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There was a distinct feeling of entering one world while leaving another when the heavy wooden doors of the cathedral closed behind her. The thick, stifling New Orleans heat could not penetrate this cool serenity as she deposited her offering with a gentle clinking of coins. Taking the taper in her hand… touching the tiny flame to a candle. Was there anything more comforting? The candle sparked to life to dance with a hundred others. The distinctive scent of cheap wax and incense filling her nostrils, heady, dizzying almost as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the foyer. She could not remember the last time she had entered a church.

She glanced at down at her wrist, taking in the steady ticks of time and cleared her throat with a nervous cough. He had asked that she meet him here at exactly seven. Five minutes till and she stood, alone amidst the flickering candlelight, unsure of whether she should enter the cathedral itself, or wait. She felt ridiculous. The request had unnerved her at the time, and she had seriously considered ignoring it, but the simple white cotton sundress wasn’t expensive, and this was a paying job. Life wasn’t easy in the quarter, especially for a young woman like herself. Wanderlust and promised love had left her with no money, no resources, immersed in this nasty little city where a pretty girl was as much as part of the menu as any other simple pleasure in the Big Easy. Three minutes… She ventured a few steps towards the inner sanctum, her fingers curling around the massive brass handle. The door gave way, just enough to peer inside as her eyes softened , her lips parting in a silent circle of surprise.

The opulence of it made her feel dirty somehow, irreverent, as she stepped into the room to take a proper look. Pale blue eyes misted with admiration… the red velvet, the gold embellishments sparkling in the evening sun. The magic of twilight had brought the stained glass panels to life, and the faces of saints sneered down at her, as if to demand the reason for her presence. One unconscious step backwards and she felt her body meet with something solid, but very much alive. Her gasp brought a low chuckle from his lips as she whirled around, startled. As he clasped her hand in his, she barely heard the greeting, managing to smile at the pleasantries as she took an instinctive step back and exhaled slowly. “I’m glad to see you’re on time, Chere.” He paused for a moment to boldly take in her appearance with a critical eye, then nodded his approval. ” Bein…the dress is perfect. Lose the shoes. I think bare feet will make for a more poignant photograph.” He walked past her and set the black bag and tripod on the floor, kneeling to rummage through it as he continued to issue directives. She remained silent, somewhat taken aback, then assumed this was simply how it was done. She had never posed before, so she shrugged and slipped off her shoes, reminding herself that he was the professional. He attached a lens, not bothering to look up as that soft, gravelly voice echoed through the vastness of the empty room. “Take down your hair…and here…” A handkerchief floated through the air, flying at her face as he continued to rummage through fresh rolls of film. “Clean your face…I want simple, natural… moving…not the contrite tramp.”

The handkerchief clutched in white knuckles, she bit back her retort and brought it to her lips, moistening the edge with her tongue. She quickly realized that this was not going to be effective as she choked out a request for directions to the ladies room, barely able to contain her anger. He rose to his feet, an amused smile curling the edge of his mouth as he pointed nonchalantly to the basin in the corner. Her gasp made him laugh outright, the echoes of it making her cheeks flush scarlet as she shook her head. “I can’t! That’s the holy fount…it would be wrong!” He took a step forward, erasing the space between them with a simple stride and grinned.

“It’s water, Chere, we’re here to do a job, and I’d like to get started before we lose the light.” Her sigh seemed to amuse him even more. She relaxed her shoulders in a simple gesture of resignation as she walked towards the basin and dampened the edge of the cotton, bringing it to her face. Quickly, she managed to remove the last traces of color, revealing pale, flawless skin, slightly reddened with her efforts…and the knowledge that he was watching her every movement. She was vaguely aware that he had brought the camera up to eye level, peering at her through this black box that half hid his smile. His whisper echoed like a wave you can hear in a shell, almost a hiss. “Don’t move…right there…now dip your hands in the water. No, no Chere, don’t look at me…yes…that’s it… splash the water on your face. Doesn’t that feel wonderful?” The steady clicks brought a new flush to her cheeks as her gestures mirrored his every command…it was so wrong, so irreverent…but she was determined to pose like a professional. She had bragged to her friends about güvenilir bahis the job, the dreams she had of this session opening doors in her life, and that was enough to garner her obedience.

