Reacquainted Ch. 02

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Big Tits

All sex involves characters over 18

All characters fictional

Note to readers: Please check out chapter 1 if curious or need refreshing, it’s only short and will explain everything. Thanks for reading.

* * * * *

Edward pulled the Mercedes into his drive and turned off the ignition. It was a fringe benefit of chauffeuring Lauren Brooks about, he got to use the luxury car as his own when off the clock. Turning for a cursory inspection of the back seat he noticed a phone had been left behind. A cheap model of smart phone, no doubt the kid’s, he thought. Reaching behind, he took possession and pressed the home button. To his surprise it opened without a lock screen and he was greeted with a wallpaper background of Lauren’s smiling face.

Kid’s definitely a fan, he thought. About to close the screen he hesitated a moment. Wouldn’t hurt to learn something about the person he’d just left with his employer, he opined. Opening the contacts he found only a few numbers, all with New Jersey addresses attached. Boy’s come a long way, he thought. Opening the images gallery he was met with countless downloaded photographs of his employer. Scrolling through, Edward found shots of her from her early days up to the present. Red carpet appearances, catwalk fashion shoots, paparazzi, many of which Edward had never seen before. What caught his eye particularly were the nude photos.

He had himself early on, sought out the nude modelling Lauren had done but had steered clear of the temptation of late. No point lusting after something you can never have he’d concluded. Lauren looked young in the photos, obviously more than twenty years before. Most done in a studio and all tasteful. Edward felt his cock harden and he allowed his hand to stroke it through his pants. Shit, he thought. Kid’s gonna be pretty disappointed when he finds out she ain’t interested in men!

* * * * *

Sebastian’s cum had dried on Lauren’s breasts. They’d both fallen asleep in the afterglow and Lauren was first to wake. She stroked the head of her sleeping son and he awakened with a start, taking a moment to regain his bearings. He looked into the face of his mother and all seemed to come back to him.

“I had a terrible dream,” he remarked. “I saw you on the street and tried to talk to you but you walked away. I kept trying to catch up but all these people kept walking into me and slowing me down. Eventually I lost sight of you. It was horrible.”

Lauren ran a hand down to his cheek. “It was just a dream my prince. You’ll never lose me again.” She pulled his face towards hers and their lips met. Her tongue was quick to enter her son’s mouth. The kiss was loving and just what he needed. “Are you hungry?” She asked. “You must be!”

Sebastian was quick to affirm he was. “I haven’t eaten since this morning!”

Lauren pulled him from the bed by the hand and picked up his robe. Sebastian allowed her to wrap it around him and not wanting to be apart she led him to her own room where she took up a robe of her own.

“What’s your favorite food?” She asked, as they made their way to the kitchen, her hand still in his. “No don’t answer, I want to guess. There’s so much I don’t know about you Sebastian. I want you to tell me everything. Is it pizza? No, spaghetti!”

Sebastian laughed. “Keep guessing.”

They entered the kitchen and Lauren stopped and turned to face her son. Even without her heels she was still taller than the boy. He was a late bloomer she could tell. Not yet growing facial hair, his body still slight. She’d build him up though, she thought. He was her responsibility now. “It’s macaroni and cheese!”

An unrestrained smile, the first truly joyous she’d seen, spread across her son’s face. “Wrong again Mom. It’s ice-cream!”

Lauren gripped him by the arms and pulled him into her. Her nose touched his and she returned the smile. “Then ice-cream is what you’ll have my darling.”

She was reluctant to pull away. Their groins were pressing and she could feel his penis hardening through the robe. Her own sex was becoming slippery as Sebastian raised his hands to her hips and caressed the satin. “What flavor do you want?” She whispered into his mouth.

Sebastian pushed his crotch against his mother’s and between kisses on her lips, whispered back. “Vanilla.”

Lauren lowered a hand and loosened the front of her cream colored satin robe, her bald pussy now pressed to her son’s growing hardness. “Chocolate topping or sprinkles?”

Sebastian pulled aside his robe and his cock sprang forth towards his mother, where Lauren sandwiched it’s length between her upper thighs. Lauren was shocked at how wet she’d become so quickly. She’d always had a strong libido but it seemed her son had taken it to another level. Sebastian slipped his mother’s robe down off her shoulders exposing her large breasts, her nipples hard. “Both!” He panted before devouring her right nipple in his mouth and squeezing her left, his other hand cupping the curve of her buttock.

