Sam and Jake

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Big Tits

Sam and Jake

Jake was a normal teenage boy. He’d just turned 18 and pretty much everything caused him to think of sex. If he wasn’t thinking of sex, he was on his way to it. He jerked off a fair amount because it was fun and he could. He was usually left to his own devices when at home, and so had time to experiment with anything that turned him on…which was most anything. This week his Mom had been home from work on vacation, so his windows of opportunity to play outside of his room were almost non-existent.

Jake was a good looking kid – ‘man’, he thought to himself – and while he wasn’t a jock, he thought that he had a good combo of muscles and height to attract women. Put that with sandy blond hair, a cheerful smile and good attitude, he was a real catch. At least that’s what he told himself. His Mom agreed, and of course all Moms were unbiased, so it had to be true.

Jake was at this moment thinking of Susan, the girl he liked at school, stroking his dick while laying in bed. She was probably the hottest girl at school, which was a healthy part of why he liked her, but she seemed nice. He’d never talked to her of course, but talking was overrated. Speaking of hot, his bedroom was stifling. It was on the second floor where the heat seemed to collect any time it was hot. Stroking himself when sticky with sweat was not that fun, and he didn’t have any lube so while his dick was hard, the wank session wasn’t really working for him.

He gave up and put his swimsuit on. Better to get in the pool and swim some laps to cool off than frustrate himself with a substandard orgasm. Walking downstairs he looked for Sam, his Mom. She usually puttered around in the afternoon when she was off, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. She’d probably gone out to run some errands. He smiled. That meant he had the whole house to himself.

Walking out the patio doors, he pushed his swim shorts down to his ankles and flipped them away with one foot. Skinny dipping was something he had recently discovered. Feeling the water caress his dick and balls as he swam was so refreshing and freeing he doubted it would ever get old.

The water was so cool as he dove in that it took his thoughts completely away from the frustrated jerkoff he’d abandoned in his room. As he lazily swam laps, the sun beating down on him, he thought of the last time he’d seen Susan at school.

He didn’t share any classes with her, so he relied on spotting her in the halls between classes. A week ago he had seen her walking with some friends about 15 feet ahead of him. He couldn’t help but stare at her butt, which was contained in a form fitting short skirt, and it took almost running into another student to wake him up. He had hoped no one saw him staring, but he doubted anyone would blame him. Her butt wasn’t even her best feature.

Thinking of Susan’s ass as she walked had the usual effect. Jake turned on his back to float and smiled and compared himself to a raft with a mast. Or a shark with a fin. Deserted island with one tree? There was no way he was going to miss out on a chance to jerk off in the pool. Not sanitary but that’s what filters were for. He slowly slid his hand from the base of his dick to the tip, slowing down the further up he got. The water didn’t make his dick any slippier but if he went slow it felt pretty good. He continued to dream of Susan, floating and stroking.


Sam pulled her Volvo into the garage and jumped out. She was done running her errands and was looking forward to a quick dip in the pool before thinking about dinner for herself and her son, Jake. The afternoons got hot at this time of the year and keeping cool was a fight in and of itself. Grabbing her shopping bags from the trunk, she made her way through the garage into the kitchen and started putting groceries away.

She hummed as she went, trying to go quick. She was on vacation for a week before the real heat of the summer hit, which was working out well for relaxation time but not for intimacy time. She had intended to have the time off with her husband, Bill, but he had been called away on a last minute work trip. The trip wasn’t unusual, but the timing sure did suck. It had only been two days and she was already missing him in every way.

Finishing up with the groceries, she went to her bedroom to change into a swimsuit. Just a modest one piece that was super comfortable and worn in. As she stripped her shorts off and unbuttoned her blouse, she glanced in the full length mirror mounted on the back of the closet door. She tried not to check herself out too often but the mirror made it hard not to. She’d just hit 42 last month and was starting to see some signs of her age. Her butt was bigger than it used to be but the shape was pleasing, at least Bill said so. She took off her bra, letting it fall off her arms into the laundry hamper. She massaged the underside of her breasts where they came into contact with the underwire in her bra. She hated bras but couldn’t leave the house without wearing one, she’d pendik escort put someone’s eye out or cause a crash. Another Bill comment. He did like her breasts, and really, Sam couldn’t blame him. They were a full, perky C cup but with nipples that resembled erasers when they got hard.

