Retirement Interrupted Ch. 03

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This story depicts incest, non-consensual sex, and abuse of authority as part of a fantasy tale, but it does not promote or endorse these behaviours in real life. All characters are the age of consent or older.

As the story makes references to plot and character elements from earlier chapters, reading the story from the beginning is recommended.

***** SATURDAY *****

*** In-clearance ***

When Peter woke, Miori’s face was inches away from his. “What are you doing?” he asked as she stared at him.

“Watching you sleep.”

“That’s a bit creepy, don’t you think?”

“Uncle Pete, morning kisses,” she said, giving him some pecks on the mouth. “Do you want to take a shower?”

“I want to have a coffee first. Then I’ll take a shower.”

“No, do you want to shower together?”

“Bad idea,” he said. “We need to get going this morning.”

“Spoil sport.” Jumping off the bed, she skipped out of the room. “Your breakfast is on the table.”

He walked out to find a cup of coffee and an untoasted bagel on the table, but it was the thought that counted. Bone tired, he trudged around the apartment trying to get ready. By contrast, Miori flitted about, both getting herself ready and getting in his way, mostly on purpose.

Eventually, he ended up in his bedroom, trying to changing while arguing with Miori through a closed door that he didn’t need her help. When he emerged, he was struck by how cute she looked as she jumped off the couch to twirl and pose for him in her school uniform. She had on her grey school cardigan over a white uniform blouse, a blue bowtie with short tails, a blue-green plaid pleated skirt, black knee socks, and black leather loafers. Her hair was tied into ponytails on both sides.

“What do you think?” she said, giving him a curtsy.

“Wow. You look so … um … scholastic.”

“You were going to say cute,” she said, smirking. “And I’ve got on the right panties.” She lifted the hem of her skirt to show him. The stretchy cotton hugged her hips and showed the outline of her pussy lips.

“Don’t be doing that at school.”

“And don’t forget these, Uncle Pete,” she said, putting on her oversized, black rim glasses. “Still like them?” Holding the glasses by a temple, she pulled them down her nose and pursed her lips.

“Good god,” he said, still amazed at how sexy they made her look. “Don’t be wearing those at school.”

Slinking up to him, she put her arms around his neck. “Why, Uncle Pete? Do you think they make me look too cute?” She fluttered her eyelids behind her glasses. He could smell that she was wearing a light, floral perfume. “Are you afraid that a teacher is going to ask me to stay after school?”

“No, it’s just that, if you start wearing them, then you’ll have to wear them all year.”

“I’ll just wear them tonight when I get home from school,” she said, giving him a quick kiss. “When you give me an afterschool shower.” Kiss. “And give me an afterschool massage.” Kiss. “And change me into my afterschool clothes.” Kiss. “And take an afterschool nap with me.” Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.

“We have to go,” he said, untangling her arms from his neck.

“Let’s just not go.” Spinning around, she backed into him and wrapped his arms around her front to hug her. “You can homeschool me. I’ll be your teacher’s pet every day.”

“That wouldn’t work.” He suddenly realized how soft her breasts felt through her shirt. “Miori, are you not wearing a bra?”

“Stop groping me, Mr. Pervy Perv,” she said as she broke free and sashayed away.

“I’m serious, Miori. Come back here.”

Picking up his keys from the coffee table, she proceeded to the door, jangling them in the air teasingly.

“Miori, get back here,” he demanded as she walked out of the apartment. “We’re not leaving until you put on a bra.” Then the door closed behind her.

Rushing to get his wallet, he bolted out into the hallway to see her entering the elevator. He ran to catch up just as the elevator doors shut. At his parking spot, he found her sitting quietly in her seat, the keys in the ignition, and the car running.

“Come on. You need to go back upstairs to put a bra on.”

She simply tapped on the dashboard clock. Unfortunately, she was right; they were running late.

“Damn,” he said, getting in and driving off.

In the car, she flipped around the radio dial, sampling various pop stations. When she landed on a song that she liked, she cranked the volume up, dancing in her seat with her arms swinging and her fingers clicking, her unfettered breasts bouncing under her blouse to mock him.

“Let’s just drive quietly,” he said, turning the volume down.

Exhaling loudly, she slumped back down in her seat. Then she put on her fake glasses.

“I don’t usually take rides from strangers, but I’m late for school,” she said in a little girl’s voice, running her hand up his thigh. “Whatever can I do to thank you, Mr. Summers?”

“What are you bursa escort doing?” He pulled her hand away, but she moved it back, edging it toward his groin. They tussled in his lap.

