Salt , Vinegar Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Here’s a little more Lena and Justine for those who requested it.

I recommend reading Salt & Vinegar first, although this is a stand-alone story.

Enjoy! And please let me know if you’d like more.

Thanks again to Warrior_Wolf for the helpful edits.



Friday, finally! I’d had a really shitty week at work. Everyone was under pressure to meet deadlines on the new software project. I’d been putting in twelve hour days and taking work home as well. My temper was frayed, my eyes were square and I swear I dreamt bloody code in the few short hours of sleep I managed to get each night. I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my eyes and stretching. I was so ready for the weekend.

The effort had paid off though. We looked like making the deadline and the client was ecstatic. Some of the guys were getting together on Saturday to celebrate and blow off some steam. Dean had asked if I’d like to join them. I wasn’t really interested, but I appreciated the gesture. It meant I was part of the team. The code work wasn’t as glamorous as the character design and GUI stuff, but solid code was critical to performance. I was a gun, and they knew it.

“Thanks for the offer, Dean, but my partner and I are already doing something on Saturday night.”

Probably doing each other, I thought to myself hopefully. Poor Lena was going crazy from lack of attention and, with me all bitchy due to the stress and lack of sleep, there’d been a couple of tense moments over the last few nights. Hmm, ‘tense’ is probably an understatement. I was already anticipating the make-up sex.

“You sure? We’re goin’ old school. AD&D version one rules!”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine without me. Thanks for the invite though. Maybe another time.”

Dean’s face froze.

I wondered just how disappointed he was. I knew he sort of liked me. He’d been fishing for ages, trying to figure out how serious a relationship I was in. I’m not sure he even believed I had a partner. I don’t really talk about my private life at work. If you’re a friend, you don’t have to ask. If you’re not, you don’t need to know. Dean and I got on OK – sharing a pod and all – but that was as far as it went. He was a friendly enough guy; just not a friend.

“Look, I’m really sorry, Dean”, I said. “Next time, OK?”

His mouth had now dropped open.

“Horns of the Left Hand Path”, he whispered reverently.


If this was a D&D reference, I didn’t get it.

“Not what! Who.”

I realised he was looking over my shoulder. I turned to see Lena sauntering down the aisle towards our pod in the back corner of the office.

You’ve heard the expression ‘an ass that can stop traffic’. Well, Lena’s causes gridlock for blocks. Actually, she can cause it in front as well as behind. Her chest is as impressive as her rear. She is one very hot package. Trust me, I know. In intimate detail.

Real live divine goddesses like Lena are as common in the IT world as faultlessly performing Beta releases. They just don’t happen. In Lena’s wake, guys had stood up and were staring over the cubicle walls at this Friday afternoon miracle. They all wore exactly the same expression as Dean’s. It was obvious that Lena was aware of the reaction. Even if she couldn’t see the effect she was creating, she couldn’t have failed to hear the various exclamations of wonder and appreciation that echoed behind her.

These guys fantasised about women like Lena. They were normal enough in any RPG, with exaggerated assets specifically designed to provide eye candy for socially challenged and sexually frustrated gamers. You just didn’t expect to see one appear at work in the flesh.

There was a fair amount of flesh too. Skimpy denim shorts and a cut-away shirt exposed a fair amount of Lena’s body. She was playing it up as well. A catwalk model couldn’t have topped her performance. Her expression was a wonderful combination of studied nonchalance coupled with a wicked smirk. She was working a little extra into her hips too. One hand swung gently by her side. The other managed to casually stroke up her thigh. That walk was so hot it should have been illegal.

She grinned as she caught my eye. I blew her a soft little kiss with my mouth and smiled back. Nobody noticed, but then I probably could have stripped off and danced naked and everyone’s attention still would have been on Lena. She winked. How the girl can make a wink so dirty, I’ll never know. I felt myself getting wet.

“I think … I think she just winked at me”, Dean breathed in a weak voice.

I had to smother a laugh before turning back to him with a straight face.

“It’s possible…” I conceded.

