Rag Doll Ch. 02

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Many thanks for all the favourable and useful comment on Chapter 1, and a huge vote of thanks to Mericeman1964 for his enormous help with editing and reality-checking this story so far, I couldn’t have done it without him!

Please note, I’m writing this in England, in ‘English’ English, so if anyone has a problem with the way I’ve spelled certain words, please don’t tell me, look it up on the Oxford English Dictionary website and see for yourself; in my world, the OED is the ultimate arbiter of common English usage, so I defer to it in the matter of common spelling and proper syntax…

If you like it, please vote for it; if you have a point to make, or have a problem with the story, please, feel free to comment, I do read and absorb all valid comment, all the rude and pointlessly nasty comments get deleted (unless they’re funny…)

And now, to the story…


I was waiting to drive Ashley to school. Mother had checked with her insurance company and the DMV to see if I could drive her car using my UK License, and told me that I could drive her car with her permission, so I would be covered with her insurance, but she would get me added to her insurance as soon as possible, and that she would take me to the DMV later to get my New York driver’s License sorted out. She was also taking me to get my Social Security number issued, and the Department of Labor to check my qualifications.

First though I was taking my gorgeous sister to school…

Ashley bounced out of the house, her bag and books under her arm and slid into the front next to me, waved cheerily at Mom, and grinned at me. “Let’s go, Nicky, education awaits!”

As soon as we were out of sight, she slid as close to me as she could and I put my arm around her, Ashley giggling at the stir she was going to cause when I dropped her off. This whole idea of popular/outcast, where you’re one of the in-kids, or you’re nobody was a little hard for me to understand; the schools in England don’t work that way, at least I never saw any evidence of it; we were all united in common cause against the teachers, who saw it as their mission to interrupt our bouts of intense lounging around with lessons, and I had happily ambled from one group to another without ever once wondering if they were the ‘right’ group to be a part of.

Perhaps it was because there was no premium placed on sporting achievement in the UK school system, none of that urge to win at all costs. I thought about it, but that didn’t seem adequate or plausible; teenagers were the same the world over, surely, the same drives, ambitions, likes and dislikes, so what had made them turn so comprehensively on her, made her feel so unwanted? But, at least she was happy right now, so I was happy.

We pulled up outside the school, and Ashley waited for me to open her door for her and hand her out of the car. She curled her hand around the back of my head and pulled me in for a long, sizzling kiss that was definitely inappropriate at that time of the morning, but far too hot to pull away from! I kissed her back with enthusiasm and all the finesse I could muster, at one point her eyes rolling to indicate the group of other kids watching us with intense interest; then I got it; I was on display. OK, if it made her happy.

I eventually let her go and handed her all her stuff, pulling her back into me and planting little butterfly kisses all over her face, special deliveries from me to her, making her grin happily. She walked off inside smiling, without a sideways glance at anyone, obviously enjoying every second of the mystery she was creating. I grinned to myself – the girl had style, I had to give her that.

Still grinning, I turned around and headed back home, Mother had a busy day planned for me, time to get started.


True to her word, Mother took me to the DMV, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, helping me fill in endless forms and declarations, but at last, all my paperwork that properly identified me as an American Citizen with the right to work, pay taxes and drive was in the pipeline, so all I had to do now was wait until they came through. I spent the rest of the day chatting with Mother, helping her plan dinner, installing the automatic porch light, and cutting in the barrel-bolts in the front and rear doors. Now the house was secure, and they could relax at night. I hadn’t installed a light on the rear door, as the neighbors had installed one on their rear porch after what happened to Ashley, and anyone approaching the rear of either house set that off, flooding the rear of both houses with light.

At almost 3pm Mother reminded me to go and pick up Ashley from school. She’d called her insurance agent and added me on to her insurance so I could now drive legally. I decided to wear one of the shirts Ashley’d insisted I buy, and drove down to the school to wait for her, being all ‘Joe Cool’ with aviator shades, leaning on bursa escort the car, arms folded, my freshly washed hair flopping down over one eye, just posing like hell and laughing gleefully on the inside at myself for being such a poseur, something I’d always mocked and despised!

