Religious Girl Prays Only To One Idol – Succumb

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Religious Girl Prays Only To One Idol – Succumb

After my earth shattering experience, I was drawn into a beautiful dream. Since the time I was initiated into my puberty, and my hormones started acting up I haven’t slept so peacefully, I felt aroused again. I thought it was all in my dream, I felt as if Sanjayji’s tongue was still playing with my clit. I stirred, my body was reacting, I opened my eyes my dream was reality, I realized, I been pulled towards the edge of the bed.

Sanjayji was kneeling on the ground and had dug his mouth deep in my vagina mouth and was French kissing me there. His fingers were playing with both my nipples.

I could feel the current passing again, I moaned “ huuhh but was also wincing coz of the pain. But pleasure takes over. .. Aaahhh!! MMmhhhh!! Ohhhh yeah!! San..jayji…. aahhh!! MMM!!!

He was digging his tongue inside my hole and then slurping the juice. I placed my hand over his head and stared ruffling his hair. I just couldn’t bear the current that was passing by, my body became still, I arched my hip up.

Sanjayji stood and lifted my legs and placed it over his shoulder, he placed his knees on the edge between my legs and pushed himself inside me.

“Aaaahhh”I winced as it was painful but his gentle strokes helped me relax soon.

He started stroking me gently, then pulled his idol out only to have his head inside and then looking into my eyes, parting my leg in a V form he dived it straight inside, I was moaning and humming …. AAhhhh!!! Hhhhmm AAAAhhh San….. Aaahh!!! mmmhhh !! mmhhh

He was wild this time, he was just driving me crazy, he then bend over me, taking my right nipples started chewing it… he then switched to my left while pressing were he chewed my right. “San..ja..yji. please press them hard bite them.. bite my nipples…I am going crazyyy!!! Hhhhhhh!! Aaaaa!!!!

He was just waiting for me to say this like a wild possessed man Sanjayji was chewing on my right nipple pressing both my breast mounds and pounding me hard…

I was switching between trance and the pain!!! I felt my brain drained of oxygen, he was just driving me as if he was on a 5th gear, I was arching my back up, he was hitting me all the new places where he hadn’t hit before. I knew I had taken him completely.

Aaaahh!!!mmmhhh!!! San.ja…yji..please.. yessss…yesss . aaaahh mmm sanjay ji!!!! Aaaahh

My breath was increasing with every momentum, he then started playing with my clit pulling it while pressing my left nipples.. I just moved into ecstasy. My entire body convulsed, I felt him breath heavy, this time he was grunting aaaahhh aaaaaaahh., radhe… eee

Yes!! San…jayji……mmm hhhh

The room was echoing with the sound of our moan, grunts the Radhe, sanjayji with the chorus of our body pounding sound it was as if they were slapping.

He was moving faster, gyrating his hips faster, “yess sanjayji faster faster.”

Sanjayji convulsed and shuddered, I arched my hip further to meet his movement and then he held my hips and said “Radheeeee…AAAAhhh hhhh…. his hot liquid hit my wall I too gave in and moaned his name….., he just fell over me

I held him tight over me now wrapping my legs around, and hugging him he too cradled me inside him. Digging his head over my shoulder, I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Our breath were getting normal, he raised his head I placed my hand over his face and pulled him to kiss him, to lick the sweat that formed over his forehead, temple, nose cheeks, I kissed him again. While he tucked my hair behind my ears and sucking on the sweat dews formed on my face. Kissing my lips and biting them.

“Radhe, with you sleeping next to me, I couldn’t stop. You looked so hot, your body is meant to give pleasure. You are driving this old man crazy, I have never come so many times.” I am so lucky to have met you.

I smiled kissing his lips said “ Sanjayji, every time that is passing, I wouldn’t want you to let me sleep. I don’t want you to slip out of me, I want to give you all the pleasure. This entire evening has been the best. It’s just like how I have read in mills and boons.”

He pulled me over him I laid over him now he wrapped his legs around me, our body were entwined so beautifully.. I placed my head over his chest and was hearing his heart beat. I was playing with the curly hair over his nipples. I could feel my lord slipping away and the stream jetting out. I kissed and licking him over his face, shoulder hands fingers chest nipples chest, belly button all the skin and flesh in between his thick hair over my lord I was licking him then I took my idol in my hand and kissed it, licking all the fluid it was covered it. I started sucking it again, then I licked all the juices that were spread on his balls, smelling and licking behind his balls parting his leg further, now it was my time to French kiss him there.