It bursa escort was too much for Lauren, she needed his cock inside her again. Ice-cream would have to wait. She grabbed Sebastian by the shoulders and pushed him off her breasts. So quickly she stripped him of his robe and turned to present her ass to her son. Sebastian pushed her forward onto the bench and lifted the satin robe up onto her back. His cock found her opening magnetically and plunged inside. “Oh yes Sebastian. Fuck me baby.” Lauren bent her knees slightly to allow his length complete penetration and what was becoming common, she felt an orgasm descend upon her.

It was her mind providing the intense reactions to the sex, she knew. His mouth, his fingers, his cock, although providing pleasure were not the stimulus for the orgasm. It was the taboo. It was the incestuous lust, the raw unbridled passion of a mother for her son. Sebastian took hold of Lauren’s ample rear and increased the force of his thrusts. He kneaded the flesh of her ass and spread her cheeks to see his cock plunging in and out of her. “Fuck mom, your pussy feels so good.” He gasped.

“It’s your pussy now baby. I’m all yours!”

Lauren balanced herself on the bench with one arm. Her other hand clutched at her breast, squeezing the nipple then ventured down to flick her fingers across her swollen, dripping clit. Sebastian eyes were mesmerized by his mother’s pink asshole, twitching and almost blowing him kisses with each thrust. The sight of which hastened his impending orgasm. “Mom I have to cum!”

“Oh please do baby. Cum inside me. Cum inside your mommy.”

It was all he needed to finish the job at hand. Falling forward onto her back he began ejaculating his seed inside her. “Ahh fuck yess. Mmm, Mommy I love you.” His hands curved around her body and found her hanging breasts and squeezed as each pulse of cum entered her cunt with lessening thrusts. Finally spent he allowed his cock to slip out of her pussy and he turned her around. Their mouths again came together and kissed. His cock pressed to her leaking vulva, his semen dripping back onto the source.

“I love you too my angel,” Lauren sighed as she felt the warmth of his cum running down between her thighs. “Let me fix you that ice-cream.”

* * * * *

Natalie had watched the scene unfold from above. The boy she recognized as the one who’d been hanging around outside the office for the last few days. She thought she may have seen him outside the restaurant the evening before but with the overcast conditions she couldn’t be sure. Coincidences be damned she thought. If you run into the same person that many times, they’re either stalking you or you’re stalking them. When she saw Lauren lead the boy into her car however, the sight was more like a mother at school pickup rather than a potential threat inveigling himself into her life.

She’d meant to call her employer when she got home to inquire about the boy but had been sidetracked. Picking up the phone she looked at the time. 9:30pm, not too late she thought.

* * * * *

Lauren made two bowls of ice cream and as promised provided chocolate topping and sprinkles for Sebastian. She watched him devour the contents and a sudden wave of guilt swept over her. Some mother I am, she thought, he was obviously starving and all I could think about was my own sexual gratification. “Tell me about your parents Sebastian.” She asked, breaking the silence and taking a mouthful from her own bowl.

The boy’s brow furrowed . “There isn’t really much to tell.” He finished his bowl and sat back against the couch beside Lauren. “I never knew them!”

“What do you mean, you never knew them?” Lauren asked.

“They died when I was about…two, I think.”

Lauren dropped her spoon into her bowl. “What are you talking about? Who raised you?”

Sebastian’s eyes went to her bowl and she willingly handed it to him to finish off. She noticed he used her spoon.

“I lived with my uncle, he was my dad’s, I mean my adopted dad’s brother, and his family.” The boy took mouthfuls of ice cream between sentences. “I knew I didn’t belong with them. I mean they treated me different to the other kids but I didn’t know why until I was about fifteen and found the papers in some of my parents stuff.”

Lauren’s heart was breaking all over again. “You didn’t know you were adopted? They didn’t tell you?”

“Nah. My uncle’s other kids used to make jokes about me being found in the trash. And my uncle and his wife,” Sebastian paused and seemed to choose his words carefully. “Well, let’s just say they didn’t treat me so good.”

The tears that had formed in Lauren’s eyes now ran down her face. It would explain why he had flinched when she had first made to hug him. “I didn’t throw you away Sebastian, you have to know that.”