I got a few interested looks as people started filing out, and I wondered again at the differences between the school’s here and back home; there, as soon as the bell rang we hit the blocks and sprinted for the exits, desperate to not spend a second more than necessary in that place, but here, it seemed as much social as educational; perhaps we could learn a thing or two, I mused.

Ashley eventually came tripping out, her books under her arm and her bag over her shoulder, grinning hugely at me, and planting a big kiss on me as she hand-combed my hair back off my face while a gaggle of girls looked on interestedly.

“Oh look, it’s the Englishman!” brayed a harsh voice I recognised.

I turned slowly and slid my sunglasses down to look at chubby, stubby Monica, then slowly look her down, then up, then down again, Monica slowly flushing , the flush deepening when I said “Oh dear, Ashley darling, look, she’s out again, and dressed like that, this time, will she never learn?!” The kids around her laughed and giggled, and I heard a muttered buzz “it’s that guy…this morning…Ashley…English…DaVinci’s…that accent…tall…!”

I looked her up and down one last time, trying desperately to keep a straight face and said “have you had enough yet, dear? Because I can do this all night, if you want! Take my advice and find a hobby, over-eating solves nothing! I do hope I see you again, we can play some more!”

After opening the door for Ashley and helping her get in, I walked around the car and climbed in, put my arm around her and kissed her properly, and drove away, seeing poor, piggy little Monica standing there, looking baffled, repartee obviously not one of her strong points, her limited intellect trying to work out if she’d been insulted or not. I was enjoying myself tremendously; the cod ‘James Bond/Hugh Grant/Euro trash’ accent was completely foreign to my normal mode of speech, but such huge fun to drop on an ignorant bully like Monica; perhaps she’d take the hint and leave Ashley alone from now on; if not, there was so much more where that came from…

Ashley was delighted. “Nick, everyone’s curious about you, the school’s buzzing about the mysterious English boy who’s been seen around with me! People who haven’t spoken to me in three years have been asking me who you are, are you really English, was it true about what you did to Monica in DaVinci’s! I’m enjoying my moment, believe me, knowing I’m sleeping with Albany’s latest Mystery-Man!”

I grinned at her obvious enjoyment of the whole situation. “So, did you tell anyone who I really am?” I teased her.

“Are you kidding, tell that bunch the truth about my brown-eyed handsome man? They’d be camping on our doorstep just to get a crack at you! All I told them was that you were English, that you’d come especially to see me, that you had perfect manners and olde-worlde courtesy, were charming, sophisticated, well-bred and completely infatuated with me! By the time I’d finished their mouths were watering and their knees were trembling; damn, it was fun!”

I was a little embarrassed at this litany, but Ashley just grinned, and quickly pecked me on the cheek.

“Turn here Nick, I want to show you something!” she ordered, so I obediently turned, following her directions a little way out of town until we came to a small secluded woodland glade. I put the car in ‘Park’ and turned to her. “OK Ashley, what is it you wanted to show me?” I asked.

“It’s this place, Nick; this is my quiet place. It’s where I used to come when things got too bad at school, when the taunting and the name-calling were too much to take. I could come here and be quiet, get some peace, think about daddy and remember the stories he used to tell me when I was small, and tell them to myself again so I could hear his voice inside my head again and feel close to him once more. Don’t step there!”

I looked at my feet, there was nothing but sun-dappled grass and leaf litter, and I looked at her quizzically.

“That’s Pooh and Piglet’s heffalump trap, be careful, there’s a few around. Over there, that’s where Rabbit lives. Over there, that big old maple? That’s where Owl and Piglet live, and here, this patch of cane, that’s where the Woozle wasn’t, so be quiet, it could be anywhere!”

At the edge of the glade was a small stream or brook, the water chuckling as it trickled through its stony bed, and she showed me where Ratty and Mole lived, and where they kept their little boat, and where Ratty dived for the picnic basket, and off in the blue distance Toad Hall, just visible if you looked just right, past the little islet where Ratty and Mole worshipped the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and over across bursa escort bayan the stream, on the far bank, the Wild Wood and the home of Mr. Badger.