The water trickled in rivulets down her throat as she brought handfuls up, bathing her face in the sacred. Her dark hair unbound, cascading around her like a halo…the damp fabric clinging to her shoulders, just hinting at the pink skin beneath as the water collected in that cleft between her breasts. He murmured his approval, coaxing her, directing her, until she felt that almost hypnotic trance. The steady clicking, the whispers, she couldn’t help but feel strangely aroused as her skin erupted into little pinpricked shivers, betraying her excitement. The clicks stopped suddenly, the spell near broken as he motioned for her to come closer. She brushed her hair from her eyes, walking to where he stood and the momentary pause seemed an eternity before he spoke. “Beautiful, Chere…now I want you to come with me. No, no…the wet is good…just what I want for the next shot.” She followed his footsteps…arching a brow as the creaky confessional door was gently pushed aside. He gestured for her to enter, seeming to thoroughly enjoy her discomfort as he refused to move aside, making her breasts brush against him as she passed. The touches of pink high in her cheeks elicited a low chuckle as he reached out to place a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, Bebe. I know you’re uncomfortable but this will be a spectacular shot. You are so beautiful, Chere, just breathe…lose yourself in it. Don’t be afraid of enjoying it lovely, I am a professional, I assure you.” She felt her shoulders relax some, reassured by his laughter, and found herself smiling back, amused at her own reluctance. Her laugh tinkled through the chamber like bells, widening his smile as she nestled back into the bench of the confessional. She looked up into his eyes, unsure of how to pose and he found himself staring; the way her hair framed her sweet face, those blue eyes searching his, the way she trapped that full pink lip between her teeth when she was nervous. Beautiful. Charming. His eyes closed for just a moment, relishing the way his body was responding to this sexy slip of a girl.

The darkness of the confessional was only broken by the slightest beams of filtered light; thin, dust-laden rays that seemed to make her skin glow in his eyes. As she snuggled back into the furthest corner of the tiny, cramped space, his pulse began to quicken. She looked so small there, trapped almost, the fragility of pale smooth skin and the whiteness of her dress cut a startling oblique in the blackness. Her eyes were so wide, so trusting as she moved to fit his every directive. It aroused him, and he found himself curiously amused with himself. He had taken so many photographs. So many young, fresh faces eager to pose for him, and he was typically oblivious to their charms. This was his art. Why was this one so different? God it felt so good, that familiar swelling, that familiar ache. He lowered his voice to mask the growl in it, whispering his directives with a tone of command that made her pulse begin to race. “Goooood, Chere…now prop on leg up on the bench. Bein… perfect…yes, lean back….slide your skirt up for me.” Her eyes widened at this last and she sat bolt upright, a tinge of fear to her expression as her lips parted to protest. His whisper soothed her. She was still wary, but she leaned back once more. “Ahhh, do not be afraid of being sexy, Chere. You ARE sexy. We’re making art here gorgeous. I explained there would be some nudity and you agreed, remember?” Her silent nod and the color that sprung to her cheeks only served to fuel his desire. As she propped her leg up once more, sliding her skirt high…higher, exposing just a hint of the simple cotton panties beneath, he found himself struggling for control. The overwhelming desire to take her right then made him clench his jaw for a moment, reminding himself how this slow seductive game would result in what could easily be his most powerful work ever.

An audible, sharp inhalation of breath marked her surprise as he reached forward and slid the strap of her dress down over her shoulder to let it hang loose against her arm. His eyes narrowed a bit, the blaze in them unmistakable as he slid the loose fabric aside, baring one breast to the filtered light. The beams from the tiny chamber adjoined left a wonderful pattern of tiny cross shadows across her highlighted skin. Perfect…the image was going to be perfect. The artist in him took over and he noticed the hint of shame in her eyes. This was going to be a beautiful shot. His lips pursed in frustration as he noticed her nipple, still soft and smooth. That would never do for the concept he wanted. Her soft, shocked yelp made him croon gentle replies, soothing her as he wet his fingers with his tongue, and slowly teased her exposed nipple to life. As he rolled that sweet bit of tortured flesh between his fingers, hardening türkçe bahis it, pulling at it gently, her eyes widened then closed to slits. She was lost to it now. She knew that this was just the artist wanting his perfect image, but her arousal felt electric, like a direct line through the center of her being. The unmistakable musk scent of her sex made her face burn crimson. She knew he could smell it. Silence only heightened the sensations as he stepped back once more, and the stream of clicks began.