Dean’s not what I’d call handsome, but he’s escort kartal OK looking in a geeky, glasses-wearing kind of way. I suddenly had one of those disturbing cringe thoughts. I wondered just how far I was from being a female version of Dean. Lena saved me from any doubt. She walked around the corner of the cubicle, gathered me into her arms and gave me a very passionate kiss. With tongue, the saucy bitch. When we broke, I put my finger up to her lips.

“You’ve probably caused a number of workplace injuries you know, babe. Blood pressure, whiplash, the odd exploding hard drive; that sort of thing.”

Lena coolly surveyed the crowd of extremely attentive spectators.

“Hard drive? That sounds pretty dirty. You might have to show me one of those later”, she murmured. Then louder, “What, you boys never seen a woman before?”

I glanced over at Dean. His eyes were popping out of his head. I also realised that Lena’s hands were casually placed on my ass where only he could see.

“Um, not off the screen”, volunteered one brave soul.

“Well then, you’d better not miss this opportunity.”

Lena slowly unbuttoned her shirt and flashed her magnificent breasts.

Her breasts are full, large and perky. I’ve spent many, many hours in their blessed company. Dusky aureoles and slightly erect nipples showed that she was aroused by all the attention. I stared at them hungrily. I think they’re absolutely perfect.

Gasps and reverential profanities throughout the room indicated wide agreement with me. Lena let them appreciate her assets for a couple of heartbeats.

“Right, shows over. Now back to work you fucking perverts!”

Heads bobbed back down like they’d been shot. A few of my colleagues stumbled in a half-crouch for the door.

“Looks like some of them need an urgent trip to the little boys’ room”, Lena smirked.

“And the bright ones are probably off to beg for a copy of the security footage”, I shrugged.

Lena laughed and then turned to Dean.

“Your buddy missed the finale.”

Lena’s shirt still hung open. The inside slopes and swell of her breasts were very evident. Her proud nipples showed plainly underneath the thin fabric. The piercing through her navel winked in the light.

Dean gulped.

“Looks like he appreciated it just the same”, I said.

Dean had a noticeable bulge straining against the front of his trousers. Lena took a step forward and casually batted his crotch with her hand. He whimpered, but couldn’t take his eyes off her chest.

“Well, seeing as your Justine’s pod pal, you get the special treatment”, she said huskily.

She reached down and unfastened Dean’s trousers. His cock bulged against his jocks. Lena released it with a practised hand. Dean looked around wildly but was too shocked to do anything else.

“Done that before have you, honey?” I said to her.

“Ah well, you know …”

Dean’s cock sprang free. He was hard indeed. A vein throbbed on one side, snaking its way up the shaft toward his swollen head. His wasn’t the biggest dick I’d seen, but it was still quite a respectable size.

“And who said you IT guys weren’t studs”, leered Lena.

Lena began to play with him. She licked a finger and then ran it around the flange of his head. A drop of cum appeared at the slit and then dribbled slowly downward. She trapped it with her finger tip and then rubbed it up and around the head of his pulsing member. Dean looked almost ready to faint and he reached around desperately to grasp the back of his chair for support. His mouth worked open and closed as Lena stroked his shaft firmly before tugging him lightly and quickly. He reached a hand up toward one of her breasts, but she batted it away with her other hand. Then she licked a finger and began to trace around her nipples, pushing the shirt away so Dean had an unobstructed view. He shuddered and Lena stepped lightly to the side as his cum spewed from him, jetting out in an arc to splatter all over the carpet. He was panting hard and still wore the same wild-eyed look.

“Looks like the cleaners are in for a surprise tonight”, I quipped.

I glanced around, but the rest of the office was returning to normality. The half-height divide had hidden the action from everyone. While we were standing close, it looked like we could have been just chatting. Hopefully, no one would come and bother Dean for the rest of the afternoon; otherwise he was going to have some explaining to do. Either that or Lena had just given him office hero status. I snapped my fingers in front of Dean’s face until he focussed, then held a tissue out for him.

“Congratulations Dean. You’ve just been given one of the best hand jobs you’ll ever have.”

“What maltepe escort bayan do you mean, ‘one of the best’, bitch?” said Lena.

“Um, er … thanks … uh?” queried Dean.

“Sorry Dean, I know it’s normal to have introductions before things get intimate; but ‘normally’ doesn’t always apply with Lena. Dean, this is my partner Lena. Lena, Dean.”