I felt my idol was trying to lift his head but then fall. I kissed and licked his inner things I was lapping his balls again,

I heard Radheee. I lifted my head to see him he was looking at what I was doing. I then licked his inner thigh, his outer thigh, I licked him and kissing him sucked all the way through his toes, while my hands were just playing with my Idol. I could feel it getting hard and then it would become soft. I placed my lips on top of the penis and started sucking it.

“Radhe you have to push the skin behind”. I didn’t understand. “Like this”, he guided my finger to push the skin behind. The purple head was out, I started caressing it with my tongue and lips. Sanjay ji then lifted me back over him, he turned me over and started kissing over the vaginal lips, he then parted my lips I winced, he very gently started licking me, it was so soothing. I knew I was sore.

But didn’t want to be deprived of any ecstasy moment.

He blew soft air over my hole and licked it softly I could feel the stream flowing. He was again taking me to the height by slowing licking me gently. I felt the stream flow to have increased I pressed his face further deep inside while he was licking my clit, my hole, he was opening my lips and kissing beneath him I felt his tongue travelling down it was now on my anal hole.

“Sanjayji, no what are you doing. No”. He stopped and said “ I am savoring Radhe’s taste, all your holes are meant to be for pleasure”.

He resumed licking my anal hole, kissing me. Though I was not comfortable I didn’t stop him. He resumed back to kiss my clit and hole he kept kissing licking every crevice of my vagina and then my anal hole.

“Radhe, turn over and sleep on your stomach. He then got his face between my vaginal lips. Parted my legs. I could feel his nose touching my clit while his tongue was playing with my hole, he held my legs as it was trembling he dived his tongue further and was sucking all the fluid that was streaming down he started lapping now faster. “Sanjayji, please please take this tension away” . mmmhhh aaaahh.

I pressed my vagina on his face. “Sanjay ji please help me release this, he started sucking me faster.”

I felt the river break out. The juices flowing. Sanjayji slurping them away. I just lay while he was holding my legs. He then placed my legs down and slept over me and whispered in my ears “Your juice is so sweet” I want to drink it everyday.

His chest hair on my back were making me tickle. He then scooped me closer to him and we dozed again into a dream world.

I woke up with the chirp of the birds and the snore. I opened my eyes to see sanjay ji was sleeping holding me closer to his chest. I slowly moved his arm and got out of the bed. The sensation on my vagina was as if it was swollen and sore, I tiptoed to the bathroom with a limp as my legs were feeling heavy, there was mirror hanging inside I saw my face. I could see my lips were swollen, my eyes had puffiness. I removed the mirror I saw the reflection of my shoulder, there were purple, pink, blue marks on my neck.

I felt my breast grew couple of sizes and also my nipples were red and swollen. I freshened up. There were dry stains on my thigh I just washed my vagina I winced and groaned in pain, I splashed some water over my face, gargled my mouth and then again looking on my reflection smiled. I tiptoed back to the bed. And slept on Sanjay ji’s left arm on feeling my movement.

Sanjayji turned towards his right and holding me closer to him snored away, I kissed him on his neck and closed my eyes. The calling bell was ringing, I got tensed. Feeling me tensed, he kissed me on my forehead and said it’s the milk man, “I will get it.”

He got up from the bed, wrapped the towel from the chair and opened the door. Then I heard the closing of the door, he left the milk on the table, went into the bathroom, I heard him flush and he was with me on the bed. He kissed me on my forehead and then kissed me on my lips.

“Radhe do you know to make tea, I said yes. Then go I need one.”

I kissed on his lips and singing a tune, limping walked into the kitchen made a cup of tea for us.

I asked “how much sugar”. “Don’t add anyways it would be sweeter”. He was sitting on the chair, I sat on his lap and we drank our tea.

“How I wish I can have such sweet tea everyday” but its not as sweet as your juices. I am greedy to have more.

“Come lie over the table I want to drink them now.”

Though I didn’t want to as I knew it would hurt me. I didn’t want to disappoint. I laid on the table.

“Spread your legs, Radhe”. He got over me and then watching me “Radhe, your body has got all red, blue and pink.. Go and get the baby oil bottle that on the night stand.”

I walked with the limp to bedroom, got the oil. He had spread the plastic table sheet”.

“My wife will get angry if she sees I have spoiled the table”. My heart sank when he mentioned his wife.

Reading my eyes he said, “Arrey tumhe hurt hua”, aab kya karein internet casino Radhe, you weren’t born na, or I would have married you”. “Aabhi aao idhar laito”.

