Room With A View Ch. 02

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(When we left Sally, she was in bed with a new acquaintance named Martha. They were surprised by a third person, whom Sally was very happy to see. I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone who knows Sally just who the third person is. We pick up the next morning.)

Sally woke up and her nose itched. She tried to scratch it. For some reason she couldn’t. She tried again. Nope, her hand didn’t want to seem to move. She wiggled her nose. That didn’t help. Opening her eyes seemed to be too much trouble so she simply remained quiet and thought about last night.

She had been cuddling on her hotel room bed, probably this same bed she was in now, with Martha, a full-figured and sexy woman she had picked up at the seminar. They had already had one bout of delightful sex and were considering another when a voice had spoken.

“How about moving over enough to make some room on that bed?”

Sally had sat up, ignoring the fact that she was nude. The voice had been familiar, so familiar and so dear. It was her long-time girlfriend and partner MaryAnn.

“Hey darling!”

“Hey yourself,” remarked the busty dark-haired woman. She leaned over and kissed Sally warmly before turning her attention to the blonde woman. “Hello, I’m MaryAnn.”

Thoroughly non-plussed but sensing that a scene was not in the offing, the other woman replied “Hello, I’m Martha.”

Confirmation that all was okay came to Martha immediately. The newcomer kissed her and it wasn’t a peck on the cheek. It was a full blown open mouth kiss. Then she proceeded to kick off her black heels, turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. Looking over her shoulder she said “Martha would you be a dear and mind unzipping me?”

“Gladly,” laughed the blonde woman. She sat up, the sheet falling away from her generous breasts. She drew the zipper down and helped the new arrival shrug her shoulders and arms from the sleeves.

MaryAnn stood, letting her coral dress fall to her feet. She unfastened her bra and tossed it across the room before turning to face the bed. Sally hid a grin and waited expectantly as her lover turned.

She wasn’t disappointed with Martha’s reaction. Even without her glasses the blonde gasped at the size of MaryAnn’s breasts. They were as much bigger than her own as her breasts were larger than Sally’s.

“Pretty impressive huh?’ giggled Sally.

“Wow!” Martha chuckled in reply.

MaryAnn lifted an eyebrow. “I have NO idea what you could be talking about,” she said dryly. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down before sitting down on the edge of the bed again, bumping Martha with her hip. “Guests in the middle,” she directed.

The threesome cuddled together. MaryAnn gave a tremendous yawn and dropped off shortly. Before the other two slumbered Martha rolled slightly towards Sally and lifted an eyebrow.

“Not what you expected when you realized my girlfriend had walked in was it?” Sally whispered.

Martha shook her head.

Sally explained quietly. She and MaryAnn had an agreement that dated back to when they first moved in together. Both were free spirits and were in the prime of their sexual lives. They were in love, there was no doubt, but the amount of time they had to spend apart made monogamy out of the question for now anyway. Jealousy never entered into the equation. Each applauded the other when they got lucky, although MaryAnn, being pure lesbian was known to roll her eyes and sigh when Sally’s adventures included a male participant.

“So you won’t wake up and find that MaryAnn is leaning over you with a battle-axe or anything like that,” Sally concluded. The other woman nodded sleepily and the pair soon dropped off.

Okay, that was last night. It still didn’t explain why she couldn’t scratch her nose. She tried once more, failed and then opened her eyes.

Oh, that explained it. Her wrists were tied to the bed posts. It looked like her own stockings from last night had been used. She bostancı escort pulled gently. Yes, looped tightly around her wrists just like she liked it. She looked down her body. Hmmmm. Someone had left her garter belt on. So she wasn’t completely nude.

Now exactly whose stockings were around her ankles? Sally cudgeled her memory. MaryAnn had been wearing… okay! She hadn’t been wearing stockings at all so those were Martha’s she triumphantly concluded. They felt really good too, just as they had last night when they were playing under the table. She flexed her legs; tugging on them and feeling the knots tighten. Oh my, she did love being tied up like this. Now then, now that she knew where she was, where were the other two?

“About time you woke up,”

Sally looked down past the foot of the bed. “Oh there you are,” she remarked.

“Here we are,” smiled MaryAnn.

Martha smiled too. She was leaning up against MaryAnn, her back pressed against Sally’s girlfriend. Her body covered most of the other woman from sight although it was obvious that MaryAnn was as nude as Martha still was.

“We’ve been getting to know each other.” MaryAnn’s arms slid around the blonde and cupped her breasts. Fingers flicked lightly at already hardened nipples.

“Have you now?” inquired Sally with a grin. “And what did you all decide about each other?”