“If you park behind the school, Mr. Summers, I’ll show you how grateful I am.” She fluttered her eyelids behind the glasses.

“Miori, stop it,” he said in a panic as the school gate came into view. He tried to steer the car, roll down the window, and move her hand off his lap all at the same time.

“Name?” a uniformed guard said, peering in through the window.

“Miori Tanaka,” Peter said.

“That’s me, not him,” she said, leaning across her uncle, grinning at the guard, and planting a hand on Peter’s groin for balance, squeezing his balls under her. “I’m new here.”

“Are you a parent?” the guard asked as he checked his clipboard.

“No, he picked me up hitchhiking,” she said with a giggle.

“She’s kidding,” he said, muscling her back to her seat. “I’m her uncle. Peter Summers.”

“Okay, Mr. Summers,” the guard said as Miori continued to grope him surreptitiously. “Drive up to the administration building and see the dean.”

“Is there a quiet place to park behind the building?” she asked.

“Never mind,” Peter said to the guard as he drove away, and then he stared at her. “You are in so much trouble right now. And take those glasses off.”

“You love me.”

“I’m rethinking it.”

St. Lascivious’ administration building bore all the hallmarks of a prestigious school—large limestone blocks, a crenelated tower, and an arched entranceway. At the dean’s office, they passed through an unoccupied outer office. Knocking at a big wooden door, Peter stuck his head in. The inner office appeared equally distinguished to the rest of the school.

“I’m sorry,” he said sheepishly as he entered with Miori. “I didn’t mean to interrupt, but there was no one at the desk outside.”

Breaking off her discussion with a student standing beside the big wooden desk, Morgana Payne stood up to greet them. “Ah, you must be Mr. Summers,” she said, extending her hand, “and you would be Miss Tanaka. Thank you for coming. I’m afraid we have only limited time this morning, so let’s move forward, shall we?”

Even though Dean Payne was a small-framed, mature woman, she had a commanding presence. Perhaps her seriousness emanated from her coiffed hair, her wire rimmed glasses, her persistent scowl, or just her abrupt nature.

“We can wait outside if you’re in the middle of something,” he said, looking over at the pale, slender girl at the desk. Dressed like Miori but without the cardigan, she had long strawberry blonde hair tied with a ribbon in the back.

“Not at all,” Dean Payne responded. “This is Miss Eva Skygghetsen. She is a live-in student from Sweden. She will be escorting Miss Tanaka during orientation today.”

“Miss Skygghetsen,” Dean Payne said, “stand up straight, dear. Please greet Mr. Summers.”

Avoiding his eyes, she extended a hand to Peter. With prominent offset eyes, slightly plump lips, and a bit of an overbite, she had the appearance of a young runway model—the kind of girl who looks so oddly average that they are intriguingly attractive. Her hand felt cold and fragile.

“I e-mailed you all the information Miss Tanaka needs for the school this year and for today’s orientation,” Dean Payne said. “I hope you brought the orientation schedule and map with you.”

“No, sorry,” Peter said. “I didn’t have a chance to check my e-mail.”

“Really?” the dean said. The group endured a moment of uncomfortable silence as she glowered at him.

“Not a good start, Mr. Summers,” she said, rubbing her hands together. “I realize that you are just her guardian, but may I ask if you are going to take seriously her attendance at this institution?”

“Uh … Yes,” he stammered, caught off guard by her question. “Yes, of course.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes … Dean Payne?” Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Miori looking at him wide-eyed. He got the impression she was about to laugh but was holding it in.

“Good, Mr. Summers,” the dean said as she approached him. He felt like he should be standing at attention. “I must impress on you that we demand the highest standards of our girls.”

“Of course,” he said to the dean standing just beneath him.

The dean then walked slowly and deliberately over to Miori. “That includes academics, sports, discipline, and dress,” she said, inspecting Miori and causing her to fidget.

“Miss Tanaka, do you have the impression that we do not polish our shoes here?”

“Polish?” Miori said.

“We … uh … We just bought them,” Peter said.

“Mr. Summers, a properly dressed student is an academically focused student. Miss Stygghetsen, would you stand next to Miss Tanaka?”

“Miss Tanaka, have a look at the standard of Miss Stygghetsen’s shoes,” the dean continued as Eva slipped into place. Miori glanced down with an overemphasized smirk, while Eva looked like bursa escort bayan she wanted to shrink away. The dean strutted around them, giving Miori a careful once-over.

“Miss Tanaka, remove your cardigan,” the dean said, causing Miori’s eyes to bug out.

“Do it,” Peter mouthed to her.