She pulled on her swimsuit and grabbed a towel from the closet. At the patio door she could see that her son was in the pool, but she didn’t look very closely. Smiling, she put on sandals and sunglasses and grabbed the book she was currently reading.

As she stepped out of the house she called out, “Hi Jake, no school this afternoon?”


Jake was panicking. He’d only just rolled over a minute ago after cumming in the pool when he heard his Mom call out to him. Had she seen him? Did he have to leave town in a fog of disgrace? His Mom was the last person he’d imagine to be okay with him jerking off where anyone could see. They had tall fences around the property so the neighbours weren’t going to see anything but it wasn’t the neighbours he was concerned about. He could never live it down if his mother had seen him. He floated and watched as she walked to a lounger and put her book, towel and sunglasses down. Was she mad? She didn’t look mad.

“How’s the water?” she called out, sunnily.

He breathed out a sigh of relief, she didn’t sound mad either. But that didn’t really let him off the hook. He glanced at his swim shorts a full 6 feet away from the pool edge where he’d sent them flying. “Nice!” he called back, while internally cursing his complacence in not keeping them in the pool with him at least. That way he could have just put them back on under the water and no one the wiser.

He watched as she kicked her sandals off and skipped to the water to dive in. Now was his chance. As she dove in Jake swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out while his Mom was still under water. He grabbed his shorts and stepped into them as fast as he could. His Mom usually did a few laps to start off with as well, so he should have time. As he finished pulling them up he turned around and was relieved to see her swimming overhand, almost to the other end. Heart beating in his chest he grabbed a towel and retreated to the house. She’d pick up on his awkwardness if he stuck around.

“Bye Mom,” he called back, drying his hair.


Sam didn’t hear her son call out but did see him leave as she swam back. It was unusual for him to leave so quick, they liked to hang out in the pool together on hot afternoons. It wasn’t yet as hot as it would become in a month, so she supposed he might not need to cool down as much yet.

As she did another lap she noticed something sticking to her arm. Moving over to the edge of the pool to hang on she lifted her arm closer to see what it was. Something stringy and white? What on earth. She used her other hand to wipe it off and it stuck to her hand as well. Shuddering in revulsion, she ducked under the water to give it a real rinse. What could it be? Having had a pool for a long time she thought she’d seen pretty much everything that ended up in it, but this was new. Coming back to the surface she saw one last string between her thumb and forefinger. She paused and brought it up to her nose to sniff. It smelled familiar but she couldn’t place it. Flipping the sticky string off her hand, she lifted herself out of the pool. No sense in getting it on her suit.

As she padded back to her towel she pondered what it could be. Had Jake gotten some on him as well? Is that why he left? Why didn’t he say anything about it? She dried off and sat down on the lounger to enjoy her book for a while.

As she sat and read, the smell of the strange substance in the pool kept coming back to her. She knew what it was, but for the life of her it escaped her memory. It was just on the tip of her tongue. Tongue! That jogged another surge of memory but it still didn’t quite surface. Shaking her head she went back to her book.


Jake hung his suit up to dry and threw himself down onto his bed. His heart was still racing at the narrow miss in the pool. As much as his orgasm into the pool had felt good it wasn’t worth getting caught by his Mom. He’d stick to his bedroom from now on. Or the shower.

The next day Jake got home from school at 3pm to find his Mom was out again. He checked the garage to make sure she was actually gone and then went to have a shower. He’d had track as last period but didn’t bother showering at school when he could do it at home and take his time.

He shucked his clothes off and started the water in his bathroom. He had a separate bath next to his room which was on the opposite side of the house from his parents’ room and bath. The water temperature had to be a little warm so he took a piss while waiting. Jake hated cold showers even on hot days. Shaking his dick to get the last drops off, Jake thought of the other reason he didn’t like to shower at school: the other guys made comments about the size of his escort pendik dick once, calling him Hoss. Thankfully the name didn’t stick but he was still wary about people seeing him naked. He knew he was bigger than average, that didn’t mean he had to show it off.

