Relatively Intense

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He stared at Bethany in disbelief when she told him what she wanted. He tried to talk her out of it suggesting to her there must be a gentler, better way than she had described.

“Maybe there is but I want to make this shift quickly and decisively. I know it’s a lot to ask but we’ve known each other for a long time and I know you have the strength to do it for me,” she had said. “You look like you’re the one in pain,” she huffed unevenly as she squirmed on the couch.


“You want this in your mouth?” he asked her, slowly stroking his burgeoning cock with his right hand as he stood before her.

She slowly shook her head from side to side silently saying No. He asked her if she was sure she wanted him to continue. She swallowed hard and slowly nodded her head up and down, her eyes locked onto his. He grasp the clothes pin clipped to her right nipple and pulled on it without relieving the pressure of the spring.

“Ow!” she complained as a spike of pain and then a burning sensation enveloped the nipple. Bethany was bound hand and foot to the chair in which she sat. Her wrists were tethered snuggly to the arms of the chair. Her legs were spread as widely as the supports of the arms of the chair would allow. Only the toes of her high heels touched the ground since he had pulled her feet back past the front legs of the chair before he tied them off to the rear legs of the chair. She was nearly immobilized, only able to move her body back and forth somewhat.

He had pulled her unbuttoned dress top off her shoulders exposing her breasts. Then he had installed a spring clip clothespin to each of her nipples. As a crowning touch he had pulled the skirt of her dress up as high as possible revealing her fine stockinged thighs slightly spread because of her tied legs. She was helpless to restore her dignity and her nipples burned, one now bare, a clothespin still clamped to her left nipple. It was all exactly as she wanted pendik escort and there was much more to come she knew.


She had described in detail what he was to do and why. Actually she thought she had done a pretty good job of selling him by presenting the ‘why’ first and then describing the ‘what.’ She spent more than a few minutes overcoming his objections and practically begged him to help her. More than once he shook his head and told her he was not sure he could do what she was asking. She had cut his objections short by excusing herself and closeting herself in his guest bath. When she returned to the living room the front of her dress was partially unbuttoned and it was obvious that she had removed her bra.


Now she sat tied into a plastic chair on his patio, faced partially away from the sun on a fine, warm spring afternoon. There was a half halo at the edge of her hair where the sun made it glow a light golden brown. A nervous little smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as she eyed first his hand stroking his stiff cock and then the silver alligator clips attached to the lapel of the thin black robe he was wearing. It hung open as he stood before her. For the last few minutes he had lay on the chase lounge arousing himself with an oily right hand. Tucked into the left pocket of the robe were several facial tissues.

“You sure this is what you want?” he asked hoping she would relent. She nodded again urging him to continue. Her eyes were ablaze with demand, insisting that he do as she had instructed.

He moved closer to her, standing with his feet nearly together between her spread knees. With his left hand he obtained one of the alligator clips and noticed that his breath was rattling out of him as he reached out and attached the saw-toothed pain maker to her right nipple. It bit deeply into the pinkish-brown nipple and quivered as she gasped at the searing pain. Her eyes maltepe escort squinted to stifle a scream.

He wanted it to be over quickly so he yanked the clothespin off her left nipple and let it drop to the patio. She moaned as he snapped a second shiny silver alligator clip onto her still burning left nipple.

He had momentarily stopped stroking himself and then refocused on keeping his cock at full attention. When he moved his eyes to her face he found her looking up at him and there were tears of pain trickling down her cheeks.

There was a solidarity between them that defied description and was beyond the understanding of their respective friends.

She was a beautiful woman. He surveyed her high, prominent cheekbones, her sleek, sculptured nose and almost thin but sensuous lips. Her fine, firm breasts moved slightly as she breathed, the silver clips causing wrenching pain. He gazed at her fine, molded thighs wishing they were not encased in nylon, wanting to push himself into her at the confluence that was shielded from his eyes. He hated pantyhose.

He heard her whimper and again moved his eyes to her face. “Pleeeze, jack off into my mouth. The pain is terrible,” she moaned. After he blotted the oil from the swollen head of his cock she leaned forward and took it in her mouth. It seemed like an eternity to her and was not nearly long enough for him when his stroking of the shaft produced the spitting spasms that made him growl and moan in the warm spring sun.

She had swallowed him and he was still down her throat when he pinched the tabs of both clips, eager to stay her pain. Her lips convulsed around the base of his cock when a new kind of pain blossomed in her breasts. She gagged and coughed up his cock.

She gasp for breath several times, tilted her head back, smiled and said, “Thank you, Matt.” There were purple bruises on her nipples where the clips had bitten her and the impressions kartal escort of the teeth were still visible.

Several days later they began the same scenario but she nodded her head at his question and sucked him off with just the clothes pins attached to her nipples. As she had instructed him, he demanded that she use her tongue to stimulate him while he stroked his shaft.

A few days after that, although she was bound hand and foot to the chair, she tongued and sucked him until his semen shot down her throat. Her breasts were bare and free of any implements of pain. He had aroused himself but simply stood with his legs against the front of the seat between her spread legs so she could take him with her moving mouth.

Their fourth and last meeting for her purposes took place five days later. She marked the event by wearing a new, front opening bra. She sat in her chair, slowly unbuttoning her blouse while she watched him stroke himself to full erection. Then she opened her bra and pulled her skirt up around her hips and spread her legs. He took ten minutes or so pleasuring himself before he rose off the lounge and positioned himself between her spread legs. She took the tissues from the pocket of his robe and used both hands to wipe the oil from his hard cock as it pointed straight out toward her face. She teased him with her tongue for awhile before she set her head to bobbing while she grasp his hips in her hands. His grunts turned into a long slow moan as she tasted his cum on the back of her tongue. When she had swallowed his full issue she became completely still with his hard cock in her mouth. She stayed like that for more than a minute, waiting for him to withdraw. More than another minute passed before he inched back, finally breaking the connection between them. When he looked down at her there were tears of joy trickling down her cheeks.

She looked up at him, blinked the tears out of her eyes and said, “You know, I’ll bet there aren’t many brothers in the world who would let his twin sister use him to overcome a phobia about giving oral sex.”

Copyright 1999 Del Edwards

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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