Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 06

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I slept like a baby throughout the night and had one hot dream after another. In one, all the women I had the pleasure of fucking appeared in my suite to create one big orgy. Whenever necessary some other guy appeared to help out pleasuring some of the women but for the most part I stole the show. Just like most other dreams those ones were crossing the border into the impossible. Not only was my cock a foot long but I was also able to cover the faces of four women with multiple cumshots over and over.

Then Sara let herself get fucked in this ass and was outdoing them all. The last dream consisted of Sara kneeling in front of me in a schoolgirl outfit, deepthroating me all the way while riding the biggest dildo. This was by far the most vivid dream and her hot mouth seemed more real than any of the other pussies or asses I dreamed of penetrating. I felt a light touch on my chest but couldn’t make out what it was.

It was then when I slowly woke up. Even though I was a bit groggy, the slurping sound accompanied by the sensation of a perfect blowjob woke me up quickly. The touch I felt on my chest was the bed sheet that was rubbing back and forth as the rest of the sheet covered the cocksucker who was bobbing her head up and down. I was sure it was Sara and I figured if I acted like I was asleep she would continue trying to please me as much as she had been.

I actually tried to challenge myself not to moan too much and keep my hands and the rest of my body in place as saliva was dripping down my shaft right into my ass crack with a tongue was trying to catch as much as possible. I was fully erect and could feel her lips get within an inch or two of the base of my cock. Then I felt her hand cupping my balls and pull them towards her mouth. On her next throat dive, she stuck out her tongue and was actually able to lick part of my sack with the tip or her tongue. I nearly lost it at that moment.

“Fuck, yes. That’s it. That is…perfect,” I moaned as I now started thrusting my hips upward. Part of me actually started to doubt that it was Sara giving me that blowjob since only Cindy had been able to go that deep. I grabbed the head that was sucking me through the sheets and forced her to take me deeper and deeper. Even though she never made it all the way, the pure struggle which was proven by repeated gagging and coughing felt mesmerizing.

She finally came all the way up and before I could react to my disappointment, Sara raced towards my face and kissed me all over with her sloppy lips. Without any makeup on, the tear filled eyes remained clean and it didn’t take long for her pussy to come to rest on top of my rigid cock. She tried to wiggle around and force me into her but I was so erect that the head of my cock was fully pushed against my stomach. As if she was working against a time limit, she rushed her right hand towards my dick and pointed him up so she can start to engulf me with her hot pussy. As soon as I was inside of her, she was riding me harder than a cowgirl on top of a raging bull.

“Fuck me Don. Yes baby. Don’t you stop. Ohhh…” She was literally screaming out. I almost laughed since she was doing all the work and all I was providing was the 8 inch shaft which she was pleasuring herself with.

But seeing her tits only bounce slightly despite their firmness and seeing her facial expression which was priceless only served as an added turn-on for me and gave me no room to laugh. It didn’t take her long to reach her zenith of pleasure and started screaming even louder as she forced one orgasmic wave after another through her body. She finally collapsed on top of me breathing hard and forcing herself to speak despite her barely catching her breath.

“I am so sorry I fell asleep on you baby. I hope to make it up to you this morning” she said.

“Oh yeah. How dare you,” I joked. “You better get back to work then because he isn’t done yet,” I said with unauthentic authority.

“Yes sir,” she replied. “How would you like it?”

“Your ass is still off limits?” I asked rather nonchalantly.

“I am afraid it is,” she said.

“Well then, I am going to need the best effort from the remaining holes, don’t I?” I hinted.

“What exactly will that mean for my pussy and throat?” she asked seductively.

“Just wait and see,” I teased. “Let’s have some fun. Go grab a pair of high heels and put them on. You will need them.”

She walked off butt naked and ended up being gone for a couple of minutes taking much longer than I thought she should have. When she walked back in I knew why the delay; she not only put on a pair of black high heels but also black thigh highs which she hadn’t worn before. They almost seemed like leggings with just the leg portion since the material was some sort of cotton or other soft material.

“Now what, sir?” she asked standing there.

