Sangitta Ch. 12

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Sangitta woke the next morning and for the first time the reality of what was about to happen to her hit home. This would be her last morning in the family home and by this afternoon she would be in her own flat and would probably be on her own. She went to the bathroom and had a shower and then she got dressed and went downstairs.

Her mother was waiting for her.

“Good morning darling and how are you this morning?” She asked.

“Apprehensive if the truth be known.” Replied Sangitta.

“I know that it is a big step but I feel sure that you will soon learn to cope. Now come and have some breakfast.”

Sangitta took the food that was offered to her and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was going to miss her mother’s cooking and she was going to miss her company and she hoped that her mother would not be a stranger when she moved out.

When she had finished her breakfast she went back to her room and waited for the delivery truck to arrive. She decided to text Denise and see if she was as good as her word.

“Are you still on for today?

“Yeah sure what time do you want me?”

“Come to the flat about four o’clock.”

“Okay see you then.”

Sangitta closed her phone up and just sat there on the bed and waited for the delivery van to arrive. It seemed to take an age but eventually it arrived and Sangitta was about to start taking her suitcases downstairs when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Said Sangitta.

It was her mother.

“You come downstairs and let the removal men do their job. They are going to pack and unpack you and put up your bed for you. Now come and sit with your father and I whilst they get to work and we will run you on when it is time to go.”

“Yes Mum.” Sangitta said.

She followed her mother down the stairs and went into the front room where her father was sat drinking a cup of tea. He patted the seat next to him and Sangitta sat down. He suddenly spoke which was very unusual for him.

“Now then my darling. I cannot say I approve of your choice of lifestyle but you are my daughter and I love you so I will respect any decisions that you make. Now I have a gift for you. I do not want you to open it until you are alone. I hope you like it.”

With that he handed over an envelope which intrigued Sangitta but she put it in her purse and turned and gave her father a kiss. For once he did not brush it away. He held his hand to where she had kissed him and seemed to treasure it.

Her mum came in and gave her a cup of tea. They sat and chatted for an hour and then her father said.

“Right the removal men should have finished so shall we go daughter?”

He strode out of the front room and Sangitta and her mother followed behind him. They climbed into the car and her father set off. Sangitta had not seen the place where she was going but it was about a half hour drive from the family home.

When they pulled up outside a posh apartment block Sangitta let out a gasp of surprise. It looked lovely. Her father parked the car and they all got out. Sangitta noted there was an intercom system to get into the block but the removal men were just leaving so they were able to get into the block without disturbing anyone else.

They took the elevator to the third floor and when they got out they went to flat 302 and her father handed her a key.

“Welcome to your new flat and life.” He said.

With that he turned and walked away and Sangitta was left with her mother.

“How have you afforded this mother?” She asked.

“That is for us to worry about my darling.” Replied her mother.

“Are you sure mother?” Sangitta responded.

“Definitely. Now let’s go in and make sure that the removal men have done all that I instructed them to do.”

Sangitta could tell when the conversation was over and she put the key in the lock and opened the door and stepped inside followed by her mother. Sangitta was surprised with what she saw. It was all newly furnished.

She went from room to room and could not fault her mother’s choices at all. She had the place just as Sangitta would have chosen to have it done. She turned and gave her mother a big hug and said.

“Thank you very much. It is perfect.”

“I am glad that you like it Sangitta. I am going to go and leave you now and let you get used to your place. I will be round at least once a week to see you but escort ataşehir I will always ring first in case you company.” Her mother said.

Sangitta gave her another hug and her mother turned and left her alone. She heard the door close and then she collapsed onto one of the sofas and took the envelope out of her purse. She opened it up and found a cheque for ten thousand pounds. She broke into tears. She suddenly realised that for the first time that she was on her own.

She pulled herself together and went to the bedroom. She went to her suitcases and began to unpack her clothes. It took her about an hour to do this and just as she finished her phone beeped. She went and opened it up and saw that it was a message from Denise.

“I am on my way.”

“Bring a couple of bottles of wine.” Responded Sangitta.

“No problem. See you soon.”

Sangitta closed her phone and put on some music she checked what she had on and decided to change her lingerie. She slipped off her jeans and t-shirt and removed the lingerie that she had on. She wanted to look good for Denise. She went to her underwear drawer and chose something special to wear.

About half an hour later the intercom buzzed in her apartment. She went to answer it.

“Hi.” She said.

“It is Denise darling.”

Sangitta buzzed her up after telling her which floor she was on and her flat number. She unlocked the door and left it ajar and went and laid down on the sofa and tried to look as sexy as she could. She wanted Denise to want her as soon a she saw her.

Denise saw the open door to the apartment and went in and when she saw Sangitta she almost dropped the bottles of wine that she was holding. Sangitta was reclined on the sofa wearing a pair of black hold-up stockings, a sheer red thong through which you could see her pussy and a red negligee displaying her breasts.