A captured moment in time, one after the other, as the shutter clicked over and over, and the river of whispers washed over her, taking her to the place he needed her to be. “Mmmmmmmmm perfect, Chere. Yes, lean back…a bit more…close your eyes angel. Sooo beautiful.” His voice had deepened, an edge of rawness to it that only added to her excitement. “Beautiful girl, you have the most wonderful skin… slide your skirt a bit higher. There….yes, that’s it love…I need to see. Are you excited, Chere?” Her eyes flew open as he asked, her lip caught between her teeth briefly before stammering her reply. “I…I don’t know. Yes it’s exciting.” Her sigh made his heart race, so enraptured by her struggle to be good in a place she felt she didn’t deserve to be. His voice was gentle, soothing, coaxing as he raised the camera once more. It was so much easier for her when she didn’t see his face. She knew it was for art, not his eyes alone. It became simpler to convince herself to relax when she didn’t feel the burn of his stare. “Lovely. It’s alright to be excited angel…you were made for this. Shhhhhh, it’s alright…I know it’s exciting for you. Yes, let your hand go there. Beautiful.” The steady stream of whispers taking on an urgency, carrying her with it as her fingers slipped inside the hem of her panties, unable to resist letting them test the wetness there…so slippery. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back as a soft moan escaped her lips. “Mmmmmmmmm, yes Bebe….it feels so good…doesn’t it? Yes that’s it love, slip a finger inside…perfect… ah, ahhhh, don’t go over the edge, darling. Hold onto it…keep it…not yet.” Her moans echoed through the confessional as he gently brought the camera down, taking her wrist in his hand. He laced his fingers through hers and just stared for a moment as she caught her breath. My god, so beautiful he thought as his eyes swept over her form. Perfectly disheveled, her dress askew, panties slid to the side and caught there by those sweet, swollen lips. He could see her nipples straining as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing… begging to be touched.

A slow, deep breath, and he helped her to her feet, steadying her as her eyes opened to meet his. Somewhere in the back of his mind he couldn’t resist a wicked urge to see how far she could be pushed. His grin brought a fresh flush to her cheeks. She was so embarrassed. This man was a professional and here she was, submitting to some base animal instinct…in a church no less! She assumed he was amused with her antics, not aroused, and quickly straightened the hem of her dress, sliding the material back up over her exposed breast. The guilty expression and her pursed lips thrilled him as he took another deep breath, determined to be casual and push her further. He left her there suddenly, changing rolls of film as he chattered, walking towards the front of the church. Her slow footsteps as she followed betrayed the confusion she felt. She stopped mid-step as he called out over his shoulder. ” Don’t fuss over your dress, Chere. For this shot, I need you to remove it completely. Leave your panties on…well come on! The light is perfect… let’s not waste it.” She finally had to protest, her voice cracking with unspent passion as she explained her reluctance. He turned, with an exasperated sigh and stalked towards her, down the aisle, taking her hand and leading her back towards the front. His voice was patient, but she could hear the tinge of agitation to it.

“Look, Bebe. I take erotic photographs of beautiful women. I understand your faith and respect it, but I did hire you for this job, and you have been paid part upfront. Now unless you want to return my money and call it a day, I need you to relax and trust me. This is going to be my strongest work ever, Chere…and you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I can easily find another girl.” His voice lowered a bit as he noticed her pained expression, reaching to brush a tendril from her forehead. “I’d rather have you.”