“Stand against the door frame and lift one of your legs up,” I ordered.

She leaned against the frame and picked up her left leg behind her knee which wasn’t what I had in mind so I stood up to demetevler escort give her hands-on instructions. I gently forced her back against the frame and brought her leg up all the way so the heel was pointing toward the top of the frame. Since she had shown off her flexibility in the gym, I knew she could do a standing split. So there stood my brunette babe with one half of a sexy pair of legs placed on the ground and the other half resting against the wall with a hairless pussy in between.

I held her leg up with my right hand as I started fondling her. I started by grabbing the back of her head so I could smother her face with my lips and tongue. Before moving down to her tits I wrapped my hand around her throat squeezing it slightly. “Are you going to be a good girl?” I asked while looking her straight into her eyes. She just smiled back at me and bit her bottom lip which was another way of telling me she was up to the challenge.

Instead of grabbing her tits, I just pinched her nipple before moving over to the other and soon replaced one of them with my teeth and lips. Her nipples were so erect at that point that they were competing with the firmness of my swollen cock which was dripping wet at this point. While still biting and nibbling on her left nipple, my left hand moved south to arrive at her smooth labia. I didn’t hesitate to put my middle and ring finger into her pussy quickly finding her g-spot.

At first I was just twirling my fingertips around to find just the right spot before I started frantically hooking her g-spot with my curved fingers. She nearly immediately started dripping all over my hand before she started squirting seconds later. Her right leg gave in a little at first but I stretched her left leg higher in the air not allowing her to shorten her sexy tall frame. I knew she was hypersensitive at this point but I just kept finger fucking her causing her leg to give in even more which made me work even harder to keep her standing.

She didn’t get a chance to scream out loud since I moved my mouth over hers and just let her breath right down my throat and returned the CO2 right back to her. It wasn’t until I couldn’t hold her up any longer that I finally removed my soaked hand out of her dripping pussy. She finally regained some strength in her leg so she was still allowing me to keep her other leg stretched up high and when I looked down I saw a puddle of her juices on the floor and half of her stocking was soaked as well.

She gave me a look I couldn’t interpret. Either it was a look of thanks for providing her with a second orgasm in minutes or she was angry because I just abused her little bundle of nerves. No matter which state she was in my cock needed some wet hole to play with.

“My cock is covered in delicious precum. Would you rather suck it clean or should I just wipe it clean with your wet vagina?” I asked.

“My vagina needs a break so mouth it is,” she said so I let go of her leg so she could bend forward to bring her mouth to the height of my erect cock.

“He would actually prefer your throat over your mouth if you don’t mind,” I responded and grabbed the back of her head and forced her down around 5 inches from the very beginning which caused her to lose her balance for a second. Since I had a good grip on her head she remained in place and got stabilized by placing each hand of hers against my thigh.

Once I found a comfortable depth for her, I started face fucking her. It probably only about 4 inches so she was far off compared to what Cindy is capable of but the mere fact that she was allowing me to make her struggle so much was enough of a turn-on for me. This went on for a couple of minutes and her saliva was now mixing with the puddle of pussy juice on the floor. I pushed my cock a bit further down her throat to make her gag out loud and immediately causing her to slap my thighs with both hands and forcing herself off of me. She took a deep breath as she stood straight up and looked straight at me.

“I’m sorry babe. My jaw is killing me and I nearly threw up,” she said with a very apologetic and disappointed tone of voice.

“No worries, really, we are only taking it as far as you’re comfortable.”

“I guess I am ready to be fucked now,” she said smiling.

“How do you want it?” I asked.

“You are in control here. Tell me which way to bend or move and your request will be my command.”

“Ha. Be careful what you wish for. Let’s go outside on the balcony,” I suggested.

The ship was going at a fast space and the sound of the water propelled stories underneath of us caused a sound loud enough that you could call out for help and the balcony next to you wouldn’t hear anything. Sara got into position without having to be told and held onto the rail while bending over. Just seeing the tall brunette offering her pussy to me like that was an amazing thought and sight. Things only became more amazing when she started massaging my dick with her tight snatch as I started pounding into her.