“My God you look gorgeous.” Said Denise.

“Thought I might give you a sexy introduction to my new life and apartment.” Said Sangitta.

“Glass of wine?” Denise asked.

“Yes please.” Replied Sangitta.

Denise found her way through to the kitchen and soon found the wine glasses and poured out two generous measures and brought them back to the front room. She handed one to Sangitta and then she took a seat at the feet of Sangitta and they clinked glasses together.

“Here’s to your new life.” Said Denise

“Cheers.” Replied Sangitta.

For a moment they just sat and sipped their wine and made some general chit-chat then Sangitta said.

“Aren’t you a little over-dressed?” Denise.

“Compared to you I suppose I am.” Replied Denise.

“Why not make yourself more at home then?” Responded Sangitta.

Denise put her glass on the table next to the sofa and stood up. She thought that she could not wait to get on top of Sangitta and make love to her. She thought that she should try and be a bit sexy but she was not too good at that. She had a blouse and skirt on and completed the look with a pair of tights. Underneath she had a lacy bra and knickers on.

Sensuously as she could she began to unbutton the blouse. She soon had all the buttons undone and she pulled the blouse down her arms and dropped it to the floor. She was shaking she was that excited so when she struggled to undo the button on her skirt she saw Sangitta stand up and say.

“Let me help you Denise.”

Sangitta wrapped her arms around Denise and held her in an embrace for a moment and then she began to kiss her. She just petted her as she ran her hands down and cupped the buttocks of Denise through the skirt that she was wearing. She had to admit that for an older woman she still had a sexy arse and she could not wait to see it naked.

She found the button on the skirt Denise was wearing and popped it open then she located the zip and pulled it down. She pulled the skirt down and Denise stepped out of it and stood there in just her knickers, bra and tights. Sangitta began to laugh.

“Next time you come round no tights please they look so unsexy. I want only stockings.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Said Denise.

“Now take those tights off and come and join me on the sofa.”

Sangitta laid back down and picked up her glass of wine and took another sip and watched as Denise took her tights off and stood there for a moment and in just her bra and knickers. She then walked towards Sangitta kadıköy escort and laid on top of her. She gazed into the eyes of Sangitta and felt herself drawn to her lips.

She began to pet the lips of Sangitta and then she moved to her neck and began to kiss on that. She heard Sangitta moan beneath her and she knew that she had found a sensuous spot of Sangitta. She worked on this spot for what seemed like an age to Sangitta and she felt her arousal begin to grow. She had to stop Denise kissing her.

“Please stop or you will make me cumm.” Said Sangitta.

“Of course.” Said Denise.

For the moment she climbed off of Sangitta and went back to her end of the sofa. She picked up her glass of wine and began to drink it. Soon both the glasses were empty and Denise said.

“Shall I get us a refill?”

“Yes please and why not bring them through to the bedroom.”

Denise could feel herself getting wet between the legs. She was going to find herself in Sangitta’s bed and she knew that it was a virgin bed and although she knew that Sangitta would not just have her as a lover she was going to get to christen the bed. This made her feel very special.

She went to the kitchen and poured out two more glasses of wine and went to take them through to the bedroom. When she entered she found Sangitta laid on top with her hand down her knickers just gently stroking her pussy. When she saw Denise she withdrew her hand and offered the wet fingers to Denise. Denise bent and licked them clean then she handed the glass of wine to Sangitta and joined her on the bed.

They drank their wine then Sangitta put her glass down on the bedside cabinet and turned to Denise and said.

“Please make love to me.”

Denise smiled to herself. She was going to get what she had come for and she was more than happy to make love to Sangitta. She was such a lovely young lady. She put her glass down and turned to Sangitta and said.

“I would be delighted to make love to you Sangitta.”

They both turned to face each other and tenderly they kissed one another. It was such a special moment for Sangitta and she wanted to savour every minute of it. She just gazed at Denise for a moment then she began to kiss her lips.

She did not pet Denise like she had done to her. She kissed her full on the lips and soon Denise pulled Sangitta on top of her. They were now kissing like lovers. Denise reached up and took hold of the hem of the negligee that Sangitta was wearing. She pulled it up and over the head of Sangitta and revealed the gorgeous body that had been hidden underneath.

She reached up with her hands and cupped the breasts of Sangitta. They felt so hot to the touch. She massaged the flesh and moved her hands up to play with the nipples. She found that the nipples had become erect and she could not wait to kiss them. She managed to roll Sangitta on to her back and began to kiss her way down Sangitta’s body.

She concentrated on Sangitta’s neck again and she saw that Sangitta had placed her hand in her knickers and was playing with her pussy. She stayed like that for five or so minutes then she trailed her tongue along Sangitta’s shoulder and worked her way down to her breasts.

