Rainy Day Daughter

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I watched my father come out of his bedroom, the rain beating hard on the tin roof. He stopped and looked at me then turned to pour himself a cup of fresh coffee that I had put on just for him. I kept looking out of the corner of my eye as I pretended to watch a silly talk show. Yesterday I had been busy spending my first day of the summer vacation with him by doing what I loved most: running around in the thick woods. Today it was different.

Today I had awoke from one of the wildest dreams I had ever had, one in which I had laid in this man’s, my father, arms as he slowly took me to where no dreams had ever. I could remember the lust and need until he was about to take my virginity away, then I woke up feeling a lot different about where my life was headed.

“Thanks, Babe,” he said, pouring a cup of the coffee.

“What we going to do today?” I asked, my eyes taking him in from head to his bare feet.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he replied, looking at me with a sad look in his eyes. “Damn rain pretty well keeps us from doing much. What do you want to do?”

What a question! I wanted him to show me just how real a dream could be. “Well, why don’t we just spend time together?”

“Don’t ya think I will bore you?”

“No,” I replied. “I just want to be with you and get to know you. After all, we haven’t seen each other in almost a year.”

“I know honey,” he said sadly, coming towards me. “You are growing up so damn fast now and I kick myself for not being there for you!” His eyes roamed over my body, clad only in my usual short tee shirt and panties. I could feel his eyes taking in the swath of white material between my legs.

I had to do something. Had to get it to him how much I wanted him. I got up, walked over to him and took the cup of coffee and set it on the counter. “I love you,” I whispered as I put my arms around him.

For a long moment he didn’t move, then I felt his hands on to my back, slowly moving downwards. I pulled myself even closer to him to show I wasn’t about to resist him. Down over the bottom of my tee shirt his hands moved, and then onto my panties until his hands were caressing my butt, pulling me even closer. “I missed you so much, Babe.”

“I am never going to leave you,” I moaned out as his fingers played along the top on my panties. “I am going to stay here with you the rest of my life.”

It had dawned on him- this hermit my father had become- that I was more than interested in playing in the woods. His hands slid under my panties and was instantly caressing where no one had ever touched before. I moaned out at his touch and laid my head firmly on his chest. My heart seemed to be beating in my throat as he kissed me gently on my head.

“I love you so much,” I groaned as my hands lowered to his butt, protected only by the jeans he had on.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, guiding me back to the bed that the couch folded out to.


“How long you felt this way?” He whispered into my ear as his lips kissed deeply at the left side of my neck.

“I have been… Ah, you know, playing with myself and pretending it was you for a long time.”

“You know this won’t be a fantasy if it goes on.”

“I know,” I replied as he lowered me to the couch, picked up the TV remote and turned the TV off. I closed my eyes to take in the moment. The rain fell hard on the roof making me feel even more isolated with him. His left hand, almost hot to the touch, was slowly running up and down the inside of my left thigh, bringing even more lust into my mind. I couldn’t answer him, my throat seemed unable to form any words, so I lay beside him and hoped my acceptance of his touch was all the answers he needed.

I arched my back as he slowly pushed the tee shirt up off my tiny breasts, then over my head and off my arms. I was bursa escort naked except for the thin panties. I moaned loudly as I felt his hot breath blowing on first one nipple than the other. I had never thought a man’s breath could feel so good, let alone make me feel so free.

“Oh, God,” I cried out as his lips encircled my right nipple, sucking it in slowly before his tongue started dancing over the swollen mass.

This was better than the dream. His lips and tongue torturing my nipples with their lusty embrace. I felt his hand slide deep between my thighs and opened them further for him to explore what I had wanted so much when I only had fingertips and fantasies to find contentment in.

I could feel my first climax coming. I could hear my labored breathing and soft moans as they blended with the falling rain. With his tongue hungrily lapping at my nipple, and his fingers slowly running up and down my panties, pushing them in just enough for the material to tickle at me, I grabbed the quilts and gasped out loudly as my panties seemed to become as wet as the rain-cover landscape outside.

I had cum before, but this was different. This picked my mind up and tossed it around inside my head. As I withered under his touch, I could feel everything going on deep in my mind. No longer was there a world outside this tiny place. No longer was my mother, a bottle of beer in her hand, screaming at me to do this or that. Now I was a girl about to be transformed into a woman by the only man I would ever love: My father!