Furrowing her brows at Peter, Miori complied.

Spinning around sharply, the dean glared at Peter. “Mr. Summers, is it your belief that this is a school for unwed mothers and girls of loose morals?” she barked. “Miss Tanaka, undo your blouse.”

As Miori unbuttoned, Peter said, “Oh, do you think that’s nec—”

“Mr. Summers,” the dean said abruptly. “If you had ensured that your charge was properly dressed, we would not need to be doing this.”

“Let’s go, dear,” the dean snapped. “Spread it open. We don’t have all day.”

Grimacing comically, Miori opened her blouse widely, displaying her bare breasts for full view.

“Miss Stygghetsen, open your blouse too.”

Blanching, Eva looked off to the side of the room as she unbuttoned nervously and pulled her blouse apart slightly. Underneath, she wore a stretchy bra that fully enclosed her droopy, surprisingly ample breasts. With a sigh, the dean pulled Eva’s wrists further apart, exposing her bra-covered breasts completely.

“Mr. Summers, would you please join us,” the dean said.

Grabbing his hand, she cupped it under one of Eva’s breasts, causing her to bite her lower lip. He thought for a moment that he should pull his hand back, but he didn’t want to incur the dean’s wrath. Squeezing her breast, he relished how spongy and weighty it felt.

“Do you notice a difference, Mr. Summers?” The dean moved his hand onto Miori’s bare breast, causing her to snicker.

“I can explain,” he said.

“We are educating ladies, Mr. Summers, not sluts. Correct this for Monday. She will attend with a neutral coloured, unlined, no-wire, full-coverage bra made of nylon, spandex, or polyester. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Okay Miss Tanaka. Lift up your skirt.” After casting a critical eye at Miori’s panties, the dean slid her hand over her crotch. Miori gawked at Peter, her eyes bugged out at the touch.

“Oh dear, dear, dear,” the dean said, running her fingers across Miori’s crotch.

“Miss Skygghetsen, lift,” the dean said, prompting Eva to pick her skirt up slightly.

“Mr. Summers, your hand again please.” The dean guided him to feel both their groins through their panties. Eva whimpered as his fingers ran along the bulge of her pussy lips. He could feel through her panties that she had a tuft of hair above her pussy and that her thin inner lips protruded outside her outer lips. By comparison, Miori’s crotch felt damp.

“A mind preoccupied by profligacy,” the dean said, replacing her hand on Miori’s groin and sliding along her pussy, “is a mind that is not learning.” Miori closed her eyes as the dean rubbed her.

“This is exactly what our study facilitation program is all about. Miss Tanaka, I advise you to pay attention to the services that Nurse Stacks will explain to you and your uncle,” she said. “Okay, girls. Fix yourselves.”

“Mr. Summers, you will accompany the girls to the medical clinic next. Then the girls will be off to orientation for the rest of the day,” the dean said as the two girls sorted out their uniforms. “And Miss Tanaka, we will show up Monday morning appropriately dressed and focused, shall we?”

“Yes,” Miori said and then, facing a glare from the dean, added, “Yes ma’am.”

*** Study Facilitation ***

In the outer office, they were met by the receptionist. Wearing a white low-cut blouse that showed her abundant cleavage and a black pencil skirt that hugged her tight ass, she threw her arms around Eva.

“Never mind, dear,” she said to her, patting her back. “You know that she means the best for you.”

Peter stared at the receptionist, her head resting on Eva’s shoulder. He was taken by her beautiful face, bright red lips, red-rimmed glasses, and lush, pinned up, brunette hair.

Moving over to hug Miori, she said, “Miori, I’m so happy to meet you. Eva is going to take good care of you, but if you need anything, come see me.” Glancing at Peter from the receptionist’s tight hug, Miori flashed him a faint look of surprise and glee.

“Hi, I’m Peter Summers,” he said, holding out his hand as the receptionist turned to him.

“Hello, Mr. Summers. I’m Ginger Daniels. Don’t I get a hug?”

With a shrug, he opened his arms, allowing Ginger to nuzzle into him, her large, soft breasts mashing into his chest. Her exotic, spicy perfume captured his nose.

“The dean’s bark is worse than her bite,” she whispered into his ear, her breath tickling his neck. “You’ll get used to her. I hope I get to see more of you.”

Pulling back, she said, “Follow the hall signs to the medical clinic, but Eva knows where to go.” Before they left, she gave Eva’s cheek a final caress with her hand. escort bursa

“She was nice, Uncle Pete. We should invite her to our place,” Miori said as they walked down the corridor, hugging his arm. “But that dean lady is a meanie.”