She kissed the flesh for a minute or two but it was the nipples that she longed to get to. She eventually stopped teasing Sangitta and moved her mouth down onto one of her nipples. She suckled it into her mouth and felt it grow nice and hard in her mouth. She gave it a little bite and heard Sangitta moan below her.

She moved to the other breast and did the exact same thing whilst her hand traced circles on the flesh of Sangitta’s abdomen. Eventually she reached the hand of Sangitta and she gently pulled it out of her knickers and licked the fingers clean then she kissed her way down the abdomen of Sangitta until she got to her knicker clad pussy.

She got between Sangitta’s thighs and asked her to lift her buttocks so that she could take her knickers off. Sangitta did as she was asked and lifted her buttocks off of the bed and looked down and watched as Denise exposed her and she was completely naked. She loved the touch of Denise she was so gentle and worshipped Sangitta.

Denise began to pet the thighs of Sangitta and she soon found her way to the core of Sangitta. She wanted to taste the wonderful pussy before her. She reached out her tongue and began to maltepe escort bayan kiss the pussy of Sangitta. Gently she kissed each of Sangitta’s lips and she felt Sangitta open her legs wider so that she could get better access.

Denise now had total control over Sangitta and her gorgeous pussy. She opened it with her fingers and placed her tongue between the parted lips. She got her tongue inside and began to lap at the inner soul of Sangitta.

Sangitta pushed off the bed and had her first orgasm in her new bed. She wanted another one and she took hold of Denise’s head and held her deep onto her pussy. Denise continued to lick Sangitta through her orgasm and took the hint when Sangitta took hold of her head. She removed her tongue from Sangitta’s pussy and began to lick at her clit.

Up and down went her tongue on Sangitta’s clit and she soon brought Sangitta to her second orgasm. She was getting a sore tongue and Sangitta let her go and she moved back up Sangitta’s body and began to kiss her and transfer some of her pussy juice to Sangitta’s lips.

Sangitta knew that it was her turn to give Denise some pleasure. She always got nervous at this point because she was still not confident in her ability to give an orgasm to a woman. She had only fingered Denise up to now and that was what she planned to do today. She took the kiss from Denise then she moved her hands and began to undress Denise.

She reached round her back and found the clasp to her bra. She unclipped it and watched as it slid down the arms of Denise and her breasts were exposed to Sangitta. Sangitta reached out a hand and touched the naked flesh exposed to her. She loved to play with breasts and Denise’s were particularly impressive.

She just laid there and played with them. She ran her fingers over the flesh and would graze the nipples with her nails and watch as they became erect. She then dipped her head and began to pet the nipples.

“Bite them please.” Said Denise.

Sangitta was only too happy to oblige and she bit down on each of the nipples in turn and when she stopped she watched the blood flow back to the nipple ends and could almost see them throb Denise was that aroused.

Sangitta ran her hands down the back of Denise and felt herself begin to tingle. She reached Denise’s buttocks and caressed them through the material of her knickers then slowly she pulled the knickers down and off and began to caress the naked buttocks. She loved the feel of the naked flesh and could not wait any longer to finger Denise’s pussy.

She gently pushed Denise off of on top of her and rolled her onto her back. She went back to kissing her breasts and moved her hand between the two of them and felt Denise’s naked pussy. It felt so warm in her hand Sangitta could not wait to get her fingers inside and begin to play with Denise.

She ran her fingers up and down the lips of Denise’s pussy and she felt her lover’s pussy begin to flower open. She was ready to receive Sangitta’s fingers. Sangitta took a couple of fingers and inserted them both into Denise’s pussy. She let them settle into the depths of Denise’s pussy teasing her before she began to make love to her.

She began to move her fingers in and out and Denise began to buck under her and experienced her first orgasm of the evening. Sangitta was not for letting her off that easily. She moved her fingers harder and faster in and out of the pussy and soon Denise had her second orgasm. Sangitta smiled to herself. She was happy at this precise moment in time.

She managed to get her thumb and begin to rub at Denise’s clit and she rubbed it quite quickly and brought Denise to her third orgasm and she felt Denise collapse underneath her. She had taken enough for one day and she asked Sangitta to withdraw her fingers.

Sangitta did as she was asked. She wiped her fingers on the duvet then she moved back up the bed and took Denise in her arms and they just laid there and cuddled one another. They separated from one another and then they sat up in bed and finished their glasses of wine. Once her glass was drained Denise got out of bed and turned to Sangitta and said.

“I have to go darling.”

“I understand.” Replied Sangitta.

“Perhaps one day you will be able to stay the night.” Sangitta sighed.

“Hopefully.” Said Denise.

She bent and gave Sangitta a final kiss. For the first time in her life Sangitta was alone and she was scared. She went and made sure that the apartment was locked securely then she decided to have an early night. She climbed under the duvet and closed her eyes. The image of Indira appeared before her and she knew that she was not alone. She fell asleep.

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