His lips left my breasts and worked their way down towards my panties. I could only lie there and moan and not know what I should be doing to him. His tongue tickled at my belly button as he moved his body further down my thighs. His hand slipped under the wet cloth of my panties and rubbed against my slit. I didn’t know anything about what a man could REALLY do with his tongue, thinking that he was about to take my virginity. Even deep in the throes of lust, I could not imagine what he was about to do to me as his lips kissed their way to the top of my panties.

It took about two minutes of his tongue playing under the elastic of the panties, as his finger rubbed lightly just inside my pussy lips, for me to find myself moaning wantonly for him to never stop. I pushed my hips up to get his finger deeper into me as his finger pulled away as if I had done something wrong.

Before I could say anything, I felt my panties being pulled slowly down my lusting skin. Inch by inch he slowly removed the last vestige of covering I had. I was naked before him. Naked, wet and wanting him to take me this instant, but as he tossed the panties to the floor, he bent over and blew a long, hot kiss against my wet slit. I covered my mouth with my arm and screamed out against it. Inch by inch he was taking me deeper and deeper into the world I had never expected could exist. Blow by blow I could feel him getting closer until, with a demented scream from my lips, his lips touched my slit, kissing at my wetness as if a kiss of his acceptance of me.

His tongue slid deep into my virginity. I had never dreamed any man would do such a thing, but here he was, exploring my young body in ways I would never be able to resist again.

“Oh, my God,” I howled as the tongue touched my clit for the first time. My fingers had learnt to play against my clit a long time ago, but this was different. His tongue seemed soft, wet and demented as I thrust my hips up for even more.

His hands slid under my ass, lifting me up to expose me even more to him. I slapped my hands to the bed and heard myself gasping out loudly as his tongue flicked over and around my swollen clit. Faster and faster his tongue lashed out at me as his hands massaged at the firm skin of my ass. My head moved from side to side as my breath bursa escort bayan came to me in deep gasps. My hips slowly pumped me against his face as if crying out for even more.

My whole body seemed to go wild as my second climax exploded over me. It seemed that my shoulders were going one way and my hips the other as my arms waved about and my toes curled up. My hips slammed my wet pussy against him as his hands forced my legs even further apart. His tongue now whipped at my clit as I begged, moaned and made weird sounds. My lusty shreiks joined the sound of the rain as he kept me building even higher. I felt his finger rubbing in my wetness then slowly move to my ass. Slowly he tickled at my puckered anal opening, the feeling of total naughtiness overtaking me in blinding wisps of cloudy thoughts. No longer did I care that I had tiny tits and just about no pubic hair. Now I was a woman with all the needs of a woman, and the needs demanded to be fulfilled.

As I shrieked out this second climax, he slipped his finger deep into my ass in one steady motion. Pain gripped at me then changed to a heightened level of lust as he fingered my ass and sucked at my clit. I was amazed that pain could feel so good, all I wanted was more and more of what he was teaching me about myself.

I lay gasping as I lay watching my father undress. I caught my breath as he slipped his pants off and turned to me fully naked. I had seen drawings of men’s cocks in Sex Ed. class, but this was different. Where they had dangled down sleepily, his stood out as if a long, hard weapon. He lay back down at my side, took my hand and pulled it to his hard cock as his lips again kissed at my nipples. A pang of fear ran through me as I explored his erection. It seemed too big to enter me, but I knew that it was a fact of life: men entered women all the time and none seemed to complain about it.

For the next several minute I explored his cock and balls. The balls felt so odd to roll between my fingers as I slowly relaxed to what was about to happen. I felt his shaft from top to bottom, then explored the tip of it, surprised to find it wet. Before long my hand was stroking up and down my fathers mighty shaft.

“You keep that up and it be all over in a minute,” I heard my father chuckle as his hand moved to rest between my legs.

I laid my hand back to the bed, knowing it was very close to him taking me all the way. His finger darted in and out of my love canal, then slowly swirled around and around as I opened then to his touch. I could feel his finger playing against my hymen for a moment before he rolled over between my legs and started working at my clit with his fingers.