He then just caressed my body, then pressing my boobs. “Radhe, yeh tho ek din mein itna bada hogaya”.

He pressed my nipples. Then pour oil over them and middle of my chest and started massaging. His touch was so erotic, it wasn’t too gentle nor to hard. He massaged my boobs, he use to take the small mound in between his palms and squeeze and then pull.

“Aaahhh” mmmmmhh” was all that I could say.

“Radhe, close your eyes and just enjoy”. I closed my eyes. My lips were parted I am letting out soft moan.

Sanjayji would kiss me and bite and pull my lips while simultaneously his fingers would pinch and pull my nipples. He would twist my nipples and then release them. Now I felt the oil trickling over my stomach, navel and belly button region. His hands were spreading the oil in circulatory and semi circulatory manner. He would then pinch me on my small flab over my waist.

“Radhe, I want to turn your entire body blue and pink. Just like the way it’s on your neck.”

He moved to my side and bit me on my waist. His tongue was on my belly button. He then bit the soft skin on the side of the belly button and while pulling it, were pinching my nipples. He was giving me pain and pleasure both at the same time. Then the oil trickled over my vaginal lips, my thighs. He stood on the other edge and dragged me closer. He just massaged lightly. He was teasing me there. He pulled, pinched my clit then started fingering my hole.
“AAAh, its hurting Sanjayji”

“ Radhe, you will start loving this pain, in some time, relax.”

I let him finger, though I was sore, and in pain my juices started flowing. He put his finger inside my hole.

“Ouchhhhh, it hurts Sanjayji.”

But he didn’t react, just was fingering me inside out. I was wincing in pain, but was enjoying it too. “

How true somebody said there is no gain without Pain”

The liquid was flowing, he took the juice in his finger got it to my lips. “Show your tongue” I opened my mouth he applied it on my tongue and I sucked it. He repeated this some more time.

“Sanjayji, help me release the tension”. But instead of moving his finger faster and letting me release. He removed his finger and said “Now sleep on your back”.

I closed my eyes, sleeping on my back. felt the oil trickle over my back, shoulders, hips, he massaged me and then I felt oil trickling over by butt cleavage and butt cheeks. He parted my butt cheeks so that the oil can flow down towards my anal hole.

He then started pressing , massaging my butt cheeks, he was biting them hard. I felt his finger trailing the oil towards my anal hole. He started spreading my butt cheeks started spreading the oil over my anal hole.

“Sanajyji no please please.” He was trying to put his finger inside my anal.” Please don’t do it”, I tried removing his finger.

“ Radhe, I told you every hole of yours is meant to give pleasure. So relax I am sure you will love it.”

He took my hands folded them and now asked to keep my head over it and enjoy.

He then bit my butt cheeks; I could feel his lips and teeth over my butt cheeks.

I closed my eyes to enjoy. I felt his tongue circling over my tail bone and then trailing my butt cleavage.

“Radhe spread your legs further”, I obeyed him. He separated my butt cheeks so that he can see my anal hole.

“Sanjayji no pls”, I requested.

“Radhe don’t move.”

And I felt his tongue over my anal hole, licking it. He would bit the flesh near the cheeks and separating it further started lapping me. His tongue was licking, sucking the part below my clit to the anal then he asked me to spread my legs further.

My legs were now hanging over the side edge, his tongue was trailing my clit to anal all the while spreading my but cheeks. His movement started getting wilder.

“Radhe hold your butt cheeks for me, Part them well.” I removed my hands and stretched my butt cheeks while he started licking my vaginal hole, and anal hole alternatively then he moved to the side licking my anal hole inserted his finger into my vagina, I squirmed,

“Radhe hold it tight.”

I held my cheeks apart but my hands were giving away as I was close to releasing again, my liquid started streaming out. “Sanjayji, I moaned his name.

He removed his finger from my vagina and replaced it with his tongue, slurping the juice.

“Sanjayji no no please no nooo please.”

Sanjayji was trying to insert his index finger inside my anal. His tip was inside. I thought I would shit. He then removed his mouth from my vagina. I felt him inserting his thumb in my vaginal hole and was playing and massaging it. He laid on top of me. “Radhe, enjoy this. You will love it”

“Sanjayji ji please remove your finger from my anal please”.

