Ride Ch. 1

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You sense someone behind you, but only after the blindfold has already been skillfully and securely placed over your eyes. A strong arm wraps firmly around your waist, pinning your arms before you can lift them to remove the blindfold. You feel the stranger’s hot breath at your neck, causing panic to begin to set in. Then you hear him, his soft and soothing voice whispers close to your ear, “Don’t panic baby, I won’t hurt you, relax and enjoy the ride.” His gentle voice is calming, enabling you to relax a little, so you open your mouth to speak, “Ssssshhhh, say nothing,” he says.

Suddenly you gasp as his strong arm easily lifts you and carries you toward a low rumbling noise. You feel yourself being lifted higher, then being lowered. Instinctively you straighten your legs out front to try and keep your balance. Then you feel something slide between your legs as you are lowered, like a saddle, no, a motorcycle seat.

The rumbling sincan escort noise thuds beneath you, as you feel yourself placed on the seat. The vibrations of the powerful motor reverberate through the seat, sending incredible sensations between your legs and coursing through your body. You feel the strong arm move from around your waist. Now you can escape, but you don’t want to. Your fear has been replaced by excitement, the wetness you feel between your legs bearing testimony to this.

Then you feel him straddling the seat in front of you and settling in. “Put your arms around me!” he orders you, “Pull yourself close, really close!” You want to speak, ask him who he is, where he is taking you, but you daren’t. So silently you do as you’re told, wrapping your arms around him and shuffling as far forward as you can.

The friction of your movements on the hot seat pulls your short skirt up, making it ride up so high over your thighs, ankara escort that your panties are now completely exposed. You wriggle in your seat, the wet gusset of your panties sliding over it. You find your comfort zone, so close to this stranger, just where there’s a hard lump is in the seat and you settle there and find your clit hard pressed against the hard lump, sending vibrations through you as the motorcycle powerful motor rumbles.

“HOLD ON!!” he yells as he revs up the powerful motor. You gasp as you hold him tighter. The sudden rev of the motor intensifies the vibrations on your clit, causing you to have a sudden and intense orgasm. You hear a low chuckle from your stranger as the powerful machine lurches forward. He knows, you know he does, knows what his machine is doing to you.

Though still blindfolded, you can actually sense him smiling to himself as he goes through the gears, revving the motor at each change. You etimegut escort know that he’s happy now, happy in the knowledge that he’s got you. You couldn’t leave now, not even if you wanted to.

You travel for what seems like hours, when in fact it’s only several minutes. The continuous sensation of movement, the lurching forward as he changes through the gears, plus the incredible vibrations emanating from the hard lump in the seat, and the fact that you’re still blindfolded, all combine to put you into an incredible state of arousal. You’re so wet now that you feel as though you will slide right off the hot seat, all you can think of now, is getting hold of something hot and hard.

Your hands begin to slowly make their way down to what you crave. Then at that same moment, you feel the machine beneath you suddenly slow down, causing you to slide hard into the stranger and hang on again as you feel yourselves making a hard turn. The surface beneath you is rough now, bumps and divots seemingly everywhere. It takes you a moment to adjust to the new sensations, then as quickly as it began, it’s over as you stop, where, you don’t know.

To Be Continued…

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