Road Trip Ch. 01: Departure

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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Pearl, 37, Cherry 36, Rose, Renee and Ross are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


The twins stood side by side facing the open closet doors. On the beds, behind them to their right, were strewn open luggage pieces from the set given them last week for their 18th birthday.

The morning sun, from the left side windows, was a spotlight illuminating them as they gazed at their clothes and shoes. Directly behind them, in the doorway to the room, stood Arthur, equally transfixed, staring at their forms.

Rose, imperceptibly taller than her older sister, had her hair pulled back to a ponytail in a turquoise scrunchie. Renee’s hair fell loose and straight to her shoulders. Both girls wore pale yellow pajamas with a small pink and green flower print and stood in floppy gray slippers with mouse ears on the toes. To an unpracticed eye the twins were, indeed, identical, which fact they enjoyed exploiting to their advantage.

Arthur quietly stepped into the room. Drawing close between the girls, he lightly snugged them to his sides with his hands on their outer shoulder points. “Well,” he chuckled, “packing for a three-day road trip is always a dilemma, isn’t it?”

He dropped his hands to their hips and pulled them slightly closer. Their bodies radiated a palpable warmth and his cock stirred invisibly.

The twins smiled and turned their faces toward him. “It is hard, Uncle Art,” Renee pouted, sticking her tongue out as Rose added, pendik escort “Yeah, we don’t know who we’ll see or what we’re gonna want to do!”

Arthur, moving his hands to their butts, gently squeezed their cheeks once, quickly, saying “remember the adage: ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.'”

“Oh, Uncle Art!” they giggled and grinned. “When is dad getting back with the Jeep, anyway?”

“I guess within the hour and we will want to load up and get going as soon as possible, so get hopping, you two!” Arthur smiled and with a little laugh he gave Rose and Renee each a firm, but not painful, swat on the rear, turned and left the room.

Rose flushed and said softly to Renee, “When he touches me and then gooses or pats me like that, I get so wet so fast I can’t believe it!”

“Me too,” nodded Renee. “I mean, OMG, he’s our uncle and old, but I still almost peed!”

The twins both laughed just as their mom, Cherry, poked her head in the doorway,

“C’mon, girls! You won’t be ready when Daddy comes! Who’s going to make sure you get to your classes at college on time when you can’t even pack an overnight case, hmmmm?”

“Don’t sweat it, Mom,” Rose said, “We’re almost ready, and anyway it’s just a campus visit. So, what if we are a tiny bit late?” Renee cut in before Cherry could reply, “Seriously, Mom, we’re like five minutes from done and ten to get dressed. Lottsa time!”

Cherry just nodded and left to check on how Pearl and Ross were doing down the hall. Nearing Ross’ bedroom she heard their voices arguing.

“But, Mom! What else do I need? I have escort pendik a toothbrush and toothpaste. I shaved yesterday. My clothes are clean. It’s not like I’ll be dressing up or working out or doing anything special. We’re just driving a day out and a day back and kicking it on the campus for a few hours…what’s the big deal?

Cherry entered the room just has her sister, Pearl, hit full stride on the old

‘First Impressions’ lecture, telling her son, Ross, he would be glad to have a change of boxers and T-shirt, a sport coat and regular shoes besides his brushpopper, jeans and favorite boots. “In fact, young man,” Pearl continued, “It may not be a ‘date’, but you should respect yourself and your Aunt Cherry and your mother, who will be with you. We don’t want to be poorly thought of by others when they see us. So, fill your bag, and don’t forget razor, lather and deodorant. This is not a grunge trip!”

Cherry stepped up beside Ross and whispered, “Just humor us on this, OK, Honey?”

Ross shrugged and started to throw the identified articles in a kit bag as Cherry grabbed Pearl’s elbow and said, “C’mon, Sis, we have our own stuff to stow in the car.” Over her shoulder she said, “We want to leave in thirty minutes, Ross, can do?”

“OK,” he said as they left, “I’ll be downstairs.”

Cherry and Pearl finished their own packing and had the Subaru Outback open for loading just as Kent pulled the Grand Cherokee into the drive. “Hey, Kent!” called Pearl, “it looks like we are about out of here.”

“Hey, Babe,” called Cherry, as she walked toward the Jeep, “I am glad pendik escort bayan you got here before we left.”

Kent got out and gave Cherry a long deep kiss, held her close and squeezed her ass. “Mmmm…me too, Sis. Keep it warm until Monday?”

As they unclenched, Cherry, licking her lips, said, “Of course!” just as Pearl came around and said, “Hey Mister! Where’s my sugar?”

Grabbing Kent, she kissed him hard and pressed her palm to the crotch of his jeans.

“Pearl, hissed Cherry, “here come’s Ross, let’s roll!”

“OK, OK, but wait a sec,” replied Pearl, “we still have to kiss Daddy goodbye, too, don’t we?”

Ross stepped off the porch followed by his dad, Arthur, carrying his bag. Arthur chunked Ross on his shoulder and pushed him toward the car, tossing the bag as he moved. While Ross piled into the backseat with his gear, Arthur turned to Pearl, gave her a warm loving kiss and close hug and said, “Drive safe and hurry home. I love you.” He gave his other daughter, Cherry, the same good wishes and embrace and saw them to the Subaru and watched as they pulled out.

Kent asked Arthur, “Dad, where are Jewel and the youngsters?”

“Still up at the high school,” Arthur replied, “Blue and Chris had a late ball practice and Pinky and Lindsay are doing their gymnastics. They won’t be home before we’re gone but I spoke with Jewel on the phone and they are all set for the weekend. It’s all good.”

Arthur and Ken had the Jeep nearly packed as Rose and Renee came out with their bags. “Whoa!” laughed Kent, “Little Misses Three-Bags Full, where are you going with all that luggage?”

“Oh, Daddy! Uncle Art helped us decide and now we’re ready,” explained Renee.

“Alright, already, I know when I’m licked,’ smiled Kent, “we’ll make some room in back. Let’s get out of here.”

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