A quick wash of his torso was followed by a nice liberal soaping up of his dick. Followed by a more thorough massage. Followed by a steady jerking. As he was stroking his fist up and down Jake recalled the freedom he’d felt yesterday in the pool, drifting around and slowly pleasuring himself. Why was he thinking about that? He’d almost gotten caught. Oh. He’d almost gotten caught. He stopped stroking and turned the water off. If he was going to take advantage of the pool he’d have to hurry before his Mom got home.

He grabbed his suit from his room and ran down stairs to the pool. He ran and dove into the water, his cock sticking out like a third leg. This time he held on to his suit and let it float in the water. Flipping onto his back he started the same slow stroke he used yesterday only this time he was imagining his Mom walking through the patio doors and catching him. It worked wonders and before long his cock was spewing cum everywhere, arcing into the air and splashing around him. He floated in place for a while, pearly strings across his chest, and just stared up at the sky enjoying the post-orgasm glow. This might turn into a habit.


Sam walked through the front door at home and called out for her son to come help bring in the bags she’d brought home. He didn’t answer. Where was he? She could see his coat and shoes by the door so he was definitely home. Struggling with the two bags while holding her purse and keys she managed to dump it all on the kitchen counter. Where was that boy?

Walking through the house she came to the patio door and looked out to the pool to see him just climbing out. She should have known. Sam headed upstairs to gather laundry, first gathering her clothes and then Jake’s. He obviously hadn’t done any in a while as his hamper was overflowing. What did he do, change clothes twice a day? She swore he had done laundry just last weekend.

Down in the basement she started to sort by darks and lights and delicates. Once she was done she had a pile of her pantries and bras to go in but it was a small pile. She could add to it with some of Jake’s stuff. Pulling his clothes out to find small items to add she came across some of his underwear. As she threw them into the pile with her stuff she happened to notice some white stains on them. Oh. Jake had been doing his own laundry for so long she had forgotten about the stains.

She shrugged. It was only to be expected, teenage boys were cum machines for many years, and it wasn’t any of her business. As long as he did it in the privacy of his bedroom there was no harm. Opening the washer Sam picked up the pile and threw it in. As she did do an aroma wafted out that was unmistakable. Semen. Instantly she recalled the stringy white substance on her arm and hand yesterday. She had been slimed by her son’s cum. She had swam through it. Now she knew why he had left the pool so quickly, he didn’t want to get caught. That little bastard.

Masturbating in his room was one thing but in the pool? That was just unsanitary.

It was too late to call him on it, and she had no proof, so she had to let it lie. Hopefully it was a one time thing, but if she ever caught him she’d give him a piece of her mind. The whole family used that pool!

Fuming a bit, Sam tried to put the new knowledge that she’d been swimming in Jake’s ejaculate out of her mind to concentrate on dinner. Maybe she’d do a little fishing and see how he reacted at dinner.


Jake was finishing up some homework when he heard his Mom call from downstairs.

“Jake, dinner’s ready!” she said.

“Coming!” he called back and headed down to the dining room. His Mom was just putting down some plates on the table.

“Smells delicious,” he said. “What are we having?”

“Just some pork chops and rice,” his Mom replied. “How was school today?” she asked as she sat down at the table with a glass of wine.

“Fine,” he replied. It was always fine. Why did she ask if he gave the same answer every time?

“How was your day?” he sent back.

“Fine,” she said back with a smirk. “Actually I’m glad I took the week off, I’m finally relaxed enough to enjoy it.”

Jake mumbled, “That’s good.” His mouth was full so it wasn’t very clear.

“Have you been enjoying your swims lately?”

Jake almost choked on his mouthful of rice, spraying some of it on the table. “Um, yeah..I guess so, why do you ask?”

His Mom put on a concerned expression. “Are you alright? I was just curious, I think the filter might need cleaning, I swam through some slime yesterday.”

Jake swallowed the rice painfully and tried to look like he was thinking. “No it’s seemed fine to me.”

“Okay we’ll keep an eye on it, if something is getting pendik escort bayan into the pool we don’t want to be swimming in it.”

“Yeah, definitely. I’ll watch out.”

