Reverend Bob Ch. 03

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Rev. Bob had barely got his pants up and his belt buckled when he heard someone come in the side entrance of the church.

“Hello? Reverend Bob? Are you there?” A pretty young blonde teen came around the corner and stood in Bob’s office door, “Oh hi Reverend Bob, I just dropped by on the off chance you were here.”

It was Anna, a tall 19 year old who had graduated from the High School the year before.

A daughter of one of his long time members Bob had known her for many years, first as a member of his Junior Choir and Youth Group and now as a member of his Mom’s and Tot’s group. Anna had the bad luck to get pregnant on the night of her Senior Prom. Her date, John Walsh, was the Football team’s Captain and star Quarterback during Anna’s graduating year. Walsh cut a swath through the young women in the Grade 12 class and was considered a real cocksman. Impregnating the young Anna had not been his intention and in fact he denied that the child was his and refused to pay any kind of support or even talk to Anna.

Anna had been a challenge for the young stud. He had bedded just about every girl worth bedding in the Senior class by year end except for the lovely young Anna. Anna was a fairly serious student, a non drinker and non partier. She was tall and lovely and she had even been considered by a modelling agency for work in the fashion industry. She was what some men would call “a real spinner.” Slim and shapely she probably weighed no more than 110 pounds wringing wet. Her perky little B cup breasts did not require a bra for support and she rarely wore one at all. She had a flat tummy, full thighs and a delectable little bubble butt that also defied gravity. She was a natural blonde with little hair on her arms and legs and what there was of it was also blonde. Bob imagined the hair on her pussy was likely blonde as well, although he thought, most girls her age now shaved their vaginas, a trend that Bob very much approved of.

Anna was not a girl who ran around sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry. She was what would have been called “a good girl,” in Bob’s day. She considered herself lucky at the time that John had invited her to the Prom and had not intended to have sex that night. However, after a few too many drinks and some slow grinds on the dance floor the feel of John’s hard cock through his tuxedo pants had inflamed her libido. One thing led to another and she and John got a motel room after the Prom and fucked and sucked most of the early morning hours away. John hated condoms and never wore them if he didn’t have to. Girls that John hung out with were on the pill so he just assumed that Anna was too. He was angry when she told him she was pregnant and refused to acknowledge the child as his own. She had been a lot of fun to fuck, he told the guys on the football team, but he certainly wasn’t ready to be a father.

Anna had been coming to see Rev. Bob for support and counsel for many months now as she struggled with being a single teen parent and it seemed that every new day brought new challenges for the young Mom. Almost in defiance of the deadbeat Dad she had named the child, John, a fact that angered John Walsh all the more.

It was now mid afternoon and the lovely young blonde sat in one of the guest chairs in Rev Bob’s office pouring out her heart and her latest woes. Bob knew a lot about the young woman sitting in front of him. She was an intelligent person with the normal desires of a young teenage woman, but she was no slut. Penny, he’d come to learn earlier that day, was a real hard core little slut who had no compunctions about seducing an older man and making him pleasure her as she saw fit. Anna, on the other hand, was a passionate young woman who needed an emotional connection before she could have sex with a man. She’d been in a long term “high school sweetheart” relationship for most of her early and middle high school years and certainly knew about sex and how to not only please a boy but also how to make sure he pleasured her and didn’t leave her hanging. She and her high school sweetie had explored each others bodies on many occasions and she missed that intimacy, especially now that she had a child and no partner to share her life with.

“I just hate the fact that John won’t acknowledge little Johnny,” she said, “he’s the spitting image of him and he really is a very good baby.” Bob nodded and made encouraging noises to urge the young woman to speak further.

“He’s 4 months now and he’s really got ataşehir escort bayan a voracious appetite!” she exclaimed, “he just fastens on to the boob and wants to nurse all the time.”

Bob’s eyes automatically went to the young woman’s chest as she spoke of Johnny’s appetite for her teats and he had to admit that now that she was lactating there was almost a doubling in size of Anna’s boobs. She was wearing a loose top in order to better facilitate breast feeding and even though it was loose he could make out the swell of her milk filled tits through the sheer material. Bob remembered how gorgeous his wife Katy’s tits were when they had their children. They aroused him in a spectacular way and the boner he used to get looking at her tits and then sucking them was a true diamond cutter. He’d never felt his cock so hard as when he sucked warm breast milk from Katy’s lactating titties.

Anna squirmed a little in the chair and winced slightly.

“What’s wrong Anna?” Bob said, “are you in pain?”

“Ya actually a little,” she said “I haven’t been home since breakfast. I left my Mom with some breast milk I pumped before I left so she could feed Johnny but my boobs are engorged and really starting to hurt me. I’ll probably have to get home soon and get Johnny to nurse in order to relieve the pressure.” She squirmed again and arched her back out so the milk filled orbs pressed against her shirt front. A tiny wet spot appeared as her left nipple met the material. “Oh darn, I’m starting to leak,I hope I’m not embarrassing you!”