“That we like each other, and that you are a naughty little girl sometimes who needs to be put in her place,” Martha smiled as she rubbed her bottom back against the woman behind her. From the smiles that rubbing was definitely producing some pleasure

“And what place might that be?” asked Sally.

“All tied up and no way to join in the fun, unless and until we let you.” MaryAnn pinched hard on Martha’s nipples and then released them. Her hands turned the shorter woman around for a long kiss. Sally squirmed, not only from the actions of the duo but from what she caught a glimpse of around MaryAnn’s waist.

“Are you wearing this morning?”

MaryAnn grinned and turned slightly so that both women were standing with their sides toward Sally. From that angle it was easy to see the leather harness circling the full hips of her girlfriend and the long latex cock that jutted from her body.

“So?” Sally said suggestively.

“So now you get to watch sweetheart,” grinned MaryAnn. She kissed Martha again and then directed the older woman with a single word command.


Martha slid to her knees. Sally noted absently that Martha’s gold rimmed glasses made her look somehow even more naked. She also had a perfect view of what was taking place. The softly rounded blonde opened her mouth and began to run her tongue over the red dildo. She licked the head, swirling over it. MaryAnn stood still, her hands by her side and a smile on her face as she looked down.

Martha licked up and down the length of the now shinning cock. She battered the molded balls at the base. Sally knew MaryAnn had one of her special strapons on today and was willing to bet the balls were loaded. She had the feeling that Martha would enjoy it either way and wherever MaryAnn ended up depositing the contents.

In short order Martha had slid her lips down the entire length of the dildo and was furiously fellating it. Sally could see the base moving back against MaryAnn as Martha’s head rocked up and down. Sally was pulling on her bonds as she watched the blonde woman kneeling and sucking the latex cock of her long time lover.

MaryAnn’s hands were no longer at her side. They were fixed in Martha’s blond locks and urging the other woman on to greater heights. Not that Martha seemed to need much encouragement. Her lips were tight on the girlcock and she was taking the entire length of it in to her mouth and probably her throat.

“Wow, darling,” moaned MaryAnn. “This charming woman sucks strapon just about as good as you do.” The full hips were rocking back and forth. It was just a ümraniye escort bayan little at first. Then MaryAnn was seriously fucking Martha’s mouth and the older blonde was taking everything the busty dark-haired woman was giving. Possibly even more Sally noted as she struggled against her bonds, torn between the delicious helplessness and the urge to at least plant one hand between her legs and relieve the increasing itch there.

MaryAnn threw her head back and gave out a yell. Martha swallowed the entire dildo and drove it back against the other woman, ramming the base up inside her and crushing her clit with the ridges designed for that very purpose. Martha herself had been doing exactly what Sally wanted to do; she had a hand buried between her legs and was diddling her own clit and pussy as she delivered a world class blow job to MaryAnn’s strapon. The blonde woman determinedly rode the wild bucking and spasms of the dildo wielding woman standing in front of her. Finally they parted, gasping for breath. MaryAnn’s strapon was shinning with Martha’s saliva and the inside thighs of both women looked to be drenched.

Indeed Sally’s legs were nearly as wet. She couldn’t bring herself to orgasm but she was soaking wet from her arousal. “Not to interrupt anything,’ she said., “But could someone include me in this little romp?”

The two other women just grinned at Sally. “Not yet,” said MaryAnn. “Maybe after this.”

“This what?” asked Sally.

In answer, Martha walked around to the other side of the bed. She pulled one of the chairs out from under the small oak table, turned it around and braced the back against the table edge. She then knelt on the chair and leaned forward.

MaryAnn looked at Sally and winked as she walked up behind Martha. Once again, the two women had positioned themselves so that Sally had a perfect view of what they were about to do. Martha closed her eyes as MaryAnn took her full hips in a firm grip. The dark haired woman’s hips began to move, rocking back and forth slowly and gently. Sally could see the latex cock moving as bit by bit it disappeared into Martha. Then her lover was buried completely in their new friend. There was a pause as both the women seemed to savor the position they found themselves in. Then MaryAnn’s fingers tightened and she began to pump.

Sally writhed on the bed as she watched MaryAnn fuck Martha. Not that she was upset, far from it. She was wildly turned on watching her lover pound the same pussy she herself had devoured last night. The fact that she couldn’t touch herself, couldn’t bring any relief to her madly itching pussy made her even hotter. The tight nylon encircling her wrists and ankles added to the pleasure she couldn’t release.