“See that you do,” his Mom said while giving a slight arch of her eyebrow.

Did she know? She would have said something if she knew. Maybe she suspected! Jake finished his dinner hurriedly and kissed his Mom on the cheek.

“Thanks for dinner, Mom,” he said, and retreated to his bedroom for the night.


Sam took her time eating dinner and enjoying her wine. She was in no hurry. Clearly her son had cum in the pool or he wouldn’t have reacted that way. Hopefully her bringing it up was enough to get him to stop it.

She took a sip of wine and pondered why he would jerk off in the pool. Was it a whim? Was he an exhibitionist? Had he been doing it for long? The thought of her son jerking off in the pool wasn’t something she was going to dwell on any more, she thought, and put it out of her mind. Although….maybe there was a purely physical reason to masturbate in the pool. She’d never done anything of the sort herself.

Sam took her plate and glass to the kitchen sink and gave them a rinse. Jake could wash them later.

She walked to the patio door and stared out into the dark at the pool. She turned on the poolside lights and watched the water shimmer for a while, letting her imagination wander.

Her husband had been gone for several days. She hadn’t had sex for several days before that, as they’d been busy with work. She was starting to get a little…pent up. Shaking her head, Sam headed to the living room to watch some TV. She browsed channels for a bit and then checked some of the streaming services. Nothing jumped out at her.

Walking past the patio doors again she saw she’d forgotten the lights. Just as she was going to turn them off she looked out and paused. Jake was probably in his room for the night. Maybe she could go for a late night swim.

Grabbing her suit from her room, she padded downstairs quietly, even though Jake’s room was down the hall. She didn’t want to advertise that she was going swimming, she wanted some alone time.

She changed in the bathroom downstairs and headed out to the pool. It was very peaceful. She walked in on the shallow end, slowly letting her body acclimatize to the temperature. The water tended to warm up in the day but it could cool down fairly quickly.

She sat down on a bench against the side, the water coming up to her belly. She put her head back and just soaked in the silence, listening to the water lap up against the walls.

There wasn’t anything especially sexy about the pool. Did he end up with a hardon and just wanted to take care of it? Couldn’t he have waited for it to go away? A hard penis wasn’t a one-use item, she was sure. A hard penis. Sam let her mind wander, thinking of her husband’s penis. It was a very nice cock, and it made her very happy. Mind you, there has been less and less time for that sort of stuff lately. Work for both her and Bill was really getting in the way.

Sam sighed and looked down at her chest. Her nipples were hard, mostly from the cool water but also from thoughts of her husband. She brought a hand up and gave one of her nipples a pinch, holding it tightly as long as she could stand, and then letting go.

She let her hand drift down further caressing her stomach all the way down to the gap between her thighs. Her fingers lightly caressed her material-covered slit, not pushing hard. Just feeling for a response. She got the response when a jolt spiked from her pussy to her nipples to her brain.

Sam let her head fall back on the side of the pool and kept gently caressing herself. The serenity outside, plus the thrill of knowing she could be caught, combined to form a wonderful aphrodisiac. She moved her hand to the right and slipped a finger under the edge of her suit, just enough to be able to get a grip and pull it over. Her other hand joined the first and so with her pussy exposed in the water under the lights Sam started to see why her son jerked off in the pool.

She moved a hand down and pushed one finger inside of herself. Just a dip to the first knuckle. Despite the water she could feel her body’s natural lubricant and smiled. A second finger joined the first and she moved them both in a circle. Her cheeks flushed as the pleasure started to build. The mother who had just a couple hours ago been disturbed by her son pleasuring himself in the pool was now doing the same thing. She closed her eyes and tried not to think of Jake. He wasn’t relevant right now.

Pulling her fingers free of her pussy, Sam slowly dragged them both up her slit, pushing firmly when she arrived at her clit. She used one finger to pull back the hood covering it and then used her other finger to lightly stimulate her clit in small circles. The kind of motion she could keep up for hours if need be, and had before. But she didn’t want to be in the pool for hours and so she sped up the finger. After another minute she started using all four fingers to rub her clit, slowly pushing harder. Her face flushed and her mouth gaped open, saliva gathering as she gasped with the increased pleasure.

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