“Uh, thank you … Lena. Wait, she’s your partner Justine! Seven circles of hell! And she’s just …”

“Yes, great isn’t she? And you couldn’t even begin to imagine what we get up to”, I said wickedly.

“Except now he won’t sleep for a week trying to, you fucking tease Jus.”

Poor Dean couldn’t meet my eyes. I slapped Lena on the ass.

“You’ll pay for that, bitch!”

“I’m counting on it. Now, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure, sweetness?”

“You’ve been working too hard and I had nothing to do so I caught a cab to see if my favourite girl wants an excuse to leave early on a Friday afternoon?”

“Hey. You make it sound like I need a reason to come home.”

“Nah, I’m just bored. I’ve been thinking about you all day – all week, actually – and can’t wait any longer. Did myself a couple of times already, but I’m still fucking horny as hell. So, you’re coming?”

Dean was starting to stiffen up again as he listened to the byplay.

“Sorry, Dean”, I said. “Fun’s over so you’ll have to put your little buddy away.”

“Oh, yeah. Right.”

Dean blushed and had a little bit of difficulty as he struggled to redress.

“Now I understand about you turning me down for Saturday”, he muttered.

“What, he made a pass at you Jus!?”

“Hold up, Lena”, I laughed. “He only invited me to a D&D game with a few of the guys from work.”

Lena’s eyes narrowed.

“A D&D game?”

“Dungeons and Dragons. Fantasy role playing.”

“Role playing fantasies in dungeons, huh? Sounds a bit fucking BDSM to me.”

“Not that sort, you slut. Stop being so bloody suspicious! It’s dice and figurines and stuff. Actual games. Besides, I thought we were doing something with Chrissie on Saturday night?”

“Yeah, we are. Dean? Hands off! Clear?” said Lena with a menacing look.

“See Dean, siren on the outside but cross her and she’s lethal.”

Dean held his hands up in surrender.

“No, no! Like the Diamond of Nulgath, I swear!”


“It’s OK Lena. It translates from gamer as ‘I understand’.”

“Well, alright then”, said Lena as she buttoned up her shirt.

She flashed one of her insanely attractive smiles and the pod’s weather forecast suddenly turned from ‘imminent storm’ to ‘bright sunshine’ in an instant. We left with Dean gazing dreamily after us.

Outside in the car park, Lena leant in close to me as we walked toward my car. She nibbled my ear lobe with her lips.

“Dean’s dick just about killed me”, she whispered. “I’m not going to be able to wait until I get you home.”

I wasn’t sure that I could either. I unlocked my car, but opened the back door instead of the front and crawled onto the rear set. I glanced invitingly at Lena as I unzipped my jeans. Lucky I parked at the back this morning.

“Oh, I am so going to nail you, bitch”, breathed Lena heavily.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” I teased as I wriggled out of my jeans.

We keep a handy selection of items in the car for just such emergencies. Lena unzipped her shorts as she reached into the pocket of the passenger side door. Shielded by the car, Lena fastened a harness around her hips and fitted a thick black dildo. I sat in the middle of the back seat and lifted my legs up so Lena could move around and on top of me.

My pussy was exposed to her hungry gaze.

“Just stay like that”, growled Lena as she lowered herself onto me.

She kissed me savagely then, her hunger evident in her lips and tongue. I reached up to touch her shoulders and stroke down her upper arms feeling the wonderful combination of strength and femininity in her muscles. She thrust roughly into me and I gasped into her kiss. She let me adjust to the size of the dildo before beginning to move slowly in and out. I folded my legs down and around her, clasping her hips to mine. I moved my hands up to caress her neck. I broke our kiss to work my mouth along her jaw, then down the side and nape of her neck. Her raven locks hung like a shroud around our heads, curtaining us; her panting breath blowing strands of it wildly. I shifted my hips slightly to elevate her, moving lower so that I could kiss the breasts I had admired earlier. My lips softly explored her soft curves and my tongue traced the outline of her hard, erect nipples. I kissed and sucked her, nuzzling, pendik escort bayan needing, wanting.