Sebastian placed his second empty bowl down on the table and reached for Lauren’s hand. “I don’t feel that way, it was just what they said. When I found out who you were and saw an interview with you bursa escort bayan I knew you only did what you had to at the time. I don’t blame you for it.”

“How did you work out I was your mother?” Lauren asked, clutching his hand.

Sebastian smiled and it made the pain Lauren was feeling lessen. “I only had your name so I started searching online. Of course you were the first Lauren Brooks that came up and as soon as I saw your face, well I just knew.” Lauren herself could see the resemblance between the two of them starkly now. He shared her nose, facial structure, even his fingers were long like hers. “I found out all about you. I saw that interview you did where you admitted you’d had a baby. The year and my age matched up perfectly.” Lauren noted how excited he was becoming, telling the story. Any pain he had shown at the recollection of his childhood seemed to have floated away. “I started to collect your photos. I would go to doctor’s surgeries and steal the old magazines. You were always in them. I’ve got a scrapbook!”

“You what?” Lauren asked.

“It’s here, in my bag. I treated it as a family album. It’s silly I guess.”

“No it’s not silly. It’s beautiful. I just wish I had photos of you.”

“Do you want to see it?” Sebastian asked, an expectant smile across his face.

“Of course I do!” Before she could even finish Sebastian had left the couch and was trotting towards the guest room. He looked like a child on Christmas morning, wrapped in his dressing gown running to receive his presents. She thought of all the time she had missed with him, all the birthdays, all the Christmases. It made her more determined to right the wrongs. He may not have had the childhood he deserved, now that he was a man, she’d make sure he had the adulthood he deserved.

Lauren took his absence as an opportunity to visit the bathroom and freshen herself. She opened her closet and looked at her options. “Right, if I was a teenage boy how would I want my mother to dress?” She asked herself. Her eyes strayed upon a sheer pink babydoll. Retrieving the lingerie she dropped her robe and stepped into it, pulling the soft material up over her breasts. Putting on the matching thong she admired her half nude reflection in the mirror and finding it more than satisfactory, unselfconsciously made her way back to the living room.

Sebastian had placed his scrapbook down on the coffee table and was washing the bowls when Lauren entered the kitchen. He turned around and couldn’t hide his approval of her appearance. “Mom! You look beautiful.”

“Thank you honey.” She did her best turn and Sebastian was dazzled by her grace.

“Wow, you could be a model! Oh wait.” They both laughed and the depressing nature of their previous conversation was gone from memory.

“Come on, show me this scrapbook.”

Taking his mother by the hand, Sebastian led her towards the living room. The phone ringing halted their progress. Lauren promised she’d only be a moment and answered in the kitchen. “Natalie, hello. Is anything wrong?”

“I was going to ask you the same question?”

Lauren furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?”

“Well what happened this afternoon with Edward and that boy? I saw you leave with him.”

Part of her wanted to share the news of the return of her son with Natalie. She was after all more than her employee, more than a friend. She looked down at herself, she thought of the special relationship she now had with Sebastian. If she was to tell the world he was indeed her son, all future actions in public would be scrutinized by the press, by her peers. It would be unbearable not to touch him, to express her desire for him whenever and wherever and in the manner she chose. No, for the time being she would keep their relationship a secret. Sebastian would understand. She hoped Natalie would as well.

“Yes that’s right. Edward was a little overzealous with a fan. I made sure the boy was taken care of that’s all.”

“Oh O.k.” Natalie could hear something different in Lauren’s voice but didn’t want to press the issue. “So what are you up to?”

Lauren faked a yawn. “Actually I was just about to go to bed.”

“Oh, care for a little phone sex before lights out?”

Lauren cared deeply for Natalie and wanted to let her down gently. “Mmm that sounds nice but I might take a rain check. I am really tired. Couple of stressful days you know.”

Natalie thought of the emotion Lauren had shown at the restaurant and didn’t harbour a grudge at yet another rejection of her advances. “Yeah I understand. Hey at least tell me what you’re wearing. Give a girl something to think about.”

Lauren chuckled and again looked at her body. “Would you believe me if I said I was wearing that little pink babydoll you love?”

Natalie laughed. “Oh you’re such a tease. I know you’re not but thanks for the visual. I’ll let you go, you sleep well my sweet and I’ll see you bright and early.” Natalie paused momentarily, “I love you.”

Lauren turned her face escort bursa away from Sebastian. “I love you too.”