“Shh, be discreet,” he said as they made their way to the medical clinic in the basement. “We’ll talk tonight.” He tried to engage Eva in a few questions, but she barely spoke as she walked behind them, holding her arms across her chest.

Arriving at the clinic, they found an empty waiting room of chairs. On the counter, a poster read, “Please sign in.” While Peter did so, a young girl’s voice in the back cried out, “Aah! Aah! Aah!” followed by an older woman’s voice saying, “That’s it. Let it out.”

Peter looked over at his companions. Eva hugged herself more tightly, while Miori opened her mouth at him in astonishment. The three of them sat down.

In time, a nurse emerged from the back, her arm around a sheepish looking schoolgirl. “See how much better you feel,” the nurse said. “Next time, don’t wait so long. You can come here anytime.”

The nurse turned to the group. “Ah, Miss Tanaka. The dean informed me you had arrived.” Her large breasts pushed against her pink scrubs. Through the light material, Peter could make out that she was wearing thong panties and a tank top without a bra.

“And Miss Skygghetsen, you’ve been avoiding me,” the nurse said. “You know you’re old enough to visit now, don’t you? You should have come for your individual orientation before today.”

“Yes ma’am,” Eva said.

Glancing down at the sign-up sheet, the nurse extended her hand to Peter. “And you are Mr. Summers?”

“Miori’s uncle.” He shook her hand. “Dropping off, I guess.”

“Oh, no. Please come in the back with us. I would like to explain the study facilitation program to you, since you are Miss Tanaka’s guardian.”

“And since you’re here, Miss Skygghetsen.” The nurse put her arm around Eva as she led the group back. “We’ll finally get you caught up as well.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Eva replied.

Inside the soothingly lit examination room, a gynecological chair stood against one wall and a medical examination table against another.

“Here you go girls,” the nurse said, handing them paper hospital gowns.

“In front of my uncle?” Miori flashed him a coy smile.

“I presume that’s okay,” the nurse said, looking at Peter.

“She’s just kidding,” he said as Miori, who already had her blouse off, was unzipping her skirt.

Eva clutched the folded gown to her chest. “I have to get changed here?”

“You can come to the back,” the nurse said, leading her around behind a dressing screen. “But don’t dawdle, Miss Skygghetsen. The rest of your orientation program is starting soon.”

Naked, Miori twirled around in the middle of the room, the folded gown in her hand. “I don’t really need to wear this, do I?”

“No, dear, not if you don’t want to,” the nurse said. “Just get in the chair.”

Miori jumped up. “Uncle Pete, come here.” She held out her arms as the nurse finished with Eva. Fearing that she was going to start acting up, Peter shook his head back at her, staying where he was.

“Right, Mr. Summers, girls,” the nurse said, making her way to the chair as Eva remained behind the screen, peeking out. “The study facilitation program promotes academic focus through the relief of stress and the removal of sexual distraction.”

“Mr. Summers, are you familiar with the therapeutic use of hysterical paroxysm?” the nurse asked as she helped Miori place her legs in the stirrups. He shook his head.

“It was originally prescribed to remediate female depression, but we have found—” The nurse glanced back at the dressing screen. “Miss Skygghetsen, what seems to be the problem?”

Retrieving her, the nurse said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, dear.” Then she led her over to Peter.

“Would you mind supporting her?” the nurse said to him. Feeling Eva shaking, he hugged her to his side.

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, the nurse applied lube to one of them. “Okay, let’s begin. Miss Tanaka, do you give me permission to proceed?”

“Absolutely,” Miori said as Eva huddled closer to Peter.

“Good.” The nurse slathered lube on Miori’s groin.

“Whoop,” Miori squealed. “That’s cold.”

“You see, Mr. Summers,” the nurse said, placing a palm on Miori’s pubis and curling two middle fingers inside her pussy. Miori glared at Peter with wide eyes and a huge grin.

“This treatment has gone out of practice because people thought it was sexual in nature.” The nurse vibrated her hand up and down several times before relaxing, causing Miori to purr.

“But it’s not sexual.” The nurse vibrated her hand again and then stopped. “It’s simply a medical procedure.” She vibrated her hand again, more energetically, then stopped. Miori began to squirm.

“It’s therapeutic, not sexual.” The nurse really jerked her hand up and down before stopping. Miori arched her hips up toward the hand.

Eva hid her face in Peter’s shoulder, and he tried to comfort her with a hug, slipping his hand unintentionally through the opening in the rear of Eva’s gown. He felt her soft skin as he rubbed her back.

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