Sammy’s First Time

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My name is Samantha, I’m 22, I live and work in Edinburgh in an upmarket department store. At 5′ 3″, slim tanned body that emphasises my 30 C breasts and long legs I know I’m a good looking girl and attract a lot of attention from men. However I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend Ross. We’ve been together 5 years and have a very healthy sex life!

My first time was with Ross at a party we both attended.

I went with friends and wore a tight fitting white lace dress that showed off my firm breasts and tight ass, black waist belt and hot fuck me high heels to show off my toned, tanned legs. I knew I looked good and felt great about myself, I was sure in the mood to have a good time!

At the party I drank and chatted with friends not noticing all the lustful gazes from the guys in the room. Occasionally guys would come over to chat but we quickly got bored when they leered too long. My friends who are equally gorgeous are great fun and after a while we decided to get taxis and go to a club.

I ended up in a taxi with two of my friends and a couple of guys, one of them being Ross. He seemed really nice, charming and obviously worked out! I liked the look of him but made sure to play it cool!

In the club Ross bought me drinks and acted the gent which I liked. We moved to the dance floor where we danced. The more drunk we got the more we felt casino oyna each other. After a short while I found myself wrapped in his arms grinding my ass against his bulging cock. Though a virgin I constantly felt horny and wanted to lose it badly but unfortunately never found the right guy, however I knew that night Ross was the man to take my cherry!

Ross took me back to his parents where he lived. We both are from upper class families and so his home his gorgeous and huge. In his room we made our way to his bed, kissing passionately as he felt my slight curves through my tight dress. I could feel his penis straining through his chinos against my firm stomach. I felt it with my hand, tracing its outline against his trousers.

Ross raised the tight skirt of my dress over my pert ass and stroked me gently as he kissed my neck. By this point I could feel my wetness well up inside me, I was gagging for release but knew it would come. I undid his trousers and pulled them down to release his erect cock. I’d never seen a hard cock up close before and was pleased to see it was sizeable but did wonder if it would hurt me as I knew it would be a tight fit…

I slowly stroked Ross’s cock with my hand as he reached between my legs to rub my pussy through my lacy knickers. I felt a hot sensation between my legs and ached for some sort of release! Shortly after, Ross picked me up and canlı casino lay me on the bed gently, parting my legs, removing my knickers and moved his head in close to my hot snatch to lap up my juices. It felt insanely good! I loved the feeling of his rough tongue against my wet lips and clit. The hot sensation began to build until I felt like I was about to explode. Frustratingly Ross stopped short of allowing me to climax, he instead inserted two fingers, slowly pushing them into me and rubbing my G spot. This was brought me to a mind shattering orgasm within minutes, my mind exploded and my body spasmed as a wave of orgasmic bliss smashed through me. As I came down from my euphoric state I saw Ross undressing, revealing his muscled and toned body and of course his large erect penis. He obviously groomed himself well, I guessed trimmed and waxed but I wasn’t complaining his manhood looked great and I wanted to eat it…

I stood up to kiss him, wrapping my hand round his swollen member, stroking him gently as we kissed. I then sank to my knees, kissing his torso on my way down. I opened my mouth, taking in the end of his swollen cock, swirling my tongue around it, feeling it swell even larger. As I got used to having such a large thing in my mouth I got more confident and was able to take him deeper, though I gagged if it got anywhere near my throat. I knew Ross was enjoying my kaçak casino first attempt at a blow job as I could hear his groans but telling my his body jerking occasionally I knew I snagged his cock with my teeth…

All of a sudden Ross withdrew his throbbing member from my mouth, drawing a trail of saliva with it. He picked me up, threw me on the bed, positioned himself between my legs and gently but firmly pushed his cock into my wet slit. It felt fucking amazing! At the time I wasn’t aware, did even think about it in my lustful state but Ross didn’t have protection on which I’ve since learnt feels so much more amazing than using a condom.

Penetrating me deeper and faster Ross was rapidly bringing me closer to another orgasm. His lustful gazes at my body and gently rubbing my breast made me feel sexy and hot. His cock sliding in and out of me felt sublime! As his thrusts increased in speed and power I felt my sex muscles begin to spasm and sensations I’d never felt before work up my spine, before long I knew I was having a mind blowing orgasm and could feel the muscles grip Ross’s cock like a vice. Despite this he kept thrusting and I could feel his cock swell within me and his groaning heavier. Without any notice he withdrew his cock and a shot of hot semen erupted from his member and sprayed my stomach and breasts with a thick layer of jizz.

He collapsed next to me and kissed me as I played with the fresh spunk on my body. I was in a post orgasmic bliss and very happy! I knew Ross was the man for me and looked forward to a lot more sex and related adventures!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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