped down on the bed. I immediately caught her legs above her ankles and pulled her closer. Putting her ankles on my shoulders I started kissing and licking her calves and then slid down to her thighs. As my mouth reached her crotch again she slid farther away from me. I looked up and saw her fists clenching the bed sheet. She had put a corner of the sheet in her mouth. She was trembling with delight. I opened her legs and moving between them started rubbing my cock on her crotch. She signaled me to remove my boxers I was waiting for just that and I immediately complied with her wish. Then I lowered myself again and teased her cunt with the tip of my cock and placing it between her labia started rubbing it over her clitoral and labia. She pulled me towards herself and hugged me tightly. I rubbed my dick harder and harder against her softness and she kept digging her teeth into my shoulders deeper and deeper. Thank god there was cloth of my shirt in between. It still hurt. But the pain was pleasing.

Suddenly her grip on my back loosened and she removed her mouth from my shoulder and gave a low wail. I felt something warm and sticky wet my dick and balls. But I was in no mood to stop. The orgasm was building up in me. But she was trying to wriggle away from under me. I gave up and dismounted. She turned away from me and I came behind her and embraced her tightly from behind. My chest stuck to her back and my dick comfortably positioned between her ass cheeks. It was a good position. I could kiss her cheeks and nibble her ear and also could play with her boobs with one hand. I started moving my hips slowly rubbing my hardness between her buttocks. She moved closer and we again got into a comfortable rhythm. She let me maul her at will lying quietly under me and even helped me by adjusting our opposition time and again. Soon I was going on full tempo. I felt cum rising and the muscles tightening and ejaculated a heavy load on her hips and back. Oh! She sighed along with me. I shot a few more loads on her and slumped over her. She didn’t move at all. Soon we both were fast asleep.

When I woke up again I immediately checked the wall clock it was quarter to two. A lot of time, till the break of dawn.

I looked at my ‘hard on’ and played with it a little. It grew even bigger and harder. I looked at my sister lying next to me. She was sound asleep. I kept lying there looking at her and thinking. We both were virgin. Still ankara escort bayan we had refrained to take that last step. It was the right thing to do. It could lead to complications. I didn’t know anything about the female cycle and I didn’t know how much my sister knew about all that. More over this was not the place or time to take such a step. Any way we had a lot of time at our disposal. She was not getting married till the end of next year. The thought of her marriage made me sad and anxious. I rolled towards her and took her in my arms. She didn’t respond any. I kept on lying there for some time thinking of future of our relationship, incestuous and unacceptable to the world, yet so precious and delicate for us, Heartwarming and poignant.

Our bonding will get now more firm and strong. As I looked at the past I saw that the mutual attraction had always been there. We both had been very protective of each other. I will have to do my best to protect this relationship. Save it and hide it from others. I never knew I could be so lucky. Imagine having a young virgin beautiful lass as your girlfriend always so close to you and ready to fulfill all your wishes happily and blossoming even more in the process, showering sisterly love in front of others and ready to satiate the mutual carnal needs lust behind their back. Thinking these thoughts I had lost some of my erection. There was a strong smell of our secretions all around. I decided not to disturb her and go to my bed. I knew I won’t be able to go back to sleep. But as I separated myself from her and started to get up her hand caught my wrist. “Don’t go.” She said turning towards me. I fell back on the bed and she came into my arms in a light embrace. The soft touch of her firm breasts against my chest made me forget the worldly matters.

I wanted to say a lot of things to her. And she had an even bigger stock of things to tell me and ask me and teach me. We spent a long time talking and feeling each other. I will kiss her every time I made a compliment or said something in her praise. She will kiss me back. We knew that our hoard of the ‘sweet nothings’ is never going to end. But my dick was rock hard. I pressed it against her thigh and started rubbing it slowly but she immediately stopped me and made me lie prone on my back. She took two pillows and put them under my shoulders I was half sitting half lying. She took of my shirt and ran her fingers through hairy chest. She kissed and bit my chest and nipples and caressed my abdomen then she moved her hand further down and felt my balls and ran her fingers through my pubic hair and over the back of my hard cock. She took it in her hand firmly and started jerking off. The pleasure was indescribable.

All I could was moan and utter some totally incoherent words of encouragement. But she kept on working on my dick with her slow steady rhythm. I lost track of all dimensions of time and space. I pleaded with her to do it faster but she didn’t listen to me. When I felt that I was on the verge of an orgasm, she stopped totally. I couldn’t bear the torture. But to my relief she mounted me and started adjusting my 7inch long in the crevice between her puffy engorged love lips I felt her wetness lubricating me. The positioning was good I could play with her boobs and she could bend and kiss me. She started moving slowly rubbing her cunt and clit on my dick. Soon here movements gathered speed and I tried helping her with both my hands on her ass cheeks. But lying under her in a half prone position I couldn’t do much. But she was not to be bothered. She was soon puffing and panting with the exertion. But she went on and on her bones digging into me. Her body was glistening with the perspiration. In the end we both were exhausted and frustrated. I took her in my arms and held her tightly so that she could take some rest.

I rolled and pinned her under me. After a few kisses and licks I adjusted a pillow under her head so that she could watch while I came out of the bed, and moved between her legs. I started eating her juicy cunt. She was ecstatic at once. She took the other pillow and placed it over her mouth to smother her sobs and moans. As my tongue went deeper into her, her thigh and abdominal muscles contracted and hot lava gushed out in a thin stream. She took my head in both her hands to stop me. She was all spent but much relieved. She closed her thighs. I got up and standing in front of her started jerking my dick. For some time she kept on watching me masturbate looking at her naked body. Then she moved closer and took my dick in her hands and started jerking me off. This time she listened to my directions and in no time I ejaculated a big load on her it spattered her face abdomen and breasts. Her hands were full of my semen. She cleaned everything with her panties. Sleeping now was not an option. I put on my clothes. Then she gave me her clothes one at a time and I dressed her up. She came into my embrace and we again kissed passionately. She handed me a towel from the wardrobe.

“You first. I will put the room in order.” I obeyed her and came out of the room with a much pleased look on my face. After all I had gotten more than I had bargained for.

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