He was just increasing the pressure on both my whole while he had not inserted his entire index finger inside my ana,l the thumb was all inside and I felt as if he was trying to pinch or make the ends meet, he was now biting my shoulder, rubbing his chest over my back as if massaging him his left hand was under my boobs and wer pressing them. I started breathing heavy very close to come.

“Sanjayji I want to release faster please. I was begging. He became still and in one shot removed his fingers. I was shocked, did I make him angry why did he remove. “Sanajy ji ?”

“Get up, now you have to give me the massag”

I repeated what he that is trickled oil over the chest nipples belly button. I was playing with every inch of his body using my tongue, my fingers my nose my lips. I then sat over his chest.

“Radhe the table will break”. . I silenced him placing my finger on his lips “Ssshhhh, Sanjayji. Enjoy”.

Slowly using my body my boobs massaged his upper body.

“You are magic, Radhe, you know how to please and give pleasure”

He was now caressing my back while my body massaged him. It was truly erotic. I then stepped down as I felt the table was making to much squeaky sound.

“Turn over Sanjayji” , poured oil over his back, hips. Started massaging him with my hand , tracing his spine to his tail bone and with my tongue circling over the tail bone and the beginning of the dark passage below I meant the cleavage of his butt. I again climbed over the table and sitting on his back I started massaging with my chest and spreading the oil over my Lord.

“Turn again, Sanjayji”

“Radhe, it feels so good… mmhh. I think you will make me young again”

I got down as the table was making too much noise. I stood over the edge of the table towards Sanjayji’s feet. Sanjayji turned to sleep on his back.

I started spreading his legs wider, poured oil over my idol, the oil was streaming down his ball,

I massaged the oil with soft movements, trailing the oil toward the crevice below his balls. I was gently kneading his balls and the linga then I moved the foreskin as he taught me.

“You are fast learner Radhe”, How I wish your boobs were big, I would have love to have got the massage from them. Your whole body is so beautiful, knows how to please a man”

I smiled as I loved the way Sanjay ji was enjoying.

Then I circled the tip of his penis and then softly cupped the head between my finger and started massaging with my right while my left hand were massaging his balls.

“Sanjayji spread your legs further.”

He did exactly like I told him, now massaging his penis, I stared licking him under his balls, nibbling the skin folds , digging my tongue further down. My left hand finger trailed my tongue but dived further where my tongue couldn’t reach and I put my finger in his anal hole.

“Radhe… radhe… you are driving me crazy…. Oh!!!! Radhe.” Sanjayji was moaning!

I was just fingering him like the way he fingered me in my vagina while my right hand were massaging his head and tickling them.

My left finger was pleasuring him in his anal, my right hand driving his penis and my mouth sucking his balls.

“Radhe I am close. I then removed my mouth from his balls and started sucking his penis while my left fingering his anal.

“AAAAA!!! I am coming. I am coming…AAAAA” Sanjayi started gyrating his hips, the faster he gyrated the deeper my finger went into his anal and his penis started hitting my throat I was gagging.

“AAAAA.. I am coming I am coming”, His body jerking. The table squealing .. “AAAAA…Radheee.”

And I felt the taste of his hot juice in my throat I gulped but was still sucking him and fingering him. He started jerking slower . “AA… Aahhh…..”

I licked and sucked the linga clean and when he relaxed and laid still, l removed my finger. I felt something gooey.

“Go, go to the bathroom Radhe”. I went to the bathroom and was washing away his shit from my finger. He came behind, hugged me inside the bathroom and I felt him switching on the geyser.

He pulled a stool sat on it, “Radhe sit”. I sat facing him hugging him. He took my finger which I had put in his whole kissed and licked it. He started the tap and filling the bucket.

He kissed me on my lips, held me tight with his left hand, started pouring hot water over us.

The hot water felt like melting away any discomfort from my body. He then poured some more hot water on my back, my boobs.

I then took the mug and poured hot water on his body. I was cleaning his chest. He then asked to pass the soap. He then lathered it well applied over my body.

“Radhe turn let me lather you on your back.”. I turned sitting showing my back he lathered my back my butt cheeks.

“Radhe stand”. I stood in front of him he lathered my legs and thighs, my knees calf.

“Radhe, place your feet on my thigh” . I said “no” and was reluctant.

He said ”its okay I want to lather your feet.” He then lifted my left leg and placed it on his thigh and lathered it now placing it canlı poker oyna down took my right feet, lathered it, he then lathered my legs once again.

I then took the soap from him, I lathered his chest, his back.