Her deep breath signaled her acquiescence as his hand freed both straps from her shoulders, one at a time, letting her dress slip from her body to pool at her feet. He took her hand as she stepped from it, her arms instinctively crossed over her breasts as the color rose in her cheeks. He chuckled to himself as he shook his head, gently grasping her wrists and set her arms at her sides. “I love that you blush, Chere. You do not have to be embarrassed. Your body is beautiful. Your face is beautiful. Are you ready güvenilir bahis siteleri now, Bebe?” An audible sigh and a nod, and he knew she was ready to continue. The directions came quickly, not like before. She found herself immersed in the commands, quickly shifting from pose to pose as the shutter clicked and his voice became more impassioned, excited…thrilled at the concepts racing through his mind. She knelt, breasts bared and tongue extended with a communion wafer placed just at the edge. She draped herself over the end of a bench, clinging to a hymnal as the shutter clicked away. Faster, changes, more changes. She struggled to keep up with his ideas as they both raced to capture the evening light. Finally he set the camera aside and took her hand, leading her to the stone altar at the front. She pulled back, trying to release her hand from his grasp as he laughed. “Still trying to fly, Chere? These are so powerful…so perfect. Only a little while longer dear and we’ll be done.” She closed her eyes for a moment, reminding herself of the money, the relief of not having to scrape out a living this month and took a deep, bracing breath. Her body was so pale, and the evidence of her excitement evident as she allowed herself to be led forward.

He had managed to calm himself long enough to get the shots he wanted. Now he knew for the more intense, shocking images he would have to break her reluctance, and the idea made his breath catch in his throat. He led her by the hand, the gentle, crooning whispers returning as he stopped in front of the enormous stone slab. Her knees were pressed to it, standing in front of it as he moved to the opposite side, holding out his hands for hers. As she slipped her hands into his, he smiled, pulling her arms forward, making her bend over the altar. Her protests died in her throat as he murmured encouragement, posing her perfectly. Her arms stretched forward, her body elongated, pulled taut over the stone. Prone. Beautiful. Her face tilted to the side, she could make out the statue of Mary in the background and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. The eyes of the saints burned through her soul as she felt her nipples hardening against the coldness of the stone. Her guilt was quickly replaced by surprise as she felt his hand on the small of her back, his reassuring whispers making her muscles go lax as he slid her panties lower… until they rested between her knees. She was completely exposed to his eyes now and she couldn’t resist allowing a little moan to escape her lips. God, this felt like a lover’s touch…but he was a professional photographer and the frustration coursing through her body showed clearly in her expression. A bemused chuckle sent little shivers down her spine as she heard the clicking begin. As soon as it had begun, it stopped. She began to rise for her next pose when his hand pressed her down, centered on her back, holding her there. She knew he could feel the ragged edge to her breathing and opened her mouth to reply when his whispers began in earnest.

She felt his breath, hot against her ear, thick with passion as he directed her to stay still. “Ma Chere, I know you’re aroused and I know it’s misery.” She moaned aloud as his free fingers slid her panties down…. over her ankles… letting them drop soundlessly before gently coming to rest on her ass, making her eyes widen. “It’s exciting me too, love. You’re so beautiful. Let me please you Chere.” Her whimpers echoed around them as she felt his hands leave her back, parting her legs suddenly as he began to massage her inner thighs in slow, masterful strokes that left her gasping. As she tried to utter one final protest, she heard the distinctive sound of his belt being loosened…that seductive metallic hiss of a zipper being lowered. She knew she wanted this as much as he did. His hands began sliding over her skin, up, over her back and down her sides, caressing the body he had been desperate for all evening. As she felt him nestled between her legs, the hair on his thighs tickling hers, she knew that there was no turning back now. The delicious heat emanating from her body drew a moan from his lips as he continued to slide one hand over her silky skin, whispering to her, just as if the shoot had continued… directing her as his other hand caressed his own hardness. “Mmmmmmmmm love…your skin is so soft. Do you like the way I touch you? Yes, that’s it angel, arch your back for me. Ahhhh yes Chere, that’s it…mmmm is this what you want? ” She felt that electric shock course through her body as he teased her, just touching the tip to her most sensitive skin…torturing her…delighting in her moans as she writhed on the stone for him. Her hands gripped the edge of the altar so tightly he could see the whitening of her knuckles and smiled to himself. She wanted this as much as he did. He knew she did. When he leaned forward to place the sweetest, gentlest kiss on her back, she relaxed, mewling like a kitten at his soothing whispers. She was melting into the moment before his hands found her hips, startling her with the ferocity of it as he pressed that pulsing hardness against her, testing her, smiling as he found that last bit of reluctant tightness and drove himself inside in one smooth, solid stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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