With my legs spread apart, his fingers played deep in my now widely spread pussy. I could feel the deep movement of yet another climax in me, and pulled my knees up until my feet were flat on the quilt. I heard my breathing change and heard a gasp escape my lips. I was only moments from coming yet again. My mind crashed as the wave of ecstasy washed over me. I felt my father’s movements between my legs, then felt his cock entering me.

I felt waves of passion washing over me as if a demanding wave washing upon a yielding shore. I could feel him entering me, forcing my virgin hole even wider. I felt so full that I didn’t think he was going to be able to get it all the way in. He was entering slowly and I wanted him all the way deep inside me. I lifted my hips up and yelped as the head of his cock slammed into my hymen. “Oh, please don’t stop, Daddy,” I gasped out, wondering how bad this was going to hurt.

With his lips planted firmly on mine, Daddy increased the pressure on my hymen. I was frantic with the feeling of being so totally invaded but, as my need increased, I promised myself to endure just a bit longer.

“AHH!” I screamed escort bursa into my daddy’s mouth as he pushed through my virginity and entered me fully. It stung as he held himself so deeply in me as I gasped to him. He had waited until I was deep in my climax before taking me fully and, as he entered me, I was again reminded how pain could be so closely related to pure lust.

“You okay?” He whispered into my ear as my hands clenched tightly at the quilt.

“It hurts,” I moaned back, then added to my words from the conflict that raged deep in me. “But it feels so good.”

“The worst is over,” he replied, kissing my lips as he withdrew his cock and slid it deep into me again. “If it’s too much just tell me to stop. Okay?”

“Stop?” I moaned. “I don’t want it to ever stop. I want to be here for you and take care of you in all ways.” He was now slowly sliding in and out of me. The pain has subsided to a harsh itch, one that needed only more of what was going on between my legs to make it stop. I could feel every inch against my strained love canal; could feel his swollen cock as if it were a part of my very being. Stop! Heck, this was only the beginning!

His thrusting became more rampant as I watched him close his eyes. He was close, very close to spilling his first “load” deep in me. The thought, the very thought of how wicked this was enticed my mind. Here was my father, now more man than father teaching me that dreams do come true. Here was my first lover, the man who had helped bring me into this world, slowly going through the same motions with me that had created me. My father the man, now my lover bringing both of us to a new height of sharing. I again felt the deep stirrings of climax as he increased the speed of his thrusting. Then it happened.

I thought my father was having a heart attack as he slammed relentlessly into me. Groans, screams and other animal-like sounds came from his lips. My climax evaporated as I wondered how I was going to explain the fact that my father had died while breaking me, his daughter, in.

He pulled my hips up violently and held them hard against his body as his moth opened and a tiny, almost child-like gasp came from deep in him. This wasn’t a heart attack, he was cuming in me. I felt his cock swell a little then felt his juices pumping deep into me. My evaporated climax came back with the passions of the wildest storm of nature. He held me tightly as I thrashed about, trying to force even more of him into my tortured pussy. I was pumping him, thrusting my body against his as our moans blended into my memory. All I was able to do was lay there and squeal out that I belonged to him. Then I felt my body relax so totally that I thought I was falling asleep or, worse, waking up from another wild dream.

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, fighting to get my breathing under control. My chest heaved as I felt my father’s arm slide under my neck, soon pulling me close to his naked body.

“You all right?” He said, his voice sounding a bit more out of control than I was use to.

“I don’t know,’ I giggled, “I’ve never felt like this.”

For a long time he held me and stroked my cheeks with his fingertips. I was now his and both of us knew it. I could only lie there and remember his breath blowing hot on my nipples and slit. His? I was all his, and he knew it.

I drifted off to sleep listening to the rain and feeling his fingertips tracing lazy patterns on my face. I had spent too long bringing this to happen, had spent too many nights fingering myself in a vain effort to try to find that part in me that had been so afraid to reach out to my father with my sinful needs. I had feared his rejection only to find out that he must have been feeling about the same as I. I had been frightened by what I had thought would be so painful only to find out that pain, when blended with lust, became even a stronger lust. I fell asleep to the “pitter-patter” of the rain, the sound of my breathing and, the feeling of his warmth, all telling me I had taken the right step for me.

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