But again instead of using my hand to lather further, I used my body. I then lathered his legs his back. I felt he was tired. So I lathered his butt cheeks as much as possible not asking him to stand. I lathered my linga,, balls and the crevice below. I washed my hand took a fresh lather of soap applied it n his face.. took some shampoo and massaged his hair, head and then poured the hot water over him.

He did the jiggled , rubbing his face with his hands he then took the mug , standing holding me closer started pouring water over us, I was cleaning the excess soap lather from his body he was cleaning mine. He turned poured more water then he placed my feet over the stool and started splashing water on my vagina. I winced but the hot water was soothing my pain. He splashed some more water, then gently with his finger cleaned my clit, my vagin hole and crevices.

Radhe sit on the stool, I sat. He poured water over my hair.

“Close your eyes” and then he shampooed my hair”. He then poured more water over me. Rinsing me thoroughly.. “Spread your legs”, he splashed more water on my vagina.

I took the mug poured water over him ensuring he was rinsed. I then took his linga, pushing his foreskin behind cleaned it thoroughly. I turned him splashed water on his back and ensured his anal hole, the butt cleavage all our clean

He dried me with a towel and I did the same for him. I took his linga and placed a kiss the tip.

The hot water bathe and my touch made him sprang back.

“Radhe dekh tune isse phir se jagaa diya.”

He took me to the bed. Placing me again over the edge started kissing my vaginal lips, his tongue was diving inside me hole. I was squirming. I was ready. “Radhe, turn”, I turned.

“Now Kneel and bend on all fours, Like this” he showed me what he expected me to. I did that.

I was eager to know what he will do next. He started licking me, then I felt his penis rubbing my clit. I was excited. And then positioning me a little more closer. “Radhe”, he entered me. I jerked ahead, Sanjayji then held me by my shoulder and entered again.

He was now stroking me, gently. He then started pushing me towards him while he was moving his hips back anf forth. When I got the rhythm. He removed his hand, started squeezing my nipples with right hand, while his left started stroking my clit. This time he was pumping me faster, his balls were hitting my butt cheeks and very making lot of slapping noise.

“Radhe, are you enjoying?”

“Yess… sanjayji. I can feel you completely inside me”.

“ Radhe squeeze my penis inside you will enjoy it more”.

I started squeezing him. Sanjayji increased the tempo,

AAAhh!! Hmmm! Mmmhhhh aaaahhh! Was all I could let out.

I could feel I would release now but then sanjayji pulled his penis out, I opened my eyes to see he was sitting on the bed, resting his back.

“Come sit over me Radhe”.

I went quickly, he held his penis, “Radhe now sit slowly over it placing your vagina hole”.

I did that he inserted his penis on my vaginal hole and I slide over it.

His penis was completely inside me. This way he filled y hole. I was taken over by ecstasy. My head thrown back eyes closed. I was just enjoying this moment. I felt Sanjayji nibbling my nipples and now he was moving my hips up and down.

“Radhe, have you seen how the jockey rides the horse?”

“Yes, Sanjayji” .

“You have to ride it in the same manner, will give you more enjoyment”.

I started following the rhythm of the way he moved my hips and I started riding him. Oh it was fun.

His penis rubbing my clit, the linga deep inside me. I felt sanjayji moving my hips faster he was now, nibbling my nipples away with every hip movement. Giving me fresh bites over my neck, breast mound.

“Hmm,,,,,aaahhh… I am loving this Sanjayji!!!”

I felt my head getting clouded I was very close to my ecstasy point. I started riding him faster …

“mmhhh mmhhhhmm, Radhe ride me faster faster, I am coming..”

“ Sanjayji Sanjayji I am coming too”,,,,,

I shuddered my body convulsed. Sanjayji sucked my nipples I could feel him gyrating too he was jerking , I was jerking. He then hugged me tight… I hugged him tight, we were covered with sweat. I felt the hot juice flowing down my vaginal wall. We stayed hugged. Sanjayji had his head tucked on my shoulder I had mine in his. Only we could feel the heat of our breath. I could feel my idol slopping away. I could feel the liquid drain from my hole on Sanjayji’s lap.

Our breath become normal, but we didn’t move. He moved his head, I looked into his eyes and we kissed. He was sucking my lips and me his. We hugged and laid there for some time.

Tucking my hair behind my ears, Sanjayji said “Radhe, the past few hours I spent with you. Were the best. Yesterday this time you were still a girl. But today I made you a woman.”

“Yes, Sanjayji. From Radhika you made me Radhe”, I kissed him.