MaryAnn was long stroking Martha now. She would draw back until only the tip of the latex cock was still in the blonde woman and then firmly plunge all the way back into Martha until the leather of the harness grounded against the full rounded ass cheeks. Both women were panting. Martha had a grip on the far side of the table and was using to to brace herself and push back to MaryAnn.

Sally squirmed and struggled, her excitement at a fever pitch as MaryAnn began to pick up speed. From long experience of being fucked by her girlfriend she knew that the tall statuesque woman was about to lose control. The bound woman tried to squeeze her thighs to together. She moved her ass frantically on the sheets, trying to scrunch them up enough for her to rub against.

“Ahhhhhhh,” cried out MaryAnn. Her hips blurred as she rammed the dildo in and out of Martha. Each time she bottomed in the blonde woman she twisted her hips, grinding the head around inside the other woman as well as rubbing her own clit with the base of the strapon. Martha was slamming back to meet each of the dark-haired woman’s thrusts. Sally saw MaryAnn reach down and grasp the fake balls that had been slapping up against Martha. Even in her frustrated excitement Sally grinned. kartal escort That strapon was very familiar. She wondered what MaryAnn had loaded the balls with this time. Last time it had been whipped cream and then she had eaten it out of Sally’s pussy.

MaryAnn’s hand tightened. Martha’s eyes popped wide open and she almost yelled as whatever was in the strapon emptied into her. MaryAnn cried out in reply, then arched then fell forward onto Martha.

When the breathing of both women had returned to somewhat near normal they disengaged. MaryAnn climbed off Martha and the other woman stood up. The pair embraced and kissed. They both looked over at Sally, who was still squirming wantonly on the bed.

“Think she’s ready now?” asked Martha thoughtfully.

“I’d say it’s probably worth finding out,” replied MaryAnn.

Martha climbed up on the bed and kissed Sally. She sat up, swung one leg over the still bound brunette and then sat down onto her face, rubbing her generous ass over Sally before sliding up just enough to press her dripping slit onto Sally’s mouth.

Sally eyed the juicy, well fucked pussy in front of her. Martha’s labia were swollen and showed the relentless pounding MaryAnn had given the blonde woman. A mixture dripped from her, a mixture of Martha’s own nectar combined with whatever MaryAnn had used to load the balls of her strapon and then had emptied into the well upholstered blonde. Then that same dripping pussy was firmly pressed onto her face.

Sally managed to tip her head back slightly. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue up inside Martha’s wide open sex. Clamping her lips on the puffy labia she sucked gently as she began to lick along the blonde’s silky wet walls.

“Yep, it WAS whipped cream again,” thought Sally triumphantly. And it tasted great. She strained to stretch up inside Martha as far as her talented tongue could reach, curling and bringing the sweetness of the whipped cream mingled with woman cum into her mouth and down her throat. She could barely breathe from Martha wiggling on her face but she didn’t care. She just wanted to lick the other woman until she had drained her of every drop and made her produce more.

Sally was so intent on devouring Martha that at first she dismissed the loosening of the nylon securing her ankles as just a tickle brought on by their tightness. But when her legs were suddenly lifted into the air and the bed sagged at the same time she knew what was about to happen. Martha shifted just enough to allow the brunette to glimpse MaryAnn kneeling between her legs. Her ankles were seized and placed against MaryAnn’s shoulders. Sally pointed her toes to the ceiling.

There was no hesitation. The feel of the latex cock head against her soaking wet pussy lasted for only a second before MaryAnn gave one tremendous thrust and Sally thought for an instant that she could feel the dildo sticking all the way inside of her until she could taste it at the bottom of her throat. She gave a muffled whoop into Martha.

As aroused as she had been from being tied and watching MaryAnn and Martha go wild it took less than a dozen deep strokes from the strapon before she erupted in a massive orgasm. She flailed wildly under her two lovers. They never stopped. MaryAnn pounded her again and again and Martha rode her face. The blonde woman grabbed Sally’s achingly hard nipples and pinched and twisted them as though they were reins to tug on to guide the woman pinned on the bed.

Sally couldn’t stop cumming. One orgasm would start to subside and another would be cresting right behind. Her world narrowed to the bodies on top of her and what they were doing to her. Then she heard the familiar sounds of her long time lover climaxing at the same time that Martha rewarded her tongue with a new flood of nectar.

Martha fell sideways more than got off Sally. Fingers unfastened the nylons still holding Sally’s wrists and she was gathered in an embrace by the two other women and showered with kisses. The trio snuggled together again, this time with Sally in the middle. As they lay on the soaking wet bed, entangled all together, Sally finally broke the companionable silence.

“So, what are we going to do the rest of the day?”

(The End. Maybe)

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