Lauren looked at Sebastian waiting expectantly in the living room, his scrapbook on his lap. She hated deceiving Natalie but hadn’t lied really. She was ‘taking care of’ the boy, she was wearing the babydoll, it was the ‘going to bed’ part of her conversation that was the only real lie. Time to do something about that, she thought. Sidling up behind her son, Lauren placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Why don’t we look at it in my room?”

* * * * *

Edward sat in front of his television, a beer in one hand, Sebastian’s phone in the other. He again scrolled through the photos. This occasion it wasn’t the content of each image that caught his attention, it was the title of the photo. Something he hadn’t noticed on his first perusal. The boy had labeled every photo with an approximate date of when the image was taken thereby enabling him to put an age to Lauren in each. Obsessive, he thought but not damning. What had him slightly troubled was the fact he had also added ‘Mom’ beside each and every date.

* * * * *

Sebastian stood beside his mother’s bed, his scrapbook cradled in his arms. A maternal instinct swept over Lauren at the sight. “Let’s get you tucked in shall we?” She approached the boy and took the scrapbook from his hands, placing it on the bedside table. Undoing the belt of his robe she pulled it off his shoulders and lay it over the end of the bed. Sebastian remained still, fully naked, his penis semi erect and pointing at his mother. Lauren resisted the temptation to enclose it in her mouth as she leaned down to pull back the covers. “Come on young man, in you get.”

Sebastian was quick to comply, settling in with his back to the pillows. Lauren covered his nudity with the sheet and circled around the other side of the bed to climb in beside him. She reached across in front of Sebastian to retrieve the scrapbook, purposefully pressing her breasts against her sons face. “Ooh I’m sorry sweety. Mommy is clumsy isn’t she?” Sebastian smiled in response, his erection tenting the sheet at his waist. “Now let’s look at this book shall we?”

Sebastian was eager to show off his work. Opening to the first page they were greeted with a photo of Lauren cut from a magazine. Sebastian had drawn a love heart around the image. Lauren recognized the portrait and the campaign. Modelling for a major jeans label, the photo had her sitting atop a hay bale in a tight white tank top, her legs suggestively parted but not overtly sexual enough to fall afoul of advertising standards. “This was the first photo I found of you. My uncle’s partner was pretty pissed because I ripped it out of a magazine she was reading. They didn’t know it was me though.” Sebastian continued his commentary as he worked his way through the book. Lauren placed her arm around his shoulder and snuggled in closer as her life in pictures was laid out before her.

Sebastian reached a page without any photos but he’d written ‘sealed section’ in bold lettering across the paper. Turning the page he revealed an entire article from a gossip magazine with accompanying photos. It was from a few years back, paparazzi had caught her on a trip to Mexico with Natalie. The photos showed them both topless on a beach enjoying the sun, the waves and most of all, each other. Her sexuality had been an open secret in the industry until then. Now the public was made aware. At the time she hated the intrusion but now she was seeing the photos through her son’s eyes. A teenage boy’s eyes. She had to admit it was a turn on. Two half naked women kissing on a public beach. Hers and Natalie’s breasts were blurred in the photos but they left little to the imagination.

Lauren had been playing with Sebastian’s hair with one hand, she now turned her body slightly to move her other hand onto her son’s penis. She found him erect and as hard as rock. Another page was turned in her own personal ‘This is Your Life.’ Somehow Sebastian had found a copy of a nude shoot she’d done with a popular men’s magazine. ‘Busty queen of fashion reveals all!’ The headline of the article read. Each softcore photo was accompanied by a quote the magazine had attributed to her but she’d never said. ‘My vibrator is my best friend. I always sleep naked. Two cocks are better than one.’ Was it any wonder her son had formed a sexual attraction to her, she thought.

Lauren ran her hand up and down Sebastian’s cock. Each time she reached the base she’d release her hold and cradle his smooth ball sack, each testicle the size of her own thumbs first segment. The scrapbook had only a few pages left and she wondered how many times he’d masturbated himself to the images? The final photo was another paparazzi, upskirting her as she exited a vehicle. Sebastian closed the book and looked ashamedly at his mother.

“It was pretty immature wasn’t it?”

Lauren again gripped his shaft and held her hand still. “Not at all, it was beautiful. You kept a photo album devoted entirely to me. How many son’s do that for their mother?” Once again she began to jack him off, faster this time. “But now you don’t have just the photos honey. You have me.”

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