I got up from him the liquid was all over, went to the washroom, cleaned myself and got a wet towel to clean Sanjayji. After I cleaned him, I sat again over his he cradling me in arms. I hearing his heart beat.

I was going through the events and I kissed his shoulder.

“Radhe, I know I am the first man. I took your virginity”.

I smiled and kissed him with pride as if it was the best decision I took.

The tension you keep asking me to take away, That is called climaxing. You should say I am coming. That way I will start fucking you faster. You can also say fuck me faster or harder and I will start fucking you faster and harder and you can reach orgasm.

Orgasm? I asked innocently.

“My innocent Radhe, when your body go into the fit and you shudder, that’s means you are close to orgasm . Also you too need to express what you desire when having sex. I want to hear you say

Sanjay ji, please put your penis inside me and fuck me. If you want me to do it fast, you should say faster faster. Just like the way you said this morning. Say I am coming when you feel the tension. Okay.

I was receiving my first sex education and for a change I got my practical first and then the theory. I nodded my head

“Sanjay ji When you say I am coming it means you too in orgasm”.

“Yes, it means I am going to release my semen. Semen? , I asked ? the hot liquid that you must have felt that’s my semen, the same thing that you drank like juice, it can make you pregnant as it has sperms.

I had heard about sperms, ovaries, etc in my Biology class

Sanjayji will I get pregnant now? I asked worriedly.

“You might, hence its important you see a gynec, I will take you tomorrow after school”.

I said “ Tomorrow is Sunday, Sanjayji”.

“Being with you I have lost the count of the days”, we will go Monday. I said ok with a heavy smile.

“Radhe, I am so lucky to have found you, he continued.

We kissed again.

“Tell me what you liked the most and what you did not Radhe”.

“Sanjayji I loved everything, infact everytime I was coming, I wanted more”.

Sanajy ji started laughing loud hahaha, “Radhe is turning greedy. I am sure you are still young in fact very young. But your old Sanjayji can’t keep with your pace”.

I kissed him, “Sanjayji what you have given me I am sure no one can and I only want to give you more pleasure” I forgot my age, his age. All I wanted to keep his man happy, who gave me the most happiest moment of my life. I kissed him with tenderness.

“Accha tell me what you didn’t like.”

“I didn’t like you putting your finger inside my anal that is dirty hole”.

“Radhe I told you all your holes are sweet and for receiving pleasure. Why deprive your anal, I want to give you pleasure everywhere.”

“Radhe, where did you learn to do what you did? You watch porn? Or you have boyfriend’?

“No No sanjay ji I haven’t watched porn and I don’t have boyfriend. I just did what you were doing to give me pleasure.”

“Radhe”. He kissed me again. We slept for some more time. I opened my eyes to see its was 4pm I had to leave in sometime. I was feeling sad.

“Radhe its 4pm. See in all this sex, we forgot to have breakfast and lunch. Don’t you want to eat?”

“Sanjayji, I want to eat your penis”, I said with a naughty smile.

“Come to the kitchen while I prepare something quickly, you can suck my penis”.

I eagerly followed him to the kitchen, Sanjay asked me to get the eggs, I helped him with other stuff while he was making omelet for us. I started sucking his penis. It was growing faster. Then he placed the omelet on the plate and asked me toast the bread. Now while I toasting the bread. He was fingering me.

I said “Sanjaji please fuck me”. Listening to the’F’ word from me. Sanjayji bit me on my shoulder bend me a little and inserted his penis inside and started fucking me.

His penis went deep inside without any struggle, “Radhe yesterday you had a girls hole which was tight. Today you have a woman’s hole”. And he started fucking me. I switched the gas off.

“Sanjayji harder please fuck me harder”. Sanjayji started fucking me harder. My legs started trembling as he was also playing with my clit.

“Sanjayji I am coming faster, fuck me harder”. Now he was hitting all my crevice harder. I started moaning and humming, threw my head behind I reached my orgasm and I know Sanjayji was also with me, he came harder depositing his semen inside. I have lost the count. We just stayed like that.

He removed his penis from my hole, Radhe suck my penis. I kneeled to suck his penis.

Then we had our meal.

Sanjay ji laid on the sofa I went to lie over him.

“Radhe you have to leave in sometime”.

He was stroking my hair. I kept my eyes closed. I felt him kissing my forehead.

“Sanjayji, canlı bahis when will your wife come?”

“Next week”.

I kissed him on his lips,. “Can I come everyday to your house till then?”