It only took dikmen escort me a minute to feel the urge to cum so I slowed my pace to the point where I just remained still; deep inside of her while I touched her from head to her knees. Whenever I regained some stamina, I started slamming into her again. This went on for a couple more minutes when I thought of something much naughtier. I pulled out of her and my throbbing cock sprung right up.

“Turn around and lick me clean. It’s time for a road trip,” I ordered.

“Huh?” she asked confused.

“Get on your knees and suck me clean, please. We are going to explore the ship a little more and I need to be clean for that.”

Obediently she got on her knees and licked me like a lollipop. I refrained from forcing me down her throat since I knew she probably was still recovering from the last blowjob.

I then led her into the room and instructed her to take off her cum soaked leg wear and put on her yellow summer dress. While she changed, I also grabbed her pair of white high heels that were about 4-5 inches tall. She was about to put on a bra when I stopped her telling that a dress and heels is the only thing she gets to wear. I put on a pair of basketball shorts some flip flops and a t-shirt.

As soon as we stepped out of the suite, I told her to lean against the door. I was sure she knew what my plans and intentions were and just smiled in response. With her ass turned to me I pulled down the front of my shorts and slowly started penetrating her still wet vagina. Once I started going deeper and at a more frantic pace, she started to moan so I covered her mouth with my right hand and just said “Shh”

We could both hear the voices of some guests down the hallway but I kept going while looking over my shoulder. As soon as I saw the first person come around the corner about 50 feet away I pulled out of her and both my shorts and her dress went back to a place where they were meant to be.

My heart was racing because I wasn’t sure if we were being too obvious but I tried to play it cool and turned around to walk towards the elevators. I grabbed her by her hand and she was clearly blushing. We both avoided eye contact when we passed each other.

I pushed the elevator button and none of the four elevators were close to our floor so I saw a perfect opportunity to get some more penetration squeezed in so to speak. We just stood there in the middle of the foyer when I was able to get a couple of strokes of her wet pussy before we heard the ding indicating a door was about to open.

We were on a lucky streak as the elevator was empty. We stepped inside and before I had a chance to pull out my cock Sara had already lifted her dress to present her waiting snatch to me. I wasted no time and pushed the number to the top floor and went straight for her hole. With each floor we elevated I got in three good thrusts which added up to a couple dozen by the time we arrived to the top. Before the door opened we separated and were waiting to exit. But when we didn’t see anyone waiting on the elevator I pushed the button for the bottom floor which allowed us for another round.

I knew I was thrilled by the experience and beyond grateful that I had a hot babe willing to join me on this adventure. The elevator made it all the way to the bottom and as if fate knew what we had planned no one stepped on again allowing me to push the button for the 14th floor again. I then barely remembered that we were surrounded by mirrors so I pulled down the top of Sara’s dress so I could see her perfect tits be presented from three different sides.

We nearly froze when the elevator suddenly stopped and I was barely able to put myself back together before the doors opened. We panicked a little and stepped out before the group of people stepped on. They must have known we were up to something since we the button for the 14th floor was still lit.

Once outside, we realized that we were on the main deck area which was hardly a place we could fuck in public. We started walking around nonetheless and just giggled as we recalled the last few minutes. We decided to get a mixed drink to share at the bar and while waiting for the bartender to make our drink I used each brief moment of no one looking to touch her in various ways including rubbing her clit through her thin dress. As she turned around after accepting the tall glass I noticed that her dress was so thin that you could easily see her nipples poking through.

“Where to next?” she asked invitingly.

“Let’s keep walking” I said as I caught the bartender checking out Sara’s ass and legs.

We walked by the busy pool area and despite there being enough eye catching bikini clad babes to look at quite a few guys looked up to check out my brunette babe walking proudly in her heels.

