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I hear her splashing in the tub and the sweet scent of bath soaps as I enter the room. I flip my shoes off by the bed and strip my socks off as I start over. I peer into the bath. Her legs are up, toes pointed, shining with the glow of the water and soap. I strip my shirt off and throw it behind as I enter the room. I scan her soapy nude body but my real search is for her eyes. Her gleaming piercing dark eyes that could burn a hole in my chest right to my heart. I find them staring back at me. Her devilish smile engulfs me as her eyes scan up and down my body.

“Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” she jokes.

She spreads her legs wider, hanging one over the side of the tub. Her right hand is locked between her legs. Her index and pinky are visible on each thigh, the other two fingers are buried inside her hidden flower. I watch as she pushes in and out slowly, water sloshing just enough to arouse me even more.

I look back into her eyes. She drops her head back sliding deeper into the tub. Her huge snakelike tongue darts out of her mouth teasing me to come forward, then licks her plump red lips.

I say nothing, reach down, unbuckle my pants, and drop them to the floor. My throbbing hard cock springs out as the pants drop.

Her smile widens. She laughs. “I hoped you bursa escort weren’t afraid of the dark!”

I smile back and step forward. “Don’t stop…” I order. “Squeeze those gorgeous nipples.” I add. The soft white flesh of her petite breasts gleams as she squeezes them in the soapy water. Her perfectly round pink nipples swell like little balls as she rolls them between her fingers.

I step into the tub over her, placing my right leg tightly in above the curve of her hip. I put my other foot on the side of the tub. My throbbing hard 7 inches of thick cock stands at attention just inches above her face. She stares up at it, then up into my eyes, back down, watching it bob and pulse in front of her. I know how bad she wants it. Her tongue flicks upward as she eases forward, toward it, lifting out of the water.

“Uuuuh!” I warn “just a taste…”

She nods. Her tongue stretches what seems like a foot tickling the sensitive spot under the soft mushroom head. My cock pulses and bounces away at her touch. Her sharp tip eases down the length to my already tightening balls. She licks and sucks gently. I reach down and push the head down, giving her access to take it inside her mouth. I gasp as I feel the soft heat of her. She sucks gently. I pull back, resisting the temptation to let her do her magic. She is the master bursa escort bayan of cock play.

“Soap.” I command.

She does as ordered, wetting her hands, and filling them with body soap. She reaches up with both hands lathering and stroking gently as if my cock were a precious treasure. I gently move her hands away when its lathered sufficiently.

“Show me the bloom that I love so.” I whisper looking down between her legs into the soapy water.

She lifts her hips upward while reaching down with her right hand. She spreads gently. Her red engorged lips are spread like the wings of a beautiful butterfly. I gasp softly at the sight of it. I begin slowly stroking.

“Now make it come for me…” I demand “and I’ll come for you.”

Her fingers go immediately inside reaching deep. I stroke a little harder, lather thickening on my shaft. I watch intently as she finger-fucks her pussy, while her thumb masterfully rubs her clit. I look back up at her face as she starts to grind her hips up and down in the water below. She squeezes her breast and nipple hard. Her tongue darts up at me staring at me and then down at my stroking. I see her neck starting to tighten and her eyes roll deeper inside her.

“Are you close?” I ask. She nods yes. I stroke harder with longer strokes. She watches intently. escort bursa The water is splashing at her groin as she rubs franticly. She begins to moan with a mix of gasps and squeals. Her eyes are locked on my throbbing cock. I stroke harder! The head is bright red turning almost purple. I can feel the deep ache starting. She splashes water up over it giving me better lube and clearing the soap.

She gasps and collapses as her orgasm takes her. She lays back, tits shaking slightly, small convulsions taking over her body. I see her leg hanging over the side of the tub quivering. Her eyes are still locked on my cock as I start to come. Her fingers are buried deep inside her.

My balls are tucked deep inside me. I let go of my cock, edging myself, beyond stopping it, but now prolonging it. My cock throbs and bobs as it begins. I look down into her eyes. She pulls up opening her mouth and stretching her tongue underneath to catch her prize. It begins pumping. Not a spurt but a long rope dropping onto her tongue and right into her waiting mouth. A second, third, fourth, and fifth…each a long rope. She pulls her tongue in, almost slurping, and swallows. Opens again. I reach down and grasp desperately. I stroke rapidly again! A second orgasm is building. I keep stroking as the second comes. Another huge rope pumps out of me. She covers the head sucking me as the second and third pump from my twitching member.

I almost fall on her as my strength leaves me. I lean forward against the wall of the shower. She sucks the remaining life out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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