She looked so adorable, being perfectly serious as she introduced me to her favourite people and characters. Lucy and Edmund, Peter and Susan, Prigio and Ricardo, Bilbo, Frodo, Merlin and Wart, Dorothy, Ozma and Charlotte, they all came out to be introduced again; many of them were old friends from my own childhood, from stories told long ago in a perfect summer, and she made them come alive for me again here, in this place where she still felt safe and untroubled by the world, her lively imagination unfettered and uncoloured by her treatment at the hands of her peers.

Her sense of wonder at the stories her father had told her when she was small was undimmed by the passing of the years, childlike but not in the least childish; her faith and belief in the values of those characters was clear and compelling, and I found myself in turn enchanted, beguiled and utterly charmed by her all over again.

At last, though, she decided she’d shown me enough of her own timeless, secret world for now, leaving me feeling privileged to have entered it, if only for a short while. I knew now that this place would always be as enchanted for me as it was for her, and I was grateful to her for allowing me to step into her magical world, if only for a short time.

Reality slowly crowded back in, and now she wanted me to hold and kiss her, be hers, something I was only too willing to do.

We walked back to the car, and I lifted her up and sat her on the bonnet of the car, dipping down to kiss her properly, my hands pulling her close so I was standing between her legs. Ashley wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, trapping me against her as we kissed, our tongues fencing, my hands sliding automatically under her top and playing with her perfect little breasts, her delectable nipples.

As we kissed I tugged and squeezed her nipples lightly, making her sigh against my lips, her hand reaching for my rapidly hardening cock, and rubbing it as it bulged behind my fly.

“Nick, I want you now!” she murmured into my mouth, her hands insistent on me, making me hot and ready for her. I slid my hands up under her skirt and hooked the waistband of her panties, Ashley closing her legs as I tugged them down, and giggling as she kicked them off.

“I meant it Nick, you said you were mine, so that means I own you, and I want you now, so when you’re ready…!”

I gently urged her back down onto the bonnet, lifting her legs behind her knees and pushing them up, and dipped my head down to gently kiss her on her bare little pussy, her eyes snapping open in shock; obviously this was a first for her (and to be honest, only a second for me, but the first time I’d done it, damn, it was good!) but as I kissed and nibbled and lapped, she purred and relaxed, enjoying the feel of my tongue on her rapidly swelling labia, and when I pointed my tongue and pushed it between her lips, she gave a loud groan, pushing her hips up to my mouth. I put my hands on her lovely taut buttocks and lifted her to me, licking and lapping at her, her scent rich and fresh and feminine. I licked from her little pink rosebud to her button in its little hood, teasing her and making her writhe and moan and buck against me, pushing her hooded clit against my tongue.

As her clit emerged, slick and dewy with her sweet juices, I lapped at it, making her almost convulse with the sensations emanating from that innocuous-looking little pearl of flesh, her hands coming up to hold my head tight against her pussy to keep on making her feel what she was feeling. Her nipples were rigidly erect, and she was pinching and pulling them as I ate her, moaning and gasping as she writhed under me, her face flushed and her orgasm building as I lapped and licked her.

At last, when I sucked her clit between my lips and rapidly brushed my tongue across it, she came like a thunderbolt, a scream of release escaping from her as her back arched, the tendons in her neck standing out in high relief as her climax billowed and gusted through her, a spray of her tangy, honeyed ejaculate squirting across my mouth and chin. She collapsed in a breathless, boneless heap on the bonnet of the car, a smile of fulfillment on her face, her eyes closed and breathing ragged as orgasmic aftershocks chased and faded through her.

Eventually, her breathing evened-out and her flush dissipated. Her eyes opened, and she smiled at me, a sweet, sunny smile. “Holy Shit, Nick, what the hell did you do to me? I have never done that before!” she grinned. Her eyes suddenly widened. “What about you, Nick, that was all for me, what about you?”

I handed her up off the bonnet and kissed her. “I can taste me!” she grinned, “Yum, nice!”

I turned her round and she bent over and placed her hands on the car bonnet, her perfect rump sticking out provocatively.

“Oooh, escort bursa Nick, this is so nasty, you naughty boy, what are you going to do to me? On my own mother’s car, too!” she grinned, sticking her tongue out at me. I moved up behind her and slid my hands up under her top, cupping her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, still hard as two cherry-stones, rubbing her breasts and kissing her neck, nibbling her ear and licking the base of her throat. I freed myself from my jeans, and Ashley reached behind herself to guide me to her.