Lena knew what I wanted. She increased the speed and depth of her thrusting as I grew wetter and wetter. I could feel my orgasm being summoned from deep within me and I moaned her name with urgency. She pounded into me with a savage ferocity and grasped me tightly as I screamed her name and my body erupted in wave after wave of glorious, explosive delirium.

Despite her own need, she rode me softly down the decline of my climax. She stilled within me for a moment before withdrawing and detaching the dildo.

“You want this?” she said huskily.

I grabbed it and threw it on the floor. I forcibly rolled her underneath me until we had swapped places. Now it was my turn. I continued where I’d left off. Kissing and sucking her breasts once again before tracing my tongue down and around her navel. Stroking her thighs with my hands, I gradually worked my way downwards teasing myself as much as her. I licked around and under the straps and buckle of her harness before I undid it, letting it fall away onto the seat.

Lena has always shaved herself, except for a narrow line of thick hair. I carefully licked it into shape, grooming her with my tongue and mouth. I moved one hand underneath to gently trace around the rosebud of her anus with an exploratory finger. I was rewarded with a desperate groan.

“For God’s sake, Jus. Please … just … fucking take me!”

And I obliged. I hungrily devoured every fold and crevice of her warm, wet pussy with my mouth and tongue. I know Lena’s sex like the back of my own hand but every time is like a new adventure. I never tire of exploring the wonder of her. I revelled in her scent, her taste, her smell; my every sense intoxicated by my lover. I licked and kissed, thrusting my tongue deep within her, then swirling it rapidly around her clit. I sucked and lapped at her juices until I felt Lena tense and…

“Oh, Jus… Jus … fuuuucccckkkk!!”

I continued to gently lick her, matching each shudder of ecstasy which ran through.

When she sighed with pleasure, I crawled up onto her and snuggled into her, laying my head between her breasts. Lena wrapped her arms around me tightly and held me close, stroking my hair. Over the swell of her breast, I could see that the windows had completely fogged, enclosing us in our own small, secure world like the inside of a cloud. It was wonderful just to lay there listening to the rapid beat of my lover’s heart and feel her breath warm against my cheek. I sighed with contentment and tilted my head to look up at her.

“Better?” I whispered.

She was looking at me with a tender light in her eyes, which she quickly masked. The familiar hard cynicism returned, but I had seen what I always knew she kept hidden within her and which was the essence of her artistic genius – a deep and profound sensitivity. I felt privileged to be trusted to see it. It was a gift rarely given to anyone. She didn’t have to say it; I knew how she felt.

“Yes, honey. Thanks”, she said simply. The soft light returned for a brief instant.

We lay there enjoying the feeling of each other’s quiet touch for a few more minutes before I stirred.

“If we don’t leave soon, we’re going to be caught in the Friday afternoon exodus. I think we’ve given them enough to talk about for the next few weeks without being discovered near-naked in the back of my car.”

“Like I give a shit. But yeah, you’re probably right. We’ll continue this later.”

“Yes ma’am.”



Jus bounced into the apartment one evening, closing the door behind her. She had that silly little grin and fucking mischievous twinkle in her lovely blue eyes which means she’s excited.

“Good day then, huh?”

“I’ve got a surprise for you, babe”, she said happily.


She passed me a large white envelope.

I was curious now. I slit it open with a fingernail and pulled out a full-colour piece of hand-drawn artwork.

“Concept art for one of the characters in the new game we’re developing. Dean did it. Like it?”


It was obviously me. It was skilfully done. I was flattered.

“Looks like someone made an impression. Speaking of which, there’s now a permanent stain on the carpet in our pod. A memento of your visit. If anyone asks him, Dean swears he just spilt some of his soda…”

“Tell him I like it, thanks.”

“Yes, well it’s completely bloody unrealistic. As if you could do any real action wearing that. He’s drawn a number of your, ah, ‘features’ quite accurately though.”

“I can think of some fucking action you could do wearing this.”

“Hmm, I’m sure you could, but probably not in this game. Young kids and all. Still, it’d be a shame to waste such a good idea, so why don’t you show me ‘warrior princess’?” Jus smirked.

I pointed to the bedroom.

“The ‘dungeon’ is that way, bitch. Game on.”


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