It was a little after ten o’clock and after taking a sip of the drink I realized we hadn’t had anything to eat yet. So I suggested the cafeteria where we grabbed a few baked breakfast items which we nearly inhaled before ankara escort moving along. We descended to a level lower to check out the casino first hoping to find some privacy and sure enough it was as dead as ever. I wasn’t sure if there were surveillance cameras everywhere but I only saw them around the card and roulette tables. I took Sara to the back corner where there was a slot machine facing away from the rest of the casino and I had her sit on the stool. Her dress was too short to cover more than her hips and a tiny bit of her thighs so while Sara was playing a few rounds I slipped a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit which nearly caused her to fall off.

We were both disappointed to see the casino employee make his round so after losing another round we decided to take off. We stepped outside the ship where you are able to walk around the entire perimeter and I was hoping that possibly the back of the ship would give us some privacy. The wind was blowing hard making Sara’s long hair cover her beautiful face and the next breeze lifted the bottom of her dress exposing her naked bottom. We were just walking by the windows to what I thought was the library but I was sure nobody got blessed by the sight I had the pleasure enjoying. When we turned the corner there was a group of people hanging out and taking some pictures so we simply passed by them trying to find another location.

At that point, I had lost all of my lustful urges but I was still on a mission to have some more fun on our sexcursion. We arrived at the next entrance which brought us right to the outside of one of the restaurants. There was no privacy in sight so we went to the lobby to catch an elevator. We were disappointed to find a group of people on the elevator already and we just decided to join them to the 10th floor which was the area of the gym and spa. I knew it would be pointless to hope for any privacy in the gym and the spa was constantly supervised but a handicap restroom caught my attention.

Without warning her, I ripped the door open and pulled her inside before anyone could see us. The lights were set on auto so it took a second before our movement caused it to turn on. I guess the only difference between a handicap restroom and a family restroom was the lack of a changing table and a couple of handles around the toilet area. It took Sara a couple of seconds to get used to the surroundings as we just stood there wondering what to do next.

I approached her lips with mine while my hands caressed her back before I started cupping her tight ass. I began to lift her dress and pulled out my cock with the goal in mind to lift her to the sink and start drilling her. I knew she didn’t appreciate the cold porcelain when I sat her down and as I pointed my nearly erect penis at her bald pussy she stopped me by moving her right hand between our two sexual organs.

“She isn’t ready. I am completely dry again,” she explained.

“Do you want me to eat you out?” I asked.

“She is probably way too sensitive to jump right to that. I think the same goes for my nipples too.”

“So then what?” I asked at a complete loss.

“This isn’t necessarily the most romantic setting.”

“Do you want to leave?”

“No, I just need some time. It looks like we could get enough privacy in here for a few minutes. I got an idea. Let me watch you jerk off; that should get me going,” she suggested.

“You serious?” I asked.

“Does it turn you on if I do this?” she said seductively as she started rubbing her clit lightly.

“Good point. Keep touching yourself,” I said as I pulled my semi-erect penis out.

“Oh, don’t worry. That was my plan all along,” she said while picking up the pace of her fingertip movement.

Seeing her play with herself was enough to get me to a fully erect state within a few strokes. She placed her right heel against the paper towel dispenser which meant that her leg was higher than her head that she started leaning back towards the mirror. I knew she wasn’t comfortable but I think both of us got fixated on the organ of the other sex. It didn’t take long for her dry rubbing to turn into a moist and then wet affair which I could hear from where I was standing. She took a break and licked her soiled fingers before fingering herself a few times followed by more clitoral stimulation. It was a bit distracting seeing part of myself in the mirror behind her and I knew she was getting increasingly uncomfortable the way she was positioned.

“Ready to be licked yet?” I asked her.

“I think she might actually be ready for your stiff dick already,” she said lustfully.

“I want to taste your pussy first,” I said. I picked her up and sat her down so she was leaning against the sink now. It was a low sink so her butt was higher than the rim of the sink which allowed her to sit back a little. I squatted down and started to lick her slowly. There was definitely a musky smell and taste to her pussy but I tried not to let that bother me too much. With my free hands I simply stroked her legs from top to bottom which gave me cock another few spurts of motivation. Sara started to moan louder with each lash of my tongue and with all the tile surroundings her sounds quickly echoed. I reached around her to turn on the faucet with the hope to wash out some of her sexual sounds.

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