“No. No its not right. What will you tell your parents and if anyone sees you coming to my place everyday.”

“Sanjayji, don’t you want me?”

“I would not want you go at all, but Radhe”.

“No buts, Sanjayji please. I will only follow you won’t walk along with you, till your wife comes I want to be with you”. I will tell my mother have extra class. “Radhe it will affect your studies”. “no no. Sanjayji I am topper my studies wont get affected. But what after 10 days, I said. But what about tomorrow? Sanjayji, tomorrow is Sunday. How can I come tomorrow? Radhe, tomorrow you need to rest. So sleep tomorrow. I will see you on Monday in the bus.

“And when your wife comes?”

“Radhe, we will think about some way of how I can fuck you” and he hugged me tight.

Before leaving his house I asked Sanjayji to fuck me. He fucked me twice before dressing me up. My school dress had creases has he fucked me last in my school dress. I didn’t bother. Sanjayji took my house number, he gave me his. Asked me to call him after reaching home.

Some beautiful things have to come to an end. So did the day. He held my face and we kissed.

I left his house, took a bus and went home. I felt my skin to be radiating. I reached home. Called his home number, Sanjayji, I reached and all I heard him say is I can’t wait till Monday to fuck you.

“Radhe go freshen up, see even your school dress has all creases this is how you went to school?”, Mom was scolding me.

“Sanjay ji have to go, have my bathe and pray to my mom’s idol. He knows I call his penis idol. But can’t wait to have your penis inside me and you fuck me harder. I chuckled and hung up after blowing a kiss.

I went again took a nice hot water bath, I was thinking of how Sanjayji lathered me. I touched my hole and remembered how he said that my hole is like a woman’s hole now.

Next day I slept till 10, mom was asking me to wake up. I never slept so late. I told her whole night we girls had not slept.

Mom was in the kitchen preparing my coffee, Dad was in the prayer room.

I called Sanjayji’s number he answered in a groggy voice, I said , “good morning Sanjayji”.

Radhe, I was just imagining you, I am making my tea alone. He was saying how he missed holding me in his arms last night and fucking me. I was giggling, mom was getting my coffee. She was asking me to take bath.

“Sanjayji, mom is asking me to take a bath, how I wish I was given a massage and a hot water bath and a good fuck after that.” Started using the ‘F’ word freely

“Radhe you have to be careful when you are at home”, he warned me. I blew him a kiss and said “imagine me sucking you” and I hung up. I had my coffee and took my bath. Dad was done with his pooja, he enquired about my yesterday party I told him I wasn’t aware and she is my good friend I couldn’t say no. he said its okay, asked me about my studies, Mom got dad’s his coffee.

“Aai, Baba I will be coming an hour late now, we friends have decided to spend an hour in the library for studies”. They said ok.

I noticed Mom was all dressed I asked her where is she going, she said you forgot we had to go for dad’s friends daughter’s wedding, I said I can’t come please have to study. Dad also agreed.

I called Sanjayji , “hello, Sanjayji”

“ Radhe, I want you to suck my penis now. How I want to fuck you harder”, is all he said.

I told him about mom & dad’s plan and I asked him to come home as they will be gone for 5 hours. “I want you to fuck me in every corner of my house. Come fast”, I gave him my address.

How sex can make you fearless, I never bothered what if anyone drops back or my parents come back. All I know like a k** gets hooked to a new toy.

I was hooked to this man who was 43 years older to me, all I could think was of Sex with him.

Mom and dad left, and exactly in 5 mins the calling bell rang.

I had already removed all my clothes as I know Sanjayji loved to see me naked. I ensured through the peep hole. It was him. I opened the door hiding behind the door.

Sanjayji stepped in I hugged him from behind. Seeing me naked he kissed and I guided him to my room.

Without any preliminaries I undressed him. “Show me how much you missed me, Sanjayji”

He laid me on the bed, came over me. Rubbed the tip of his penis and fucked me hard.

I convulsed multiple time. “Sanjayji fuck me harder harder I am coming”, I heard him breath heavy and he started fucking me harder till we both came. We held each other tight, me cradling him with my legs wrapped around him.

We fucked multiple times in the kitchen, my parents bedroom, front room and also in the bathroom while taking bath. He fucked me doggy style, and me riding him. He left exactly 10 minutes before my parents came. I quickly straightened my parents bedroom. When I opened the door, I could feel our juices streaming slowly from my thighs.