“Oh my no, Anna, I”m not embarrassed this is very natural. I’m just concerned that you are uncomfortable.” Bob replied huskily.

Bob’s cock had a mind of it’s own. It started to grow and thicken in his pants as he observed the young woman’s delicious tits leaking on her shirt front. He once again remembered the times he sucked sweet breast milk from Katy’s tits and how she stroked his cock with her soft little hand until he exploded in her hand and all over his belly.

“I’m really in pain here, Reverend. It’s quite intense.” she spoke between clenched teeth.

“Geez I wish I could help you Anna, I feel a little helpless here, although… I might be able to help you if you’re ok with it.” he said.

She looked at him quizzically and raised an eyebrow, “What you got in mind? I really do need some immediate relief.”

“Well,” said Bob as he began to blush, ” When my wife was nursing our babies she had the same problem from time to time and I would substitute for the baby…you know…nursing on her breasts to relieve the pressure…it’s a solution we used fairly often actually and it certainly did the trick.”

“Wow! I mean that’s awesome, Reverend Bob, said the young woman enthusiastically, “I wouldn’t have presumed to ask you but it certainly would help me out right now. I’m very comfortable with my body, I’m not shy so if you don’t mind I’d like to take you up on that. We know each other well and I really like you Reverend.”

Bob’s cock was rock hard now and starting to throb in his pants. His long thick cock was at full growth and maybe a little added. He could hardly believe that he’d offered to suck the surplus milk out of this young woman’s tits never mind believe that she was actually accepting his offer!

“I think it’s easier if we move over to the couch,” she said nonchalantly, as she quickly stood and walked over to the sofa. She crossed her arms in front of herself grasping the hem of her shirt in both hands and peeled the garment up and over her head in one quick fluid movement. Bob couldn’t help but stare at her perfect boobs. They were firm and perky, the nipples were large and no doubt due to nursing they had become large and pointy. The aerolas were silver dollar size and a lovely dark brown hue. They were quite a sight to behold and he began to salivate as he anticipated capturing a leaky nipple in his mouth. Her left breast was leaking noticeably now and tiny drops of milk formed on the end of her nipple and dripped onto the floor. No doubt the anticipation of letting her milk down was already forcing the milk from her swollen teat. Her tits were so engorged they simply couldn’t hold any more!

Anna sat on the couch and scootched forward so her pretty bubble butt was perched on the edge of the seat cushion. She was wearing only a pair of tight gym shorts now and she spread her knees and invited Bob to kneel in between her legs so that his mouth would be at the escort kadıköy right height to render her the promised relief. Bob knelt down and the irony of the position was not lost on the randy Minister. There were worse places to pray than between the legs of a half naked young woman he thought to himself.

Anna cupped her firm left breast by placing her left hand under the round melon and with her right hand she gripped the top of her breast and stroked down toward her nipple in an effort to make her milk flow freely. Instantly a thin jet of mother’s milk sprayed from her taut nipple and Bob, whose mouth was open in anticipation of suckling her lovely tit received a squirt of warm sweet milk. The sensation was electric for Bob. He felt his cock twitch as if an electric probe had just been applied to his throbbing fuck stick. His left hand moved to rub his cock through his pants as he moved his right to the lovely milk filled orb in an effort to guide the nipple into his eager mouth.

Anna sighed deeply as she felt his mouth close around her engorged nipple. She hadn’t had a grown man suck her highly sensitive tits since the night John Walsh fucked and impregnated her. She missed the intimacy of sexual contact that she had not had for nearly 16 months. Reverend Bob’s lips and mouth sucking her young milk filled tit was a very welcome thing. As she squeezed her teat to release more milk into Bob’s willing mouth she gazed down between her legs at the kneeling supplicant and noticed the hard protrusion in his pants. “Geez” she thought, “He is well hung by the look of it and maybe this is going to be even better than just some temporary relief to my swollen breasts!”

Bob continued to nurse at Anna’s beautiful left boob. She was feeling better already and she moaned deeply as the sucking at her tit began to stir sensations that ran down her belly and made her clitoris twitch and tingle with delight. She could feel her slit starting to moisten and the beginnings of sexual desire started to course through her neglected fuck hole. She gripped Bob’s head with both hands and moved them through his hair as he sucked the nipple and part of her breast deeply into his mouth. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she was panting audibly as her Pastor slurped and sucked the mother’s milk from her rigid nipple.

Bob removed his mouth and looked up at her, “Now the other one? he asked.

“oh yes please!” she moaned as she moved his head with her hands and positioned his mouth close to her right breast. The milk was now flowing freely out of her rigid right nipple, forming large droplets on the end of it. Her nipples resembled two large pencil erasers and the sight of the milk leakage made Bob’s cock throb painfully in his pants. Without thinking he unzipped his pants and pulled them off his hips. His large thick penis came into view and he gripped it with his right hand and began to stroke it slowly up and down. Anna guided his head to her right nipple and he opened his mouth and began to relieve the milk pressure on her remaining tit.