“Are you ready, Sweetheart?” I whispered, and she grinned and nodded, breathing deeply as I slid into her in one long thrust, burying myself to the hilt in her satiny cavern.

I pumped slowly, savouring the experience, enjoying the feel of her firm buttocks bouncing and moulding against my midsection as I pumped in and out of her, the feel of her wet heat enfolding my cock, the bullet-hardness and texture of her nipples as I rubbed and squeezed them as I jammed myself repeatedly into her.

The most exciting thing for me was the arch of her back as her short skirt rode up, exposing the full glory of her spectacular behind and the contours of the small of her back as she arched inwards under my onslaught. Coupled with the sight of my cock disappearing between those sweet, taut globes into her soaking little pussy, it was almost too much to bear. As I pumped her she moaned and gasped, her hand working away at her clit as she quivered under me, gabbling out encouragement to me as I fucked her.

“Yes, Nicky, fuck me hard, oh God, yes! Shove that cock in me, you belong to me, fuck me ’til I scream, big brother, fill your little sister up with your hot cum!”

Her words were having a definite effect on me; the sight of this lovely girl quivering under my onslaught, and my cock driving between those delectable cheeks, and her reinforcing the thought that I was her brother was only adding to the erotic and carnal delight of the moment. I was her brother, and I didn’t give a fuck, all I wanted to do was hammer this girl with my cock, fill her with my essence, shatter the taboo and make her mine completely. I was besotted with her now, and I wanted to keep on doing this forever, with her and no-one else.

At last, I could hold back no longer. “Ashley, I can’t…!” I gasped, and in that instant she clenched her teeth and gave a guttural groan, her pussy clamping down on me as she orgasmed, her whole body tense as a violin string while she shook and shuddered in the throes of an immense climax, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as she came off on my cock. As I felt her come, I let myself go, shooting pulse after pulse of spunk deep into her inner recesses, filling her up as I fired my tribute into her hot, wet, fluttering pussy.

Eventually she stopped shaking, and slumped down over the bonnet, me on top of her, my own muscles twitching and quivering in reaction to the stress of orgasm, until my cock softened and slipped from her, a last tail of sperm bubbling out of me and splattering down the back of her thigh, making her giggle.

“That was wonderful, Nick, we should do this more often!” she breathed, twisting her head round to lick and nibble at my jaw as I supported myself on my forearms above her.

I grinned back, standing back up and pulling her upright to turn her around so I could hold and kiss her again, grab hold of her lovely hot silky little backside and grind her against me some more, and lick and nibble her sexy, pouty lips, just the act of doing that making my flaccid cock begin to firm-up and prime for action again.

Ashley bucked and giggled, twisting out of my grip. “Oh no you don’t, Nick, we have to be at Judy’s place, then we have to get home, if you keep me here any longer, Mom’s gonna ask questions! Down boy!”

With that, she leaned into the car and took a pack of Wet Wipes from the glove compartment, and carefully cleaned the trickle of sperm bubbling down her thigh from her swollen, just-fucked pussy. She handed me the pack. “Better freshen-up too, Nick, we’re kind of advertising what we’ve been doing!”

Once we cleaned up, Ashley directed me until we came to a very nice, definitely upscale neighborhood, large imposing houses set in their own gardens, mature trees, manicured lawns and sculpted hedges much in evidence, and a Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz or BMW parked on nearly every drive. We stopped outside a large red brick house with tall windows and a large weeping willow in the middle of the front lawn.

As I stopped the car Ashley jumped out and picked up her school bag.

“This is Judy’s home, her entrance is round the side, this way, Nicky!”

She led me around the side of the house to an external staircase and ushered me up to the door at the top; as we got there it was opened by a short slim girl with multi-coloured streaked hair cut in a jagged mop. She was wearing a tiny denim skirt and an off the shoulder reprint Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ tee-shirt. She had thick black eyebrows, setting-off a piquantly pretty, pixie little face, with winged, you-be-damned pink glasses and a pendant piercing in her bottom lip.

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