Post that day I use to meet him in the bus, I would stand close to him, I could feel his penis growing. I would then follow him home , we use to fuck for an hour and I use to return home with my pussy (a new word taught by him). He also inducted me into porn movies and we fucked in every possible way.

In midst of having sex with him, we forgot about going to the gynec.

Today was the last day of our having sex I reached his home. After letting me in, we undressed, he slipped his penis inside and was fucking me. He joked, “ Radhe, your hole is like a woman of my age”. This sentence pinched me and then he moved faster only to release his semen quickly, I had observed, post Sunday he use to release faster with couple of strokes and his penis would not waken up.

“Sanjayji, like my hole becoming older even your penis is old now?”

Sanjay,ji pushed me away. I tumbled.

Radhe get out. I didn’t know what happened. He just wrapped his towel and went to sit on the chair.

“Sanjayji, I am sorry. Please.”

“Wear your dress and leave my house now and don’t come. I don’t want to meet you again.

“Please sanjay ji I am sorry I was just joking. Please”.

“What please”, he asked angrily. You should joke with your age people not with someone who is old”

“ Sanjayji please please don’t leave me like this, I want you”?

“No. you have insulted me. So wear your dress and go home”.

I did not know what to do, I quietly with tears in my eyes wore my dress.

I looked at Sanjay ji and for the last time apologized “Please I am sorry, I can’ stay without you. I want you”. I started begging.

I know I was desperate I had got hooked to the sex I got from him.

“Go find some young man who can fuck you enough. I don’t want to fuck you. Now leave” and he stood.

I ran to him, hugged him crying pleading him not to leave me, “I will do anything what you want don’t leave me please please”.

“Remove your uniform and get the baby oil”. In the meanwhile I saw him popping his energy support tablet. I got the baby oil. I removed my dress. I was happy as I thought he has forgiven me.

“Suck me”. I sucked him and he was erect like a hot rod. “Now bend over that chair” I did as he instructed there was anger and I noticed he wasn’t calling me Radhe.
He then took the baby oil poured over my anal hole. I squirmed but I remembered how he fingered both my hole so I didn’t ask him to stop. He then rubbed his penis on my clit and vagina. I got excited. He then placed his penis near my anal and started rubbing it.

Sanjay ji no no please no not there no no, Sanj aaaaa aaaaaa I screamed. He had inserted his penis in my anal. The pain was unbearable. I felt my legs giving away my earth shattering. He gave me a hard thrust. I squirmed and was wriggling. He had pinned me like a chicken and thrusted further. I could feel half his penis entering my anal.

He started moving back and forth. “Ask me to fuck you hard”

“No Please no, Sanjayji please” I was crying.

He didn’t pay heed to wat I was saying. “Ask me to fuck you harder if you want sex from me” he repeated.

I didn’t want him to leave me. I made him angry and now he was punishing me.

“Sanjayji, please fuck me faster and harder” I said.

He started his tempo, I thought he will turn my rectum inside out. He was pinching my clit while fucking my anal harder, with every thrust he was penetrating deep. I was getting into a c***, my body was convulsing I started now matching his rhythm and fucked him back. I was in ecstasy again.

He started grunting said I am coming and now pinching and pulling my clit with his right hand and his left hand pinching and pulling my nipples, he released his hot semen inside my anal.

He removed it out my hole, and sat on the chair. I dropped on the floor. And clutching myself tight was crying.

And then he used the word that shattered my world.

“Randi, aab kyon ro rahi hain. Chal kapde pehan aur nikal, magar uske pehle yeh saf kar.

I knew what Randi meant. I closed my eyes and bowed to his feet. I couldn’t suck it. I looked into his eyes. I picked the towel and cleaned his penis. It was covered with his semen, and my shit. Yeh towel wash kar and get out of my house.

I quietly went to the bathroom, washed the towel. Wore my uniform and left
How in 10 days things changed, from Radhika I become Radhe and now today a Randi. A whore.

I thought it’s better to end my life. I have brought enough disgrace over myself. For 10 day I let a stranger fuck me all possible way. So if he called me Randi what was wrong? I got frightened, I couldn’t bear Sanjay ji leaving me. Not like this. He had carried me into the threshold of his his house and today he just threw me like a rag cloth. I did not hate him. I was ready to be his Randi , I succumbed to my fate.

Friends I know you will think it’s a fictitious story. But it is the truth of my life. A truth which I lived for 7 years till I met my husband. I wasn’t forced into, I succumbed into it. There are many more episodes which I will be penning down.

Do let me know your feedback?

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