Anna stared, mesmerized at Bob’s large cock as he ran his hand up and down the shaft. She had no idea he had such a thick, delicious tool and the sight of him jerking his penis while he sucked her milk filled titty caused her slit to moisten even more. She took her left hand from behind his head and ran it lightly over her covered vagina. The gym shorts were thin and she could already feel her slick pussy juice starting to leak through the material. She rubbed in a slow circle around her hard little clit and soon found herself slipping her hand through a leg hole to close in on her naked love button. The sensation of Bob sucking her tit, her rubbing her hard clit combined with the visual of Bob wanking his cock was almost too much for the young mother. The heat of the encounter was certainly having it’s effects on Bob too and his senses were enflamed with lust as he sucked the milk filled orb and stroked his throbbing cock.

By now the relief that she sought had been achieved. Her breasts were feeling much better and she had transitioned from feeling pain to feeling extreme lust for the man sucking and slurping the milk from her swollen breasts. Even though less than an hour ago Bob had fucked the horny young Penny he was as hard as a rock and ready for another round with this excited young Mom. He moved his hand from his cock and grabbed the top of her gym shorts with both hands. She lifted her ass cheeks bostancı escort off the seat cushion as he skimmed the shorts off her hips, down her thighs and off her feet in a quick motion that left her totally naked.

Bob marvelled at the fact that she had recovered her figure so quickly after giving birth to Johnny. Her tummy was flat and there were no signs of stretch marks or cellulite. her thighs were smooth and lovely and her cute rounded ass cheeks perched on the edge of the seat cushion were a lovely sight to behold. As he suspected Anna’s pussy was totally devoid of hair. The lovely teen had shaved it bald. Her labia lips were swollen with desire and her clit peeked out from under her clitoral hood in a most inviting way. Still on his knees Bob slid a hand under each butt cheek and lifting her cute little ass off the cushion as he raised her sweet pussy to his mouth. He ran his tongue softly over each lip of her womanhood and came to rest with his tongue lightly flicking her clit. he sucked the rigid little organ into his mouth and started to suckle it in much the way he had sucked her hardened nipples. Her reaction was instant. She stiffened her back and ground her pussy into his mouth. As his tongue swirled and danced around her clit and her juicy pink fuck hole she moaned and sighed with delight.

Although Bob enjoyed the oral delights of sucking her tits and licking her pussy his cock needed some relief. He longed to slide his hard tool into her juicy slippery hole. She was certainly ready for him and he knew that since her baby’s birth she had gone on the pill. He had no impediment to stop him from stuffing his cock into her and fucking her as hard as he desired. Raising his head from her glistening crotch he straightened up and fastened his lips onto hers. She could taste her milk and cunt juice all mixed together as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, at the same time he guided his thick pole to the eager entrance of her slick little pussy and with one smooth motion he sank his pole all the way into her. She was fairly tight for a woman who had given birth only a few months ago and he enjoyed the sensation of her slick velvety cunt closing like a fist around his pulsing prick. She gasped for breath as he slid into her so quickly without warning and then adjusted her hips on the seat cushion to facilitate the thrilling thrusts that she knew would soon follow. He wasn’t taking his time with her. They were both overly eager to get on with the push and shove, and get on with it he did. He slid his hands onto her hips and started to slam his meat in and out of her with long hard strokes. The slapping noises of flesh on flesh filled the office and the sheer animal intensity of their coupling enflamed him to pound into her harder and faster.

Anna began coming within the first few hard thrusts. She hadn’t felt a man’s cock in her pussy for way too long and the intensity of this situation after the long months of deprivation had taken their toll. Her first orgasm shook her from deep inside to the end of her clitoris. Writhing her hips and coming on his hard cock she twisted and moaned but he didn’t ease his grip on her hips and he continued to pound his tool into her with a relentless fever. She felt another orgasm rip through her delighted snatch and then another. Her pussy gripped his cock tighter and tighter with each orgasm and soon the pressure in Bob’s nuts let go like a dam bursting. He felt his cock twitch and he unleashed a hot jet of gooey spunk into her tight little hole. He plunged all the way into her and held her firmly against his pelvis as his cock spewed it’s sticky hot load deep in her love tunnel. It surprised him that after fucking Penny earlier in the afternoon he was capable of dumping another copious load into another hot young pussy, but he wasn’t about to complain about the pleasure that coursed through his body at this point in the day.

Bob’s cock was still buried in her cunt and he gazed down at her. Her tits were still leaking milk and her juicy pussy was oozing girly goo all over his fat dick…it was a hot sight to behold and he savoured it with delight. She looked up at him with gratefulness and sighed softly.

“Oh my that’s what I’ve been missing! That was a relief in so many ways!” she said.

“That was amazing Anna,” Bob replied, “but we have to keep this little event to ourselves…it never happened.”

“Oh I totally get it Reverend, it’s our little secret, don’t you worry. We might have to do that again sometime though, I’m thinking, ” she winked and slipped her shirt over her head and pulled up her gym shorts.

After she left Bob sat in wonderment and contemplated his day of carnal delight.

“Well,” he thought, “it never rains but it pours.”

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